Las Vegas Massage Parlors – Quick Tips

How to Avoid Vegas Massage Parlor Clip Joints

Our Las Vegas massage parlor blogger today is a local writer who’s been going to Vegas massage parlors for 20 years and has seen it all.

Here are some quick tips on what to expect at Vegas massage parlors and on how you can avoid the places that specialize in skinning tourists.

Vegas Massage Prices

The standard cost is usually $60 up front, but can range from $50 – $70, which covers a one-hour massage (no extras).  A hand job is usually an extra $60-$70 but in an honest place this will not be offered up front. If you find yourself being quoted prices higher than $70 up front, like hundreds of dollars–get out fast.  That’s a clip joint.


Don’t ask a cabbie for advice, or allow a cabbie to persuade you to go to his “favorite place.”  A clip joint will pay a cabbie a big head fee (up to $100 to $200) for bringing them a customer. Nuff said.

The Way It Works at Vegas Massage Parlors

If the person at the front desk starts asking if you want “full service,” or implies that a much more satisfying experience is available (wink wink), or even starts blatantly offering sexual services, get out. This is not the way honest massage parlors work in Vegas. At an honest place, you’ll either be offered a hand job or you won’t during the actual massage.

The Masseuses

Honest massage parlors in Vegas feature actual skilled masseuses, mostly attractive to ordinary-looking Chinese women in their 30s and 40s who don’t speak much English.  Vegas locals of all ages and all walks of life go to them strictly for therapeutic massage.  If you try to talk sex at the front desk, the other locals in the room will cringe and the person at the desk will suspect you’re a vice cop.

For Guaranteed Sex with Your Massage

If what you are really looking for is a guaranteed full sexual experience with a hot young girl, go to one of the legal brothels in Pahrump, an hour’s drive from Las Vegas.

You can select the girl of your choice out of the line-up, and you can get a massage with a basic happy ending there for close to the house minimum, which means roughly the same as you’d pay at a Vegas massage parlor.

A nuru massage, in which the girl of your choice oils up and slides all over you, will cost more.

For more information, see “Las Vegas Area Brothels and Escorts – A Guide,” and “Sheri’s Ranch – An Undercover Brothel Review.”


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