Doctors Enjoy “Recess” in Las Vegas Strip Clubs

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Doctors Enjoy “Recess” in Las Vegas

Adam Gentile, the owner of the World-Famous Palomino Club was good enough to introduce me to a physician from the East Coast. This doctor spent time describing his annual trip to Las Vegas to meet a group of colleagues who gather in Nevada for a long weekend party in the desert.

He asked me not to use his real name. I’ll call him “Raj” for this story. Raj has been traveling to Las Vegas for over 20 years. He started with a few medical conferences, and those became pleasure trips with a half dozen other doctors and professionals. These days the trips revolve around big fight like the famed Paquio fights, some epic bachelor parties and pretty hefty spells at the gaming tables.

Let’s Go to Palomino!

Raj and his buddies have sampled many of the large strip clubs in town, yet they habitually return to the Palomino Club just north of downtown. They prefer the nude club because “they remember who you are, they know what you like, and they treat you like friends in a neighborhood bar.”

When I asked him what their club budgets were… he laughed and reminded me that they are all doctors and successful businessmen! He gave it context by saying that it’s not untypical for several of them to spend $30K, $40K or $50K at the tables. With fortunate being what it is, large swings yield some large gambling windfalls. To share $2-3K of those bundles with a friendly dancer seems like nothing to them. The fact that Palomino will arrange transportation means a lot because it’s not unheard of to experience a “blackout night.” Those are some golden careers and pockets lined with cash rolling around loose. They need to have a trusty party provider if they’re going to put that much at risk.


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I pressed Raj as to why they seemed to live on the edge for a few days like this. He formulated a pretty elegant description of what they were thinking. He had me picture what life was like in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade. You were just learning to work hard in school after growing up in a world of play and leisure. This was the first time in your young life you were accountable for any results, or any really hard work. The release that the system developed for you was “Recess!” Daily recess and summer recess; play time. Time to blow off steam and ‘get dirty’ in Raj’s words.

Get Dirty in Vegas

I laughed heartily when he said, ‘get dirty.’ He took that theme and said that he, and his friends live a very pressure filled life. The obligations of practices, partners, families, patients and the stress of life/death matters builds up quickly.

Las Vegas represented ‘recess’ and the opportunity to ‘get dirty’ before going back to work. I think the LVCVA should turn that into a ad campaign immediately!


Fugazzi Celebrity Pauly Shore

He said he’s been around to see his friends get crazy under the watchful eyes of the hosts at Palomino. They’ve been there to see celebrity Paulie Shore get thrown out for dropping his pants in the club. Raj was proud to note that say that his group has never hurt a soul. They have been very generous with the entertainers. They leave things better than they find them.

In return, the Palomino Club has been kind enough to welcome the guys out for special events like their renowned “Cove Party” on Lake Mead, and to Vegas Golden Knights games at T-Mobile Arena.

These doctors enjoy the “Stays in Vegas” lifestyle when they need it.

Las Vegas is happy to oblige!


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