Free Drinks and Hot Dancers at Hustler’s Las Vegas Happy Hour

Checked out Hustler’s Happy Hour yesterday, which runs from 4 – 8 pm daily, with an open bar (free drinks). Went with my wife. Stayed for an hour or so around 5 – 6 pm. The crowd was very light, mostly guys sitting at the bar or tables drinking, occasionally wandering off with a dancer to the VIP, but the atmosphere was congenial. No one acted shocked or in the least disturbed at the presence of my wife.

There were 6-8 dancers, 3 or 4 top-of-the-line, great on the poles and the floor work. Most of the time we were the only ones sitting on the rail and tipping the dancers. It was a perfect scene for watching dancers because with no one else on the rail, we got all the attention. Actually had a blast. My wife bought me a lap dance.

The dancers were really outgoing toward my wife, as they often are to women at strip clubs. (She’s a better tipper than me…)

I’ll do an article soon on going to strip clubs with your wife or girlfriend as more and more Vegas clubs are female and couples friendly. I always have more fun when I go with my wife than when I go alone or with other guys.

I’ll recommend Hustler’s Happy Hour regardless of how you go. They’ve got some truly gorgeous, talented and witty dancers working day shift at this club, even mid-week.