First Legal Vegas Brothel to Offer a Sex Robot?

Vegas Brothel Robot to Service Fetishes

Lumi Dolls sex doll

A Lumi Dolls Silicone Sex Doll at the 2018 AVN Expo

I’ve seen five reports the past few days that one of the Las Vegas area legal brothels, Alien Cathouse, is now or will soon be offering sex with a sex robot that utilizes artificial intelligence.  They quote a brothel spokesperson saying that the purpose of the sex robot will be to cater to customers with weird fetishes that the human brothel girls have no interest in servicing.

Las Vegas already has an underground sex doll brothel run by a friend of mine, but the owner can’t get a clear answer from his attorney on whether he can get a license to open it to the public.  So for now you have to know someone to get in.

Has Alien Cathouse beaten my friend to be the first legal sex doll brothel near Vegas?

I called Alien Cathouse twice, talking with different people each time, but couldn’t find anyone who’s heard anything about a sex robot in the joint. There is also no mention of a sex doll service on the Alien Cathouse website.

So I must assume at this point that this is some kind of plan (hope? dream?) for the future.

Finally A Good Use for Artificial Intelligence

The sex dolls at the underground Vegas sex doll brothel have orifices that can be warmed to human body temperature.  Sex doll manufacturers have also been working on dolls that can talk, using AI. If Alien Cathouse follows through on its plan, let’s hope its sex doll is state-of-the-art.

Reportedly, Alien Cathouse also plans to offer remote “teledildonic” sex for clients.  This would involve clients using virtual reality headsets and other equipment to have virtual sex with porn stars without even leaving home. Again, the people I talked to at Alien Cathouse knew nothing of plans for this service.

For now, Alien Cathouse seems to be offering only sex with humans. Check back for updates.


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