Las Vegas’ First Sex Doll Brothel

Sex Doll in Las Vegas Brothel

At Las Vegas’ First Sex Doll Brothel

The First Sex Doll Brothel in the U.S.

Two years ago, we posted an article about a sex doll brothel opening in Barcelona. Barcelona prostitutes complained that the sex doll brothels were unfair competition and the brothel had to move.  But they remained open and, since then, sex doll brothels have opened all over Europe.

The first sex doll brothels in the world opened in Japan.  In North America, the first two sex doll brothels that I’m aware of opened in Canada (Toronto and Vancouver).  There are now so many sex doll brothels that there’s an entire website devoted to listing all the sex doll brothels around the world.

One thing you’ll notice if you check out that website is that there are no listings for sex doll brothels in the U.S.  An enterprising Canadian company tried to open one in Houston, but the local politicos freaked out and no one has had the nerve to try again.

Until now. 

The Stealth Sex Doll Brothel in Las Vegas

Sex Doll

What a Doll!

Las Vegas’ first sex doll brothel is up and running, but it’s not going to be easy for you to find. The owner, mindful of the headwinds the would-be sex doll brothel owner ran into in Houston, and unable to get clear advice from any Vegas lawyer, relies chiefly on word of mouth to find new customers.

That means you’re not going to see any billboards or flyers on the Strip featuring sex dolls in come-hither poses.  He currently rents doll time to personal friends and associates and their personal friends and associates and so on. It runs like a speakeasy during prohibition.

The rate: $150/hour. This is about the same rate as in Toronto’s Playmate Dolls brothel that charges $200 (Canadian) per hour, or $250 for an outcall. Yes, you can take one of the Toronto brothel dolls off property to your hotel or home but, for now at least, the dolls at the Vegas brothel are available in-house only.

The Vegas Brothel Dolls

Las Vegas Sex Doll Brothel

As Flexible as Any Other Girl

The Vegas brothel dolls are about 5’4″ tall, weigh about 100 pounds, and feel realistic, with soft skin and squeezable titties and asses (the breasts actually look and feel more realistic than silicone-enhanced human breasts).

The dolls are made of TPE, which stands for thermoplastic elastomer, over a metal skeleton.  The dolls’ joints all bend just like a human’s, so the dolls can be posed in any position a woman could take except for standing up.  You would need some kind of support, like a pillow, to pose a doll on her knees.

The hands and feet on the Vegas brothel dolls can’t hold a pose.  There are no joints in the fingers.  This is not the place to come for a sex doll hand job.  However, all three orifices are well-suited to sexual activity at a depth of about six inches.  They are actually realistic feeling, like human tissue.  You use a lubricant provided by the house.

Brothel Amenities

The brothel provides a certain number of costumes and lingerie-type garments, but you’re free to bring your own.  The brothel provides either a blonde or brunette wig.  Sorry, no pubic hair (although pubic hair is available on dolls through many sex doll companies).


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The brothel is spic and span (the owner has operated health spas before that required frequent health inspections and is meticulous in this regard).  The dolls are cleaned thoroughly with a special cleaning fluid, inside and out, after each customer.  The room for your doll encounter is completely private.

The friend who is operating Las Vegas’ only sex doll brothel is looking into getting a license for his business and I hope he succeeds. If he does, TVO will be the first place you’ll read about it.

You may also be interested in our article on Las Vegas brothels and escorts (with human women), complete with prices, photos, advice on negotiations, and reviews.

Note:  On November 29, 2019, another Vegas sex doll brothel opened to the public.  For full information, see our post on the Las Vegas Sex Dolls Experience.


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33 Responses to “Las Vegas’ First Sex Doll Brothel”

  1. Rory

    I think this is a GREAT idea!
    Guys get to release their urges…no female is assulted…

    I know some people are disgusted with the concept….but screw them! Would they prefer their daughter or niece be assulted?

    With this service, no one gets hurt.

    He’ll, let me know if you are looking for part time help!

  2. Darren

    @kyle Concerning your post dated February 5th, 2020
    in the comments section at
    I say to you this:

    If you need to use someone’s sexuality as a good enough reason for trying to put them down, it would seem like you are the one who needs to do some thinking about their life.

    The reason I went with the “I say to you this:” section is because I was trying to demonstrate the way to be respectful when presenting someone with a criticism. Ostensibly, that is. Really, I’m in verbal beat down mode.
    I started out with the attitude of having the moral high ground, and you needing to be taken down a notch. But then I realized that I was just trying to bully the bully. Had I really been sincere, I would’ve just said, “Having a sexuality that is aligned with your perception of some moral majority, does not give you permission to attack anyone whose sexuality differs.” Instead, I mocked you by imitating the flow of your sentence (“If you need to…” then you should…). Subtle, yet a dig nonetheless.
    So instead of going all passive-agressive and trying to get all fancy with the subtext (which you may or may not be able to understand), I’ll just be direct and say what I mean:

    Your holier-than-thou mindset is disgusting. that just means you cant get a G.E.D.

    (Well, I guess I can be direct AND have fun with “wirds”!)
    And one last thing. You do realize that when you write:


    each letter represents a word, right? So you are basically saying:


    Let me guess, you voted for twittler. (Need ‘splainin’? OK, see “twittler” is a portmanteau of “twitter” and… Ooops, SILLY ME!!!! How’s this:

    OK… now… Donny, see, he… uhhh… like, he like to do tweeting, right? Yeah! Huh-hu… ya… And, Donny, see, uuuhhhhhh… yeah-uh (duuhhhh) he also does and says alot of stuff like Hitler wood do. (huh-hu) And so, like, uh, oh yeah… You mash up the “twitter” and the “Hitler”, and… yoo gits yerself… uh, oh yeah, you get TWITTLER!! (he-he)

    P.S. You don’t believe all the lies about my sharona virus do you? ‘Course not. So right after you open everything up, throw yourself a block party and welcome everyone back with a nice big hug! TOODLES!!!!

    (You haven’t skewered me with the insight that I’ve reduced myself to your level by spewing hate and what a hypocrite etc etc etc blah blah blah. I don’t deny it, I INDULGE IN IT!!!! Why? Because I don’t fivva guck!!!! (and ain’t nobody gunna force me to take any meds)

    (MIC DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  3. kyle

    if you need to fuck a doll, reevaluate your whole god damn life. This is disgusting. that just means you cant get a girl LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO

  4. Jay

    Arnold I still haven’t heard back about the first place? I’ve emailed as well. Please do send me that contact info as well. I’ve been to lvsexdolls experience And it was good. Wanted to visit the First place you mentioned now.

  5. Jay

    Just went to the linked lv sex dolls experience. It was as advertised. Clean and had two choices of room. Both private. I picked the bedroom. Porn was playing on the tv and there was two dolls there. Outfits as requested. Had a good time. Great chance to try one out. She said there would be more dolls coming.

  6. Brian

    You’re welcome Arnold. Happy to help in return for all the great info you give us.

  7. Jay

    Arnold is that the site for the person you mentioned or a different place? I never heard back from your friend. I’m really interested and have been for quite some time. Thanks

      • Jay

        Arnold the website the gentleman linked, (thanks by the way) was a place that used to have a sex doll brothel in the past. Had a couple rooms and quite a few different dolls. Was a good spot. Trouble free and clean. I’ll let you know how it is, as I should be visiting tomorrow. If you have time, email me directly so we can exchange contact info. I’ll give you my thoughts on how it is with it reopening.

  8. Legal Brothel Worker

    If this is true I hope he does not get a license. Even though it’s only dolls they are still selling sex acts which is illegal if real brothels with real women can’t have a brothel in Clark County neither should he. That is unfair and I will personally set up protest with the other Legal Courtesans in the area, in front of his establishment with picket signs … I’d go as far as even suing Clark Country for allowing it. We are banned from advertising and it would be hypocritical to allow a sex doll brothel but not a real one. We literally can’t even use the word “brothel” in any advertisements, Not allowed billboards, no cards on the strip. NOTHING. Complete advertisement ban, and I’m pretty sure his business will fall under that ban. It would be unfair to allow him to get a license for a doll brothel but not allow a real brothel with real women. They should make him put his brothel way the fuck out in Nye County like the rest of the brothels selling sex. Just because it’s a doll doesn’t mean the business wouldn’t be soliciting sex acts for money. Your friend better watch out because us Legal brothel workers won’t take to this too kindly and it won’t happen easy I can guarantee it . I will not stay silent I will write letters to all the politicians if I have to because it’s just not fair

    • Joe

      Sounds like someone’s a little scared of competition!! Better lower your exorbitant prices or get replaced by a doll.

    • Eris Lee

      You are right! If they allow this, def should allow authentic brothels with sentient servicers. I think it would be great to have both options.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Eris Lee: To my knowldge, that sex doll brothel was closed by the county and has not reopened. Don’t expect regular legal brothels with full service to open until all of the restrictions in NV are lifted. In Northern NV, some of the brothels allow off-site escorts for non-sexual encounters, but I believe masks and social distancing are required.

  9. Arnold Snyder

    Jay, Mike and others interested in the Vegas sex doll brothel, I have passed along your interest to the owner, who is looking into getting his license. Will pass on info about the location, etc. as soon as I have his permission.

    • Jay

      Also interested in contact details to visit the brothel. Very interested in the type of dolls etc.



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