Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection Announces Grand Opening Memorial Day Weekend

Another Knockout for the Champ

Floyd Mayweather's Girl Collection is Now Open

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection is Now Open

Floyd Mayweather’s new Las Vegas gentlemen’s ultra lounge, Girl Collection (club review/club website), will be celebrating its Grand Opening on Friday, May 26, to kick off a Memorial Day Weekend of blow-out grand opening parties through Monday.

I want you to imagine the kind of topless club a billionaire strip club aficionado and all-time boxing champ would design for his own pleasure.  Girl Collection is that club—a sensual playground in plush red and black upholstery and drapes, lit mainly by a ceiling of twinkling starlights, populated by 10’s, where a man can forget the world outside and sink into erotic bliss.

Reportedly, Floyd hand-picked every girl in his Girl Collection himself.  The man has exceptional taste.  

Floyd has also ordered a fleet of Rolls Royce limousines to transport his guests.  I’m not sure whether they will have arrived by the Grand Opening, but they’ll be arriving soon.

This will not be a budget club, guys.  No specials on buckets of Bud.  This will be the club you go to when you intend to lavish some money on yourself and give some serious VIP attention to your erotic needs.

There are multiple private rooms that can be reserved for groups as well as gorgeous one-on-one private VIP rooms you can stretch out with a girl. Every private room has its own TV monitor, there are multiple large monitors in the main club for sporting events, and there are even TV monitors above every urinal and wash basin in the decked-out men’s room. There’s another bar upstairs in a luxurious private space that can be reserved for parties.

Cover charge at the soft opening was $50 for all and valet parking was $40—I’ll update that if it changes by next week.  [Note:  Starting in June, the club is open Thursday through Sunday nights, with a $20 cover on Thursdays and Sundays and a $50 cover on Fridays and Saturdays.] See the club review for private dance prices.  Tables are reserved for bottle service.  (There are 12 seats at the bar and 18 seats at the stage for guests who don’t get bottles.)

If you win big at a casino, or in the stock market, or you want to throw the bachelor party to beat all bachelor parties, or it’s just time for some me time, this is a place where every guest will be a VIP.

Back in December, as this club was still undergoing remodeling and renovations, I got a tour of the premises from the champ himself. (See Girl Collection Opening Soon.) You can find a 1-minute video tour of the club below.  Our club review is here.

Girl Collection is located at 2580 S Highland Dr, just south of Sahara Ave (half a block from the Artisan Hotel). Call them at 702-410-9999 or check out the club website, where you can find the menu, bottle prices, dance prices, videos of the club, and a contact form to set up a private party.

6 Responses to “Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection Announces Grand Opening Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. Miss Pat

    Beautifully done! Best wishes with your new adventure. You da man! TMT rules!

  2. Sacha

    From the beginning of when you started boxing I followed you with open eyes and could not wait for you to show the world what a successful boxer and a humble one, the art of success is not measured by he say she say it’s by being the at what you do … And boxing is a artform master it like he did and the world is yours 🙂 cheers big guy biggest fan in Montreal Canada

    Sacha Parris

  3. Dave

    Floyd Mayweather is great boxer great success with girl collection God bless

    • Darren. Cherwonuk

      The. Greatest. Welterweights. of. all. Time. 1). Sugar. Ray. Leonard. 2). Roberto. Duran. 3). Ray. ( Boom. Boom ). Mancini. 4). Floyd. Mayweather. 5). Tommy. ( Hitman ). Hearns.

  4. Todd Johnson

    Floyd Mayweather is the smartest boxer to ever enter the ring. Great Success with the Girl Collection.

    • William Johnson

      Floyd Mayweather is , True indeed the most Smartest Boxer to ever to Step into the boxing ring. And also ???? enuff to Master all fights with a Strength from God in Heaven up above to not Take a loose. I might be broke without the Smarts to use my talents God gave me but im not dumb. And Real Recognize Real.



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