Hustler’s Freebies for the Fully Vaccinated — Really? Really! (updated)

Someone is going to have to verify this one for me. I never trust deals that sound to good to be true. (Since verified . . .See below)

A Las Vegas Advisor reader contacted LVA and said Hustler Club has a special whereby “anybody who provides a vaccine card stating Fully Vaccinated” will get a bottle of vodka with mixers, a Platinum VIP Card, and $300 in Beaver Bucks to use for dances, all for FREE.

That sounds insane to me, but the LVA reader insists he got that deal. I see no reference to this deal on Hustler’s website, their Facebook page or their Twitter page. The person who provided this info to LVA said he heard about it from a friend and that it was also “covered by a few news outlets.”

I would not advise anyone to go get vaccinated against Covid just to get this deal, but if you’ve already been fully vaxxed, you might want to check it out. If you do get (or attempt to get) this deal at Hustler, please report back with your experience.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the KTNV News story that featured this deal. This item was aired on April 14, but the guy who reported it to LVA just used it this past weekend. Don’t know how long this will last!

Good luck!



7 Responses to “Hustler’s Freebies for the Fully Vaccinated — Really? Really! (updated)”

  1. Tom

    It’s a great marketing ploy, it got free media attention. Snart, It will be short lived and likely gone by the time my GF and I are next in town in July.

  2. Hugh

    I think this is a great idea. Even better would be if clubs worked with public health authorities to make clubs vaccination centers and offer free admission or some other benefit to clients who opted to get vaccinated there. It would go a long way towards public perception of this industry being a responsible and respectable part of society made up of hardworking people who want the best for everyone.

    • Arnold Snyder

      808forever: Technically, requiring a vaccination for employment or even entrance to a facility is a violation of federal law. I suppose it depends on whether any employees decide to sue.

      • 808forever

        NiV has also reported that Cosmo has done the same as Wynn, making them the second casino to allow 100% capacity. No word on any lawsuits yet.

  3. Erik d

    Seems to good to be true, but hope to hear this promotion lasts a while, I doubt it but who knows.

  4. Aaron

    Damm… that’s a hell of a deal..although the last time I had a bottle of thier house vodka it was a really bad hangover the next day. I’m interested to get some reports on how open (or not) the clubs were this Sat and Sunday.



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