How to Sit for a Lap Dance

One of the search terms that people are googling to find this website is “how to sit for a lap dance.”

Guys, honestly, this is not something you have to worry about. The dancer knows how she wants you positioned and she’ll tell you. Sometimes, she’ll verbally instruct you:  Sit back more, slide down in the seat, open your legs, etc.

Or she may  intrude her body into your space until you’re positioned how she wants you for your comfort as well as hers.

Part of the fun of a lap dance is letting the dancer handle you however she wants. Sometimes you’ll find a dancer with a unique approach. Just do what she says.

Pro Tip: If you have anything in your front pants pocket—like car keys, cell phone, pocket change, etc.—transfer these items to another pocket before the dance begins. You want your lap to be as comfortable as possible for the dancer. She’s not going to grind on you with maximum enthusiasm if you’ve got a set of mini Allen wrenches poking her in the butt.


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    • Arnold Snyder

      JR, lap dancers remove their tops during a lap dance. At Little Darlings, the dancers get fully nude during a lap dance, which takes place in a private booth.

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