Exxcite … by Jennifer Romas – Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

“Exxcite” by Jennifer Romas – A ToplessVegasOnline Review

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Jennifer Romas does it again with her new production, Exxcite. After many years of fronting her successful show, Sexxy, at both the Hustler Club and the Westgate hotel, Jen Romas recently launched a new erotic showcase featuring a troupe of seven spectacular performers, plus the always amazing star herself, Jennifer Romas.

The producers describe their show as “Slightly Indecent. Sexxually Suggestive. Guaranteed to Exxcite.” TVO agrees!







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On a rainy Thursday night in August (yes, a rainy summer in Las Vegas!) Mrs. TVO and I had ringside seats for a dazzling performance by seven beautiful dancers and feature singer Rockie Brown. I say, ‘ringside seats,’ but TVO readers should know that every seat in this venue is wonderful for this immersive entertainment experience. The heart shaped center stage at the Hustler Club allows the performers to launch themselves above you, around you and directly in front of you. The two-story stripper poles help create magical entrances. The luxurious  arial silks allow several skilled performers to fly above the audience in a stunning airborne ballet. The large stage allows the cast the room to kick, bend, twist and strut.

The show opens with charismatic singer Rockie Brown setting the tone with a song I noted as the “hoe song.”

Singer/Emcee Rockie Brown

She’s aided by stunning beauties in kinky military outfits that hug their bodies and accentuate their curves. The quality of the costumes throughout the show help remind you that you are in Las Vegas. Not a penny is pinched in the large number of outfit changes from the cast. One of our favorites was the sexy French Maid who tidy’s up the cash thrown from the crowd




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Perhaps the hottest number was when three dancers “ride the pony” horse device. Mrs. TVO said something to the effect that dancer Schyler Massey, and her fellow cowgirl Courtney Friedersdorf , had the best bodies she’s ever seen in her life. I couldn’t argue at that moment.

Great Music in Exxcite

The music was upbeat, including Jen Romas’ to Michael Buble’s “It’s a New Day,” Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “Spell on You,” Rihanna’s “S&M” … and more from Foreigner and Bruno Mars. Aerialist Jessica Delgado will take your breath away with her daring work on the arial straps.

Star/Choreographer Jennifer Romas

Dancers in high white go-go boots made a splash, and somehow Jennifer managed to not drag Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” out of the record closet. Perhaps the torch is being passed to a new generation of Las Vegas icons like Mr. Mars, and his hit “Runaway Baby.”

Just when the stylish production numbers have run on top of each other Exxcite shifts into a different gear. She brings us another arial act from raven haired Svetlana Ghetman.  It was great to hear 80’s hit “Tainted Love,” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” These songs included a wild flamingo train dress on Rockie Brown, and the coolest hoop miniskirts you’ll ever see. If you are thinking this is a New York fashion show … don’t worry, the dancers all have beautiful bare breasts that remind you that you are in a Las Vegas strip club. There are enough high heels, perfect butts and leather whips to please the men!

Jennifer Romas is a Las Vegas Star!

American rock fans will enjoy Warrant’s version of “Cherrie Pie” and the patriot panties on Jennifer and several of the other girls. The pole work by Ms. Romas is remarkable. Her strength and grace is timeless.

Svetlana Ghetman

An hour into the show the sound of sirens, and the cast in hot red outfits, signal the final dance like a firework show finale.  They go out blazing!

As always, Jennifer Romas’ attention to details, staging, music, costumes and pacing are impeccable. We loved the show and would happily see it again.

Cast: Jennifer Romas, Rockie Brown (singer/host), Svetlana Ghetman, Kelly Fenn, Jessica Delgado, Sarah Johnston, Rachael Colon, Skyler Massey, Sabrina Russo-Stotts, Anna Van Sambeck, Courtney Friedersdorf

Venue: Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club




(Photos by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)



One piece of great news for TVO readers around the country … if there is a Hustler club near you there is a good chance that a touring version of Exxcite could be coming to your town. Romas’ and show production partners, Go BEST, have developed a new touring show concept with plans of a nationwide expansion.

The show will roll out in multiple markets over the summer of 2022 in the form of a pop-up performance with locations including Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club New York, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club St. Louis and Detroit. The show will launch official residencies at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas and in Oklahoma City.

“I am elated to be expanding and growing my company alongside my amazing partners at Go BEST, led by Jason Mohney and an incredible army of female entrepreneurs.” said Jennifer Romas, when asked about her new show expansion. “To be given the opportunity to showcase my craft, develop a new show concept on a national scale, and to bring elevated choreography elements & theatrical entertainment to raise the bar in entirely new markets is a dream come true. It’s also a wonderful feeling to be able to employ an entirely new team of talented individuals, alongside a touring production.”

Cast member Svetlana Ghetman performs an aerial silk routine during a media preview of "Exxcite The Show" at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club on July 21,...

Dancer Courtney Friedersdorf performs in “Exxcite The Show” at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club (Photos by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


Jessica Delgado performs an aerial straps in “Exxcite The Show” at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


The End



9 Responses to “Exxcite … by Jennifer Romas – Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club”

  1. Aaron

    Going with my wife to see Exxcite and we are excited. We were planning to stay in the club after. Does the exxcite tickets also get us access to the club for the rest of the night?

    Also we were thinking about getting the couples package. Would you think that would be worth it at that point considering we may have already gotten to the club and gotten access or still would be worth doing that?

    • Scott

      Yes… Exxcite gets you in for the night.

      I’d call or email the club to answer the 2nd question.

  2. Erik

    Definitely think wokeness is involved in making Vegas less sexy over the years. Fewer topless pools then in the past, none of the lounges in the casinos seem to have the dancers like they use to, I see less party pits in the casinos and now the topless shows seem to be pushed to the strip clubs. It’s still a great place to go but that element of it seems to be scaling back for sure.

  3. Bill

    My opinion is the casinos don’t want to deal with opening a topless show due to the wokeness. The strip clubs see a market they can fill as the majority of people don’t care and want the vegas experience. Think it is a wise move by the Clubs, as they can do the show and I’m sure some people will hit the club after. Strat is the exception with rouge and hopefully it goes back to before

  4. Gemini

    I found the show entertaining, though some of the ladies did seem a bit older for my taste. I also find it disturbing a show with this many dancer could not find 1 dancer of color, no Black girls, no Latin girls, REALLY, I know this town is packed with talented dancers just odd this show has none.

    • Scott

      I checked into this and there are 3 dancers that are Black or Hispanic. Jennifer has a rotating group of performers. On this past Monday, at the ED Expo 2022 party, in front of a packed house, the shows’ lead singer and emcee, was an African American.

  5. Bill

    Seems to be strip Clubs are becoming the spot for topless shows. Most of the strip casinos seem to be transitioning away. Is this something a conscious thing going on.

    • Scott

      I believe so. My own
      opinion is the as we raise a generation of “woke” snowflakes boys … there are fewer normal guys who drink, carouse and unapologetically want to see naked girls in a bar.

      The “broadening” of the entertainment might be a market correction.

      I know it’s a fucking good pun!


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