How to Get High-Mileage Lap Dances in the Vegas Nude Clubs

Yes, You Can Get a High-Mileage Lap Dance in a Vegas Nude Club

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer

Scarlett Takes It All Off at
Palomino Club

It’s a simple fact that lap dances in the Vegas topless clubs tend to be higher mileage than in the nude clubs. The main reason is that dancers in the nude clubs tend to be younger.

Another reason, in my opinion, is that men who go to nude clubs tend to be more obsessed with pussy than tits, so the demand for high mileage is lower, and the dancers tend to focus more on entertaining men with leg spreads rather than with pushing their titties in their faces during a lap dance.

But what if you want both high mileage and pussy? Does full nudity in a strip club mean that you must be mileage bereft? No. There are plenty of dancers in the nude clubs willing to let a customers’ hands wander during a lap dance.

How do you find them? Open your eyes. You can often judge a dancer’s predilection for giving high-mileage dances just by paying attention to her stage show.

Consider a Dancer’s Stage Act an Audition for a Lap Dance

palomino club las vegas dancers

Lilith & Fiona at Palomino Club are Known for Getting Wild Both On Stage & In the VIP

The dancers who offer the best high-mileage dances are the dancers who actually enjoy high-mileage dancing. For some it’s about personal confidence and power. For some it’s a rebellion against some miserably restrictive childhood. For some it’s an art form—they’re sacred goddesses offering themselves to the world. For some, it’s a way to make more money.

A dancer’s stage act is one of the best indicators of how comfortable a dancer is with contact with customers. A dancer who always keeps a distance from the guys on the rail while she’s on stage is more likely to keep a distance during lap dances. But dancers who routinely take tips from customers’ mouths with their breasts, or who take a customer’s hands and place them on their breasts, or who put their ankles on a guy’s shoulders to give him a close-up view, are trying to tell you that they have a loose attitude about getting touchy-feely with customers during lap dances. Take a hint.  These dancers are using their stage acts for advertising.

And just because a dancer doesn’t attack the front row with her tits doesn’t mean she won’t give a high-mileage lap dance. Dancers who touch their own bodies during their stage dances are also advertising. They’re giving a demonstration of what it would be like to touch them, and they’re saying that they are not all hung up on social norms.

Sometimes you’ll be so attracted to a dancer on stage that you’re compelled to get a lap dance from her even if all she did was faraway pole work and center stage gymnastics. She’s just your perfect body type, you love her attitude, her confidence, her innocence, the way she moves, her playfulness, the way she smiled at you when you tipped her.

When I see a dancer like this, I’ll get the lap dance fully aware that it may be nothing but an air dance. A dancer who captures your imagination like this will always be an enjoyment. If you really want to have fun with a dancer like this, tell her you just want an air dance, no touching. Tell her not to take her clothes off right away, to go slowly. Tell her she’s so beautiful you just want her to tease you mercilessly.

Then after that dance, say, “Are you available for a dance with touching?”

Choose a Dancer Who Offers You a High-Mileage Dance

I was at a club recently that is not known for its mileage.  But one dancer sat down at my table, took my hand and placed it on her breast and squeezed.  It was clear what she was offering.

If you agree to a dance with a dancer who openly offers high mileage, my experience is that the dancer will deliver on her end of the deal.

Choose a Nude Club with a High Mileage Culture

Not all nude clubs have a low-mileage club culture, at least not in Las Vegas.

Here, you will find that Palomino Club (club review / club website), has a high-mileage private dance scene comparable to any of the topless clubs.  In fact, the club openly advertises on its website that gentlemen are not required to sit on their hands during private shows.

And Club Lacy’s (review) is a Vegas black nude club that is like a high-mileage party whether you pay for private dances or not.

If you’re looking for high mileage at a nude club in Las Vegas, your best bet may be to just head to one of these clubs.

Private Room Dances Tend to Mean Higher Mileage

Instead of just asking a dancer for a $20 lap dance, invest in one of the club’s VIP offerings, especially if you’re in a club that offers private-room dances. Private shows can be surprisingly affordable in Vegas (see The Best Vegas Strip Club Private Rooms for details) and the extra privacy definitely tends to loosen up dancers who are getting fully naked for you.

The extra money won’t guarantee high mileage but it will insure that you’ll get the best private show this dancer has to offer. All dancers try to cultivate “regulars”—guys who come to the club often and always seek them out. The dancers who make the most money are usually the dancers who have the biggest string of regulars. Generosity makes you someone worth cultivating.

And the extra time you spend together in a VIP dance tends to lead naturally to more intimacy.  Even 15 minutes together gives a dancer more time to trust you and to get turned on herself.

Gambling on Blind Laps

Reagan Reilly Palomino Club

Reagan Reilly Dances at
Palomino Club

Unfortunately, you sometimes have to make a lap dance decision without having seen a dancer performing on stage or in another guy’s lap, and without an explicit offer of touching for a certain fee.  This is a time you may have to gamble.

There’s an angel in a g-string standing in front of you saying “Would you like a dance?” and you’ve never seen her before. What do you do?

If touching a dancer’s breasts is the main thing you’re looking for in a lap dance, you can 1) ask if it will be allowed, or 2) stick to the dancers you know or whom you’ve seen advertising on stage.

But if you’ve decided to gamble on a blind lap, and you’re hoping for high mileage, here are some of the methods that increase the odds, at least in Vegas.

There’s Nobody Who Couldn’t Use a Compliment

Think for a second how much time, energy and money the dancers spend designing and fixing their hair, their makeup, their outfits, and their bodies. Tell a dancer how much you like her dancing, her hair, her cute outfit.  Compliment her on her body and fitness. She’s a woman.  It has an impact.  Say complimentary things you’d never say to a girl on a first date in your real life, and observe how it starts a connection.

Let the Dancer Take Charge and You’ll Often Be Surprised

Never be physically aggressive with a dancer who seems shy.  Let her decide what the level of contact will be.  A dancer will steer you to her comfort level and you’ll often be surprised by how far she’ll go.

I once had a 3/$100 blind private dance in a VIP private booth at Palomino Club (club review / club website) and the dancer, who had seemed shy at first, started lightly brushing her nipples over my face.  After she had done this for a minute or two, she suddenly backed up, looked me in the eye and said, “Dammit, would you please suck my titties!”

I can personally attest that you can have a lot of fun even with the youngest dancers who start out seeming most shy.  The shy girls often turn into tigers if you just let them take their time.

Still, the most important thing to keep in mind is that lap dancing is an art form, and mileage may not always be the most important part of it.  You’re having a three-minute relationship with a beautiful human being. That’s what counts.

Clubs with the Best Odds of High Contact Lap Dances

If physical contact is your preferred pleasure in a strip club, you may be interested in the Vegas topless clubs with a long tradition of high mileage. See Vegas Strip Club Mileage for our list of clubs that offer the best odds of getting to second base.

26 Responses to “How to Get High-Mileage Lap Dances in the Vegas Nude Clubs”

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Arnold,
    My wife is very interested in flirting with her bicuriousity. She definitely would enjoy having a pair of nipples to suck on and have the favor returned. She likes to see a good pussy, too. One thing we haven’t seen as we’ve looked through your site is a club where she would be able to make out with a girl too. Is this just something she is not going to be able to get?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Anonymous, you and your wife will be able to get this at Palomino Club.

      Take a look at Cancon’s trip reports on the Palomino review page (I quickly found a couple here and here) or read Exploring My Wife’s Bicuriosity in a Vegas Strip Club by Couple from Phoenix and you’ll see that couples are getting this there. These comments and this article mention good dancers and scouting tips for what you’re looking for.

      The one thing that virtually no Vegas strip club dancer will do is kiss mouth to mouth. But you can go way far with everything else.

      Palomino is a terrific club with great dancers who are wonderful with women and couples. I think you’ll have a great time.

  2. john

    How about Deja Vu or Little Darlings on thursday night ?
    Which one would you recommend out of the two ?

    • Arnold Snyder

      John, Little Darlings has no alcohol, if that matters to you. Neither will have the dancer selection of Sapphire, Treasures or Little Darlings.

  3. john

    Which club will be the best to visit on a thursday night Aug 22 ?
    In terms of dancers, including both nude and topless clubs.

    • Arnold Snyder

      John, dancer quality and quantity are superior any night of the week at Sapphire and Palomino. I’m still getting to know Treasures, haven’t been there on a Thursday night yet.

  4. Trina

    I went to a bachelor/bachelorette party at the OG and realized I was interested in going back with just my husband and I for a more private experience. We returned to the OG about a year later and had an amazing time. Found two girls that pretty much just hung out and danced for us at our booth all night. Got to play with my first set of titties! Sad to hear it closed down, especially with the memories we made there…

    Anyway, we are going back to Vegas over the Labor Day weekend and I have a couple questions:

    1. We are considering Sapphire or Palomino. Nude doesn’t really interest me as I am a boobs girl (hubby is a boob man as well), but Palomino sounds to be really couple friendly and am looking to be able to play up top. 😉 Which would you recommend?

    2. I am interested in wearing a pair of cuffs and possibly a collar while at the club. How do you think this will affect the dancers? I’m not looking to be dominated by anyone but my husband, but do like the girls to take charge a bit. Do you think the cuffs and collar will be offputting and possibly steer the dancers away? Or could that be a draw to us? I am on the shy side, but respond we’ll to a friendly dancer. 😉

    Thank you for all the helpful tips and ideas on this site, I’ve already spent hours here!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Trina, Sapphire is the club for a couple with a boobs girl who wants to be playing on top.

      My advice on the cuffs and collar is that Vegas dancers are still getting used to just mixing it up with couples. I think you will limit the number of dancers who will be comfortable entertaining you if you show up in this gear.

      Also, laws are strict about any kind of bondage play in a Vegas strip club. One club tried to install a dungeon-type private bedroom and the cops immediately shut it down. That’s another reason why I think it will make dancers uncertain about how to entertain you.

      • Trina

        Thank you so much for your advice!

        We aren’t looking for any bondage play while out and about, they would be mainly for show and for the benefit of my husband 🙂 Maybe I’ll just go with a more subtle pair of cuffs and forgo the collar.

        We’ll definately go with a package deal, since I’m sure it’ll be packed that weekend!

      • jadeandrews

        I would second that. It would be one of the more creepier things I’ve seen. If you want that kind of play go to a brothel with a dungeon.

  5. Finnigan

    I usually go to Vegas in May and the clubs are a new treat to myself over the past few years. I usually have about $2k to drop, and I’m looking for the best high mileage experience. Should I do a couple of bedroom shows at Palominos or spread it out in private shows?? Advice is appreciated

    • Arnold Snyder

      Finnigan, get at least one private bedroom show. Nothing else like it. You could always get 30-minute shows and then extend with a dancer who’s great.

      • Finnigan

        Arnold, I took your advice in May and it was incredible!! I don’t think I will ever to be able to go back to the regular VIP dances.

  6. Steven

    Hi Arnold
    I went to the Sapphire club last year with my wife and we had the best time. It was actually a surprise birthday treat from my wife who booked it after reading all the great information on your site. Anyway, we are going again this weekend and wanted to get your opinion on the best location at the Sapphire club. Last time we were seated at a table that was situated on one of the walkways that receives a lot of traffic from not just the girls but waiters and also patrons. It was a great location for seeing all the action but I wondered with it being so out in the open if some of the girls were a little shy in giving higher mileage as we were in full view of most people. Do you think it’s better to get a table a little back towards the wall where it’s a little more private and hopefully more mileage or it really just depends on the dancer itself which you wrote about above? Appreciate your comments, either way my wife and I are super excited about going again and I feel so lucky she loves going there with me! Thank you for the awesome site!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Steven, congratulations on a terrific wife!

      I’d probably go for near the walkways again. It’s just easier for dancers to get to you.

      The girls were probably shy because they were still adjusting to giving dances to couples. Even a year ago this was still pretty new. Now it’s becoming less of an issue all the time.

      And remember, the dancers will primarily be watching your wife to gauge her mileage comfort level. If your wife is tipping the dancers and reaching out to touch the dancers, it’s a signal that she’s okay with mileage. If she’s more into watching with affection as you get a lap dance, the dancers are going to be more restrained.

      And if your wife tips a dancer you like on stage, and the dancer comes over to caress your wife, that dancer is a good prospect. Tell her right then and there that you’d like a dance when she gets off stage.

  7. wolfie

    I would like to just add something. With high mileage dances, just remember it is who you are with and how far they want to take things. Just because they happen to work in a strip club doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat the dancer a certain way. Always treat the dancers with respect, be polite, be gentle and don’t be rude. I get upset when people talk about well she is a stripper so blah blah blah just because she is a stripper she shouldn’t be treated differently? I don’t think so or at least not how I was raised which was treat all ladies with respect no matter what.

    On a note, when getting a dance at Sapphire’s in the VIP room just holding the dancer’s legs when she leaned forward, giggled in my ear telling me it was OK I could go further than that and showed me what she meant. She said she thought it was cute I was being so shy with her but that was her, and another dance I received wasn’t that open with high mileage. Just depends on the girl and overall again like I said in my opinion at least is treat the dancer with respect, don’t do anything she doesn’t want to do and enjoy yourself and maybe she will to.

    • Erin

      I am a married heterosexual woman who is VERY interested in tit play only, and would love so much to suck on a beautiful dancer’s hard nipples and even have her nibble on mine. I am also in a wheelchair and want to know the best way to negotiate this.
      Also , what kind of money would we be talking about for 5 or so minutes of my fantasy?
      I am stroking myself just imagining it.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Erin, I’d come out and tell the dancers who approach you exactly what you want. You’ll probably have to spring at least $100 to $140 (depending on the club) for the VIP.

        Or you could probably get this with a 15-minute party at a legal brothel like Sheri’s for the house minimum, which is in the same ballpark, and then you could definitely get the girl nibbling on your nipples too. If you go to Sheri’s, and you want to get the experience for the house minimum, be sure to drive yourself.

  8. Jimmy

    You certainly aren’t the first, or last, that’s felt this way Franco. 🙂

  9. franco

    yesterday i went to the talk to the town club and i was with a very pretty blonde young girl, i paid her like 4 lap dances and 3 song in the vip, i felt a connection with her, you think its bad if i felt in love with that girl? i know that she´s a stripper but damn, she had a very nice body and attitude, the way she was with me.

    • Arnold Snyder

      franco: I’m not sure it’s possible for a person to “fall in love” with someone in a matter of a few hours, but it sure can feel like love when you’re with a dancer who’s your “type.” Men and women have long been “falling in love” with their doctors, therapists, physical trainers, life coaches, etc., because–as with dancers in strip clubs–these professionals pay attention to you and often really try to make you feel better physically, emotionally, etc., because that’s their job.

      When I interview dancers one of the most common responses I get to the question of what they like most about the job is that they enjoy making people happy. But keep in mind that dancers are professionals whose job is to make people feel happy. The dancers who make the most money are the ones who excel at this.

      If you ask a dancer for a date, don’t take it personally if she rejects you. Dancers are frequently asked for their phone numbers, real names, etc., by customers who want a deeper relationship, and they almost always say no. Just be happy that she allows you to enjoy her attention and affection on a professional level. Be kind and gentle and generous and she’ll continue to make you feel good, and be happy you’ve got the money to afford her services.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for take your time and respond me, and well you right that’s her job. But im gonna still going its a great place and nice women.



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