Last week TVO posted an alert on a Las Vegas area Sex Party for those willing to fork over $4,500 in crypto currency (or other chattel we presume). The report came from the New York Post, who speculated that it could be a scam.

Thanks to a loyal reader and contributor to TVO … Bill D., we have the details on this scam that has been operating in North America for at least 3 years. The offer was a trail of bad faith cancellations and customers left holding that $4,500 bag. They are advertising Las Vegas parties now …. BEWARE!

Look at this girl below. Did you get an email from the organizers that she will be one of the chicks who will serve you?

Read the full recap of how the scam operates: Sex Island Experience: OFFICIAL SCAM [2021] – Scam Detector (


Don’t transfer any funds or Crypto currency to

Here’s TVO’s original May 5th post:  New York Post – May 4, 2022 – “Depraved ‘Sex Island’ vacation offers guests ‘unlimited sex’ with 100 women”

This scam made me think of the famous “Fyre Festival” scam in in 2017. Con artist Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule bilked thousands from the worst social climbers and posers assembled on one tiny island. An entertaining documentary on what these buzzards schemed up was released in 2019. “The Greatest Party That Never Happened” was brilliant. See the trailer below …

TVO READERS: For the real action … stick to Las Vegas nightlife, gambling, drinking and dining!

Here’s the scam yacht … the S.S. Bullshit


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  1. Erik d

    Yeah, as I said in the original post the price made it seem suspicious to me, I’d believe that price if it were in a foreign country but Vegas I would think the price would be higher then that. For scammers gotta give them credit it’s a big ask and it seems once you get scammed it might be a bit too embarrassing to try and challenge it, “ hey son/ bro/ uncle/etc, what’s you day in court for?” “Whelp I got scammed out of thousands for a sex vacation, “. Not the Convo I’d want to have lol



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