Just in Time for the Holidays: The Amazing Butt Pillow!

Putting the XXX back in Xmas

Here, just in time for the holidays, is a life-size female butt pillow in sexy bikini undies.  Filled with PP cotton (polypropene), this plush pillow is a great place to rest your head for the sweetest dreams of your life.

Why spend $5K+ for a full-featured love doll, when it’s really just the butt you’re interested in? You can get this hyper-realistic butt pillow for just $52.80 at Amazon. You’ll soon find yourself going to bed just a little bit earlier each night in order to spend some quality time between the cheeks.

And just imagine how you’d feel waking up each morning with your face buried in that. Yes, you’ll be late for work again, but so what? The Amazing Butt Pillow is so realistic, you’ll expect it to start twerking when you crank up the hip-hop beats.


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