Infierno, From Strip Club To Nightclub

El Infierno Cabaret 

Infierno’s debut came a little over a year ago and came with an awesome niche’, a Latin-themed strip club/night club. There were none like Infierno among the other 23 strip clubs in Vegas. Unfortunately, this business’s “strip club” aspect has seemed to have taken a back seat because the venue has rebranded itself exclusively as a Latin nightclub. This place has always been a party regardless of what it’s labeled as and the locals love it, the prices are affordable, and it’s where those who enjoy Latin nightlife and strip clubs could find the best of both worlds. We here at TVO are excited to see what’s in store next for this nightclub and encourage all our readers to check out this location! Fun fact: it’s under the “Dejavu” company umbrella!

If you’re interested in checking this club out please see below:

El Inferno Cabaret Las Vegas
4740 Arville St.
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 330-0640

Adult Club: 21+

Hours of Operations:

Thursday – Sunday

8pm – 8am

Infierno Website

Visit our profile on Infierno here:

El Infierno Cabaret




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