Las Vegas Escort Trap at TI

Escorts Getting Stopped at Strip Hotel Elevators

Brenna Sparks is a Las Vegas Escort Available through Slixa

Las Vegas legal brothels are still closed for ScaryVirus, but Las Vegas escorts are back in operation, maybe not in full numbers, but in sufficient numbers that you won’t have trouble finding a girl.

However, with the Vegas Strip hotels still at low occupancy levels, TVO readers are reporting problems getting their Vegas escorts up to their rooms.  Basically, with drunken fights and pickpockets and robberies down, hotel security has nothing to do but hunt for girls heading upstairs to possibly have sex with men to whom they are not, in the hotel’s eyes, sufficiently attached.

The worst problem seems to be at TI, where security is stopping escorts at the elevators day and night.  Even nooners can’t get through!  I’ve gotten three complaints in a week from people who stayed at TI.  That’s highly unusual.

The way it usually works is, you call an escort or service (or make arrangements with one in advance), they call you back in your room before your appointment, and then the girl shows up at your door.  If you like the way your escort looks, you pay her base rate for showing up (typically a couple hundred dollars, though Bat Plague may have changed that) and she comes in to start negotiations for whatever you really want.

But to get an escort up an elevator at TI at the moment, you are going to have to meet her downstairs, either in the casino or on the Strip.  Fortunately, security still isn’t checking for marriage licenses for women who are accompanied by men with a room key!

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  1. Scott W

    Don’t tell SissoLackey that there is a risk of crabs….. he’ll shut us down to Phase One

  2. Arnold Snyder

    Now Caesars is requiring guests to wear masks in its properties at all times unless you’re eating or drinking.

    At Paris, another Caesars property, the Beer Park is adding a mandatory 5% “concessions fee” to all checks. Something deeply wrong is going on with Caesars and I’d go elsewhere.

    Mirage is now cancelling its July 1 reopening and shifting all its room reservations to Aria (not enough bookings). So it’s not like there’s not plenty of room at places that treat guests properly.

    MGM is cancelling the reopening of Park (formerly Monte Carlo) as well.

    This means Vegas is not getting the bookings they expected for 4th of July weekend. They are desperate. YOU have big bargaining power right now.

    • Davehat

      How did I miss this article? Must have been buried by other stories.

      The Paris Beer Park, Hexx, Rhumbar at Mirage, Chayo at Linq (and several other restaurants) have been charging a Concessions Fee since 2016 according to google search.

      LA Times & Eater researched the problem just a few months ago, and found the fee is optional. But of course they don’t tell you.

  3. Arnold Snyder

    Re the Vegas pool dayclubs that are reopening (including MGM’s Wet Republic and Aria’s Liquid Pool Lounge), the Review-Journal confirms they won’t be operating as dayclubs, but just extensions of the hotels’ normal pools.

    Only difference is you have to be over 21 for the Liquid Pool and Wet Republic pools.

    Both hotel guests and non-guests will have to reserve a cabana, bungalow or daybed to get in.

    • Bill

      Are they operating as pool extensions in the same way palomino is running as a bar though

      • Arnold Snyder

        Bill, could be. My current assumption: Nothing at Caesars will be any fun for at least a month. Their lawyers have gone full Bat Plague paranoia.

        At MGM properties, unclear. They may be strict on occupancy rules but I think you’re right — probably not on social distancing.

        No one was social distancing at Palomino either.

  4. Bill

    Seems strange for a value place like TI, would seem to be more likely at the classier places.

  5. Bill

    How is the mask thing gonna work can I walk around with a beer drinking so I have the mask uncovered? Do we know?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, I think a beer in your hand will not be enough. If you’re sitting at a restaurant eating a meal, no mask required.

      But a drink in front of you at a gaming table will not be enough to allow you to be maskless. They will expect you to lift your mask to sip.

      If you’re sitting at the bar drinking, unclear.

      Remember, this is Caesars properties only. Flamingo, Harrahs, Caesars, etc. And now we wait for the customer complaints to mount.

  6. BennyHill

    They need to bring back the rolling strip club truck on the strip. Loosen people up. #tightass(notinagoodway)karens

  7. Nunya

    So at this time, no masks required to walk the strip drinking a 25 oz can of beer? Good to hear about Palomino. The wedding here in Ga went off without a hitch last weekend. 125-150 guests, live band, full dance floor right at the stage with people shoulder to shoulder. All employees wore masks but guests pretty much threw social distancing to the wind. Guess we will find out around July 4 if everyone caught the China Cooties. Sissypuss would have had a coronary if he saw the room there.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nunya, forget Las Vegas for now. Be glad you are in Georgia. Sisolak just mandated masks everywhere. No service without a mask.

      Room bookings were low and falling anyway because people went home from reopening week and told friends there was nothing to do.

      Now Sisolak just finished us off.

      • Nunya

        Sissy britches is killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. Not to mention the golden boobies.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Nunya, it’s bad. I don’t post about Vegas restaurants here but they are closing in droves. Some of the strip clubs that rent their space are already finished. The federal unemployment money for self-employed people runs out in July, which means the dancers here have to find other work by then.

          I already know dancers who have left for Miami because the clubs are open there and allow lap dances.

          Fully half of the doctors in Nevada will have to close their practices in the next two to six months because nobody’s going to doctors out of fear of Bat Plague. We already have a doctor shortage before any of them leave.

  8. Aaron

    They need a plan to bring back in the live entertainment. That’s half the reason I go… i guess we’ll know in a few weeks if they start dropping bodies in AZ, TX and FL. If that happens then I think Gov Sissy (and alot if his ilk) will try to shut Everything down again. I dont want to think about that scenario

    • Arnold Snyder

      Aaron, because half of Bat Plague tests are positive even on blood drawn from before Bat Plague existed, they will just keep going with the testing and the media screaming about rising numbers of cases.

      Once everyone working or going to hospitals for other procedures has been tested and that scam is over, they will start up the riots again.



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