Here’s what $6K Buys You at Peppermint Hippo

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This guest column was submitted by a TVO Reader from California. His name, and the name of others, were changed for the story.

An Hour in a Vegas VIP Suite

-by “Rocky Balboa”


My Foursome at the Peppermint Hippo

Friday, June 24th was my kid brother’s bachelor party. I live in San Diego, but we’re a San Bernadino crew through and through. All of the other guys went to SBHS, Pacific or Fontana. All of us played football … and as of now we’re all on speaking terms again.

Now, we get along so good that we celebrated my baby brother’s bachelor party in Las Vegas this weekend in San Berdu style. Strip clubs!

We rolled in Friday afternoon and checked into four rooms at the Strat. Some guys dog on the Strat like it’s too ghetto. But it’s clean, full of people younger than me … some fine young women, and we park for free. Plus, it’s close to the lineup of clubs we were going to hit…. DejaVu, Treasures, Sapphire’s Pool, Spearmint Rhino and Peppermint Hippo. I’m old enough to remember when the Peppermint Hippo when it was the unofficial California Embassy … the Olympic Gardens!

We started off at Treasures for steaks (thanks ToplessVegas for the tip) …. great food, fine women. We tried to swing a deal at Spearmint Rhino, no dice… then parked our drunken asses at DejaVu. They treated us well and we got two big booths. My brother organized his own party because his friends are pretty lame when it comes to setting something this big up. We didn’t have reservations or any packages in advance… that’s a big mistake. Buy ahead… everything is better and cheaper I was told. I’m 15 years older than “Paulie” … the groom. I kinda don’t belong with this group, but it was a ton of fun.

At about 2am I told them we should try the new Peppermint Hippo. I heard a few good things about the club and wanted to see if it was different from the OG days.

Take the Cab to Dino’s or the Strat

We headed in three cabs to the Strat. It was suggested that we not take the cabs to the club because they need to charge you a ton of money because they pay the drivers for the drop off. The Strat is walking distance to the Hippo. At the Strat 3 guys pussied out, and said they’d had enough. “Rocky” here was still game, along with “Paulie” (too drunk to say no) and three of his buds from SBHS.

Peppermint Hippo was rockin’. They have this cool steel Hippo at the entrance, and 2 main bars with huge stages. The DJ was playing good music and he got our cash ready for small change fun. We sat ring side to make it rain … or in my world, make it last! We partied with some fun girls from Cali and enjoyed buying drinks for the friendliest dancers. Eventually, “Paulie” crashed, and his three friends dragged his ass back to the Strat.

I still was sober, I still had energy, and I had the fortune of meeting April, a petite dancer from Texas. She was easy to talk to and as sweet as cherry pie! After a drink she suggested we move to the quiet speakeasy bar through the glass doors. I should have seen it coming guys!

The speakeasy plays great music, they’ll play what you ask for, and it is not as loud as the party rooms in the front. BTW: for old Olympic Gardens customers, upstairs is not open.


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A Texan, a Hungarian and a NYC Girl Take a Guy to the Back!

April asked two of her friends to join us, I don’t recall their names, but one was from Hungary, and the other girl was from New York City. They were fun, and all sexy in different ways. The girl from Hungary was very shy, and the girl from NYC was very outgoing. April was the instigator of the group. She seemed to be in charge and the other two followed her lead. After another round April suggested we do a 3 on 1 party in a VIP Suite. I laughed because I typically avoid these big budget dances. I’m a singles batter, not a swing for the fences type.

But something about April ways had me playing a different game. Something got control of my senses and I said yes to an hour! I don’t remember if I asked the price. If I didn’t, I probably assumed a $1,000 per girl. Then there was a waitress, she needed to sell us a huge bottle of champagne. Then there was the host, Cudda … he’ll want his piece of the action. Oh shit Sherlock… you are headed towards $5K!

I took out Mr. Good Visa and secretly hope the robots in headquarters would decline the charge. That little dose of shame would be a good thing by tomorrow. But my pride got a boost when the host came back with an iPad and said, “it went through Rocky.”  He then explained I’d get a text from Visa’s Fraud Department. I simply had to answer that it was a legitimate charge. Like Cudda said… the text came through and I said it was a good charge.

The Vegas VIP Room Experience

The champagne showed up, glasses for all showed up, the curtains closed …. and off we went. All of the dancers began to disrobe and gave their best version of a nude dance in pretty small quarters. I served on a submarine in the Navy, I’m not claustrophobic sat all, but four bodies in a VIP Suite is a bit tight. There are cushioned benches on three sides, with a curtained wall for privacy as the fourth wall. There are big throw pillows for comfort.

The three girls got naked but left me dressed. I wasn’t sure if that was my job to undress… or they would get me undressed. April was the most aggressive, and she dove down into NYC’s pussy with gusto. NYC moaned that she’s never had a girl do this … and she was really enjoying it. The third girl started sucking NYC’s right breast, and I helped myself to her other breast. We “threesomed” her for about 5 minutes. I was starting to get my bearings and I used my free hand to feel up April’s perfect ass. Eventually I searched for something moist and intimate. She assisted by raising her rear into a truly erotic pose.

Eventually I made it over to the shy European beauty. She layed back down, perpendicular to the other girls’ feet. She was on her back, so I went down on her. She didn’t protest and started gyrating and rubbing my shaved head. I got her to cum quickly, and perfectly she came at the same time as the girl from NYC. It was crazy hot!

We repositioned April on her back and the three of us made a feast of her perfect little body. NYC and the Hungarian girl were busy rubbing my cock through my slacks. I was rock hard despite an evening of heavy drinking.

April seemed to cum after six or seven erotic minutes. I leaned back and tried to find a comfortable position that I could trust for five to ten minutes, if you know what I mean. We all had more champagne and rested in euphoric joy. I was doing my best to came that serviceable hard-on as the girls relaxed.

I hadn’t done a time check at the beginning of the session, but suddenly the server was back, pulling open the curtain. She asked us if we wanted to take the rest of the champagne back to our table! My ‘Johnson” was still in place … in my pants!

Cudda, an offensive guard or nose tackle if I know my football, was back to check on everyone. April suggested I tip Cudda at least $600. Another $600 for the server would be appropriate as well.

Credit Cards in a Strip Club?

Luckily, I would see my Visa bill for almost two weeks. I didn’t have the heart to check it. I chalked it up to a “lesson.” A lesson equal to two semesters at with books at San Bernadino Valley College. Eventually the bill arrived and I peaked. $4,995.  That and $1,200 in cash tips.

I did taste three perfect pussies; I did suck on six perfect titties. I did make or watch three gorgeous girls cum. I did not cum myself though. I still wonder if that was up to me to seize the moment. I never did a time stamp to see if I got an hour of time…. or nineteen minutes of “time warp.”

If you ask me, “Was it worth it?”  … I honestly can’t say.

Eventually I’ll pay it back and forget about the money. I still can visualize the mini orgy and the big bottle of sweet tasting champagne.

Next time ... I’ll take care of myself first!






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13 Responses to “Here’s what $6K Buys You at Peppermint Hippo”

  1. JAFO

    I appreciate the detailed report! This makes me think I’ve misread signals from dancers in the past haha

    Sounds like the “speakeasy” bar is a preamble to a VIP dance? I plan to visit at the end of Sept and thought it’d be a cool place to have a drink, but are you only “escorted” back there when being sold a VIP dance?

    Also, regarding “being ripped off,” I’ve come to learn that since society at-large can be shut down, apparently in an instant, what is, and isn’t, worth it is in the eye of the beholder. Sounds like this dude will have some awesome memories to smile about when life gets rough…

    • Scott


      No…you are allowed into the OG Room on your own. It’s more chill and you can influence the music played.

  2. Bill

    Insane pricing, sounds like a fun time but not willing to spend that much. Not worth it imo.

  3. Erik

    That’s a lot but Vegas strip club pricing is getting up there, out 135-140 just to walk in and get a beer at sapphire on a Saturday night between 2 people. I’ve blown through over a thousand in a strip club easy, never more then 1500. Author is from San Diego, all I’ll say is half hour a way from San Diego you could could have made that 6000 last a week or 2 lol

  4. Nunya

    The first rule of Strip Club is don’t take a credit card to Strip Club.

    • John

      Interesting. They got naked.
      I thought it was only a topless club, I do remember one dancer promising to get naked in VIP but I said no as I didn’t think she could do that. But if they can, maybe worth a visit again .

      • Hugh

        I used to frequent the joint a lot when it was the OG and it was common for girls in VIP to slide their g-strings down around their ankles. Those girls were always very eager to please, inside and outside of the club. So hopefully Peppermint Hippo girls will provide the same sky high mileage.

  5. Ryan

    When I went to the Palomino, had two dancers trying to get me into one of their rooms there where you could pick music and all that, would have to get bottle service, and they said almost anything goes while we were in there and for an hour they first quoted $2000 but then said we could probably go lower than that.

  6. Kevin

    That is too rich for my blood to say the least. I went to Little Darlings Saturday night. Both stages were going, good amount of mostly young hotties. I got a 15 minute vip from Venus. She was 19, 5 foot even, perfect fluffy naturals, round juicy ass and flat stomach. She was perfect. I did check to see if she was going to upsell, there are a lot of sharks there, but she didn’t. In back she stripped down and climbed right on. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my dick as she did sat on top grinding. In less than 15 minutes i exploded. I let her know and she kept going for every last drop. No up front tipping, but i did take care of her afterward.

  7. Louis R

    Dude… sorry, you got ripped off… I think. Send us pictures of the chicks. Maybe that will matter ….LOL!



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