Hunter Biden Text Explains How the Money Gets Whacked Up

Joe Biden Gets Half the Money Hunter Gets for Joe’s Protection Racket

In my post on the Biden family’s protection racket, I discussed the report that the Senate Homeland Security and Treasury Committees released on Hunter Biden.

The report included thousands of pages of documents that show Hunter Biden got at least tens of millions of dollars (likely more) from foreign billionaire criminals in Russia and China and elsewhere in exchange for Joe Biden protecting said criminals from U.S. investigations, asset seizures and the like.

Now the NY Post is reporting on new info that has come out on the Biden family protection racket.  Specifically, a Hunter Biden laptop that has been turned over to the FBI contains tens of thousands of emails and texts in which Hunter negotiates and describes these illegal deals he negotiated for Joe Biden.

There are also thousands of incriminating photos and videos on the laptop, including at least one video of Hunter Biden smoking crack cocaine and reportedly another of him engaged in sex with a little girl. 

Reporter Adam Housley has already confirmed via metadata that the emails shown by the NY Post are genuine.  The DKIM signatures cannot be hacked or forged.  He also confirmed that the emails between Hunter and the owner of Burisma went to an email address registered to Burisma.  Hunter’s former business associate Bevan Cooney, who is in the email chains, has also confirmed the emails are genuine.  And Joe and Hunter Biden have not denied their authenticity.

One of the questions left open by the Senate committee report was the exact deal between Hunter and his father and the rest of the Biden family.  There were multi-million dollar transfers from Hunter to Joe Biden’s brother.  But what was Joe’s cut?

Today a text from Hunter’s laptop was released that provides the details of Joe’s deal with his son.  The video below is Rudy Giuliani reading the text.  It’s a text from Hunter to his daughter Naomi in which he describes exactly how the money is whacked up.

It turns out that Joe Biden gets half of all the money that goes to Hunter for Joe’s protection racket.  In addition, Hunter is required to pay expenses like college tuition for everyone else in the extended Biden family.

The reason the money had to go to Hunter rather than directly to Joe Biden was to keep Joe from having to report it.

Proof that Hunter’s Job with Burisma was Payment to Joe Biden

The people who hooked Hunter Biden up with his $84k/month gig with Burisma were Blue Ribbon Strategies, which claims to be a “Democrat PR group”.  The company is run by former top Clinton staffers.  In reality, it appears that Blue Ribbon Strategies works out deals with foreign criminal oligarchs around the world and whatever Democrat politician is best placed to sell a criminal a favor.

Usually the Clintons have been the best placed, and the payments to them have been laundered through the Clinton Foundation.  But Biden got plenty of deals too.

After Blue Ribbon made the introductions between Hunter and Burisma, Burisma execs wrote to Biden asking him for “advice on how you could use your influence” on the company’s behalf.  Hunter replied that they really needed to get the money flowing to him immediately before he could respond to that.

After Hunter Biden began receiving his $84,000 a month in Burisma bux, he arranged a meeting between Burisma’s owner and his father Joe, who was Vice President at the time.  Burisma’s owner had been forced to flee Ukraine as a result of an investigation into his corruption.  After the meeting, Joe proceeded to get the guy investigating Burisma corruption fired in a quid pro quo for $1.8 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine.  President Poroshenko of Ukraine then whacked up the $1.8 billion with Biden.  They laundered the payment through PrivatBank.

Joe Biden has denied having an “official” meeting with Burisma’s owner.  An official meeting would have to be recorded in government records.  But Politico reports and Daily Wire reports he did not deny having an “unofficial” meeting.  So don’t let the media gaslight you that Biden has disputed the NY Post story.

Hunter Biden’s attorney did not deny the allegations in the NY Post’s story either.  He said something about conspiracy theorists coming after the Bidens for years, but no denial.

And here is the first hit on Soros, the capo di tutti i capi of the Democrat crime family.  Why did Joe Biden meet with him right before the meeting with Burisma’s owner?  Amos Hochstein, the other guy Joe met with that day, got paid off with a big Hunteresque job at another Ukrainian natural gas company.  What did Soros get?

Oh, baby.  Just wait till you find out where Soros’ money really comes from.

Reportedly, Poroshenko and Biden actually stole much more than $1.8 billion from Ukraine.  According to Ukraine news sources, $40 billion in foreign aid was stolen, via payments to shell companies with bank accounts in the Caribbean.  The payments were supposed to be for military weapons and equipment, but none of it was ever delivered.

The FBI Got the Laptop the Day Before Pelosi Started Impeachment

The NY Post reports the incriminating emails, texts, videos and photos were found on Hunter Biden’s laptop after he dropped it off for repairs. The service guy repaired the computer, then called Hunter repeatedly to come pick it up and pay for the service.

But you know how crackheads are.  Hunter never paid the bill and never returned to pick up the computer, so it became the property of the repair guy.  When the repair guy read the emails and saw the photos, he made a copy of the hard drive and gave it to the FBI.

The day after the FBI received the material, Nancy Pelosi somehow came to the decision to start impeachment proceedings over the Democrats’ Ukraine hoax. The impeachment was obviously intended to block the investigation of Biden’s crimes in Ukraine, as well as the crimes of other Democrats.  It now appears Obama’s State Department was in on the corrupt deal.

In any case, corrupt Christopher Wray’s FBI sat on the information for 10 months.  Then the computer repair guy, sick of waiting for justice, made copies of the hard drive and sent them to every news organization in America.

He also sent copies to Rudy Giuliani and numerous GOP senators and God knows who else.  This is now what a citizen must do to get justice in this country.  The Senate Homeland Security committee has already launched an investigation of the material.  So we are going to be getting new revelations daily.

DNC propaganda fake news immediately tried to launch a cover-up when the NY Post story broke.  And DNC-controlled social media began trying to suppress the story immediately.

Facebook suppressed posts with links to the NY Post story.  Twitter at first interfered with clicks on the link by intercepting them with a warning label saying the link was unsafe, like a virus warning.  Then they blocked tweets that contained the links.  Then they began shutting down every major account that tweeted the link, including the accounts of the White House Press Secretary, James Woods, the Trump Campaign, Latinos for Trump, reporter Jack Posobiec, and the New York Post.

Good luck with blocking this tsunami, Democrats.

Update:  New Emails Show Hunter Got $10 Million/Year from Chinese Energy Firm

New emails released today from Hunter Biden’s laptop show he was getting $10 million a year from CEFC China Energy for “introductions alone”.  The deal was for a minimum of three years and $30 million.  Later, the former chair of CEFC, Ye Jianming, who had ties to the Chinese military and intelligence, promised a “much more lasting and much more lucrative” deal and set up a 50% equity deal for Hunter in a company that was owned by Ye.  Whatever the new deal was worth, it was more than $10 million a year.

A photo on Hunter’s laptop dated Aug. 1, 2017, shows a handwritten flowchart of the ownership of “Hudson West” split 50/50 between two entities ultimately controlled by Hunter Biden and
someone identified as “Chairman.”

The private equity deal also listed “10 Jim” and “10 held by H for the big guy”.  Joe Biden has a brother named James.  The “big guy” is Joe Biden.  In addition to a share of the profits, Hunter was going to receive $850k a year as salary for serving as either Chair or Vice Chair of the company.  And remember, in addition to the “10 held by H for the big guy”, Joe Biden gets half of whatever Hunter gets.

In my first post on the Biden family protection racket (link above), I pointed out that Ye Jianming also separately paid Hunter Biden $6 million, plus a large flawless diamond, to block a U.S. investigation into the activities of Ye’s associate Patrick Ho.  Ho himself paid Hunter another $1 million in September 2017.

Hunter failed to block the investigation because Trump got elected. So Ho wound up in U.S. prison at the end of 2017 for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, money laundering and conspiracy.  It was all for a global money laundering and bribery scheme aimed at government officials in Africa.

Patrick Ho also helped Iran evade sanctions and illegally trafficked arms to Libya, Chad and Qatar.  So Joe Biden was taking protection money from real bad guys.

Ye Jianming has disappeared and is supposedly now in prison in China for corruption.

It’s all everything we already knew was happening with corruption in DC, but a million times worse than our worst fears.  They sold us out in every way imaginable.  They sold our sensitive troop locations and plans during war.  They sold our weapons technology.  They sold the names of our ClA assets and got these people executed.  They sold the Chinese and Mexican drug cartels a pass to bring in fentanyl.

I told you the Democrat party was no longer a U.S. political party but an organized crime syndicate.  And gird your loins, Republicans.  We’re going to be finding out about scum in our party too.  (Hi Mitt!)

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Giuliani is a street brawler like Trump and a brilliant prosecutor. He’s hitting the criminals with the lesser stuff first to get them on the record with lies before slamming them with the big stuff.  Secret Service records show Hunter alone made 411 trips to 29 countries in the first five years of the Obama administration.  They didn’t even try to hide it!

This is the underlying cause of the Democrats’ four year and still running coup attempt.  They’ve been trying to stay out of jail.

32 Responses to “Hunter Biden Text Explains How the Money Gets Whacked Up”

    • 808forever

      Where are they, Arnold? That’s a good question. I feel they’re allied with, or bribed by, Shittylack to stall the cases for as long as possible. This insures the the continued economic destruction of the state until the election, and will then be quietly swept aside (Biden) or be forced to be heard (Trump).

      The revelations posted here should go a long way to making sure they get heard.

      • Arnold Snyder

        808, I remember when the casinos had a firm grip on the Nevada Supreme Court. You could always count on casino selfishness to keep the state free and taxes low.

        And Zengrifter says the casinos told Sisolak in late April that he would never win reelection unless he reopened right away, which he didn’t.

        Did they screw up with the court as much as they did with Sisolak?

    • Davehat

      UN WHO representative is now saying lockdowns are a bad idea: “They are causing an increase im poverty & starvation.”

      NO duh. That was obvious back in June but leaders didn’t listen. They’d rather drive family restaurants & stores & people out of work.

    • Davehat


      I’m surprised Planet Hollywood announced paid parking. They never charged before. For the last four years, it was my go-to place to park free.

      At least these places are still free: Wynn, Venetian, Treasure Island, Tropicana or Hooters casino

      • Arnold Snyder

        Thanks, Davehat. TI has always been my go-to.

        Reportedly we’ll be also be able to continue getting free self-parking at MGM properties if we get an MGM credit card. No spending minimum.

        Caesars is reportedly going to do the same but you will have to spend $5k on the card before you’re eligible for free self-park.

  1. jj solari

    hunter is like gavin newsom without the demonic focus and rigid-targeting apparatus.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Hunter’s Fredo, jj. Gavin’s Michael.

      Btw, what happened to that story about Gavin sending a billion dollars of state money to China for “Bat Plague masks”?

      Remember? The masks were never delivered? And Gavin refused to produce the contract for the state legislature?

      Think we’ll hear about that again? I do.

  2. Arnold Snyder

    So I had been told that young girls will soon be part of the laptop story.

    And now it comes out that the laptop repair guy has turned computers over to the FBI before when he found child porn on them. That was essentially his answer when he was asked why he turned over the laptop to the FBI:

    And reportedly there is video on the laptop of Hunter having sex and smoking crack.

    Now think about why the repair guy turned in Hunter’s laptop.

    And think about the story a month ago that Hunter had used some of his Biden protection racket $ to pay sex-trafficked females.

    Now think about the Epstein and NXVIM blackmail operations, getting young girls for powerful people to control them.

    Now think about something Rudy Giuliani said today. He said, “China was setting Joe up for years and they had his son by the balls. Joe has caved in on every negotiation he’s ever had with China.”

    In other words, the money isn’t the worst of it.

    Now ask yourselves why, of all the Democrats in America, Joe Biden was the one the DNC rigged the nomination for. How far does the rot go that they were forced to go with the most easily blackmailed guy?

    Update: Chanel Rion, WH correspondent for One America News, confirms the laptop material of Hunter’s “underage obsessions” makes Anthony Weiner’s “down under selfie addiction look normal”.

    But it’s hardcore, not “underage obsessions”.

  3. Arnold Snyder

    Biden has not only been taking bribes, he’s also guilty of tax evasion, facilitating human trafficking, facilitating evasion of the Iran sanctions, and a host of other federal crimes.

    Trump can pretty much seize all of Joe’s assets right now. Doesn’t need a conviction.

    Take a look at the real estate Scranton Joe’s about to lose and think about the salary of a Senator or VP:

  4. Arnold Snyder

    Latest New Jersey vote fraud method.

    Friend in NJ reports:

    “So here’s my experience with mail-in ballots. I vote in New Jersey every year absentee. I request a ballot be sent to me. Never had a problem until now.

    “I received my ballot last week and planned to vote today. I filled out the ballot sealed it in the inner envelope when I discovered that they did not send me the outer envelope which contains the inner envelope and ballot. I called the Elections Dept. in Atlantic City and the phone just rings and rings and rings. No one picks up, no ability to leave a message.”

    What I told this friend is that if you mail the envelope in an unauthorized envelope, it will be rejected. It will not be counted.

    The outer envelope contains codes, places for a signature, etc. Without the codes, the signature, the address, your vote will not be counted.

    The hardest part of mail-in vote fraud is collecting the outer envelopes. The fraudsters don’t try to vote without collecting them because the fraudulent votes won’t be counted.

    If this happens to you, you have to go and vote in person. You can turn in the absentee ballot or sign an affirmation at the polling place that you haven’t voted by any other method.

  5. Arnold Snyder

    Remember Democrats’ coup witness Chubby Vindman? Who was offered the job of Defense Minister three times by Ukraine?

    Turns out the guy who offered him the job was President Poroshenko, the guy who fired the Burisma investigator at Joe Biden’s demand and then whacked up $1.8 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine with Joe.

    In the end, over $40 billion was stolen, laundered through shell companies with Caribbean bank accounts for military equipment and weapons that were never delivered.

    Now we know a chunk of those billions was laundered into U.S. real estate that the DOJ has recently been seizing.

    Here’s a story about some of the seized real estate:

    The story refers to Igor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky was the owner of PrivatBank in Ukraine. PrivatBank existed to launder money for people like Joe and Poroshenko.

    So let’s say you were renting an office or apartment in one of these skyscrapers. Your rent was going to Poroshenko and his allies and the Biden Crime Family and their allies!

  6. Arnold Snyder

    Trump just screwed the bailout plans of CA, OR, and WA.

    I’m not sure if I posted it here, but on Twitter and Facebook I posted a lot of evidence from social media showing that Antifa-BLM set all those wildfires a couple months ago in CA, OR and WA. I have no doubt that they were encouraged or even ordered to do so by their Democrat funders.

    The plan was for the states to get bailed out on their huge budget deficits with billions in disaster aid from the feds. They needed a disaster bailout because Republicans refused to do Bat Plague blue state bailouts.

    Now their back-up plan has failed. The feds just turned down California for disaster aid for the fires because they’ve been bailed out before and refused to manage their forests properly to prevent future fires.

  7. Arnold Snyder

    BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s former business partner Bevan Cooney has flipped.

    He was jailed over a bond scheme, and has connected with journalists Matthew Tyrmand and Peter Schweizer.

    He has turned over access to his Gmail account.

    OAN has also announced they are about to release a bunch of emails from Hunter’s firm that apparently link up money transfers to Biden with more favors for foreign criminals.

    Mitt Romney is frantically tweeting denouncements of Trump for refusing to comment on Qanon, lol. Too late, Mitt! Bevan has flipped on your boy Devan!

    Update: We finally learn why the Chinese Communist Party gave Hunter Biden $1.5 billion!

    So Bevan Cooney was the fall guy for Hunter and Devan Archer, who were busy hooking up off-the-books meetings between Joe Biden and Chinese Communist Party officials.

    These officials had been trying to get a meeting at the White House for months to discuss U.S. import-export policy, with no success.

    Hunter & Devan in return got $1.5 billion in Chinese gov’t funding for their Bohai Harvest investment fund and much more. That $1.5 billion was just the start. They used that money to acquire a big stake in China’s equivalent of Uber from the CCP owner of the world’s largest computer company. Remember, Joe gets half of Hunter’s take.

    This information is coming from Bevan Cooney’s emails and documents, plus documents from Hunter Biden’s firm.

    Jack Posobiec of OAN is reporting Hunter didn’t just set Joe up with bribes from Ukraine and China.

    He also set him up with bribes from Putin’s Russia:

  8. Bill

    But haven’t you heard this is just a russian hoax. Can’t rhey at least be original for once guess from the party of catchphrases that is too much to ask.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, Mike Emanuel just reported to Bret Baier on Fox that he has contacted people in the Hunter Biden email chains and they have confirmed the emails are genuine.

      They received the emails back when they were first sent.

      Adam Housley has confirmed the email metadata is real and that the Burisma email addresses were registered to Burisma.

      Wall St Journal has stepped in and confirmed the story of the Biden family’s corruption is true.

      Ken Vogel of the NY Times has confirmed Bevan Cooney has flipped.

      DOJ sources are saying there’s been a counterintelligence investigation into the Biden crime family going on for years now.

      Fox News just confirmed “the big guy” that “H” would be holding money for is Joe Biden.

  9. Arnold Snyder

    A CCP whistleblower came out two weeks ago with information that the Chinese Communist Party has three hard drives full of blackmail material on the Bidens and a number of U.S. Congressmen.

    Says there is no blackmail material on Trump.

    Says the blackmail material on the Bidens, through which the CCP controlled Joe, includes pedophile tapes of Hunter Biden. Young girls, not teenagers. Treated in a sub-human way by Hunter.

    Says Hunter & Xi Jinping signed a secret deal worth $4.5 billion to Hunter, of course about Joe using his office to deliver favors.

    Says the hard drives also contain stuff on Burisma, Hunter’s deals for Joe in Kazakhstan, and Hunter laundering money for Xi & Wang, to get their massive wealth out of the country.

    Says there is also blackmail material on many in Congress, plus Michael Bloomberg. Says a copy of the materials was sent to Pelosi to remind her Dems had to win the elections at any cost. Says a copy went to the DOJ and was hidden by a Biden ally there, but now the copy has gotten through to Trump.

    Says Xi Jinping fully intended to control not only 1.4 billion Chinese, but the U.N. and the U.S. They fully intended to control one U.S. president after another.

    There are four videos by this whistleblower. I’m still watching them. Key parts are here:

    Or the entire video here:

  10. Aaron

    I heard on Twitter that Cali got the bailout money after Newsome personally called trump and appealed the decision. Not sure who looks better or worse after that exchange. Bet it had to stick in Gavins craw to go begging to a guy he hates.

  11. 808forever

    Man, the dominoes are falling fast for those Dopes right now. It’s an amazing sight to be sure. Yet the good ol’ Dopey lapdog that is Yahoo “News” has a piece saying Trump LIED about the CDC statement about masks causing more Plague infections. I can’t wait to see how far they and their allies will go with the stupid rhetoric.

    I have to wonder about what our resident Chicken Little thinks about these Biden revelations. Has he been blocked?

  12. Stuart A W

    You say Antifa and BLM caused all those wildfires? Can’t be, because the environmentalists insist it is all due to global warming!



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