Here Comes the Peppermint Hippo

South Park’s Peppermint Hippo

The Peppermint Hippo is about to open in Las Vegas. No date has been set yet for the opening, but if you click the link above, you’ll see they now have a functioning website and are in the process of hiring for all positions.

The venue will be located on Las Vegas Blvd in the building that formerly housed OG, aka Olympic Garden, that closed in 2016, moving it’s staff and operations to Sophia’s.

The club name is obviously a takeoff on Spearmint Rhino. If you’re a South Park fan, you probably know this club was initially the cartoon’s satirical strip club, that was later featured in a popular video game. Incredibly, the cartoon fostered a chain of actual strip clubs that already has open venues in Akron, OH, Little Rock, AR, Neenah, WI, and Reno.

We’ll keep you posted on when this club has its grand Las Vegas opening.


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