Feminists Shaft Dancers … Again

On May 1, the Mancunian Matters website reported that the OBJECT human rights organization successfully campaigned to have lap-dancing establishments in the UK more strictly regulated by local councils, arguing that such venues are degrading to women because “… women’s bodies are being marketed as commodities and that’s something that I don’t think is in-keeping with a real situation for equality for men and women.”

A Manchester dancer, identified only as “Maria,” disagreed, stating that she believes her job is the epitome of female empowerment as it puts the balance of power in women’s hands. She was quoted: “I feel empowered. I dance for about ten minutes, chat, have a few drinks, dance a little bit more, then get paid much more than any man who did that job would get paid … If any feminist came and did my job for one night, they would know who has the power …”

Sadly, the court sided with OBJECT.



One Response to “Feminists Shaft Dancers … Again”

  1. j j solari

    i dont think the men in england really mind if the strippers wear clothes. if they’re anything like prince charles.



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