Friday Night’s Best Lap Dance Deal in Vegas

LD SchoolgirlEvery Friday night is “Frat House Friday” at Little Darlings. I’ve described this event before, but for newbies to this site (and especially for you guys who would never have joined a Frat or who may be long past Frat House age and may not understand what Frat House Friday can do for you), let me explain the deal here.

Little Darlings is a nude club. No alcohol. You must be 18+. Dancers must also be 18+, so this club gets lots of new girls who are just breaking in.  Frat House Friday means the waitresses at Little Darlings wear cheerleader outfits and some of the dancers wear schoolgirl uniforms. In fact, the little plaid micro-skirts are not exactly “collegiate wear” so much as naughty Catholic high-school-girl uniforms, but who’s complaining.

One of the most popular features on Frat House Friday night is Dollar Dance Time, which usually occurs sometime after midnight. The DJ brings all of the girls working that night onto the stage one at a time as he announces their names, so you get to see the whole crew. This is actually one of my favorite parts of the show because if you’re looking for a specific dancer or type of dancer for a lap dance or private show, you get to view the entire night’s selection.

After the introductions, the DJ says something like, “Okay, guys, get those dollars in the air,” and all of the dancers descend from the stage into the audience looking for waving dollar bills. If you’re not sitting there with a fistful of dollars, you’ve made a strategic mistake. Make sure you break a twenty before Dollar Dance Time begins. It only lasts five minutes or so.  You’ve gotta be sharp if you want max lap dance action. If you snooze you lose.

You raise a dollar and the first dancer who sees it grabs it and sits in your lap. You now get a 30-second high-contact lap dance until the DJ says “Switch,” and you can either pay another dollar for another 30 seconds with the same girl or hold up your dollar to try another girl in your lap.

And this is how it goes for five minutes. You get a bunch of high-contact 30-second lap dances for one buck each with the adorable Little Darlings dancers.  (A great way to find a girl for a longer private dance later.)  Or you get one 5-minute lap dance with your favorite Little Darlings dancer (the equivalent of roughly $30 worth of lap dance) for the bargain price of roughly $10.

And if you’re athletically inclined (I’m looking at you, National Finals Rodeo cowboys), the club will also have a pole climbing competition with the first guy to the top getting a free private dance. Even if you didn’t score well in the 2nd go-round, here’s your chance to get something out of your trip to Vegas–a cute nude girl in your lap! And if you don’t know anything about Vegas strip clubs, you should know this: Free lap dances are not easy to come by.

On Frat House Fridays, Little Darlings also has lots of “blue light specials”–which are 2-for-1 lap dances (that’s 2 songs for $20), and at Little Darlings, the lap dances are nude and all take place in private booths, not out on the main floor.

Plus, if you go early, Fridays are also Free Food Night (Italian food tonight) at Little Darlings from 8 – 10 pm. Little Darlings is female friendly and couples friendly every night. There are always lots of women in the audience.

You’ll find a coupon for free admission to the show on our homepage under the top blog post.  Call (702) 371-2181 for free round-trip transport to the club in the club limo. (Club review / Club website)


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