EDM at Little Darlings

If you’re into the club scene in Vegas (or anywhere else in the free world) you probably know what techno-dubstep-house-trance-electro-hardstyle-UK-garage music is. If not, forget about it. I wouldn’t know a dubstep if I tripped over one.

I finally made it to Little D’s on a couple recent Mondays to see what EDM (Electronic Dance Mondays) was all about. From my perspective, it’s about getting more mileage for your lap-dance bucks.
LD Girls Front2

Here’s what you need to know. Nightclub DJs are different from strip club DJs. Strip club DJs talk more. (And the Hustler Club has been advertising lately that for $50, they’ll make their DJ shut up for ten minutes! I don’t know if any customers have taken them up on it yet.) Strip club DJs have a job where they play 2 1/2 to 3 minutes of a song, then start the next one for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes, then start the next one, etc. This is because lap dances are sold to customers by the song, not by a specified time period. It’s the DJs job to keep that time period short, so 2 minutes and 45 seconds into whatever’s beating out of the speakers, he jumps in with That’s Brandi and she’d just love to get you into the VIP room and she’s available like all our lovely ladies here tonight yadda-yadda-yadda

Nightclub DJs are different. Nightclub DJs are the new drummers. They look at sound equipment used by most sane people for playing recorded music, and they see a drum set. DJs are drummers in disguise. If you watch a club DJ, at first he seems kind of normal; but if you really study him, you can tell he’s barely on this planet. He never looks at a clock to remind himself when three minutes of a song are up. Which song? Sometimes, he’s playing two or three songs at the same time.

LD Girls Back2So, every Monday night, Little Darlings is hiring a nightclub DJ (a different one each week) to make their strip club sound like no other strip club in town. I like the sound. The DJs are pretty good drummers. The reason any of this is important, however, is that when you buy a lap dance on a Monday night at Little D’s, you might get more than the industry standard time-wise. Sometimes the dancers aren’t quite sure if a song’s over yet. I timed one “song” at about 4 minutes and another one close to 5. Lap dances take place in private rooms, not out on the main floor. In the main room, the stage dancers are the show.

Monday is also couples night at LD and a section of the main floor is cleared for customers to dance. Couples do attend, but I never saw any of them dancing. I probably didn’t stay late enough. My nightclub days are over.

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