Interview with the Boyfriend of a Vegas Strip Club Dancer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a stripper as your girlfriend?

A lot of guys have fantasies about dating strippers. Usually it starts out as a fantasy about having sex with a dancer, but as a guy spends more time with a dancer, talking to her, getting to know her on something more than a superficial level, it can turn into a fantasy about having a real relationship with her.

But what’s it like to get seriously involved with a woman who makes her living as an erotic entertainer?

I first met RR almost a year ago. She’s been a dancer for a few years, lives in Vegas and dances in the Vegas strip clubs. The whole time I’ve known her, she’s had the same boyfriend.

RR’s boyfriend, JJ, also works in the strip club industry, as a promoter. (Promoters are paid a commission by the clubs for steering customers to them.)

JJ agreed to be interviewed by TVO.

Q: How long have you and RR been together?

We’ve been together a little over a year.

Q: When you learned RR was a dancer, did you have any reservations about getting involved with her?

Yes, I had reservations. I wasn’t sure if I would be jealous or uncomfortable with her getting naked in front of other guys.

Q: Do you ever go to a club where RR is dancing and watch her dance?

Yes, I have been to a club a couple times to see her dance.

Q: Does it ever bother you that she’s getting close to other men?

Yes, sometimes it bothers me she’s getting close to other men and dancing for them.

Q: Do you worry about her vulnerability?

I don’t worry about her vulnerability. I trust her.

Q: Do you ever feel like punching some guy out?

Yes, sometimes I want to punch guys out.

Q: What percentage of the guys you know envy you?

I’m not sure how many guys envy me, maybe half?

Q: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from having a relationship with a dancer?

I trust my girlfriend, even though she’s a dancer. I trust her more than past girlfriends I’ve had who were not dancers.

Q: What advice would you give to a guy who told you he was considering dating a dancer?

That if you’re gonna date a dancer, let her be a dancer, don’t try to make her quit because it makes you uncomfortable. Don’t try and “save her” from the strip club unless she hates it and wants to be saved, and you can provide her with the lifestyle she deserves.

If dating a dancer makes you uncomfortable don’t get in a relationship. It’s important to know and understand the industry and not to be jealous. I know at the end of the night my girl is coming home to me and no one else.

Q: What’s the upside to having a dancer as a girlfriend?

Dating a dancer does have some perks. It goes both ways. I know I can go to a strip club and get dances with other girls and she doesn’t mind. With past relationships my girlfriends would get jealous just because I work in the strip club industry. It would bother them that I was in the club.

I understand why JJ has such high regard for RR.  She’s beautiful, smart, and talented, and I know she’s crazy about him.  These are two classy people and I’m glad they found each other.

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