How to Get What You Want in a Vegas Strip Club

How to Get Attention in a Vegas Strip Club

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer

LaDonna Dances at Palomino
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Think of Las Vegas’ best strip clubs as a party. If you’ve ever gone to a party where you didn’t know anyone, it’s not difficult to be a wallflower. A quiet guy may easily find himself sitting in a dark corner, feeling ignored for hours.

A variation of this can sometimes happen in a Vegas strip club.  In the TVO comments section recently, a guy complained about this very problem.  These complaints tend to come in two forms:

♦ I sat there for two hours and no dancer approached me to offer a lap dance.

Or, a common variation:

Sapphire Las Vegas Dancer

Mae is a Sapphire Gem
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♦ I sat there for two hours and the only dancers who approached me were the ones I wasn’t attracted to.

Vegas strip clubs may be quite different from the strip clubs you have at home.  The clubs here can be a lot larger, packed with hundreds of customers and dozens or even hundreds of dancers.  There will often be a number of guys flashing a lot of money.  And a guy from out of town won’t usually know the dancers in the Vegas clubs, even if he comes to Vegas fairly often.  The dancers in Vegas fly into town from all over the country and you never know who’s going to be in a club on any given night.

Plus, those dancers flying into town have a lot of expenses to cover.  They’re naturally going to gravitate toward the appearance of money.  You may have five hundred dollars in your pocket to spend on laps and the VIP, but if you’re not giving off money vibes, you may be invisible to them.

Just as in Vegas nightclubs, guys who buy bottle service and get a seat at a reserved table always get girls to their table. Hosts will point you out to dancers. You are obviously spending money.  A big bottle sitting on your table with ice and a bunch of mixers is like a billboard telling dancers that you have money to spend.

But maybe you don’t want bottle service because you simply don’t drink very much.  Or maybe you’d rather spend your money on dancers than booze.

How do you get dancers to know you’re alive?

Again, think of the strip club as a party.  You don’t have to wait for action–you can create it.  If you see a group of dancers talking with each other, walk up to them and say hi.  They are there to be friendly to customers. That’s how they make their money. In a regular nightclub, you have to worry about getting rejected when you approach a girl. In a Vegas strip club, you don’t have to worry about that. Their job is saying yes.

If there is no group of dancers standing around talking, wait for a dancer you like to appear on stage, and go up and splash some money around.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of dollars to make an impression when you’re tipping a dancer on stage.

Lots of guys neglect the dancers on stage.  You’ll see a few guys on the rail each throwing a buck up there.  If you tip $10 or $20, you will usually stand out.

The dancer will come over and dance for you.  She will usually talk to you and ask if you’d like a private dance.  Say yes.

Your Strip Club Image

The same trick works if you’re only getting approached by dancers you’re not attracted to. This has happened to me a few times.   I’m an older guy. I often find I’m first approached by older dancers who look at me and figure I’ll see them as young (and I do).

It only becomes a problem if other dancers you’re even more attracted to are getting driven away by the dancers you’re not as attracted to.  Once I buy a lap dance from one older dancer, suddenly I may find that every older dancer in the club is standing in line to ask me for a dance.  The younger dancers can’t get near me.

And keep in mind that you quickly develop an image in a strip club. Maybe you’re a guy who is a connoisseur of big titties.  But a sweet young girl with little titties is pestering you for a dance, and you don’t have the heart to say no to her.  Now all the other girls in the club assume you’re a guy who is into little titties.  Suddenly you’re hopelessly surrounded by A cups.

This is a genuine strip club emergency!  You have to bust out of that image. Again, go to the stage and throw money at a dancer with big titties. Tell her she’s your type and ask her if she’s busy.

The strip club stage is your get out of jail free card.

Location, Location, Location

If you want a lot of dancers to approach you, don’t sit next to drunks who are making a lot of noise. Every dancer in the club is likely to avoid the area.

And if you want mileage, don’t sit next to a couple.  I encourage couples to go to strip clubs together.  I take my own wife to my favorite strip clubs with me.  I consider strip clubs a great erotic date for couples.

But if I’m going to a strip club without my wife, I don’t want a couple sitting anywhere near me.

Here’s why:

After much scientific research, I have found that mileage goes down in direct relation to your proximity to a couple.

Why?  Because this whole couples thing in strip clubs is still relatively new, and dancers are still afraid of how the female in a couple is going to react to a high-mileage dance.

You may have a dancer in your lap who normally gives the sluttiest dance in the club, but if you’re sitting next to a couple, it’ll suddenly be like she is giving you a lap dance in church.

And the Easiest Way to Get What You Want – Talk to a Strip Club Host

Last but not least, the single easiest way to get what you want at a major Vegas strip club is to talk to one of the club’s hosts.  You want a dozen lap dances with the club’s most beautiful blondes?  A host is the guy who can keep the blondes coming.  He is there specifically to make introductions and keep you happy, and you don’t have to be Floyd Mayweather to get his help.

For more information on how to work with a Vegas strip club host, see Vegas Strip Club Hosts – There to Take Care of You.

13 Responses to “How to Get What You Want in a Vegas Strip Club”

  1. Jimmy Steel

    Well, I did send you an email with a couple of questions, a few days ago…

      • Harry

        Just scrolling through your site Arnold. Awesome stuff.

        So how do I get answered the same question Jimmy asked 3yrs ago😂

        I get your reluctance but I have to ask anyway!

        • Scott

          Thanks Harry!

          Same laws in place 3 years later. These club owners and managers are friends of TVO. We don’t want to send them to jail because an occasional dancer (independent contractor) decides to operate outside of the boundaries of the club, and the laws in Clark County. Almost every club posts several large signs stating, “Prostitution is Unlawful.”

          Pahrump, NV is a short drive away from Las Vegas. There are legal businesses ready to take your money if you want more than a dance.

  2. Jimmy Steel

    So Arnold, on what club is the best chance to get offered more than just a private dance?

  3. Jimmy Steel

    If you tell the host that you’re interested in say, blondes, and he sends girls my way, how do you politely refuse until I see one that I like?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jimmy, wait until you see a girl you particularly like and ask him to send her over.

      Then later, you can ask him if there are any others like her.

  4. Chris

    I enjoy going to one of the clubs everytime while in Vegas, and when I find a girl I like I tend to be a good customer. Almost all of them have given me a phone number. I have never once called one, because I don’t want them to have my personal phone number. Would a pre-paid phone solve that? I don’t know anything about pre-paid phones, but it would be nice to be able to find out when/where my favorite dancers are working when in town.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, yes, those burner phones are good for that, or you could even just block your number.

      The prepaid phones are easy to use. You buy it, you buy some minutes for it, enter some codes for the minutes and you’re set. If you have a problem there’s a number to call and I’ve always had the problem resolved quickly.

      The only problem would be if you live in one of a few places like South Dakota or Wyoming where a lot of these phones won’t work if you buy one in Las Vegas, and vice versa.

  5. Miguel

    Gotcha. She did let me go very far and handsy in the latter of the private dances (she was too), and mentioned she would go all the way for a price. How much would be too much (in your experience) if I decided to take her up on her offer? I don’t know what escort services go for in Las Vegas…

  6. Miguel

    I’ve recently been introduced to the Las Vegas strip club scene. I happen to go to one of the stripclubs and found a girl that caught my attention. She has a bubbly personality, easy to talk to, young, a great dancer, and a body type I’m very attracted to. A few days ago I went back to the stripclub to see if she would show uo, not knowing her off days and what not. After some waiting I saw her walk in and we exchanged looks (I was approached by someone else immediately after). After she passed by a second time she stoppef and recognized me from our previous encounter. We got to talking and she asked if she had given me her phone number the first time we met and I said she had not, and that I also forgot to ask her.

    She wrote down her phone number and gave it to me discreetly. Later she asked if I had kept her phone number (to which I said yes) and mentioned I could get in touch to find out what days she worked and also to hang out.

    I did get some private dances from her this last time and we ended up having lots of fun.

    My question is: Should I take her giving me her phone number with a grain of salt? Also, was it part of her act to give me her phone number or is she maybe genuinely interested in hanging out?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Miguel, a number of dancers in Vegas pass out cards with their numbers to good customers so you can find out when they’ll be in the club.

      Can’t say whether it could be more.



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