Just in Time for Father’s Day – The Big Booty Love Doll

Dukes MILF doll

Duke’s MILF Doll – Ready for Action

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Duke’s Hardcore Honeys-Big Booty Love Doll

For ten years, Duke Hca has been illustrating graphic novels and creating animated videos that specialize in MILFs and big booty babes. He has a naughty adult coloring book available at Amazon, and his own subscription website, Duke’s Hardcore Honeys, that features all of his comics and animations.

Now, Duke has branched out and is creating love dolls with functioning orifices that resemble his erotic drawings.

We’ve featured articles about love dolls before (See Sex with Robots Declared Illegal in Malaysia), but we haven’t seen anything quite like Duke’s creations.

dukes-tits-dollMILF Doll

The MILF Doll is only three feet tall (when standing), but she definitely has a full size working posterior. She retails for $1,550.00.

Duke has quite a few other doll creations on his doll showcase website, www.dukehhdolls.com, including one lifesize doll (5’5″ tall) with extreme tits. This doll retails for $2,400.00,

All of Duke’s Dolls have metal skeletons and movable joints and can be posed in most postures that a human could be posed in. But these dolls are very light weight – weighing only about 26 pounds.

This Father’s Day, give your Dad a gift he can actually use around the house – in his shop, his den, his tool shed – anywhere Mom isn’t lurking.


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4 Responses to “Just in Time for Father’s Day – The Big Booty Love Doll”

  1. Joe

    Is dukeshhdolls legit ? And have good reviews ? Went to the site but sceptical

    • Arnold Snyder

      Joe, Floyd Mayweather ordered one for a friend. And the site’s now lasted over a year with no one shutting it down.

      The only complaints I’ve ever heard are that the heads are small relative to the booty.



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