Going Private with Adult Film Star Nikki Phoenix

Return of the Blonde Bombshell

nikki phoenix2This is Nikki Phoenix, one of the gorgeous adult film actresses who dance periodically at a Las Vegas strip club.

Nikki is an outstanding new incarnation of the all-American blonde bombshell that goes back to Mae West, Jane Mansfield, and Marilyn Monroe. She’s got the beauty, the body, the bedroom eyes, and the bawdy attitude that stops men’s hearts.

Adult film stars often perform as feature dancers at Vegas strip clubs, but in most cases their performances end with their stage shows.  Occasionally you’ll be able to get your photo taken with them, so you can show your buddies later how close you were to a heartthrob fantasy babe.

nikki phoenix3

(Photo of Nikki by Miles Long®, @mileslong4real)

But Nikki dances at Palomino Club, which offers a unique feature that’s not offered by any other Vegas strip club.  Not only can you get a private-room dance with Nikki in a room where you can close the door, but you can run one of her x-rated films while she’s dancing nude for you.

Some of Nikki’s films include Cheerleaders Gone Bad 2, She’s a Handful, and Daddy Knows Best I. Here’s the Official Website of Nikki Phoenix, where you can learn more about her and see lots of her photos and video clips. She’s a warm, funny, and friendly person who also has a modeling career going and has recently released an EDM album.

Nikki is usually off touring or making a film, but you can generally find her in Vegas a night or two a month.

If you’re wondering what Nikki looks like naked (just in case), here’s a pic of Nikki I found on her Model Mayhem page:

nikki phoenix1

 Nikki Phoenix

(Note: If you want to know when Nikki might be performing in Vegas, you can follow her on Twitter–@nikkiphoenixxx–or through her Facebook page.)

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