Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs in the Afternoon: Happy Hours, Shows, and Dancers

Afternoons in Vegas Are a Whole New Strip Club World

If you’re a guy who likes going to strip clubs in the daytime, Las Vegas can be a frustrating town, especially if you think you know your way around the clubs.

Some of the major clubs that would score high with almost anyone on a Saturday night have no dancers on stage in the afternoon and precious few customers either. But Play It Again, Sam, a small local joint, is a decent afternoon club, with dancers on stage, low drink prices, and an afternoon crowd.

I recently (April 2017) visited all of the Vegas strip clubs that are open during daylight hours, meaning before 6 pm. Some of these clubs have no dancers until the evening hours—I left them out of this report.

Some clubs have extended “happy hours” during the afternoon and none have a cover charge, even for out-of-towners, so if the cost is a concern, daytime is definitely the best time to visit a Vegas strip club, provided you know where to go. Here are my picks for the best afternoon strip clubs in Las Vegas.

Afternoon Strip Clubs That are Most Like a Strip Club at Night

Sapphire’s Free Limo is Available 24/7, Gourmet Mexican Restaurant on Property

Sapphire is open 24/7 and is the only strip club in Vegas with a free limo available 24/7 to get you to the club in style.  Afternoons are a great way to enjoy the most elegant club in Vegas at discount prices.

Domestics and wells are only $4-5 until 6 pm at Sapphire—a great deal at less than a third the evening price.   Sapphire offers free admission until 6 pm as long as you don’t arrive by cab (if you arrive by cab, Lyft, Uber or any limo other than Sapphire’s limo, it’s $22).  And Sapphire has the best afternoon and early evening food of any strip club in town—gourmet Mexican from El Dorado, a restaurant on property.  You can order from their menu inside the club.

Dancer quality at Sapphire is high as at all hours.  The afternoon lap dances maintain Sapphire’s high-mileage reputation.  On my last 2 pm stop I saw half a dozen dancers and about that many customers.  By 5 pm there were more than a dozen, and the number goes up steadily from there. (Club review / Club website)

Best Afternoon Stage Show is at Little Darlings

If you’re actually into watching dancers dance, the best bet in the afternoon is Little Darlings (club review / club website).   I saw a half dozen dancers at the club with about as many customers on a recent midweek afternoon, and there was never a gap in the dancing on stage.

Even better, the dancing on stage was full evening-show quality, with dancers flying around the stripper poles and the like.  The dancers were all good-looking, and could have danced in the club on a Saturday night.

Little Darlings doesn’t have a restaurant, so eat before you arrive.  There’s also no booze (the club admits customers age 18+), but they have a nice variety of smoothies and health drinks (coconut milk served fresh in the coconut, etc.) in addition to the usual soft drinks.

At Little Darlings in the afternoon, a few dollars in tips goes a long way toward getting you the bulk of the attention of the dancer on stage.  The dancers get fully nude.

The Spearmint Rhino Lunch Deal Means a Good Happy Hour Scene

Spearmint Rhino (club review) is offering a lunch deal from 11 am to 7 pm that tends to make for a good happy hour scene. The deal is a burger or chicken sandwich, fries and Bud for $5, or a steak sandwich with fries and a Bud for $7.  The sandwiches are good.  Also, until 7 pm, domestic beers and wells are all $5.

I had lunch at the club this week and found 10 dancers and maybe a dozen customers in the club. There was always a dancer on stage.  Guys were getting lap dances.

Cheetahs 2-for-1 Lap Dances

Cheetahs (club review) is another Vegas strip club with an afternoon scene.  The club is open 24/7. I visited the club at 2:00 p.m. midweek.

strip club afternoon AThere were 5 dancers in the club when I went, and about the same number of customers.  I’ve seen a dozen dancers in the club in the late afternoon.

A domestic beer cost me $8.50 on this visit (it used to be 2 for $9).  In theory, lap dances are two for the price of one during those hours, though you have to find dancers that will agree to the deal. Not all do.

From 1 pm to 4 pm, there’s also free pizza at Cheetahs.

Afternoon Topless Pool like a Strip Club in the Sunshine

If you’re going to Sapphire during the day and it’s a Friday, Saturday or Sunday in the late spring through mid-October, go to the Sapphire Pool and Day Club (topless pool review / website). The pool gets a terrific crowd of dancers and customers in the summer.

The Sapphire pool is where you’ll find a good number of the Sapphire dancers (like 40-50) out in the sunshine in their teeny bikinis and pasties. It’s like a strip club in the sunshine, and one of my favorite places to hang out in the afternoon once the weather turns warm. The dancers will be happy to take you inside to the VIP rooms where those pasties can come off.  You can tell which girls are Sapphire dancers because they wear a pink wristband.

The admission fee varies according to special events/DJs, etc., but has mostly been free for locals and those who don’t arrive in cabs. Sapphire offers free transport to the pool in the club limo, with the $15 reservation fee waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon. Call 702.869.0003 to reserve your ride.

Or check out the Sapphire pool packages at the pool website. We recommend these because they get you free admission, free limo transport, a line pass, free drinks, and a free lounge chair for the day for the price of the drinks alone.

And on Sundays if you’ve checked out of your hotel, but there are hours to go until your flight home, Sapphire will pick you up at your hotel in their limo, store your luggage while you enjoy the pool and scenery, and then drive you to the airport in time for your flight.  It’s a great way to end your trip.  Again, call 702.869.0003 to reserve your ride.

Afternoon Strip Clubs with the Best Drink Prices: Hustler Club

Hustler opens at 4 pm Monday through Saturday and 6 pm on Sundays.  The club will have 6-8 dancers visible in the club and always a dancer on stage. The dancer quality ranges from fine to average in the afternoons.

Hustler offers free domestics and wells from 4 – 8 pm, but there is an admission charge.  Last time I checked it was $50 for out-of-towners.

Afternoon Strip Club with the Dimmest Lighting:  Treasures

Treasures opens at 4 pm and I checked it out a few times a little before and after 5 pm. There was always a dancer on stage and I believe there were always 3-6 dancers present. Treasures is now the darkest club in Vegas, so dark you can’t really see from one end of the club to the other, so I may have missed some dancers sitting with customers in dark corners.

If you’re a lap dance aficionado, dark is good. You don’t need a VIP room for privacy. Dancer quality was fine to average.

Treasures no longer has a free buffet. Domestics are only $1 from 4 – 6 pm.

Other Vegas Strip Clubs Worth Checking Out in the Afternoon


Play It Again, Sam: Sam’s is a 24/7 club. I checked it out one day around 4:30 pm and another day closer to 6 pm. There were 6-7 dancers visible in the club and always a dancer on stage. Domestics and wells are $3.50 until 7 pm. Dancer quality was fine to average and one of the stage dancers was exceptional—a trained gymnast who did backbends and dropped from the pole into full splits. I was drinking at the bar with a buddy and abandoned him there so I could watch her close up from the rail. Like Cheetahs and Hustler, this club has an early local following.

Palomino: Palomino doesn’t offer any happy hour drink or dance specials, but their draft beer price is $6 and domestic bottled beer is $8 round the clock.  The club opens at 4 pm.  I arrived around 4:30 pm and there were no dancers on stage and no other customers yet, but they immediately got a gorgeous girl on stage.  She was followed by another half dozen gorgeous girls, for a show that would have thrilled the midnight crowd–but it was all for me (well, until a few other customers arrived).

Talk of the Town: This small nude club opens at 4 pm and the afternoon admission price is only $10. I got there around 4:15 and found two dancers in the club, but one immediately hit the stage. I stayed for only 20 minutes, by which time two more dancers had arrived. Dancer quality was fine to average.  No booze.  18+

Other Vegas Strip Clubs I Looked At

Babes: Babes opens at 5 pm. I got there around 5:30 and stayed about a half-hour. There were no dancers in the place, but there was a good-looking cocktail waitress who offered to dance for me if I wanted a show. (She said she used to be a dancer there.) I bought her a drink and we chatted for a while—a pleasant afternoon GFE.

Domestics are only $2 until 8 pm and drafts are only $1.50. Lap dances are 2-for-$20 until 8 pm, but again, that early in the afternoon no dancers were available.

Crazy Horse III:  This 24/7 club currently has a Happy Hour that runs from noon to 9 pm, the main deal being $5 domestics and mix-and-match buckets of five beers for $20. I saw five dancers in the place, all at the bar, most talking to customers, but for the half-hour I was there, no dancer ever got on the stage. I sat and talked with a dancer at the bar.

Why Vegas Strip Clubs Are an Afternoon Delight

First and foremost, the ratio of dancers to customers tends to be high—often with more dancers in a club than customers. This means that if there’s a stage show, you can sit on the rail and be lavished with attention for tipping.

If you’re looking for a GFE, it’s easy to find a dancer who will sit and talk to you. And if you go into the VIP, it’s like a private show because you and the dancer you’re with will often be the only ones in there.

Finally, daytime prices are so low in comparison with evening prices that your money simply goes a lot further in the afternoon.

strip club afternoon B

Happy Hour Specials at a Glance

Babes: all day until 8 pm: $2 domestics & wells, $1.50 drafts; lap dances 2-for-$20; Mon 8 pm – 4 am 2-for-1 well drinks; Tues 8 pm – 4 am 2-for-1 tequila shots; Wed 10 pm – 4 am 2-for-1 martinis & shot specials; Thur 8 pm – midnight $1 Bud Lights;

Cheetahs: all day until 7 pm: Lap dances 2-for-the-price-of-1 (Beer $9)

Crazy Horse III: noon – 9 pm: $5 domestics or mix-and-match buckets of 5 beers for $20

Hustler: 4 pm – 8 pm: open bar (Admission $10 for locals; $50 for out-of-towners)

Play It Again Sam: 7 am – 7 pm: domestic beers $3.50

Sapphire: 6 am – 6 pm: domestic beers $4  all day until 6 pm:  domestics & wells $3 – $5

Spearmint Rhino: 6 am – 7 pm: wells, wines, domestics $5.00

Treasures: 4-6 pm, $1 wells and domestics


11 Responses to “Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs in the Afternoon: Happy Hours, Shows, and Dancers”

  1. Tom

    So it looks like my GF and I can get 30 minutes of alone time in the private VIP room at LD for $150 during happy hour. Damn that’s a sweet deal.

  2. Arnold Snyder

    Tom, new management took over the club last week, and the Happy Hour half-price dances were eliminated (I just found out today, so I will be fixing this on my reviews).

    I like the other changes at the club, however, and especially the new “regular” prices. The 30-minute private dance is now $250 (down from $300) and the one-hour private dance is now $400 (down from $500). There is also now a 15-minute dance in a private room for $125.

    Also, the new managers hung doors you can close on all of the private rooms, which before had open doorways, so “private” now means REALLY PRIVATE. Read the full Little Darlings review here:

  3. Jim

    So glad I found this site. My wife and I are going to Vegas in early June, my first visit. She will be attending a conference during the daytime hours so I’ll have some time on my own and would like to check out a club (or two). It looks like Sapphire could be a good place to go in the afternoons. Do they offer the limo service at all hours? Is it necessary to get one of the VIP packages for happy hour?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jim, the Sapphire limo service is 24/7, so yes, you can get the limo in the afternoon.

      I always recommend a VIP package at peak hours because you need it for the reserved table, but in the afternoon a table is no problem and the drinks are inexpensive. I’m going there over the weekend in the daytime–I’ll post if there’s any update.

      And if you’re here on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, don’t forget the Sapphire topless pool and day club. Tons of dancers frolicking, drink specials from open to close, good DJs, and you can get a VIP dance from the pool area. If you do go to the pool, I’d get a package to get a lounge chair.

      • Jim

        Thanks Arnold. The pool sounds like it could be fun but don’t know if the schedule will work. I’ll take your advice if I do though. For the clubs I like that Sapphire offers high mileage dances even in the afternoons, so I’m definitely leaning there. Do you have any preferences for clubs that are open in the early afternoons on an overall experience level?

  4. GGG

    I’ve visited Cheetahs three times over the last couple months between Noon and 3pm. There were 3 or 4 dancers early on and 6 to 10 when I left. No hustle what-so-ever. Dancers ranged from Average to Oh-My-God! Bottled Stella Atois was $9.25. Music ranged from 80s to present top 40, and the DJ will take requests if you want a lapdance to a particular song. 2 for $20 dances were honored by every dancer except one, but she was so beautiful and “high mileage” that I really didn’t care. Didn’t see any free pizza or wings.

    Hey Arnold, it might be useful to note what type of music that particular clubs play. For instance top 40/rap/classic rock, and oldies to present music.

    Great Site!

  5. Cancon

    I hate most of the music at Palominos but I keep going back. Having a boob in your face, or your face a foot away from the girls naughty bits, tends to block out the music.

  6. GGG

    I dropped in at Play It Again Sam a little while ago at noon. The place was empty of customers, a Sam Adams was $5, and there were 4 dancers in the club. Immediately, an average looker got up on stage, and didn’t appear to know what she was doing. I played nice tho, and tipped her while she danced. While this was going on, a second dancer came up and sat beside me, talking with both me and the on stage girl, and laid on a soft sell hustle.

    Her story was that management was cracking down on high mileage lapdances out on the floor, and if I wanted the “real thing” we had to go to the private VIP. After stage-girl’s set, the two maneuvered me to one of the more secluded booths where I agreed to alternating lapdances. Talker was strictly hands on the butt, but stage-girl was nicely “high mileage”. During the lapdances, they would talk about what they wanted to do in the Private VIP. I skipped that part.

    All in all, I got my money’s worth, but the constant soft sell was a turn off. Maybe I go back again next year to see if things change.

  7. Jimmy

    Looking to lounge around one of these clubs Jan 7th for some playoff NFL. Any updates on Best place to catch the 2nd afternoon game? I’m half interested in the game and half interested in a petite blonde to keep me company…oh and drinks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jimmy, nobody’s got any info up so I assume nobody’s throwing a big party, but I’ll call around and do up a post on Tuesday or Wednesday night.

      Usually Sapphire, Crazy Horse 3 and Palomino would be screening the game. All will have petite blondes and drink deals at that hour. Sapphire & Palomino will have their free limos running and free admission as long as you don’t arrive by cab.

      I’ll get back to you with more info in a day or two.



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