How Free Limos to the Vegas-Area Brothels Work

Cab vs Uber vs Lyft vs the Brothel’s Free Limo — The Best Deal

If you’re in Las Vegas from out-of-state and you don’t have your own transportation — either your personal car or a rental car — and you would like to check out the closest Vegas-area legal brothels (next door in Nye County), your best bet is to use a brothel’s limo service.

Just look at the costs of the various transportation options:

Taxi:  According to Taxi Fare Finder the estimated cost of a ride from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to the legal brothels in Pahrump is $172 one way. This comes to $344 for the round trip, without figuring in the waiting time you’ll pay (50¢/min or $30/hr) or a tip.  These rates assume no heavy traffic conditions or road difficulties that would add to the fare.

Uber/Lyft:  The standard rates range from $70 – $85 one way, or $140 -$170 for the round trip, not counting a tip. Waiting time is 15¢/min or $9/hr, and you can assume your Uber or Lyft driver will be waiting for you in the brothel waiting room for drivers.  Otherwise, you’re unlikely to get an Uber or Lyft back to Vegas. Again, these rates assume no heavy traffic or road difficulties but Uber or Lyft will be much less costly than a taxi.

Brothel limo service:  If you call the brothel you want to go to, they will tell you that you must pay a $100 deposit when you reserve their limo. If you book a party with a girl, the $100 deposit goes toward the party. If you don’t book a party, the limo will still ferry you back to Vegas but you don’t get your $100 back. This is way cheaper than Uber or Lyft, especially if you are unsure about whether or not you will be booking a party. 

If you use the brothel’s limo service, you also won’t have your bill padded by the driver spending time at the brothel. If you want to sit in the bar and drink and flirt with the girls while you decide on a girl, it adds nothing more to your transportation cost.

Still, it’s good to think in terms of the brothel’s limo adding $160-$200 to the price of the girl. The girl will ultimately have to pay for the brothel’s limo service and she may tell you this during your negotiations. Precisely what she has to pay to the house for customers’ limo transport probably varies by the house’s actual costs. But if the girl says she has to add $400 to the price she’s asking to pay for the limo, you should be able to get that reduced by at least $200. Keep in mind that the price you finally agree on will be reduced by the $100 you paid up front for the limo.

What all this amounts to is, if you have your own transportation, you will find it far more cost-efficient to drive yourself. The cost of the gas is negligible, compared to any of the above options. In fact, you may find it more cost efficient to rent an economy car for a day just to drive yourself. Priceline lists quite a few economy rentals in Las Vegas in the $30/day range which would come to $40/day with taxes and fees.

Free Limos to the Vegas Strip Clubs

Free limos to the Vegas strip clubs are a far better deal and all of the best Vegas strip clubs offer free limo service.

First, the limo is actually free.  The dancers don’t have to make up the cost out of their dance fees so they don’t have to get the money back from you.

Second, most of the major Vegas strip clubs will waive your cover charge if you take their free limo.  Deja Vu Vegas will even throw in a free drink if you arrive by their free club limo.  Other Vegas strip clubs sell packages that give you a break on their drink prices if you arrive by their free limo.

And the gentlemen’s clubs don’t charge a deposit for their free limo service.  (Sapphire charges $15 for their limo reservation fee, but will waive that fee if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink when you get to the club — a no-brainer.) See Free Vegas Strip Club Limos for more info.



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