Judge Rules Pennsylvania Lockdown Unconstitutional

There is Hope for Las Vegas Yet

Pennsylvania is Prohibited from Ever
Locking Down Again

U.S. District Court Judge William Stickman IV ruled this morning that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s restrictions on gatherings and closing of “non-essential” businesses, supposedly for Bat Plague, were unconstitutional.

The case was filed May 7 on behalf of seven businesses:  three hair salons, an appliance store, a farm and two drive-in theaters. Judge Stickman ruled that Wolf violated the 1st and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

“The solution to a national crisis can never be permitted to supersede the commitment to individual liberty that stands as the foundation of the American experiment,” he said.

Dem Gov Claims Americans Have No Right to Earn a Living

The Democrat governor actually argued in federal court that he could take away a person’s ability to earn a living by making the unprecedented claim that Americans had “no right to earn a living.”

The plaintiffs’ attorney says the finding means nobody can ever be locked down in Pennsylvania again and everyone is now free to reopen, have large gatherings, and return to normal life. County and city governments in the state are prohibited from these restrictions as well.

He also says the ruling opens the door to businesses suing the state for compensation for losses due to the unconstitutional shutdown.  Enjoy paying those billions, Pennsylvania taxpayers.  I’ll be paying them in Nevada as well.  The sooner the better.

Judge Stickman is a Trump appointee.  Vote red in November if you value freedom.

Update:  About That Appeal…

Democrat PA Gov. Tom Wolf has said he will seek a stay and appeal.  He won’t get the stay.  And he won’t win if he appeals.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals has flipped red since Trump took the White House.  Eight of the 14 judges on the court have now been appointed by Republicans.  All Wolf has to look forward to is further humiliation.

21 Responses to “Judge Rules Pennsylvania Lockdown Unconstitutional”

  1. jj solari

    i love how life in america can only be lived only after a judge ten months down the road decides that tyranny and the destruction of a Nation by a Governor and a health director declaring a fake pandemic is unconstitutional.

    • Arnold Snyder

      jj, I know what you mean. Mass marches and mask-burning rallies in Greece, UK and all over Europe. Here we let a Stasi of Karens control us until a judge shuts the Karens down.

    • Aaron

      Nice to see one of these go our way. Im really concerned if the Gov in IA is going to let her most recent restrictions expire on 9/20 or if she is going to continue to bend to the Coronobros.

  2. Stuart A W

    This is good news Arnold, this is hope for all states! It takes a Judge to teach these politicians the constitution when they should know it already. I live in the People’s Republic of Commifornia and it makes me sick when I see Emperor Gruesome on TV imposing these lockdowns, saying HE is doing it for our safety and HE is saving lives. Does he really think he’s fooling everyone? Just like his Auntie Fancy Nancy Pelosi tries to fool us into believing she was “set up” in a hair solon, she’s a politician she writes the laws so she should know them. I hope our liberal Judges can recognize this hoax and also uphold the constitution. Let us be free again, and those that believe in this hoax have the freedom to just stay home, wear a mask and lock their doors.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Stuart, I just read that Trump had flipped the 9th Circuit so even if one of your horrid commie district judges rules to keep the tyranny going, you should be good on appeal.

      It’s especially good that Trump has made a campaign issue out of it. Now Gruesome and Sissyjack know we’re coming for them.

  3. Bill

    In bad news our wise and almighty dictator wolf has stated he is seeking a stay and will appeal. The great one is not pleased at all.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has flipped conservative. 8 of the 14 were appointed by Republicans.

      All this will do is further piss off the public.

      You should see Sisolak acting like a mad man everywhere because Trump dared to hold rallies in Nevada. Even Nate Silver has admitted NV will flip red in November. Hispanics here are truly angry at Sisolak’s ongoing shutdown of churches.

  4. Chris

    The right to feed one’s self and put food on the good the provide for your self and family is an essential business. Those essential businesses are not inclusive of any profession in particular, because we as humans usually have a desire to eat sometime this month.
    I hope we never this level of tyranny ever again

  5. Aaron

    Well at least she moved in the right direction. Iowa Gov Kim reopened bars and other venues in 4 of the 6 counties she closed including most of Des Moines. She also did stressed that the lockdown for the other 2 counties ended in 5 days unless she extended the order.
    In other related news i found out one if the local strip clubs stayed open the whole time by claming it was a live entertainment venue and BYOB. No one cared enough to shut it down. Im probably going to check it out this week.

  6. Brian and Christine

    Vegas Trip Report from Wed 9/8 to Sun 9/13 in 3 Parts – Part 1 Moorea Beach Club: Moorea Beach Club is Not Topless and is not the same. We spent Thu 9/10 afternoon there. It was very quiet and very boring. They indicated it will remain Tops Required until 2021. Based on our observations, there seems to be 2 reasons for not being topless. First, is the word Club in their name, if they were a lounge or just Moorea Beach, that would help with the dumb rules. Second, it appears Mandalay Bay never changed to the smoked glass in March that separates Moorea from the main pool area, so you can see into Moorea from the wave pool. I am guessing this a bit of a project each season, and Mandalay Bay just doesn’t want to do this for the last few weeks of 2020?

  7. Brian and Christine

    Vegas Trip Report from Wed 9/8 to Sun 9/13 in 3 Parts – Part 2 Bare Pool Lounge: Bare Pool Lounge is Topless and very fun. We spent all day Sat 9/12 at Bare, good crowd, good music, and about half the women were topless. Also, the service and staff were excellent. I think an ANEI of 3.0 would be fair, but a few of the hottest girls at the pool were not topless. They wear the tinniest of string bikinis with every curve exposed, except for keeping those nipples covered. We just don’t understand that. We are going to try enjoying Bare at least one more time this month.

  8. Brian and Christine

    Vegas Trip Report from Tue 9/8 to Sun 9/13 in 3 Parts – Part 3 Casino and Strip Observations: We stayed at Mandalay Bay, and it was just ok. Casino was medium busy, but some of that is MGM’s own fault when in the evenings you run $25 minimum at Craps and $25 6/5 Blackjack. Also, the drink service both on the casino floor and in their 2 open establishments was poor. I have read a couple times about bad tipping these days, but good tipping does require a good experience. Luxor was a bit busier, particularly for mid-day on a Friday, lots of people were checking it, but the lines for registration were shorter than normal. We visited Paris on Wed, where lunch was great at Hexx and it was busy, but the Paris casino was quiet. After the Bare Pool on Sat evening, the Mirage seemed reasonably busy, including Rhumbar. We walked over to Caesars, and it was busy, both the sports book and casino had good crowds, particularly the table games in the main casino. The Caesars poker room was packed, as busy as we have ever seen (note the poker rooms at Mandalay and Mirage are closed and converted to other uses). The Strip itself was not as busy as normal, but still lots of people out enjoying the pleasant weather.
    Unfortunately, there is a problem on The Strip, all the marijuana smoking. You cannot walk more than 10 feet without someone toking up near you. We were sitting outside at Hexx, and every few minutes someone walks by with their marijuana smoke. Exiting and entering every casino from The Strip, you pass near a group smoking marijuana. It is excessive and really ruins the experience.



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