Gun Control – The “Make It Rain Gun”

Gun Control – The “Make It Rain Gun”

No – this is a not a post on the 2nd Amendment. That right is as firm as the girls in Treasures!

I just noticed several enterprising Las Vegas clubs, DejaVu Showgirls and Centerfolds, offer their customers a Make it Rain Gun!  Enthusiastic fans can shoot fake or real paper bills at the dancers. It’s a way of increasing the velocity of currency into the economy. Your table can be like a mini-Federal Reserve Bank! It’s damn patriotic; I salute them for their civic contribution.

Has anyone used a Make It Rain Gun at a club? Have any of you seen it at work? I’m thinking about the Monday morning pep rally at a time share sales office.

Will we see an arms race between clubs? Are AR-15 models on the planning board. Did the Founding Fathers account for this armament when they drafted the constitution? Will the bigger clubs like Sapphires, Treasures and Spearmint Rhino introduce high cash capacity magazines?

Video: Crazy Horse 3 rain gunner!

How do the real ‘big boys’, the club security professionals, react to a Make It Rain Gun on your belt during the all-too-common pat downs? And, by the way, why don’t clubs have their dancers do the customer pat downs?  That’s got to be more pleasant than the current way! I’ve had my fill of ex-offensive lineman from Azusa Pacific running their beefy hands across my privates! “Whoa buddy, watch your knuckles in my crotch!”

Are the guns dangerous?

Will dancers need goggles, or suffer vicious paper cuts?

Will they need fishing nets to gather the loot?

Will clubs ban the sideway gun holding position in an order to keep West Coast gang influences away?

Is this a significant revenue opportunity for the clubs?

Could this save us from the misery of a cashless society?

How does crypto currency factor into this fun? Perhaps ray guns or lasers.

The gun sellers make their real profit on the sale of fake currency because most shooters don’t want to use real cash. This is a windfall of “club-bucks,” and the percentages that get swept up in that trend.

LLP pm

So many questions.

So many new ideas.

What are your thoughts? 


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