Fun with Sex Objects

I’ve already written about GFE’s (girlfriend experiences) at Vegas strip clubs. But one of the most fun things about going to a strip club is that you don’t have to pretend that a dancer is your girlfriend.

With a strip club dancer, you can go straight into total appreciation of women as a sex objects.

Strip club dancers are actresses who have raised flirting to an art form and you can buy them drinks and tip them for their time and spend a great evening that way. But you can also sit there ogling their tits and they won’t scold you and say, “Hey, buddy, I’m up here!”

Dancers agree up front to be viewed as sex objects. What a breath of fresh air. They’re hot women who say yes, look at my tits and drool.

When you’re with a dancer you have 100% visual permission. A lot of guys don’t even have that with their wives or girlfriends.

You don’t always have to get a lap dance to take advantage of the visual permission dancers allow. Dancers are proud of their bodies and they enjoy displaying themselves. If you’re a tit man, you can ask a dancer to show you her tits and she’ll most likely not only show them to you, she’ll strike sexy poses for you.

Or you can ask a dancer to stand up and turn around so you can see her ass and she won’t be offended. Many will bend over and start twerking for you.

Keep in mind I’m not trying to discourage you from getting lap dances or going into the VIP. All of the above advice applies equally to dancers you’re getting lap or VIP dances from and it will increase both the fun and the eroticism of the dances you get. And if you’re spending time with a dancer and not buying dances, don’t just buy her a drink–always tip her.


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