Las Vegas Sex Doll Brothel Opens to the Public

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Las Vegas Sex Dolls Experience

Sex Doll

Dolls at the Vegas Sex Doll Experience Come with Your Choice of Wig and Outfit

If you’re looking for a legal place in Las Vegas where you can rent a sex doll by the hour and play with it in a private bedroom, the Las Vegas Sex Dolls Experience is now open for business to the general public (age 18+).

I visited the place yesterday, got a tour of the premises, and had my questions answered by Rembrandt and Sage, the proprietors, so I can verify that this is real. They opened for business on November 29, 2019 and they are open six days a week (closed Sundays).

The establishment is clean and comfortable, with an ambience that reminded me of hippie pads in the 1960s and ’70s — very colorful, with wild patterns everywhere and plenty of crazy lamps, posters, murals and art.

It works a lot like paying for a prostitute in the legal Las Vegas area brothels except prices are a lot lower and the sex dolls never say no. 

The Sex Doll Brothel Menu

Sex Doll Experience Bedroom

Sex Doll in One of the Brothel Bedrooms

Right now, there are three dolls available, all super curvy, though more will be available in the near future with a range of body types and skin colors (black and Asian sex dolls will be available soon).

There are numerous outfits available for the dolls, including nurse and schoolgirl outfits and a variety of lingerie. You can also specify hair color.

Any of the dolls can also be fitted with a male sex organ if you’re in the mood for a shemale. One of the dolls available now is equipped with a “voice” that oohs and aahs when you penetrate her.

Every doll is thoroughly cleaned between customers, as are the rooms, bedding, etc., as necessary.  The establishment provides free condoms and you are encouraged, but not required, to use one.

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The brothel’s sex dolls are also available for sale, should you fall in love and want to take one home.

For a complete description of how sex dolls can be used and what they feel like, see our post on Las Vegas’ First Sex Doll Brothel.

How Private Is It?

Sex Doll Experience Bedroom

Another Bedroom

The room options include various fully-furnished bedrooms or a dungeon with an adult-sized cage, a St. Andrews cross, and a pillory (the wooden thing with holes for your head and hands) that the Marquis de Sade would be proud to call his own.

All of the rooms have real doors you can close for total privacy.

There are no surveillance cameras watching or recording what happens in the rooms. All of the rooms have video screens so that you can watch porn, if desired, while you play with your doll.

Brothel Cost, Hours, Location

Sex Doll Experience Dungeon

Dungeon at the Las Vegas Sex Dolls Experience

The rental price of a doll is $150 an hour, though the proprietors encourage customers to ask about specials as there may be better deals available on some days or at off-hours. Since this is a new business, prices may fluctuate for a while. There are no extra costs for outfits, wigs, accessories, lube, condoms, etc., all of which are provided. There are no added costs for whichever room you choose.

Hours of operation are Monday through Wednesday, 10 am to close (flexible for now); 10 am to 6 pm Thursday through Saturday, and closed Sundays. There are no evening hours available on weekends for now because the Sex Dolls Experience is renting The Studios, an established Las Vegas social club that is open Thursday through Sunday evenings.

The Sex Dolls Experience is not affiliated with The Studios, but is simply renting the premises. The Studios is a popular swingers/lifestyle and LGBTQ social center with regularly-scheduled events and parties. The Sex Dolls Experience has full use of the premises at all other times.


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The Studios are located at 5150 S Pecos Rd, Las Vegas, a few miles east of the Strip and half a mile south of Tropicana. If you’re driving south down Pecos from Tropicana, you can’t miss it on the left, as The Studios sign is prominent.

If you’re interested in checking out this place, my advice would be to call them at 702-704-9300 to make an appointment. If you already know you want a doll experience, you can also make a reservation for a doll and room at the Las Vegas Sex Dolls Experience website, with a nonrefundable $50 deposit.

Right now, dolls are only available for use on the premises.  Sorry, guys, no outcalls.

With Las Vegas escort prices running over $500 for 30 minutes or less, I suspect this business will do very well.

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9 Responses to “Las Vegas Sex Doll Brothel Opens to the Public”

    • Scott

      It was at a swing club called The Studio. The Studio is now called Club 5150. Club 5150 is located at 5150 S Pecos Rd, Las Vegas, a few miles east of the Strip and half a mile south of Tropicana. If you’re driving south down Pecos from Tropicana, you can’t miss it on the left, as the club sign is prominent.

      If you’re interested in checking out this place, my advice would be to call them at 702-305-5100 to see if they are still affiliated with the Sex Doll people.

      Sorry, guys, no outcalls.

  1. Geno

    Hey I’m coming into town for a few days in early April and was wondering if the sex doll brothel, or similar options, are still available. I’m guessing this particular location is a “no” due to the articles I’ve read about shutting it down and also the pandemic being a factor. I would really like to do this.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jeremy, they are still operating at the same location, although they’re looking for a location of their own where they can operate more hours. They hope to move within the next week or two.

      They have to fine tune what they say about the business but they haven’t broken any laws and aren’t in any trouble. I expect to be posting more about them soon.



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