How Much Does the Highest Mileage Cost in a Vegas Strip Club?

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High Mileage Lap Dance and VIP Dance Rates in Vegas

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer

Renee Dances at Palomino Club

How much do you have to pay to guarantee the highest possible mileage in a Vegas strip club lap dance or VIP dance?

The standard lap dance rate in even the best Vegas strip clubs is $20. For longer dances, I regard Sapphire’s dance prices as a good guide to the standard VIP dance rate for a high-mileage Vegas strip club.  That’s because 1) pretty much every dancer at Sapphire charges Sapphire’s standard rate, and 2) Sapphire’s dancers are 9s and 10s who give the highest mileage in town so why would you pay more anywhere else?

You can find Sapphire’s VIP and Skybox dance rates, as well as the rates for every other strip club in Vegas, in our Vegas strip club VIP room price guide.  You’ll find some differences in the VIP bar tabs required at various clubs, but if you subtract the bar tab out to calculate the dancer’s cut at Sapphire, you’ll have a good idea what top Vegas strip club dancers charge for high-mileage dances of various lengths.

But what if you want the very highest possible mileage?  How much extra do you have to pay to guarantee the ultimate dance?

I have never found that paying more than the Vegas standard price actually pays off. Take a look at this trip report by Frank or this trip report by Chris or, for couples, this trip report by Couple from Phoenix. Each of them went to a different club (Treasures, Sapphire and Palomino), but each paid the standard price for no-holds-barred lap dances or VIP dances simply by choosing dancers who were charming and friendly with them.

I have consistently found the same thing. The dancers who turn out to be the most generous and fun in the VIP are just naturally generous and fun for a normal price.

How do you recognize these dancers?  It’s easy.  They treat you right before the dance, taking their time and flirting with you and touching you, all while seeming to enjoy it.  If you say yes to a lap dance, they automatically wait to start at the beginning of the next song, typically waiting in your lap. If a dancer tries to start in the middle of a song, she’s trying to give you a short dance and that means she’s a hustler with a bad attitude.

If a dancer is beautiful but she never gets closer than three feet away from you, she’s not likely to be comfortable with a lot of physical contact.  If she’s gorgeous but she’s haughty and quotes an exorbitant price, she’s not going to be generous in the VIP.  She thinks she’s doing you a favor just letting you look at her.

Just take your time and get to know a girl a little.  When you find the right one, tell her exactly what you’re hoping for and take it from there.  She will probably quote you around the standard price and, after the dance, you’ll be eager to tip her extra because she was so great to you.


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