EDC Weekend in the Vegas Strip Clubs

It’s Electric Daisy Carnival weekend in Vegas, so the casinos will be packed and the whole town will be crowded with wild out-of-towners, high on booze and who knows what else (well, actually, we all know). It’s a great weekend to escape from the mobs in a relaxing strip club, where naked girls will soothe your frazzled nerves.

Friday, May 17

Treasures — When You Need a Girlfriend Experience

treasures vegas stripper Treasures is the Las Vegas gentlemen’s club for the man who’s been around, seen it all, and decided to settle for nothing but the best. If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, and you want to be surrounded by women who look like they belong there, Treasures is the place.

Do you like high-mileage lap dances in comfy dark corners? You’ll like this club. Do you like beautiful women who take their time and flirt before you make up your mind about getting physical in a VIP dance?  Treasures features one of the best girlfriend experiences available in town.

You may find you appreciate luxury regularly.  If so, check out Treasures’ unique “premium happy hour.” From 4 – 7 pm, domestic beers are only $2, wells and imports are $3, call drinks are $4 and premium liquors are $5 (the best premium liquor deal in Vegas). Then, from 7 – 8 pm, all drinks are half-price. So, treat yourself to four hours of top shelf booze at a very unVegas price, while you flirt with the scrumptious dancers and try a few on for size.

Treasures is also the only gentlemen’s club in town with an attached gourmet steakhouse, the perfect venue for making a girl in the club feel frisky and romantic. You can invite her to have dinner with you and spend some time getting to know each other over steaks and a bottle of fine wine. She’ll dress up for your date, and when the flirting gets the point where you both know it has to go to the next level, she’ll lead you up the winding staircase to Treasures’ plush VIP rooms for dessert.

If you’re coming to Vegas from out-of-state, call Treasures at 702-257-3030 to arrange for free round-trip limo transportation. They’ll pick you up at your hotel, take you to the club, then chauffeur you back to your hotel when you’re ready to leave. You’re always a VIP here and they’re on your schedule. You’ll find generous VIP packages on the Treasures website, including package deals for bottle service, groups, couples and even dinner packages. Topless, full bar, 21+

Palomino Club — Full Bar and Fully Bare

Palomino Club Las Vegas dancer

Lily Dances at Palomino Club

  Palomino Club is the only strip club in Las Vegas with both a full bar and dancers who lose their g-strings onstage and in the club’s private dances. If you like to appreciate pussy while indulging in adult beverages, Palomino is the club for you.

And wait until you see the stage show, which is wild beyond anything you’ll ever see in a topless joint or a casino showroom. Imagine a series of Victoria’s Secret models chucking their lingerie and getting down and dirty with sizzling, leg-spreading floor work, acrobatics and full flight around the strippers’ poles. Get a pocket full of singles and a seat on the rail and have a blast.

Palomino doesn’t have a group VIP room like most of the Vegas topless clubs. Instead, Palomino’s VIP rooms are all one-on-one curtained private booths and bigger private bedrooms. And because Vegas doesn’t have a no-touching-the-strippers law, fun in a Palomino VIP room with one of their naked cuties is without a doubt the most fun you can have legally in Vegas. Check out Renee and Mandi, two girls on Palomino’s 130+ night roster.

Private dances here start at 3 songs for $100 (with no extra bar tab), one of the best strip club dance deals in Vegas.  And drinks prices are friendly here as well, with draft beers only $7.

Groups of two or more can get free round-trip limo transport by calling 702-642-2984. For the full royalty treatment, check out Palomino’s online package deals for bottle service, couples, groups and single guys (recommended at peak hours, when the club gets to standing room only). Nude, full bar, 21+

Porn Superstar Jennifer White at Sapphire

Jennifer White at Sapphire Las Vegas

Jennifer White at Sapphire

Porn sweetheart Jennifer White, who’s been awarded AVN Fan Awards for both “Hottest Ass” and “Best Boobs,” will be the featured ass and boobs at Sapphire Vegas tonight. She is especially looking for fans who’d like to try a hot and heavy one-on-one private encounter with her. (See From Your Laptop to Your Lap — XXX Stars in the Vegas Strip Clubs for more on Jennifer White.)

Jennifer will start her stage performances at 11:30 pm. Then she’ll be partying with her fans at her private tables in between stage sets, luring guys into Sapphire’s VIP, where she’ll have her way with them.  If you’d like to see how far an uninhibited porn star will go in private, opportunity is knocking!

You can reserve a place for yourself at Jennifer’s private tables (with a 2-hour open bar) for $135. You’ll find the $135 deal and all of Sapphire’s other porn star packages online (or call 702-869-0003 for more info).

Before and after your tryst with Jennifer, keep in mind that there are 400+ stacked babes to be sampled in Sapphire’s all-night lap dance orgy. If more titties than any man can handle in a single night is your idea of a good reason to be in Las Vegas, reserve Sapphire’s $65 solo package. It includes a $50 drink voucher plus a free shot in addition to a reserved VIP seat right in the middle of the babe bacchanal. You’ll also find package deals for bottle service, plus group and couples’ deals, through that link.  All Sapphire packages include drink discounts, free limo transport, free admission, a line pass, a reserved VIP table and first-class host service.

I recommend a package deal at Sapphire at peak hours both the discounts and the all-important reserved seat. This club gets to standing room only at peak hours.

For future Vegas trips, check out Sapphire’s upcoming porn star feature schedule. We keep that page updated, so bookmark it. Topless, full bar, 21+

Little Darlings — The Club for Guys 18+

Little Darlings Las Vegas Dancer

Little Darlings Dancer Kendra

Little Darlings Las Vegas is the only one of the major Las Vegas strip clubs that allows guests age 18+. So, if you’re under 21, this is the place. If you’re over 21, you should know that Little Darlings doesn’t serve alcohol, but if you like totally nude dancers, this club should be on your radar.

Little Darlings dancers all get fully nude both on stage and in the club’s private dances. Even $20 lap dances here are fully nude.

And nude private bedroom dances start at just $125 for 15 minutes, with no extra bar tab.

The dancers are very female-friendly and there are always women and couples in the audience, tipping the dancers just like the guys. This is a young party crowd and it gets wild on weekends.

You’ll find a 2-for-1 lap dance coupon included in some of Little Darlings’ online package deals here. No alcohol, nude, 18+

Three Hour Open Bar at Deja Vu Vegas

Deja Vu Las Vegas stripper

Dallas Dances at Deja Vu Vegas

A great way to start your night of Vegas strip club debauchery is with a 3-hour open bar (domestic and wells) at Deja Vu Showgirls, the only strip club in Vegas with an open bar from 6-9 pm every night of the week. Why spend all your money on high-priced drinks when you can treat yourself to a few high-mileage lap dances with what you save?

Deja Vu’s admission fee is $20 during the three-hour open bar period (and locals must pay the entry fee as well), but other open bar packages at the Las Vegas strip clubs tend to run over $100 for a shorter time period.  After 9 pm, there’s no cover charge, provided you drive yourself or arrive by the free club limo, which also gets you a complimentary drink.

If you arrive via cab or rideshare, the cover charge is $45, so do yourself a favor and call 702-308-4605 to reserve the free club limo. You might also want to check out the package deals on the Deja Vu website for VIP bottle service, groups, and couples. Topless, full bar, 21+

Jenna Sativa Does 3 Nights at Hustler Club

The Vegas Hustler Club is featuring porn star Jenna Sativa for 3 nights — Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 16-18) — with two stage shows each night after 11 pm. $50 cover, locals free with Vu Card. Topless, full bar, 21+

Free Drink with Your HD Expo Badge at Scores

You can score a free drink at Scores with your HD Expo Badge tonight. Topless, full bar, 21+

Saturday, May 18

From Penthouse to Your Lap — Emily Addison at Sapphire Vegas

Emily Addison at Sapphire Las Vegas

Emily Addison at Sapphire

Penthouse Pet Emily Addison will be the featured knockout at Sapphire Las Vegas tonight. (See From Your Laptop to Your Lap — XXX Stars in the Vegas Strip Clubs for more on Emily Addison.)

Emily’s stage performances start at 11:30 pm, and when she’s not on stage she’ll be looking to make dreams come true for guys who never thought they’d get to fool around in private with a Penthouse foldout in the flesh.

For first crack at Emily’s attention, reserve a seat at her private tables, where she flirts with her fans when she comes off stage. For $135 (online here), you get admission to Emily’s private party plus a 2-hour open bar. Other porn star packages for bottle service, groups, and couples are available here, or just call 702-869-0003 to make reservations, get more details and/or to book the free club limo.

If you prefer to focus your attention on Sapphire’s never-ending sea of breasts, get the $65 solo guy package and dive into Vegas’ best lap dance orgy.  This package comes with a $50 drink voucher plus a free shot (you can find bottle, group and couple’s packages through that same link).  All of Sapphire’s packages include free admission, free limo transport, a line-pass and a reserved VIP table right in the middle of the titty fun.

At peak hours, especially on weekends, Sapphire usually gets to standing room only, so a package is worth it for the reserved seat alone.  Do you really want to be at a lap dance orgy where all you can do is stand and watch?

Every Friday and Saturday night, Sapphire features the top XXX babes in the biz, who then host the club’s topless pool bash on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. We continually update Sapphire’s porn star calendar here. Book mark it. Topless, full bar, 21+

Note: Do not take a cab, Uber, or a casino limo to Sapphire or you will be charged a $50 entry fee to the club. Drive yourself or call for the free club limo (or Tesla!). Topless, full bar, 21+

Jennifer White at Sapphire’s Topless Pool

Sapphire topless pool Las Vegas Jennifer White, who was unforgettable in Wet Dream on Elm Street, will be a wet dream at Sapphire’s topless pool this afternoon, where she’s hosting the pool party. (See From Your Laptop to Your Lap — XXX Stars in the Vegas Strip Clubs for more on Jennifer White.)

Vegas has a dozen topless pools open to the public, but this is the only one where Sapphire chums the waters with their own gorgeous dancers.

The Sapphire Pool & Day Club is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6 pm. If you think uninhibited topless girls should be partying outdoors on warm sunny days, this is where to find them. In addition to working on their tans, catching a buzz and flirting, the girls are available for private fun in Sapphire’s VIP rooms.

Sapphire’s dancers all wear pink bracelets so you know which topless girls you can approach for more intimate indoor fun. Jennifer White will also be available for private dances. Isn’t it about time you got up-close-and-physical with a porn star?

There’s no cover charge for the pool unless you arrive by cab or rideshare, so if you don’t have your own wheels, call Sapphire at 702-869-0003 for their free limo or take advantage of Sapphire’s $70 VIP package deal. It includes a free admission, a $50 beverage credit, a reserved lounge chair for the day, free limo transport, and free luggage storage if you need it.  You can also find daybed and cabana packages through that link.

For a list of upcoming porn stars appearing at the Sapphire Pool, see our Sapphire porn star schedule. Topless, full bar, 21+

The Sapphire Comedy Hour

The Sapphire Comedy Hour is one of the best deals on a standup comedy show in this town. It’s also the winner of the Las Vegas Review Journal’s 2016,  2017 & 2018 Best of Las Vegas contest in the category of Best Comedy Show & Comedy Club.

It’s a cool way to get your wife or girlfriend into one of Las Vegas’ premiere topless clubs. The cover charge for the comedy show is only $40, and that gets you into Sapphire’s main room where the strippers are (reg. $50 admission) when the comedy show is over.

Comics tonight include Diaz Mackie, John Clark and Bruce Purcell, plus extreme comic The Shocker, the magic of Mon Dre and burlesque babe Kalani Kokonuts.

Doors open at 7 pm. Show starts at 8 pm. Call 702-869-0003 for the free club limo – the $15 reservations fee will be waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon. Full bar, 21+

Nerdlesque at Artifice

♦   The Nerdlesque theme tonight is “Suess Apocalypse.” Suess Apocalypse? Never mind, if you like local girl nerds who take their clothes off to music in dive bars, this show’s for you.

Show starts at 8 pm. The Artifice Bar is located downtown at 1025 First Street, Las Vegas. Cover: $15. Full bar, 21+

Saturday Cabaret Burlesque at the Phoenix Bar & Lounge

Tonight’s lineup features Blue Amnesia, DeMarcus Montrese, Gaia Moon, Mister Twister, Mitzy Mayhem, Monster Doll and Scarlett Letter! As always, emceed by Miss Miranda Glamour.  Think Las Vegas amateurs reviving the art of gowns-and-gloves striptease.

The Phoenix Bar and Lounge is a gay bar located at 4213 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas. Show: 11 pm. No cover. Full bar. 21+

Sunday, May 19

Penthouse Pet Emily Addison Hosts Sapphire’s Topless Pool Party

If you missed seeing Penthouse Pet Emily Addison at Sapphire last night, she’ll be splashing around in Sapphire’s topless pool today from noon to 6 pm. (See From Your Laptop to Your Lap — XXX Stars in the Vegas Strip Clubs for more on Emily Addison.) Emily will be hoping to lure a few fans into private VIP fun with her. All of the Sapphire dancers wearing pink wristbands at the pool are also available for one-on-ones in the VIP.

Unlike the casinos’ topless pools, there’s no cover charge at the Sapphire Pool & Day Club. I do recommend that guests get the $70 lounge package. It includes a $50 drink credit, free admission, free limo transportation and (most important!) a reserved lounge chair on the deck. Sapphire also offers pool package deals for singles, couples and groups, including day beds and cabanas, at the pool website.

Hotel Check-out Deal

On Sundays, Sapphire has a great deal that allows you to extend your Vegas vacation. After you check out of your hotel room, Sapphire will provide free limo transport from your hotel to the pool, free luggage storage for the day, and a free ride to the airport when it’s time for you to catch your flight.

No cover. Topless, full bar, 21+

For a list of upcoming porn star hostesses at the Sapphire Pool & Day Club, see Sapphire’s porn star calendar.

Bikini Bull-Riding Contest at Gilley’s

  If you like cheap beer, shit-kickin’ country music, and girls in their underwear, Sunday night is always fun at Gilley’s (inside Treasure Island).  Gilley’s offers Vegas’ only amateur bikini bull-riding contest every week. It’s actually pretty sexy—local girls and tourists, mostly in their skivvies, trying to stay on that mechanical bull to win real money. No cover charge. You must be 21+.


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