Inside One Love Temple — An Undercover Review

Sea Mountain’s New Las Vegas Nudist Resort and Lifestyle Retreat

One Love Temple Las Vegas waterfall[We posted a review of Sea Mountain’s One Love Temple resort last year, based on an early morning tour of the facilities. But I never saw the resort in full operation because single men are not allowed on the property. Now, TVO reader Frank K. reports on a day spent at One Love Temple with his wife. — A.S.]

My wife and I just got back from a romantic Vegas getaway, including all of the usual accouterments: fancy dinners, hot new shows, a spacious suite, even some luck on the blackjack tables. But one addition to our weekend trip really set it over the top: a visit to the Sea Mountain One Love Temple, a new Vegas lifestyle resort and nudist retreat.

Although we’re not a “lifestyles couple” (swingers), my wife and I have both had our fair share of adventurous fun over the years, and were looking to indulge some nudist tendencies together. So we booked a Sunday afternoon spa visit at Sea Mountain and thoroughly enjoyed our entire 5 hour stay.

To gain entry, you must either be a single woman or a couple. The resort is run exclusively by women, to add another layer of security and comfort for all visitors. There is a security system attached to the doorbell at the gate that allows the front desk staff to see who you are before you enter. Once you’ve given your name, a staff member comes out to greet you, then leads you into the office to sign a membership agreement and make payment.

The interior space of the resort is brightly lit by a wall of windows which face out to the pool area. Art from all over the world, mostly of an eastern/Asian origin, adorn the light wood walls and hang above the beautiful fireplace mantle, welcoming you into the space & setting the tone with a warm and comfortable vibe. In the back of the room is a large table, full of snacks, and a refrigerator stocked with sodas and space for you to store your booze, should you choose to imbibe.

As you make your way back to the changing rooms and bathrooms, you pass the Zen Club, a large room complete with flashing colored lights, a DJ booth, stripper pole, soft pillow-lined benches and most surprisingly, a round bed in the middle of the room. This is the first indication that One Love Temple offers more than just a relaxing getaway! 

One Love Temple Las Vegas spaOutside, the owners have taken great care to create an incredible 5-acre space of tranquility with multiple sparkling pools, a huge in-ground hot tub, meditation area, space for yoga and several tented areas for smokers (weed is allowed). The first pool has a beach-like feel, with a sand-paved bottom, modern, plush lounge chairs and cabana beds encircled by bamboo trees and potted tropical plants. Across the way lies a small lagoon pool with a Japanese bridge and waterfall feeding the cool waters. Each pool is easy to access yet each provides a sense of privacy at the same time.

Tall trees with low hanging foliage cover the entirety of the resort, providing a remarkable amount of shade and respite from the sun, while also creating welcome pockets of sunshine if tanning is more your speed. A 20-person in-ground hot tub was the perfect temperature and the bubbles were lovely. Chinese Fu dragons keeping watch on each corner of the tub add to the mystical sense of the spa ambiance.

Behind the tub are three cabana beds which allow for people to play with a little more privacy. While my wife and I relaxed in the hot tub, we were treated to a very sexy show as another couple took up residence on one of the nearby cabana beds & proceeded to have a pretty active & pleasurable good time together.

Eventually we made our way down to the main pool, which had the most sun and the biggest party! People frolicked both sexually and non-sexually in and around the pool, feeling very free to express themselves. There is a large “playroom” directly off the pool for those looking for more room or privacy. Massages (purely professional and completely non-sexual, contracted out to a certified massage therapy service) can be arranged prior to your visit and are performed upstairs from the playroom. The massage room is small and simple but nice and big enough for two tables for a couple’s massage.

After a nice massage, my wife & I enjoyed ourselves in the main pool; other couples lounging in nearby cabanas could be seen in various states of erotic activity. There were people of all shapes and sizes, with an age range between early 30’s to mid 50’s.  About a third of the guests were engaged in physical activity with one another, another third were socializing together, and the rest were couples off by themselves, enjoying their own company.

Overall, we had a great time, and although we kept mostly to ourselves, we had a few friendly conversations with other guests. Had we wanted to go farther in our adventures, we certainly could have, but were very satisfied with our own nudist experience (mixed with a little sexy voyeurism). The general vibe was low-key and no pressure, and we would definitely come back for another visit!

If You Go To One Love Temple

One Love Temple Las Vegas poolOne Love Temple is located about one mile east of the south Las Vegas Strip.  The resort is open 365 days a year.  A day retreat pass (10:30 am to 5:00 pm) is $149 per couple (only $39 for a solo woman).  A day and evening pass (10:30 am to 2:00 am) is $179 per couple.

These packages include full access to all nude pools and spas, the wood sauna, plus all cabanas, gardens and the club house, including the nightclub and party rooms. Also included is lunch for two, unlimited iced teas, coffees and spring waters, robes and towels, private lockers, and day beds. A massage is $129.  BYOB.  The spa also includes rooms for overnight stays at $399 to $699, depending on when you want to stay.

There are also packages for groups.  You can find all of the package deals and more on the One Love Temple website or call 702-497-2936.

15 Responses to “Inside One Love Temple — An Undercover Review”

  1. Roberta States

    My husband and I would like a pass for Sat Sept 1. How do I go about that?

  2. Nick

    I want to take my GF there on a Sunday night (Sept. 16), but I’m worried it will be slow and not many people there. When you went Sunday night, were there a lot of couples?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nick, reporter Frank K. said the resort was full of couples on the Sunday he went. It depends a little on the season. He was there in April, but September ought to be pretty good.

  3. Coley

    Any reports on that this place is like in winter months? Seems outdoors oriented. What would the experience be like in chilly weather.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Coley, I visited One Love Temple in December. The pools and spas are heated and they still get people there. You might see a dozen people during the day, a couple dozen at night.

    • Scott

      Yes. My wife and I enjoyed sex in the open, in the pools, in the Zen Room and in the Party Room. People let you be unless you indicate you want company.

  4. geo

    Is everyone fully nude? Can I just wear swim gear or is that frowned upon? Also, are there any semi private areas or do you need to get your own room?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Geo, for those who are shy, robes, sarongs or towels are allowed (just no regular clothing). Swimsuits are not allowed in the pools or spas. The rule for evening wear is “lingerie or less.”

  5. Mariana

    Hey there!!
    If you enjoyed the Las Vegas one love temple, I’m sure you’d love the palm springs’, ‘sea mountain‘!!! The seed that gave birth to ‘one love’
    Check it out!!

  6. Mel

    Hey Arnold! My partner and I are planning on going in 2 weeks on April 16 – do you know if the prices have changed since you went? I emailed them and they said just to call, and I can’t call them since I live outside of the US.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mel, One Love Temple was shut down briefly in the past week. However, they’re open again and accepting reservations.

      The prices are the same as of today.

  7. Peter

    Why were they shut down? We were planning to go this coming weekend during our anniversary trip. I’ve emailed them a few time with no response.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Peter, they’ve reopened. A neighbor complained about the sound of partying all night, and they are technically a church.

      They are just very careful about what they say to people who aren’t already known customers.

      Just call and make an appointment. You’ll have a great time.



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