Las Vegas Female-Friendly Strip Clubs

The Best Vegas Strip Clubs for Couples and Women without a Male Escort

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The Best Stage Show in Town is at
Palomino Club – A Great Club
for Women and Couples

Some Las Vegas strip clubs bar unescorted women—and by unescorted, I mean by a man. There are two main reasons for this policy.

First, the strip clubs don’t want prostitutes coming in and soliciting their customers, who are horny and primed for action. A strip club that tolerates independent working girls not only risks lost revenues, but could lose its license if it appeared that it was condoning the solicitation.

Second, the clubs want to avoid embarrassing scenes where angry wives or girlfriends come hunting for their men. Some guys think of strip clubs as safe havens from the real world and their real lives. That’s why they call them “gentlemen’s clubs.” They’re traditionally for men only.

But as more men these days are coming into strip clubs with their wives and girlfriends, more and more clubs are allowing in unescorted women, as long as they seem to be out on the town looking for fun. Also, young women who look like dancer material may be allowed into a club if they say they want to check out the place because they’re considering auditioning there.

It’s not unusual in a female-friendly strip club to see a male/female couple buying lap dances for each other. I’ve been going to strip clubs for 50 years and up until about 10 years ago, you never saw this. Sometimes the female buys dances for her guy. Sometimes he buys dances for her. Sometimes the lap dancer goes back and forth. Why does it make me so happy to see this? Ah, young love. The dancers seem to adore their female fans and go out of their way to lavish attention on them.

In querying doormen, cashiers, and managers, I discovered that not all clubs have a strict policy in this regard, basing their decision to allow entry case by case. In general, these policies are loosening.

Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs for Couples

Sapphire Gem Jessica Ann Needs Help Untying Her Top

Sapphire Offers the Wildest Lap Dance Scene in Vegas, Including for Couples

Any strip club in Vegas will now allow entry to a woman escorted by a man, or a group of women escorted by a group of men.

But if you’re looking for a high-end club where you’ll see a number of other couples, so that the female half of the couple won’t be the only woman there, these clubs are the best choices.

Crazy Horse III: Locals’ discounts.

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection:  Floyd says:  “Ladies are definitely welcome with or without a male companion.”

Hustler Club: There are often couples and women in the audience.

Little Darlings: If you can live without alcohol, the stage show is second only to Palomino Club’s, making this another excellent club for couples. Age 18+

Palomino Club: The best stage show in town and great value make this a terrific erotic date for couples.

Sapphire: My wife loves the elegance of the club and the sexy dancing on three stages, I love the steady stream of hundreds of lingerie-clad beauties.  Together it makes for a great erotic evening for couples, especially if you’re into high-contact lap dances for the two of you.

Treasures: Las Vegas’ most luxurious strip club is a definite attraction for women and the lap dances and VIP shows are the most sexual in town for couples’ exploring a woman’s bi-curiosity or threesomes at a Vegas strip club.

Palomino, Sapphire, and Treasures and have been actively inviting couples to their club, and you’ll virtually always see couples in the club at peak hours.  Club Lacy’s has always been a mixed male/female party.

Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs for Women Not Escorted by Men

These are the high-end Vegas strip clubs where women are not only allowed without male escorts, but are welcome guests.  You will almost always see numbers of unescorted women having fun in these clubs, in groups and alone, and the dancers lavish attention on them.

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection:  Floyd says:  “Ladies are definitely welcome at Girl Collection with or without a male companion.”

Hustler ClubFemale friendly for women alone, in female or mixed couples, or in groups

Little Darlings: Female-friendly for women alone or in female or mixed couples and groups. Age 18+

Palomino Club: Exceptionally female-friendly for women alone, in female or mixed couples, or in groups

Palomino Club, Girl Collection and Little Darlings have become quite popular with women arriving alone, in female couples, or in female groups.  The dancers will treat you well.

At off-peak hours, there will typically be very few women in any Vegas strip club unless there’s a special event or party going on.  But women unescorted by men will still be welcome and well-treated at these clubs.

Vegas Strip Clubs are a Great Entertainment Option for Women and Couples

As an entertainment capital, Vegas is populated by a large proportion of performers, a demographic that’s always lived on the edge of social and cultural propriety. Strippers in this town are accepted by the mainstream population as an integral part of this city’s make-up.

Las Vegas is the only city in the world where women can go topless at a dozen pools open to the public, where many of the nightclubs have stripper poles that can be used by patrons (who sometimes strip!), and where even some of the hotels—Hard Rock and Palms to name two—have suites with stripper poles in the rooms.

Many casinos now have “party pits” where patrons can play blackjack out in the main casino area while scantily clad dancers gyrate on poles overhead. And one enterprising local company—Siena Entertainment—offers a 30-passenger party bus for rental by the hour that has stripper poles for use by the partygoers.

The art of erotic dancing has entered the normal scope of people’s lives here, as the strip club scene melds with the nightclub and general-entertainment scene.  That means strip club entertainment here is real entertainment.  The stage shows are world class.  You can see Olympic-level pole dancing.  The beautiful dancers know how to charm all types of audience members.  And the audiences show up to have fun.

If you ever look at public reviews of the Vegas casino topless shows (on yelp, etc.), what you’ll often find is that female reviewers give low marks to the show.  That’s because they were promised something erotic, and that’s not what they got.  I’ve always thought that women and couples looking for sexy entertainment would be a lot more satisfied with the shows they find at the Vegas strip clubs.

I suspect a day will come when all strip clubs will have a mixed gender clientele and no one will think anything of it. For now, women simply want the right to go to strip clubs, to dance like strippers in the nightclubs, and to go topless in the adults-only public pools, and the progressive venues in this town are trying to accommodate them.

It’s about time!

If you’re a guy who’s considering taking your wife or girlfriend to a Vegas strip club with you for the first time, or if you’re a woman considering going to a strip club for the first time with or without a guy, see I Took My Wife to a Vegas Strip Club and Lived to Tell About It.

You may also be interested in Tips for Couples Going to a Strip Club Together for the First Time, which includes a section on couples’ lap dances.

40 Responses to “Las Vegas Female-Friendly Strip Clubs”

  1. Jackson

    Thank you so much. This is very helpful. Both of us want the dancer to feel at ease.

  2. Jackson

    I am taking my wife to Vegas in a couple of weeks and she has always wanted to go to a club and get a private dance with me watching. She is a bit of an exhibitionist as well. During the VIP dance, can my wife remove her top for the dancer (if both agree)? Something she really wants is to have body contact with a dancer. Love this site. So full of helpful tips.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jackson, lots of dancers will be open to this. If you look in the comments under our review of Palomino Club, you will see reports by Cancon, who goes to the club with his wife. They get exactly this type of dance at the club.

      What your wife should do is wear a top that doesn’t have to be completely removed, like a blouse or shirt that can be unbuttoned. That way she can get the contact she wants without technically get undressed.

      Pretty much all of the dancers who approach you as a couple will be open to this. You should just talk to them about your wife’s fantasies and exactly what kind of experience you are hoping for. Even if you run into a particular dancer who doesn’t feel well suited to this, she will make sure to send over other dancers who are.

      I think you and your wife will have a great time!

  3. KC

    Hi Arnold,
    What an amazing site! Thank you for all the tips and info.

    Me and my friends are planning to go to the strip clubs on a Saturday night and the following Monday. We are a group of four, with a female couple, a straight girl and a guy (but they are not couple). We are worried that we won’t get much of approach since we have mostly girls in our group, or the only guy will get the attention and the lesbian couple got left out. Do you have any tips on a mixed group like us?

    We are planning to go to Palomino on Saturday night around 10pm to enjoy the show and getting some lap dances. Should we buy the package online first to reserve the table since it will be mostly crowded on Saturday night? The four of a kind package on their website seems a good deal for us, but it requires us to pick the time in advance which we are not sure about. Also, do they provide lap dance for female couples on the main floor or it has to be at the private booth?

    For a causal fun on early Monday night, would you recommend Little Darling? I don’t see Deja Vu on the list but do you think Deja Vu is a good option since we have a guy in our party to bring all the ladies in?


    • Arnold Snyder

      KC, your group won’t have any trouble at all in the strip clubs here. All you have to do is let the dancers know you like them and want their attention. That means tip dancers on stage and when they come over to pick up the tip, ask them to stop by after their stage set.

      Or let a host or waitress know you’d like to meet a specific dancer, dancers who like dancing for women or your female couple, or anything else you’re looking for. Word will get around quickly what you’re looking for and dancers will approach you who are into that.

      I would definitely recommend a package for your group for Saturday night at Palomino. You’ll get not only the royalty treatment by the club and dancers, but you’ll get free mixers for your bottle that will attract dancers. Dancers get thirsty and can’t drink booze all night! And you’ll get a free table for the night. That’s critical, because you want to be together for the night and not lose your table if you leave for a private dance.

      Just pick a time and in the notes, say you’re not really sure about the time. Then let them know as early as you can because it takes time to get the limo to you. They’ll work it out with you.

      You can get lap dances for a female couple at your table or off to the side in a more private nook, where the dancers like to take you. Your choice. If the dancer has a preference, I’d let her do what makes her feel comfortable because she’ll appreciate it and you will get a better dance.

      The lap dances at Palomino are topless whether they’re at your table or off to the side. If you want a fully-nude private dance with lots of touching, then you have to go for a private booth dance.

      Early on a Monday night is not the best time to go to Deja Vu. They have very few dancers on Monday nights, especially early. Little Darlings would be a better bet as long as you don’t care about booze.

      If you were thinking about Deja Vu because of the high-mileage lap dances, you might want to think about Sapphire on a Monday night. They’ll have a good crowd of dancers, the lap dance scene is wild, and your host will keep you supplied with the kinds of dancers you want. Or you can approach dancers yourselves. Again, either way, word will get around what you’re looking for once you get the ball rolling.

      At Sapphire, if you’re going before 9 pm, you can get free seating along the stage. And of course, you get free admission as long as you arrive by the free club limo. There’s a reservations fee for the limo, but they’ll let you convert that into a 2-for-1 drink ticket at the door.

      Or, if you want a VIP table to yourselves, you could get four solo packages or a bottle package.

      The early scene at Sapphire is very relaxed. I think you would have a great time.

  4. Ashley

    Hi Arnold

    Your site is amazing! My husband and I usually go to Spearmint Rhino, but would love to try Treasures this time based on how elegant it seems, and for high mileage dances. We’re going on a Thursday night around 10p. Couple questions:

    Is thurs at 10p a good time to go in terms of selection of dancers?
    Do you have recommendations on where to sit? We want a good view of the stage, but not like on the rail.
    What are their average prices for VIP/private rooms and are the luxurious?
    Will the dancers usually go further in VIP/private rooms (make out w me/feel me up in front of my husband) or is that unlikely?


    • Arnold Snyder

      Ashley, yes, there will be an excellent selection of dancers (100+) at 10 pm on a Thursday.

      When you walk in, you will see that there are multiple stages in the main showroom. I like to sit near the lower stage. I like the height of the lower stage plus the lighting is easier on the eyes if you’re actually going to watch the dancing.

      You want to be near the main walkways if you want dancers to find it easy to approach. You want to be fairly near the stage so you can easily get to the stage to tip and introduce yourself to dancers you find attractive.

      The lap dance scene on the main floor is very high mileage as far as you touching the dancer. To get the dancer feeling you up, yes, the dancer will go farther in the VIP. They usually won’t kiss or make out with you, but you will have no problem finding dancers willing to feel you up and kiss your body and vice versa.

      The entire club is luxurious, including upstairs in the VIP. But in my opinion, the group VIPs are a better deal and more comfortable than the one-on-one VIP rooms.

      The group VIPs here are not like at the other major Vegas strip clubs where customers are literally bumping elbows with the next customer. The big, plush sofas are located around corners from each other, and you can typically get one of the rooms exclusively to yourselves. The dancer will always take you where you won’t have other people able to see you. The dances here may be the most sexual in town, and that’s because the privacy level is great.

      Don’t hesitate to ask the dancer to take you on a tour of the VIP choices before you make your decision.

      If you go with these couch dances upstairs, a 30-minute dance is $335 (that includes $75 booze). A 60-minute dance is $650 and includes $150 in drinks. They also have a 3-song option for $140 that includes $40 in drinks.

      Most dancers will entertain a couple for the same price as a solo guy. Some will ask for more. But I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding beautiful dancers for great dances at roughly these prices.

  5. Scarlett Neroheno

    tldr: Believe the hype! It’s a great club filled with gorgeous girls and talented pole dancers. However, couplesladies need to sit against the stage enthusiastically interact because we definitely experienced the ‘girls avoid tables with wivesGFs’ phenomenon.

    Full Review…
    We’re back from Vegas! Had a GREAT time and Palomino Club ended up treating us very well. But its was actually a mix of truths from both here AND some of the Yelp reviews…

    Called and left a message for their shuttle at 9:30pm from the hotel. Driver called shortly after to confirm location and time. Not a long wait and the driver was courteous. We then picked up an attractive young black couple . They had been to Sapphire earlier and said it was “lame” so and they were hitting Lacey’s. Chatted a bit on the way to the clubs and arrived at about 10:20pm. Our driver checked us in so no cover and the big, suited, security-type gentleman was friendly as we had IDs checked and were let in.

    There was no stage seating available (unless we sat apart) and the only open seating was up at the bar tables. Everything else was taken or had Reserved signs. So we sat at the tables closest to the bar and were served drinks.

    A teeny tiny Latina approached and chatted with me a bit and then offered to show my husband a good time. I said since we had just arrived we wanted to settle in so she said she’d come back later for us. Got our drinks then we were able to shift down to the next row of bar tables as we attempted to get closer to the stage. We were approached once in a 30 min window. We didn’t stage tip as much since we were so far away but did a few times and the girls were appreciative. As stated before, some of these girls are AMAZING on the pole! Like sexy, nude, Cirque du Soleil! I also noticed that most of the girls didn’t approach the 4-5 couples but anyone sitting at the stage and tipping did get special treatment from the dancers themselves.

    I had to hit the bathroom after a bit. The one on the first floor had no entry door, are tiny and have a washroom attendant selling lots of misc items. She hands out paper towels and has a tip jar as well. When I returned to our table a girl was hitting up on my husband. I smiled, said “hi beautiful” and sat down as my husband said “this is my wife” and she literally bolted, surprising us both!

    I really wanted stage seating or a table so headed outside to talk to Andrew (social media manager) and he directed me to Ahu (I hope I got his name right) – the big gorgeous Hawaiian manager inside. When I tell Ahu this is for my husband’s birthday and I really want him closer he is able to swing us seats in the lap area for $60 cash and says if he can get one better he’ll move us. Yay!! Very cool because they are obviously booked and busy. I flag down my husband and he brings our stuff over.

    While I was with Ahu, the hubby got hit up again, ha! Honestly, Yelp had it right that the vast majority of girls are shy-to-repelled around coupleswives and will not willing approach. I mean, even when I would make eye contact, smile, say hi as they came down the aisle they would stride right past. So be prepared to be active along the stage, be willing to (respectfully) stopflag a girl OR hopefully you’ll be approached by a more experienced girl who ‘gets it’.

    Two gorgeous Asians spoke to my husband while I was gone and didn’t bolt when he said “wife”. He brought our drinks AND the girls to our new seats. The tight little HawaiianAsian sat on my lap and the curvy Vietnamese girl sat on my husband’s. They stayed with us for at least 20-30 minutes and didn’t hard sell at all. My girl and I chatted about school, her not working the stage anymore (she makes more working the room) and we decided to get lap dances with them.

    For the $20 lap dance they move you to the long seating against the wall in the back instead of doing it at your tablechair in the middle of the club, which is nice. Even here it was very hands on. Shortly afterwards, Ahu came back and true to his word, moved us to a much better seat right in front of the stage! So awesome and appreciated!! My girl asks if we want to do a show upstairs with them both. I tell her we’d love to but I can only blow $200 and she agrees (they considered this a birthday discount and I believe pricing sign on the wall near the hallway says $150 for 3 songs private dance). Either way $100 per girl with all 4 of us in a booth sounded good to me. The girls left upon request so we could watch a bit of the stage show and I left to withdraw more cash (ATM in lobby with the standard $8 fee). Hubby again got hit up while solo, ha!

    We wanted to watch a bit more of the stage show (and get more cash…) so we ask our girls to come back in 30 mins. No girls approach during the next 30 minutes until the one time I leave to hit the bathroom and grab cash. But my husband turns them all down because we want to reward the lovely ladies that gave us their time already.

    After watching more of the show (and tipping a lot more now that we were closer), our lovely Asians return and we head upstairs where the private curtained booths are. Didn’t realize there was a whole other little stage and area upstairs! Check into a booth and I note that the girls are good about waiting for the current song to finish before they really get started.

    They both pretty much attacked me and left my poor husband to watch for a tiny bit! I wasn’t expecting my girl to stand and straddle my face, nor the other girl to put my hands absolutely everywhere on her. SERIOUS mileage allowance with these two. My husband’s girl fed me her beautiful long nipples multiple times and when my girl stood up, straddle-gyrating her pretty little kitty right in my face, I asked if I could “give it a kiss” and she laughed, grabbed my head and obliged. My husband actually got a little LESS mileage than me just because he’s super respectful and didn’t want to make the girls uncomfortable and I was better at reading them. He was actually a little miffed he didn’t do as much as I did…hehe. However, they did move us together and it got pretty foursome-like in the booth after that…

    After the songs we thanks, tipped, stayed for a few more stage performances (again, not approached from this point forward), tipped in appreciation, closed our bar tab and then called it a night. The shuttle left with just us about 5 minutes after letting them know and we made it back to the hotel in good time.

    In total, we were only approached (as a couple) by 2 girls in 3 hours! However, next time we will go earlier to get stage seating and I’ll report back if there is a noticeable difference! All in all it was a wonderful night and a great first time at a club like this AND in Vegas.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Scarlett, the other thing you can do to get more dancers to approach you as couples at Palomino is simply ask the host (Ahu, in this case) to send more dancers your way.

      Just say to him, “Could you let those beautiful Asian girls know we’d like a dance?” Or, “Could you keep us supplied with a steady stream of blondes?” — whatever you’re looking for. If it’s an introduction to a single dancer, no need to tip, but if you’d like him to keep you supplied with a steady stream of your type, slip him a twenty and he’ll keep you busy all night.

      Most couples actually don’t want to be approached a lot by the dancers. So the dancers learn to stay away from couples to avoid making the women in the group nervous. That means you have to get around this norm. But if a host starts telling dancers that you’re looking for company, you won’t have this problem.

  6. Cancon

    Yes go to Palomino. Read my reviews under the name Cancon. My wife and I go, arrive by 8:30 and sit on the rail. We had 4 dancers approach us in the first 10 minutes and 4 more in the next 30. Tip the dancers, make eye contact. Lots of contact in the curtained booth. Have your husband wear dockers or dress pants with a dress shirt that unbuttons. If you want to be part of the show, dress accordingly with a top that drops. The private rooms are upstairs so your husband can take his time and adjust his woody before going back to the main room.

  7. Scarlett Neroheno

    First off, thank you for all of the incredible information! I am taking my husband up for Vegas as a surprise for his 40th. He hasn’t hit a strip club since he was in his twenties and I haven’t been at all. So I read basically this entire site and feel much more educated on the topic and the strip club scene in Vegas!

    We are going to hit Palominos using their transportation around 8-9pm, after a show and dinner. Plus, I am smoke sensitive so I want to arrive before its packed and has a ton of it. We’ll have $200-$250 cash to spend and aren’t big drinkers so I m hoping that will give us a nice 2-3 hr window of entertainment on his birthday!

    Here are my concerns:

    1: Palomino’s Yelp reviews contradict the ‘couples friendly’ recommendation. About 50% of couples stated no female approached either of them, even with eye contact or tips given at the rail. I want the full experience but I doubt I’ll be brave enough to walk up to them and straight up ask. Do we need to consider a different venue?

    2: Palomino’s website says no touchingcontact. Again, that’s throwing me off from what is being said here on high mileage (even with the understanding that each indie contractor sets her own rules).

    3: Any suggestions on male attire? Their site also says shorts are prohibited but I would think jeans might be uncomfortable (for both parties) if my husband gets a lap dance. Should he arrive in dress slacks? Something without a metal zipper?

    4: A topic I haven’t seen mentioned is obvious wood. Is it frowned upon, dark enough that others won’t notice, what about leaving the private room hard as a rock? What if he needs to adjust himself? I don’t want my husband embarrassed (especially in public) nor a stripper offended.

    Thanks so much!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Scarlett Neroheno:
      1. My experiences at Palomino with my wife and those of many users of this site contradict what you report from Yelp. Go to my review of Palomino and read through the comments on this site.

      2.Palomino’s website says “no touching/contact”? Really? That’s weird. Don’t worry about that in Vegas. This is touching-contact town. I believe every strip club has in-your-lap dances. If you open your eyes you’ll see touching is the norm. (Where does it say that on Palomino’s website?)

      3. Loose fitting dress or casual slacks are fine. Jeans are okay if they’re soft denim and clean. Corduroys are okay.

      4. I think most guys can adjust themselves quickly without making a spectacle. I’ve never seen a guy walking through a strip club with obvious wood, so maybe my eyes don’t look down there. If I saw some guy yanking at his crotch for a moment, I doubt I’d notice it or care. Believe me, he’s not going to offend a stripper if he adjusts himself and I don’t think any customers or staff would care. Athletes do it on television..

  8. Martin & Madeline

    I am wondering if anyone can help out my husband and I . We visited Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago and spent some quality time at Palominos. There was a dancer who was just fantastic. She was down to earth and was very playful with me and my husband which made our experience one not soon forgotten…except for one detail, the dancer’s name. We were going to talk her up on a few websites we frequent but we can’t remember her name. She had a few tattoos but one that really stood out, a Rolling Stones mouth on her backside. Can anyone help us out?

  9. DanT

    Went to Saphire with the wife last night – she was asked by two separate dancers to go to the bathroom with them. Are they up to something here? Just assumed it was a ploy to get to the VIP room.

  10. Cancon

    We’re a married couple in our mid 50’s just back from our semi-annual trip to Las Vegas with two trips to Palomino and Friday at the Saphire Pool. Palomino on Sunday night from 9-11 with a choice of 10 dancers with grew to 20. My wife and I sat on the rail as usual and both of us got boobs in our face a couple of times while we tipped every dancer. I had a lap dance with Cally, rockin hard body, and she told me what a 3 songs for $100 would be like for my wife and I. So we did that on Thursday around 11pm. Cally and my wife basically acted out soft core porn while I got some hands on experience. Saphire pool was a great afternoon. We arrived at 12;30pm and got to choose our lounge chairs. Not much shade but we chose chairs with an umbrella in between. Awesome service and entertainment, food was average.

  11. Rose

    What about best lap dances for ladies? Some dancers just do the usual dance the would for a guy while others do extra special things just for ladies. How do I know before I buy a dance? Any places better than others? Is touching different?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rose: Just from watching, I’d say most dancers get more touchy-feely with female customers than they do with male customers. But unless you see a dancer give someone else a dance, you won’t know what to expect in advance. Read my recommendations above for the best female-friendly clubs.

      • Amanda H

        Hello, my wife and I (she is bisexual and I lesbian) want to go to a strip club that does not require a man to enter and is lesbian friendly for lap dances and so on for this march and our week vacation in Vegas for clexacon convention, but our research as been bringing mixed results and honestly we both are feeling a little lost especially with the lack of lesbian bars or nightclubs, so what would you recommend that would fit all of hat in? Thank you!

        • Arnold Snyder

          Amanda H, you’ll have a great time at Palomino Club. You can get a VIP package or get free admission if you call for the free round-trip club limo.

          You don’t need a man to enter. The stage show is entertaining and hot. Any dancer will be happy to entertain you with lap dances or VIP shows.

          My advice would be to get a couples VIP dance. VIP dances are fully nude and in private booths with opaque curtains over the doors.

          If you want dancers approaching you, tip the dancers on stage and let them know you think they’re great. That way they know you’re not two straight women there to spy on their husbands. You can also ask any host to send over a dancer that appeals to you, or to send over dancers of your specific type.

  12. Rosie

    Thank you so much for this…as a bi girl, I want to go to strip clubs, watch, and enjoy (yes tip!) the ladies every much as bit as the men. This is the article I was looking for. So it looks like Palomino’s!

  13. Cancon

    I was told that the male has to keep his pants on as there are hidden cameras and they don’t want to be accused of prostitution. You could go to Red Rooster to perform in front of people but there won’t be anyone with a strippers body.

  14. mike

    this may sound weird but is it ok for ne and wife to have sex while dancer in room
    i themale has no interest in sex with dancer but itwould be hot being watched

    • Arnold Snyder

      In addition to what Cancon said, you could get that at Sheri’s Ranch brothel. Since you wouldn’t actually be having intercourse or getting a blowjob from the girl, the price ought to be pretty low–close to the house minimum.

  15. BigB

    We liked the Palamino Club upstairs. It seemed more relaxed and comfortable for my lady to wear a slutty dress and feel sexy. We played around together and played with the strippers too.

  16. LVDS

    Just got back from Red Rooster. 12/26/2015. Overall, I’d rate this venue much much higher than green door. We went to GD a few years ago and the herd of single creepy guys review is spot on.

    Regarding RR, single guys miss out of alot of the action. Want much going on downstairs…saw a larger woman servicing a guy and a hit chick launching but that’s it. No action in the public orgy room from what I saw. Upstairs couples area was HOT!! Too use the bedrooms you need to setup down to nothing or you can rent a towel for $2. Recommend going nude unless you want the towel for later in the Jacuzzi…ask you’ll do is throw it on the floor in the bedrooms anyway. About the couples bedrooms…There’s two. Each had 3 king beds. Both times we were in there it was 2 couples per bed. Expect incidental contact!!!! I’d say average age of couples was late 30s. Lots of stuff going on and very good chance of having couple next to you want to touch, etc. Some couples might be a little aggressive, especially if your girl is attractive, so be prepared to say no if needed. Got there around 9:30 and it was busy downstairs. Action in couples told started getting hot around 10-10:30 till 2:30 last call. There a liquor/beer store right down the road to pick up drinks. Check booze with bartenders and just get another when needed. Coat check available too. Parking was piece of cake. Oh, to play in couples area you gotta be nude. There’s storage dressers for your clothes. Strip down and head in our rent towel for $2. Recommend going nude as you’ll drop the towel on the floor anyway and nobody’s really shy. Get towel if you think you’ll go in Jacuzzi later, or bring your own. Can rent it being lock to lock your clothes but there is guy watching stuff right by entrance to couples bedrooms so not super critical. Can also lock valuables downstairs with bartenders. I left cell and wallet in car with no issues. Definitely recommend finding a friend if you’re a single guy so you can head upstairs. Well worth it to avoid the single herd of guys and enjoy some great action!!!

  17. Izamar

    Is it possible for my wife to dance for me at any of these clubs – on the floor or in a private room? Can she dance/strip for the dancer? Will someone stop her if she does?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Izamar: At Little Darlings I’ve seen bachelorette parties where the “bride-to-be” was put on a chair on stage and got lap dances from multiple dancers, and on one occasion that I witnessed, the dancers got her topless. I’ve also seen female audience members flash their tits at stage dancers, but that’s not quite like doing a whole striptease. At Palomino, I saw a bachelor party where the groom was stripped to his underwear on stage by two dancers and when one of them yanked them down in back to expose his butt, he took them off and started dancing naked on the stage. Obviously alcohol was involved. It would probably be against club regulations (and maybe illegal) for you wife to take all her clothes off in a strip club and she might be stopped by management. She’d be more likely to get away with it in a private VIP room, assuming the dancer was fine with it. Vegas is a pretty loose place. I think you guys will have fun here.

  18. Steve

    Hi. I’m curious to hear whether the information about nightclubs having patron-accessible stripper poles is still up to date. My fiancee and I are planning a trip to Vegas and since she’s a bit of an exhibitionist I know she’d love to give this a try. However, I’ve seen some news reports from a few years back talking about a ban on this. Any info will be appreciated.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Steve, I know XS still had them as of a few weeks ago, and Tryst as of earlier this year. You may have to get bottle service to get your fiancee access to them.

      I’ll check with friends who hit the clubs more than I do.

  19. Chiliman

    My wife and I were treated very well at Treasures, by both the dancers and staff. We saw only one other couple there on a Friday night, however.

  20. Arnold Snyder

    The list above for “Best Strip Clubs for Women” was initially for clubs where women do not require male escorts. My wife and I enjoy Palomino, so I added them to the list, even though they have a sign posted at the entry that says women must be accompanied by male escorts. I don’t recall seeing a sign like that at Sapphire, but I have heard women complain that they were refused entry there because they were unaccompanied by men. I also have no recollection of seeing unescorted women in Sapphire.

    But your point is well-taken. Many clubs that are not female-friendly in Las Vegas are couples-friendly, and in Vegas, you’re liable to see couples in just about any strip club. I will add Sapphire to the list and perhaps make a second list of just the clubs where unescorted women are welcome.

  21. ben2vegas

    I hope the site continues to follow this topic. Club reviews with comments about the ratio of couples customers to total customers would be appreciated as well. My wife enjoys the strip clubs and getting dances, but she can still feel out of place if not as many couples are in the establishment. For example, she felt much more comfortable at Sapphire (not even listed above) than Little Darlings, which is on the list. A lot of that had to do with the number of female customers there at the time. Based on our experience, Sapphire should be listed as a couples friendly club.


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