Honey’s – Sophisticated New Club in Town

Mr. and Mrs. TVO had the pleasure of hanging out in the new topless club on Valley View Blvd this Friday night. The chic new night spot opened in a soft opening on April 15th. They are fully operational now, however, they are planning a gala Grand Opening on May 13th. Now is a great time for locals to try it out, meet the staff and get in on the ground floor as regulars before the travelers invade the club.

Importantly, locals are free if you drive yourself. Honey’s has a very generous Taxi promotion, so they are also offering free cover to anyone who drives themselves, regardless of where you live! Beat the fee, drive or even walk to this convenient location in the shadow of the strip.

Honey’s is a short walk from the Rio, the Palms, and Gold Coast.



Opulent, Intimate Dance Club Feel

The club is a space that was lavishly built out earlier by the experimental launch of the Legends Room, Las Vegas’ first bitcoin gentlemen’s club.  The property that was formerly Striptease, Velvet Lion, and Eden in years past. But if you step inside you won’t recognize the place as it has been extensively—and tastefully—remodeled into a plush, dark space with lots of leather and glass, populated by beautiful girls.


Honey’s sleek interior does what some clubs fail to do … the management has made it easy to find a comfortable place to sit, whether you like the bar, stage seats, small nooks with privacy and plush booths. The club is run by veterans from Sapphire, Rhino and the Peppermint Hippo organizations. When you combine a hundred years of experience in Las Vegas, Tampa and Houston you get the best of what the topless industry can offer.

Some special features includes a unique VIP suite with views of the club and a state-of-the-art smoke removal system to enjoy tobacco without spreading it from your suite to the rest of the club. Additionally, the VIP bar in the back of the club is a space large enough to accommodate private parties, special events, sports viewing like Monday Night Football, UFC, boxing and playoff sports. The designers created a retractable wall that divides the sophisticated DJ booth into two music centers for occasions and parties.

The management wants to add a dining program in the future.

LINK: vertly Sexy Video of Honey’s Servers downing Whipped Cream!


Experienced Management Team

What struck us the most was the quality of the staff. We recognized managers, hosts, servers and bartenders from our favorite Vegas clubs. Novak, JJ and Serena, the management team we know, have put together a crew of professionals who know how to care for their customers.

Even details down to the dancer’s locker room were done with care and planning. Mrs. TVO got the backstage tour and came away impressed with the lengths Honey’s has taken to make the dancers comfortable and focused on the customers.

A house mom is already on the job, and she had put out a well curated spread of snacks and amenities for the dancers fortunate enough to be at Honey’s.

Stop by to get an invitation to the Grand Opening Party on May 13th!

Open 7 Nights a Week

8pm until dawn


Honey’s is at 3750 S. Valley View Blvd.

(702) 890-3731

Map to Honey’s

Video of Honey’s Interior



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  1. Doug Parm

    I remember going to this club when it was the Velvet Lion. It is not far from the Rio Hotel & Casino, so when I was staying at the Rio would walk over. My question is how much were the dancers asking for a lap dance on the floor? I will only pay $20 a dance. a lot of Vegas clubs the dancers are asking for $40 a dance, but have found dancers at other clubs that will do $20 dances. VIP Prices? Any bottle specials? May try this club out depending on some club reviews if positive.



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