How Many Strippers Work in Las Vegas?

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How Many Strippers Work in Las Vegas?

Letty D from Phoenix asked TVO, “How many dancers live and work in Las Vegas? 

In pre-Covid Las Vegas the estimates were about 25,000. In Marc Ostrick’s outstanding documentary “Stripped: Las Vegas” he cited the number 20,000. In the wake of the Sisolak lockdowns thousands fled the Silver State for the open and healthy economies in Florida, Texas and Arizona. Nevada’s loss of girls was significant.

In the past year the sad outflow has reversed, and we’ve added three new clubs, Peppermint Hippo, El Infierno and Euphoric. to our fabled lineup of establishments.

Cast of “Stripped: Las Vegas” – 2021

Importantly, a large number of the dancers aren’t actually full-time entertainers, but rather women (and men) who work as needed each month until they pay the rent or make a car payment.

Also, it’s common for many girls to fly into Vegas — especially from Washington, and California, to work for a few nights before heading home with “bag of money,” as they say …

Stripper’s Mall in Las Vegas

Does your city’s busiest street have a “Strip Mall” that is dominated by retailers dedicated to selling dancewear, shoes (known in the business as ‘pleasers’) and other products geared towards stripper need? Naturally, Las Vegas does. On West Charleston Road you’ll be amazed by the choices!

Club Managers in Vegas Weigh In

Dancers at Treasures

TVO spoke with several club managers to gauge the current population.

Zach Peterson, Director of Marketing for Sophia’s Gentlemen’s Club — concentrated on how many might be working on any given weekend, in other words, on the roster. Zach estimated about 1,500 working actively on any normal weekend.

Adam Gentile, the owner of The Palomino Club, estimated that up to 4,500 are actively working at any given time.

Shaun McDivitt, the General Manager at Centerfolds Cabaret, echoed the estimate offered in the documentary “Stripper: Las Vegas.” Director Marc Ostrick said 20,000 exotic dancers live in Las Vegas. Shaun also believes there are 20,000 exotic dancers in Las Vegas. The difference is explained by the extended breaks many dancers take due to other situations in their lives like new jobs, childcare and family situations.

Recently an out-of-town TVO reader inquired about a dancer he enjoyed at The Palomino Club. When I inquired for the reader, the club manager told me she had recently finished nursing school and had taken herself out of their rotation. She was enjoying her new profession and wasn’t ‘currently’ dancing. She might be part of the difference between the 20,000 estimate, and the 4,000 estimate.

In fact, Adam did some research on the history of the club that opened in 1969. In the 53 years of operation, including a time as a burlesque venue, The Palomino Club on N. Las Vegas Blvd. has had over 25,000 dancers on their stage. You can’t swing a dead cat in Ls Vegas without hitting a former Palomino dancer!

Dancerville USA

20,000 dancers are a lot! Many of us live in towns with fewer than 20,000 people.

So, said another way, pick any of these Great American cities … Key West, FL, Paris, TX, Barstow, CA, Kalamazoo, MI, or Gallup, NM. Replace their total current population with all strippers. Now, decide if you’d like to live in, or retire to, Dancerville, where everyone was an exotic dancer!

Who’s moving there?


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