Get Ready for Monday Night Football in the Vegas Strip Clubs (Final Update)

MNF Kickoff Day with the Raiders!

Sapphire’s MNF “Party Zone”

On September 9, Monday Night Football season officially begins with the traditional kickoff day double-header. I expect the casinos to be packed, the sports books to be overcrowded and the best Vegas strip clubs to be doing a booming business.

This year’s kickoff day strip club parties will likely be crazier than ever in Vegas because it’s the Raiders vs the Broncos in the second game. This game is being played in Oakland, as this is the Raiders’ last season there, but Las Vegas fans have already claimed the team as their own. I’m seeing Raiders bumper stickers, caps, t-shirts and other gear all over town already.  If you thought Vegas fan mania for the Golden Knights was over the top, wait for football season!

The Raiders also have a huge loyal fan base in Los Angeles because of the years the team played there, so I expect half of Southern California to be driving or flying into Vegas to bet on this game.  It will be epic!

Game one of the double-header will be the Houston Texans vs the New Orleans Saints, both dominant teams in 2018. This is an opening day match-up that has the sports books drooling.

I’m posting this announcement early because if you’re planning to be in Vegas for that game, or for the weekend of September 6-9, you had better make your reservations now because much of this town will likely be sold out.

On Kickoff Day, the first game starts at 4:10 pm (PST) and the second game starts at 7:10 pm. All MNF games after that will begin at 5:15 pm. 

Vegas Strip Club MNF Parties 2019 (plus Sunday Night and Thursday Night Parties)

Sapphire’s Buffet, Open Bar and Halftime $1 Lap Dances

Sapphire Las Vegas Super Bowl PartySapphire’s Monday Night Football parties have become the most popular in Las Vegas because of their wild halftime dollar lap dances. Imagine 100+ stacked 9s and 10s breaking over the crowd like a titty tsunami and you’ll have the idea. These are actual true in-your-face, in-your-hands, in-your-lap topless lap dances lasting 30 seconds each for $1.  Then every girl moves on to the next lap.  Bring plenty of $1 bills and sample every girl in the house.

Porn Star Tori Black to Host Sapphire’s MNF 2019 Kickoff Party

For the MNF 2019 Kickoff double header, porn star Tori Black will be hostess for Sapphire’s viewing party.  Sapphire has a $20 package for the main room and a $40 package for the 300-seat Showroom, which features the three largest HD screens in Vegas plus surround sound and wraparound monitors.

The $20 main room package includes a tailgate-style buffet. The $40 Showroom package includes the club’s famous multi-table buffet, which usually means barbecue, pasta, Mexican food, salads, and a huge dessert section, all served at the proper temperatures by a professional catering staff, plus a hosted open bar from 4-8 pm.  The hosted open bar means specific brands of vodka, tequila, Scotch, bourbon, whiskey, champagne and other liquors will be poured for free in unlimited amounts.  This is a great deal.

Anyone can also get into the main room for free, but you will not get the buffet or open bar without paying.  Book online here.

Sapphire’s Season Pass for Monday and Thursday Night Games Plus Super Bowl

Sapphire also offers a $200 Season Pass that will get you into the Kickoff double header plus all 30 regular season Monday and Thursday night games, with two free drinks per game, plus free general admission to the club’s Super Bowl party in February. This is a great deal as the main room Super Bowl party alone is $75.  If you’re a local or regular visitor to Vegas, you can’t afford not to get this package!  To reserve the Season Pass, book online here or call 702-869-0003.

You can check out Sapphire’s other NFL packages, including bottle packages, open bar packages, and Super Bowl packages (available later this season), online here. There will soon be special packages available for individual Monday and Thursday night games.  Topless, full bar, 21+

Treasures’ Free Tailgate-Style Buffet and Happy Hour Drink Prices

Treasures is again offering one of the best Monday Night Football deals in town. Entry is free, provided you don’t arrive via cab or rideshare. Happy hour pricing on drinks means from 4 to 7 pm, domestic beers are $2; wells and imports are $3; call drinks are $4; and premium liquors are $5. Then, from 7 to 8 pm, all drinks are sold at half-price. You won’t find premium liquors at happy hour prices like these at any other MNF parties I know of.

Treasures also provides a free all-you-can-eat buffet for its MNF parties. Their tailgate-style buffet includes hot dogs, pizza, and soft pretzels.

Treasures will also be screening all Thursday and Sunday night NFL games this year, with their generous happy hour drink prices.  If you’re planning to stay after the game, check out the drink deals in Treasures’ packages online here.  Note: Treasures limos do not start running until 7 pm.  Topless, full bar, 21+

Palomino Club’s Sunday Night Football Parties with Free Food, Drink Specials and Fully-Nude Girls

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer

Love Dances at Palomino Club

Palomino Club will be hosting Sunday Night Football parties this year. The first one is on Sunday, September 8, between the Steelers and Patriots. Game time is 5:20 pm. The club opens at 4 pm.

There will be free food and drink specials during the games. For the first few weeks, the free food will be fresh-grilled taco-truck tacos, grilled on the spot and always first-rate. Later they will alternate fresh tacos with catered Hawaiian food, including meatballs in gravy, fried saimin noodles, garlic fried chicken, teriyaki chicken and Kalbi ribs.  I tried it last year —  yum!

KOMP ROCK Radio 92.3 will be there every Sunday doing live remotes & giveaways. Absolut and Jameson will be sponsoring the parties, so watch for 2-for-1 shots and other specials. Among the giveaways will be pairs of Golden Knights tickets and a “King of Clubs” package (which is a 15-guest party package).

Palomino is the only nude club in Las Vegas with a full bar, and the only nude club screening NFL games this year.

Palomino Club offers free round-trip transport by the club’s shuttles for groups of two or more, with free admission for anyone who arrives by the club transport. They also offer a pre-game package that’s perfect for Sunday night football — two 375 ml bottles for $169 (plus 10% off if you book it online).  That package also includes a reserved VIP table for the night, free round-trip limo transport, a line pass, and free mixers (the most powerful of dancer magnets, as those girls get thirsty!).

Call 702-642-2984 to reserve your ride or book at the club website. If you arrive via your own vehicle (not a cab or rideshare) admission is free before 8 pm. Nude, full bar, 21+

Cheetahs’ Monday, Thursday and Sunday Night Parties

Cheetahs will be having Monday, Thursday and Sunday night football parties this year. These screenings will be in Cheetahs’ sports lounge, not in the main room. For MNF games, the club is advertising free food and drink specials, with wells and drafts priced at two for $10. Food in the past has been pizza and wings. Topless, full bar, 21+

Crazy Horse III Screens All Pro and College Games

Crazy Horse III will be screening all NFL and college games. The $49 package for out-of-staters includes transportation, entry, main room seating and a hosted open bar until half time. For the opening MNF party on Sept 9, the $49 package includes a hosted open bar during both games and free pizza. Locals free if you drive yourself.  Topless, full bar, 21+

Hustler Screens All Monday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday Games

Hustler Club Vegas will be screening all NFL and college games with $20 buckets of beer and draft pitchers. Free food during the games (in the past, mostly pizza). $50 cover, locals free with Vu Card. Topless, full bar, 21+

Deja Vu’s Open Bar and $1 Cover for MNF Games

Deja Vu Showgirls is advertising a $1 cover charge for for all MNF games (assuming you arrive via the club limo or your own transportation). There’s an open bar for domestics and wells from 6 – 9 pm, $3 drink specials, free pizza and wings and prize giveaways. Topless, full bar, 21+

Spearmint Rhino Will Screen All NFL and College Games

Spearmint Rhino Vegas will be screening all games with $5 Bud products, $5 Patron cocktails, $2 Red Rhino shots and $100 Tito bottles. Make your own chicken sandwiches on Monday nights. Topless, full bar, 21+

Centerfolds’ $20 Mix & Match Beer Buckets

Centerfolds is screening all MNF games with $20 mix & match beer buckets (5 beers), plus $100 bottles. Topless, full bar, 21+

Minks’ Monday, Thursday and Sunday Night Viewing Parties

Minks will be screening all Monday, Thursday and Sunday night NFL games, with $2 domestics and wells, $1.50 Bud Light pints and a free shot for all after every touchdown. In a high-scoring game, the crowd will be plastered! Topless, full bar, 21+

Play It Again Sam’s MNF Parties

Play It Again Sam will be screening the MNF games. They’re serving free chili dogs and drink specials, plus happy hour drink prices during the games. Topless, full bar, 21+

9 Responses to “Get Ready for Monday Night Football in the Vegas Strip Clubs (Final Update)”

  1. Calvin

    Where does Palomino screen the games? I know Sapphire has a showroom with a giant screen (and other merely big screens). I just remember a handful of smallish TVs at Palomino, all fairly distant from any seats. Similarly, I was at Treasures once and, while admittedly distracted by other things, didn’t notice any particularly good means of viewing sporting events.

    I know the game isn’t the only (primary?) thing to watch at these venues, but can you actually watch the game at all? Or is Sapphire the only place to do that?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Calvin, just the multiple smaller screens, like the Sapphire main room. It’s like keeping an eye on the game from a blackjack table.

      You have to go to the Sapphire Showroom for those three movie-screen size HD screens.

  2. Fran

    Thank you for all that info! It really helps. On the dollar dances, if a girl approaches and I don’t wish to have her in my lap, what’s a nice way of declining. It’s only a buck fo sho. But is there a nice way to move on to the next girl?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Fran, if a girl you don’t like is approaching, don’t hold up a dollar.

      If a girl you like is approaching, hold up the dollar boldly. The dollar is like a light switch, on, off.

  3. Fran

    What is the atmosphere like at Sapphire during the game? We are going primarily to experience halftime. But during the first half are girls walking around offering dances? Are the dances in the showroom high mileage. Can they take you to a part of the club that is not as crowded for the lapdance? Will they sit and have a drink for a bit? Obviously they are there to make money but it would be fun to hang out for a bit. Or at they too busy trying to get guys to vip?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Fran, the atmosphere in the Showroom during the game is everyone is pretty much focused on the game. Everyone’s eating and drinking, hooting and cheering at the plays and the calls. The cocktail girls are walking around getting drinks, and the dancers are walking around too, but being careful not to get in the way of fans watching the game, especially in the Showroom.

      The Showroom will be packed, so there is not much room to get a lap dance in there during the game. What I would do if I were you is enjoy the food and free drinks and the game during the first half, have plenty of dollars ready for the halftime lap dance tsunami, which is a ton of fun, and then move to the main room of the club for the second half so you can focus more on the dancers and have a few drinks with dancers and get some lap dances.

      The halftime $1 lap dances are topless and high mileage but short (about 30 seconds each). Then you hold up another dollar and another girl gets into your lap.

      In the main room, there will be more girls walking around offering traditional lap dances. They will sit and have a drink with you. The dances will be very high mileage. Girls will ask if you’d like a VIP dance, but the hustle will be low.

      If you notice that girls are shy about approaching your table, let the cocktail waitress or your host know that you would like more company and couple’s lap dances and you’ll get plenty of company.

      Also, as a general rule, the first dancer to approach you in a Vegas strip club will often be the club vulture (the most aggressive girl in the club). This may not be a problem during the kickoff party, but if you run into a vulture, get rid of her, and you’ll find the rest of the dancers are charming and low hustle.

  4. Pete

    Arnold. Bringing my wife to Vegas and we are planning on mnf at Sapphire. She wants to experience the halftime you talk about. Should we get her a seat in the main room or showroom for best experience for her?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Pete: Showroom. Better screens, better sound, better food, better crowd, better party, and it’s fun when the line of over 100 dancers swooshes down on the crowd at halftime.



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