The Fight Against Shutdowns Continues

CDC Admits You Can’t Catch WuFlu from Surfaces

I’ve already posted links to studies that show you can’t aerosolize Covid-19.  You can’t catch it from the air because it doesn’t hang there.  They even tested the air in the hospital rooms of severely-ill Covid-19 patients and couldn’t find any Covid-19 in it.

Now the CDC admits you can’t catch the virus from surfaces either.  That was already obvious because grocery store workers and shoppers weren’t catching it, but somehow the CDC has finally been forced to admit it.

You either need a good long French kiss with an infectious Chop Fluey patient or you need a person coughing actual spit droplets straight into your mouth or nose to catch it and you probably need to repeat the spit intake a lot.

I am so pissed off at this hoax.

UFC has Scheduled a Fight in Vegas for May 23 May 30 (date corrected)

Dana White has announced a UFC fight card for Vegas on May 23 May 30.  It was only a day or two ago that he threatened to move the UFC to Arizona for 2020 if Vegas didn’t get moving on bigger, faster plans for reopening.

No live audience will be allowed at the fight.  White had tried to schedule Vegas fights without audiences earlier, but were ordered to stand down by the Nevada governor.

Judge Tosses Ohio  Shutdown Order Against Gyms

A judge has ruled that Dr. Amy Acton, Director of the Ohio Department of Public Health, violated the constitutional rights of Ohio’s gym owners when she ordered them shut down.

He also issued an injunction preventing both the state and county from taking action against any gyms that violate the shutdown order.  Three dozen local gyms had joined together to file the lawsuit against the state and county.

Yesterday, the Ohio governor announced that he was removing the last shutdown restrictions in the state after the Ohio House of Representatives passed a bill overturning the shutdown.  He was likely given notice of this judge’s coming order as well.

We need more lawsuits, people!

Bat Plague Cases Continue to Decline in Reopened States

Florida Covid-19 “percent positive” numbers continue to decline.  The state has been reopened for over two weeks, and the percentage of positive test results has declined to 15% of what it was the day the state reopened.

Only 0.64% of yesterday’s Flu Manchu test results were positive.

JP Morgan has released a study showing that infection rates have declined — not increased — in ALL states where lockdowns have ended, “even after allowing for an appropriate measurement lag.”

DOJ Tells Gavin Newsom to Reopen California Churches

California has prohibited church attendance since March.  Now U.S. attorneys have written a letter to Democrat California Governor Newsom notifying him he’s violating churchgoers’ civil rights.

Radical left federal judges in California have so far rejected lawsuits from churches asking for services to be allowed to resume.  But the DOJ said those rulings do not justify Newsom’s shutdown order.

“We believe, for the reasons outlined above, that the Constitution calls for California to do more to accommodate religious worship, including in Stage 2 of the Reopening Plan,” the letter said.

So Newsom must reopen churches or face the Wrath of Barr.

Bloomberg Study Shows Lockdowns Didn’t Reduce Deaths

I’ve already posted data from Tokyo showing that overall deaths during the Bat Plague months were actually 0.4% lower than the average over the previous five years.  Those data suggest WuFlu isn’t killing anyone at all.

Now Bloomberg has compared data on overall deaths during Chop Fluey of lockdown countries with countries like Sweden that never locked down and other countries with less restrictive lockdowns.

Turns out there’s no correlation between death reduction and the severity of a nation’s lockdown restrictions. We just killed the world economy for nothing.

Mob Museum “Hopes” to Reopen May 31

The Mob Museum announced it plans to reopen May 31, but this is one of those deals contingent on governor approval, so don’t get your hopes up.

I have seen no sign that Sisolak intends to emerge from his bunker.

Everyone would be required to wear a mask and there will be no tourists in town anyway, because Sisolak is still mulling weighing considering praying agonizing over his deliberations for moving to his never-defined reopening Stage 2, and casinos are Stage 4.

Everyone sane in Nevada is trying to goose this moron along, but he is controlled by Nancy Pelosi and thus is ungooseable.

Gym Owner in Illinois Defies Shutdown Order

A gym owner in Moline, Illinois has reopened in defiance of the Democrat governor’s shutdown order.

The owner is a single father.  He’s facing a fine of up to $2500 and up to a year in jail.  His gym is located less than a mile from the Iowa border.  Iowa gyms were allowed to reopen May 15.

Democrat Governor Pritzker of Illinois, who sent his family to Palm Beach to enjoy the reopened beaches there, is evil and so is anyone who supports him.

Club Lacy’s Strip Club in Dallas Goes Under

Craig Parks, the former owner of nude black strip club Club Lacy’s in Las Vegas, had moved his operation to Dallas when he lost his lease due to Palomino Club’s expansion last August.

His new Club Lacy’s in Dallas opened early this year and quickly became very popular.  He had used all his savings to completely refurbish an old, closed strip club there and launched it with his trademark big booty show.

He was the host, who went by the name “Foreplay.” Every night he would introduce the club’s beautiful big booty dancers one by one and each would come out and demonstrate her unique twerking style. Every night the show would turn into one big crazy wild sexy party.

Then the China Cooties hoax started and the Democrat mayor of Dallas quickly locked the city down.  Now, even though the rest of Texas is reopening, and even Dallas is allowing bars to reopen, the city isn’t allowing strip clubs to reopen.  And he’s already been told that, even when he’s allowed to reopen, no touching will be allowed.

He’s been paying his rent and utilities for three months with no money coming in, and he can’t do it anymore.  So Club Lacy’s is shutting down forever.

Craig is a friend.  Very very sad news.  It makes me more concerned than ever about the survival of the best Vegas strip clubs.

Bars Reopen in North Carolina Friday

Bars reopen in North Carolina Friday.  The only special Sino Snot Storm requirement is more space between tables.

MKUltra Alert

A transgender who identifies as a deer has been named to the Twitch Safety Advisory Council, to keep people “safe” on the social media platform.  She likes to eat grass.

This is another great example of the Alice in Wonderland MKUltra method in use to break down the will of the citizenry to resist the criminal cabal controlling us, including with the Bat Plague hoax.  Scientists have documented how primate brains are wired to mimic whoever they see in a dominant position, so our “leaders” have become a freak show.

Here is the person who identifies as a deer who has been given full power to censor on a social media platform:

And why is Bill Gates testifying to the CIA and Department of Defense on respiratory viruses that target people based on their religious devotion?

The viruses are literally designed to weaken the devotion of the devout, much like the church shutdowns of Democrat governors during the Bat Plague hoax.

NOTE:  Twitter TOOK DOWN the video!  Here it is, until youtube takes it down:

Commie Tommy Wolf Vetoes Bipartisan Bills that would Allow PA Counties to Reopen

The Pennsylvania legislature passed three bipartisan bills last week that would have given county leaders limited powers to make reopening decisions, as well as allow certain companies to resume operations.  The bills would have returned 200,000 workers to their jobs.

But Democrat Governor Wolf, who remains committed to the DNC Bat Plague election-rigging hoax, vetoed the bills.

A spokesman for 13,000 small businesses in PA said, “We have heard daily from numbers of small business owners who are not going to make it if there isn’t more flexibility granted soon.”  Republicans and trade groups say Wolf is unresponsive to concerns of business and ignores sound council.  He has literally failed to respond to letters from PA industry groups.

The Republican House majority leader said, “Our framers never intended one person to so openly oppose the will of the people as our current Governor continues to do.”

Pennsylvania has more Covid-19 deaths over age 100 than under age 45. More deaths over age 95 than under age 60. More deaths over 85 than under 80.

I don’t believe those are Covid deaths.  I believe those are elderly people dying because humans don’t live forever.

But even if you believe Covid is killing the Pennsylvania elderly, the main reason would be the Pennsylvania governor’s and health director’s policy of forcing unprepared nursing homes to take infectious Covid patients.

Illinois State Police Announce They Will Not Enforce the Shutdown

Illinois State Police have announced they will not issue citations for businesses violating the Governor’s shutdown order and will not arrest or jail individuals who violate the shutdown order.

14 Responses to “The Fight Against Shutdowns Continues”

  1. Aaron

    Sad to hear about Lacys.. hope when Vegas rises from the ashes there will be a strong presence of the Strip Clubs again.

  2. Bill

    Apparently our Supreme Court Who is supposed to uphold the constitution does not anymore

    • BennyHill

      This guy has a following and many people are losing their shit over his report.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Great link, Benny. Thanks.

      From the dead silence after the Gaming Control meeting, I’m guessing Sisolak is still in his bunker mulling and weighing.

  3. Erik d

    All hail dictator wolf, all that is good and right with this world. You are such a good man, you haven’t even asked me to sacrifice my first born to you yet, which you could do and we would all do willingly for such a kind and generous dictator. All praise be on Tom Wolf, all powerful dictator of northpennsyl koreavania!

  4. Nunya

    500+ doctors sent a letter to the President urging end to all shutdowns. Estimates are 75k-100k deaths will result from the shutdown through suicide, alcoholism, drug overdoses, heart attacks, strokes, and others. Saw another estimate that 20k deaths occur annually from those types of causes for EVERY 1% rise in unemployment.

  5. Bill

    So I have been asking the pro lockdown people about this option and it hasn’t gone over well for some not so strange reason. I have asked them about giving the choice of a lockdown but you lose your job and the rest go back to work. You get to chose safety over economy while the rest get to have jobs. So far not a single one supports this idea and wants to pass the problem to others. To which I say if your not willing to take the hardship for your position don’t take it.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, I have come to the unavoidable conclusion that Democrats are evil and it’s not just the leadership.

      Every single one of them is a fascist thug at heart, and I say that as a former Democrat.

      • BennyHill

        My apologies autofill put “today” instead of “Tuesday” – 5/26.
        However, I clearly remember Sissylak saying he would provide 10 days notice before allowing casinos to open. 10 days for 6/1 would be today. Not happening. If he sticks to this and the GCB meeting goes well, reopenings would be 6/5. Getting closer to 6/15…
        Then again phase 3/4 and we are still in 1. Remember, NO GUIDANCE/LEADERSHIP.



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