How Much do Dancers Keep?

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How Much Money Do the Strippers Keep From a Dance?

On an Instagram post from a site called @thedancersresource I saw an internal document that outlined the revenue share between dancers and a well-established strip club. The photo to the right is the Instagram post. It shows a schedule that the Pink Pony in Atlanta calls a “Sales Worksheet.” The table tells the club’s dancers how much the ‘house’ will take from the dancer’s ‘sales’ of dances during that day’s session.

For example, if the dancer only generates $60 worth of dance sales, the house will get all of it. If the dancer reaches $100, the dancer keeps $40. At $200, she keeps $113. As you can see, the house fee schedule is designed to have her hustle. On a slow night, an inactive dancer pays the house most of her paltry “sales’ on the floor.

At the other extreme … a dancer selling $3,000 gets to keep all but $454 of that amount.

Once a dancer passes $1,500 in a session, the house is keeping about 15% of the money she’s generating.

Keep in mind, this is only one scheme in one club.


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A Mobile App for Exotic Dancers

The Dancers Resource is not just a social media site. It is also a fairly sophisticated mobile app that many dancer’s use to share information on men’s clubs around the world. The app’s most used feature is a function that let’s dancers anonymously share evaluations of the working conditions at every club they might consider working in.

The best comparison is the popular, “”

Dancers have found the app to be a powerful tool to understand a Club’s pay, customer base, management, and culture.



The Dancers Resource Mobile App

Dancer Comments on the Club’s Pay Split

As of 3pm on August 9th there were 330 dancer comments on the Pink Pony revenue split policy.

I screen captured a small handful of the comments because the range of reaction is wide. Most dancers said essentially it is a rip-off. A significant, but smaller portion said it is typical, or even fairer schedule than they have seen in most clubs.

The comments included…

“Is that legal?”

“So if I made $60 … I made zero?”

“Imagine if no girls showed up”

Local Clubs Policies

Football Season at Sapphire starts soon!

I know for a fact that Sappphire does not charge a percentage on individual dances or VIP experiences. Tips to hosts and servers are customary, but not part of a percentage schedule.

The only money from the dancers to the club is the typical ‘house fee’ depending on the time of day and week. That is not a fixed fee as it is driven by how busy the club is, and how many dancers are needed to fill customer demand.

At the Palomino Club they have similar policies. The dancers keep 100% of the cash parties, and turn back a small percentage if the VIP party is on a credit card that is associated with bank fees. They also have a house fee that is flexible by business demand.

I’d love to hear from other local General Managers and dancers about policies.

New Ways to Get a Lap Dance in Las Vegas

One of the issues that is frustrating both dancers and customers, in Las Vegas, is a number of clubs have disallowed dances happening on the floor, at the customer’s tables. They are insisting that the dancer and customer go to a separate edge of the room or a VIP section. It requires the dancer to ‘check-in’ with a host. It tends to trigger a larger sale, additional drink sales and tips for hosts and servers.


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The dancers don’t like it for a number of reasons. One, the guys dislike it. While some guys would rather have a more private area for the dance, most don’t care about that small level of extra privacy. More often, the guy is bothered that he’s got to gather his stuff, get up, go someplace new and lose his spot in the main room. If I’ve got my keys, my phone, my drink set up where I want them … I don’t want to be forced to resettle somewhere else.

Additionally, the dancers tell me the guys are balking at a new choice between a $40 dance (or two) or a $100 mini-VIP session of 3 songs or 10-15 minutes’ worth of dances. The old $20 dance was a no hassle way to sample the field.

The economic pressures of the Covid lockdowns are being recouped at a time of $5 a gallon gas, 10% inflation and concerns about a recession.

The Pink Pony “Sales Worksheet” is one of many new schemes to bring up the revenue in challenging times.


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4 Responses to “How Much do Dancers Keep?”

  1. Nunya

    Dancer at the Hippo told me they only pay $25 house fee, no matter what time they arrive. That was in May.
    If I can’t get a dance on the floor, I’m going somewhere else (with the exception of Palomino, which I know with all nude has it’s business model geared to the ‘private’ areas for lap dances). If I’m sitting somewhere with a beer or wandering a club, once I find a dancer I like, I normally head for a remote spot but still on the main floor. I just take my stuff and find a nice chair in the dark but I’m not going to be forced into VIP just to get a dance. I’ll hang out with my dancer back in the shadows. This may not work on a crowded Saturday night somewhere like Sapphire but I guarantee if you have dancer and are ready to drop some $$$, the dancer will find a spot for the two of you.

    • Scott

      At Hippo it’s a floating fee now. They are 24/7 so they need to manage to have girls in at non-peak hours.

    • Scott

      I was at Treasures last night and they are offering dances all over the main floor. It looked like a Pre Covid orgy scene! I think the girls have prevailed upon the club to let them do their thing. Good sign in my opinion.

  2. Tara

    Most of the Vegas clubs don’t take this much. I dance at Sapphires and we “only” pay a house fee. Sometimes they waive it to get us to come in early or if they need girls on a busy night.

    I try and get the generous customers to pay it for me! Most guys are shocked when I tell them about the fee. LOL



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