Las Vegas AVN Adult Entertainment Expo Canceled Again for 2022

Mask and Vax Mandates Are Killing Las Vegas

The 2022 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, an annual celebration of the porn industry and all things kink, which was scheduled to take place in Las Vegas Jan 17-22, 2022, at the new Virgin Hotel/Casino, has again canceled its Las Vegas convention. This is once more due to the pandemic, or more specifically, the mask and/or vax mandates imposed by the state of Nevada.

Vegas will not be Vegas again unless and until the convention scene gets back to normal. Many traditional Las Vegas conventions are moving to states like Florida and Texas where pandemic mandates are prohibited by state laws. Will these conventions ever return to Vegas?

The AVN/AEE events are not moving to another state, but are once more going digital. The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo will be online from Jan 19-22. the AVN Novelty Expo will also be online from Jan 19-22. The AVN Awards Show will be online on January 22. Full info is on the AVN website here.

4 Responses to “Las Vegas AVN Adult Entertainment Expo Canceled Again for 2022”


    Please bring this great Awards Show to the Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL. If J. Lo, Shakira. Blake Shelton and Pit Bull can make videos here as well as the amazing concerts that have been at the Hard Rock, surely the AVN AWARDS can bring itself to South Florida.

  2. Erik d

    Came back to add this, I went to exxxotica in New Jersey this past weekend, good time, went off without a problem, didn’t even require a mask. Also saw Xbiz is doing theirs in la in January. So surprised this got cancelled this early sad to see

  3. Erik d

    More bad news for Vegas too many ups and downs. I’m surprised this was cancelled this year I’ve seen exxxotica expo which is mainly east coast has run 3 conventions this year and running another in New Jersey in October.

    I also attended a horror convention here in pa a few weeks back but that wasn’t the same size as the Avnet, but exxxotica on the other hand is pretty big and gets close to as crowded as the Avns having been to both

  4. jj

    Have you noticed no bureaucrats have died of the Fauci Flu? Just right wing radio hosts? I have.



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