Girl Collection – The Las Vegas Hip-Hop Strip Club

Floyd Mayweather’s Party Just Keeps Getting Better


Daisy Dances at Girl Collection

The best Las Vegas strip clubs offer something unique. They’re a reason to fly to Las Vegas all by themselves.

That is what’s happening at Girl Collection Las Vegas—the ultra-lounge strip club Floyd Mayweather designed to hang out in himself.  It only had its Grand Opening over Memorial Day weekend, but it’s already turned into the sexiest, craziest strip club hip-hop party Vegas has ever seen.

Floyd was in the club last night and a number of employees told me he is in the club for a few hours pretty much every night it’s open (Thursdays through Sundays).

The cars in valet parking last night were Jaguars, Porsches, Cadillacs—all of them gleaming, all freshly washed and waxed.  I parked my dusty 2011 Honda Element, which I use for transporting my four dogs, out on the street to avoid dishonoring the valet.  The street was full of cars like mine.

Some Men Collect Rare Stamps, Others Collect Rare Girls

Beautiful Big Booty Dancer at Floyd Mayweather's Girl Collection

Girl Collection Specializes in Booty

The party gets into full swing around 2-3 am.  The club now has 40-50+ dancers at peak hours, dancers that Floyd has reportedly recruited from around the country and around the globe as he flew the skies in his private jet scouting for beauties.  (Some rich men collect rare stamps.  Some rich men collect rare girls.)  Floyd calls this his international collection—think Brazilian and Puerto Rican girls, a stunning Cuban beauty with attitude, beautiful island girls and gorgeous black goddesses with back.  (See some of their photos below.)  The hip-hop music is loud and it gets everyone moving.  

There are always girls on stage, often two, plus another on the blue-glowing mini-stage, and I saw a lot of twerking and pole work.  But I also saw dozens of dancers dancing in the aisles, twerking between tables.  One guy I saw last night had two dancers twerking on his knees and getting physical all over him, with a snowdrift of money beside them.

In addition to all the guys, there were groups of women there to party.  They were dressed to the nines and making it rain on the dancers just like the men.

At Girl Collection, the dancers don’t carry those little beaded purses you see dancers carrying in other strip clubs.  Instead, they carry those 13-gallon white Hefty bags for collecting all the dollars showered on them.

Every dancer I saw was smiling and laughing.  There’s no faking having fun and they were clearly enjoying themselves as they flirted and danced, just like other guests at the party.  Every dancer I talked to told me she was happy to be at Floyd’s club.

We got some great photos of a few dancers last night.  Click on pics to enlarge.  All photos by Hew Burney.

Girl Collection is located at 2580 S. Highland Dr., about a block south of the Artisan Hotel on Sahara.

New Dancers at Girl Collection Las Vegas

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