Las Vegas Strip Club VIP Rooms — Price & Privacy Guide

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PantiesVIP rooms in Las Vegas strip clubs are expensive. Some are worth every penny. Some are rip-offs. Some of the less expensive options are among the best rooms in town for privacy, comfort and dancer selection. And some of the most expensive are duds.

Few visitors to Vegas strip clubs, including those who visit regularly, realize how greatly the VIP room prices differ from one club to another.

In this survey, I’m going to cover all of the VIP options at the major Las Vegas strip clubs and even a few of the lesser known locals’ strip clubs. I’ll describe the rooms, the amount of comfort and privacy they offer, and give you charts of the full costs of the rooms to make it easy for you to comparison shop for the best experience and the best deal.

I’ll also tell you when and how you can negotiate for a better price.  Read on for a discussion of the different types of VIP (group VIP vs. private room) or skip straight to the comparison charts.

The VIP Room Privacy Factor

Every Las Vegas strip club has one or more VIP rooms.  VIP rooms come in two basic types. Briefly:

1. The Group VIP was once the most common type of Vegas strip club VIP room. This is essentially a big room where multiple dancers entertain multiple customers. The seating may be standard lap dance chairs, couches, or booths, but there’s no real privacy from other customers, dancers, bouncers or other club personnel.  Everyone can see everyone else.

2. The Private 1-on-1 VIP Room is designed for a customer to be alone with a dancer. These are rooms with four walls and some kind of doorway.  The doorway may be open or it may have a door you can close or a curtain you can draw across the opening.


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These private 1-on-1 rooms may be grouped in a big room (most common) or lined up down private hallways (Little Darlings) that afford additional privacy. The rooms are generally furnished with a comfortable couch or bed and sometimes a small table and lamp, but not much else.

Some clubs offer private VIP rooms with special amenities.  For example, Sapphire offers a private karaoke room.  You may also find video monitors, individual lighting and sound controls, windows overlooking the club’s main stage, and other amenities.  (See my review of Vegas’s most luxurious private VIP rooms.)

And a few Vegas strip clubs offer some larger private VIPs for small groups like bachelor parties.

The Price of Privacy

BraThe trend in Vegas strip clubs over the past ten years has been away from the old group VIP rooms in favor of more private 1-on-1 cubicles or rooms. Most clubs now offer at least a few private options, usually for a higher price than their group VIP.

That’s because the clubs have realized that guys are willing to pay more for privacy.

Clubs that have both a group VIP and private VIP rooms charge a higher hourly fee and/or bar tab and/or time requirement in the private VIP. And drinks for the drink requirement in any of the VIP rooms are generally more expensive than drinks in the main club showroom.

With a few exceptions, most of the clubs in town will quote you a price for their group and private VIPs that sounds similar to the prices at other clubs. But the actual price varies widely between clubs because of the bar tab effect.

For example, both Babes and Crazy Horse III will quote you a price of $400 for an hour with a dancer in one of their curtained cubicle VIP rooms. Both clubs’ rooms are very private and comfortable and similar in size.

But Babes’ price includes two drinks, while Crazy Horse III requires a $475 bar tab in addition to the $400 charge for the room. So the actual price is $400 at Babes vs. $875 at Crazy Horse III.

The point is, if you just look at quoted VIP room prices, you may not be getting a fair comparison.  The charts below show the full cost of each club’s VIP, with a breakdown of the room and liquor charges.

My Strategy for When to Pay for the VIP and When to Save My Money

My view is that there’s no reason to spring for the VIP unless you’re getting something for the extra cost. The benefit I expect when I pay for the VIP is privacy.

So I won’t pay for a group VIP even at clubs I like, because there’s no more privacy in a group VIP than on the main floor.

At a lot of Vegas strip clubs with group VIPs, the dancer will tell you that she can give you a much better dance in the VIP, or that club policy allows no touching outside the VIP.

But that’s no reason to spring for a group VIP, because there are plenty of strip clubs where you can get hot lap dances whether you pay for the VIP or not. See where to go for high mileage in Vegas.

At clubs with private 1-on-1 VIP rooms, I may pay for the VIP because I find the privacy enhances the experience for me.

Keeping all this in mind, here are the Vegas strip clubs’ current VIP options and prices in a series of simple comparison charts.

Vegas Strip Club VIP Room Cost Comparison Charts

The Cost of a 10- to 15-Minute VIP Room Dance

In most cases, the VIP rate is actually based on three songs, not 10 minutes. But I’ve stop-watched enough clubs to know that with the DJ jabbering between songs, three songs generally takes slightly more than 10 minutes to play out.

Private Rooms – 10 to 15 Minutes – Good to Excellent Privacy


Crazy Horse III 100 10 minutes, open-doored booths grouped in a larger room
Palomino Club 100

10 minutes, curtained door, private booths inside larger VIP, outstanding dancer selection, fully nude

Talk of the Town 100 10 minutes, curtained rooms
Babes 120 10 minutes, includes 2 drinks; curtained cubicles are in private hall
Little Darlings 125 15 minutes in private room with small sofa or chairs.  Open doorway.  Fully-nude.
Girl Collection 150 10 minutes, smoked-glass door.
Deja Vu Showgirls 180 15 minutes in a private booth with a sofa or bed and door.  Includes two drinks (actual price is $150 plus drink cost, dependent on what you’re drinking).

Babes is a locals club with a smaller selection of dancers than the other clubs.

Babes, Crazy Horse III and Deja Vu are topless while Palomino, Talk of the Town, and Little Darlings are fully nude.

Palomino Club (club review / club website) has the edge for full privacy, great deal, and its outstanding dancer selection.

Group VIP Room – 10 to 15 Minutes

Deja Vu Showgirls 90 10 minutes
Cheetahs 100 10 minutes
Play It Again Sam 100 10 minutes, includes 2 drinks (locals bar, few dancers)
Hustler 140 10 minutes
Spearmint Rhino 140 10 minutes. Includes $40 alcohol
Centerfolds 140 10 minutes, includes $40 alcohol
Sapphire 150 10 minutes. Includes $50 alcohol
Treasures 140 10 minutes. Includes $40 alcohol
Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection 140 10 minutes. Includes $40 alcohol.
Sophia’s 160 15 minutes (includes 2 drinks)

Most clubs with the 3-dances-for-$100 option allow these dances only in group VIP rooms.  And when a club tacks on a $40 booze charge, you won’t get as much alcohol for your money as you will out on the main floor.

The exception is Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection (club review), the first black gentlemen’s ultra lounge.  At Girl Collection, a lap dance is $40, while the VIP gets you 10 minutes plus two drinks for only $140.

Also, at some of the clubs in this chart, the group VIPs are not only not private, they are also too brightly lit.  For a club where the group VIP is pleasantly dark, choose Sapphire (club review / club website), Treasures (club review / club website), Rhino or Cheetahs, all high-mileage topless clubs.  At Centerfolds the VIP is dark because it’s a railed-off, elevated open area at the side of the main showroom, which is dark.  Centerfolds is a low-mileage club.

Best Value on the 10- to 15-Minute VIP Room Dances

I consider 10 to 15 minutes the ideal amount of time for a trial private show with a new dancer.

You can enjoy a slow private striptease and take your time exploring the dancer’s body close up, but you’re not stuck for an hour if the chemistry turns out not to be right.  And at the clubs in the top chart, you can have this private-room experience for roughly the same price as 10 minutes in the group VIP at most of the major Vegas strip clubs.


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For the best deal on shorter fully-private shows, I like the 10-minute nude private show at Palomino Club (club review / club website).  The dances are fully nude, the dances are high mileage, the privacy is complete, and the dancer selection at this club is outstanding.

Sapphire (club review / club website) is a stand-out as a club that offers some privacy even for a $20 lap dance on the main floor. The club is simply so large that it’s easy for a dancer to take you to some hidden nook or cranny.  You get a lot of lap dance on the main floor at Sapphire, and the selection is unsurpassed in Vegas.

Treasures (club review / club website)is another club with dark nooks upstairs where the dancers can take you for complete privacy. And the 9s and 10s that populate this club give the highest mileage in town.

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection (club review) is a stand-out as a black strip club where the ultra-luxe VIP is actually a better deal than dances on the main floor.

The Cost of a 30-Minute VIP Room Dance

Let’s look at the 30-minute VIP dance costs in the private and group Vegas strip club VIP rooms. There are more clubs with private VIP room offerings in this category.

Private Rooms – 30 Minutes – Good to Excellent Privacy

Talk of the Town 200 Curtained booth is in main room, near entrance.  Fully nude.
Crazy Horse III 240 Open-doored room in larger room, includes $40 alcohol
Babes 250 Curtained room is in private hall, includes 2 drinks
Little Darlings 250 30 minutes in a private bedroom with full-sized bed, open doorway.
Play It Again Sam 250 Open-doored room, includes 4 drinks
Palomino Club 250

Fully-private booth with small sofa and opaque-curtained door within larger VIP room, fully nude, outstanding dancer selection

Deja Vu Showgirls 300 30 minutes in a private booth with sofa or bed, plus door.  Includes $50 mini bottle.
Cheetahs 300+ Open-doored booth in larger room. You’re required to buy a bottle of champagne in addition to the $300.
Palomino Club 350

30 minutes in an elegant private bedroom with an opaque-curtained door, your choice of couch or full-sized bed, includes $100 alcohol.  Fully-nude, outstanding dancer selection.

Hustler Club 460 30 minutes in private room with door you can close, includes a bottle
Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection 500 Sliding smoked-glass door.  Includes a bottle or champagne.

Palomino Club’s $350 for 30 minutes in a large private bedroom is a good deal, as it includes $100 in alcohol and is for a fully-private, high-mileage, fully-nude show.  Palomino features 130+ outstanding dancers at peak hours (club review / club website).

Or you could go with the $250 curtained room with no bar tab at Palomino and save $100.  The room includes a small but comfy sofa and an opaque curtain covering the doorway.  The show is high-mileage and fully nude, and again, the dancer selection is outstanding.

Group VIP Room – 30 Minutes

Spearmint Rhino 240 Includes $40 alcohol
Hustler 260
Sophia’s 300 Includes 3 drinks
Treasures 335

Treasures is famous for the best privacy of all the group VIPs in Las Vegas.  Because of the division of the room into booths and careful management by the VIP host, you are never looking at another guy.  Excellent dancer selection, outstanding mileage.  Includes $75 alcohol

Sapphire 375 Includes $75 alcohol
Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection 400 Includes $200 bottle.
Centerfolds 600 Includes $300 alcohol (Very dark, diaphanous curtains divide area)

I’m astonished at the prices Vegas clubs charge for a group VIP.

Still, there is one club that is a stand-out for privacy in this category, and that’s Treasures.  The club’s luxurious VIP is divided into so many smaller rooms and subdivisions within rooms that you are never looking at another guy.  As a result, the mileage is outstanding.  Plus the VIP is the darkest in Las Vegas and filled with big, luxurious arm chairs and creature comforts.

Centerfolds has the second darkest of the group VIPs and you can pull a diaphanous curtain for a little more feeling of privacy.

Best Value on the 30-Minute VIP Room Dances

The price at Talk of the Town and Little Darlings (both nude clubs) is nice, but these clubs don’t have the dancer selection of Palomino Club.

At Palomino Club (club review / club website), you can save money by opting for the smaller curtained booth at $250, but if you’d be drinking $100 in alcohol anyway, a $350 nude show in one of the club’s private bedrooms lets you get exceptionally comfortable with a dancer.  It’s the closest you can legally get to sex in a Vegas strip club.  Again, the dancer selection at Palomino Club is outstanding,with 130+ first-rate dancers at peak hours.

And Treasures (club review/ club website), the most luxurious gentlemen’s club in Vegas, offers the best combo of high-mileage, privacy, creature comforts and dancer selection of the major Las Vegas topless clubs for a 30-minute VIP dance.

The Cost of a 60-Minute VIP Room Dance

Finally, Sapphire (club review / club website) gets into the max privacy act.  Sapphire has the most elegant 1-on-1 private rooms in town, as well as private rooms that are large enough to accommodate bachelor parties and other groups. (See the Sapphire web site for VIP group party deals.)

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection (club review), a black strip club, has sensual, high-end private party rooms big enough for groups as well.

But in this report I’m focusing on 1-on-1 rooms. Let’s see how they stack up.

Private Rooms – 60 Minutes – Good to Excellent Privacy

Little Darlings 400 Private room with full-sized bed, open doorway
Talk of the Town 400 Curtained room in main room near entrance
Babes 450 Curtained room, includes 2 drinks
Play It Again Sam 450 Open-doored room, includes 4 drinks
Palomino Club 450

Private booth with opaque-curtained door and small sofa in VIP, fully nude.  Outstanding dancer selection.

Cheetahs ? Open-doored booth in VIP.  New management.  Have to get the new price.
Crazy Horse III 480 Open-doored room in VIP, includes $80 alcohol
Deja Vu Showgirls 600 Private booth with sofa or bed, plus door.  Includes $100 bottle.
Palomino Club 600

Private couch room or bedroom with opaque-curtained door, includes $150 alcohol, fully nude, outstanding dancer selection.

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection 700 Sliding smoked-glass door. Includes $350 in bottles or champagne.
Sapphire 700 Open-doored rooms in VIP, includes $300 alcohol
Hustler 740 Private room with door you can close, includes bottle
Spearmint Rhino 775 Curtained room in VIP, includes $375 alcohol
Sapphire 800

Skybox private room with door you can close behind you, includes $300 alcohol. Unsurpassed elegance, privacy & service, largest selection of dancers in Vegas.

Sophia’s 800 Private room with door you can close, about 1 step below Sapphire Skyboxes in elegance, includes bottle.  But the dancer selection is nowhere near Sapphire.
Crazy Horse III 875 Curtained rooms in VIP, includes $475 alcohol
Spearmint Rhino 900 Private couch room, more basic than Sapphire’s Skyboxes.  No door.  Includes $500 bottle.
Centerfold’s 1500 Outrageous price! Private “Blackout Room” with curtained doorway, more basic than Sapphire’s Skyboxes or Sophia’s rooms.  Includes $500 bottle.

Little Darlings, Talk of the Town and Palomino are nude clubs; the other clubs in this chart are topless.

At Palomino Club (club review / club website), you can save money by opting for the smaller curtained room ($450, with no extra bar tab), which means you could spend two hours with beautiful naked dancers for roughly the same price as only one hour at Crazy Horse III.  Now I know what I’m going to ask my wife to get me for Christmas.

Sapphire (club review / club website) is the high-mileage topless clubs to go to when you really want to treat yourself with unsurpassed service and elegance.  Sapphire’s Skyboxes are the largest and most elegant private rooms in the Vegas strip clubs and come with a door you can close behind you for only $800.

Sapphire features 400+ dancers.

Note that you can get two superior Sapphire Skybox  dances for roughly the same price as one hour at the grossly-overpriced Centerfolds.

Group VIP Room – 60 Minutes

Hustler 475
Spearmint Rhino 500 Includes $100 alcohol
Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection 600 Includes $300 bottle or champagne.
Sophia’s 600  Includes 5 drinks
Treasures 650

Includes $150 alcohol.  The clear winner in this group for privacy, darkness, high mileage, creature comforts and dancer selection.

Centerfolds 900 Includes $300 alcohol.  Diaphanous curtains you can pull for a little more privacy.

Of the five clubs on this chart, one of them—Treasures—is the clear winner for privacy, high-mileage, darkness, creature comforts and dancer selection at the 60-minute VIP dance level, surpassed only by Sapphire Skybox dances and Palomino’s private bedroom dances.

Centerfolds is overpriced, making its money mostly on Hard Rock tourists across the street don’t realize they can catch a free limo to better, less expensive clubs.

Best Value on the 60-Minute VIP Room Dances

If you’re treating yourself to a 60-minute VIP dance, Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection (club review) charges only $100 more for a private room than the group VIP.  A no-brainer.

And nobody touches Sapphire (club review / club website) for privacy, roominess and elegance in their private rooms.  Sapphire Skyboxes have beautiful one-way views of the club below and real doors you can close behind you.

Isn’t it time you treated yourself?

Can You Negotiate a Better Price?

It used to be that clubs disallowed dancers from negotiating VIP room prices because this was one of the ways dancers had been stung by cops on phony prostitution charges.

Now it’s a good idea to know the going rates at a club so you don’t find yourself overpaying.  Las Vegas dancers are independent contractors, and in theory they can ask for whatever price they want.

See my post How to Negotiate Prices in a Vegas Strip Club for the best way to start the conversation over private dance prices in order to get both the club’s best price and the dancer’s best performance.

Remember, regardless of what you pay the dancer, she still has to pay the house the same amount for the room “rental,” and she has to tip out the bouncer and host and cover the same house fee. If a dancer quotes the house rate, I wouldn’t try to talk her down.

Negotiating with the House

Pro Tip:  Where you can negotiate is with the club manager on the bar tab requirement, especially for the higher-end bar tabs and especially if the club is not crowded and the rooms you are interested in are unoccupied.  During off hours, you might get $100 or more taken off a high-end bar tab requirement. This is Vegas and you can often get what you ask for. But remember, the dancer can’t make this deal and the VIP room host may not be able to. Talk to a manager if the host can’t help you.

Other Articles You May Be Interested In

Sometimes you run into a dancer who quotes you a price different from the official club price for a lap dance or private show. To be prepared, see How to Negotiate Prices in Vegas Strip Clubs.


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115 Responses to “Las Vegas Strip Club VIP Rooms — Price & Privacy Guide”

  1. KJ

    Arnold, are the VIP rates still the same? If not, what are the current rates?

    • Arnold Snyder

      KJ: Rates on VIP rooms are mostly the same in most clubs from reports I’m getting. I’ve had a few complaints that some dancers are charging more than the “old standard” rates, but I got occasional complaints like that even before the pandemic and shutdown. Since the dancers are independent contractors, you’ve always had to verify what they charge before agreeing to any specific amount of time in the VIP.

      • John

        Are VIP prices (including bar tab requirements) currently the same as mentioned in this article?

        • Scott

          No …. the White House told me personally that Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine is impacting energy, food and private dance prices!

          Seriously .. let’s get something straight amongst us girls… prices never were fixed, they are not now, and they will not be in the future. That’s not to say prices get posted and quoted all the time …. they do. It’s just that they change based on supply and demand.

          Las Vegas strip clubs are NOT Car Max.
          Everything is negotiable.

          My advice is to use those prices as a ballpark of where each club is relative to the others …. and negotiate down from those 2019 prices. 2019 was the glory days of a hot economy, cheap travel, fearless guys, and America feeling great.

          I miss 2019 myself friends.

  2. Jordan

    Thanks Arnold. I hadn’t thought about it before really because when you’re there the atmosphere is a huge party but the servers etc… probably see it in a different way and keep track. I had one experience one time in the past that gave me some anxiety from that standpoint… had to find my receipt to keep from getting kicked out of my table one time because I couldn’t remember my servers name(in my defense there were about 4 names Jess haha just with different letter after their name) it took some time to get it sorted out and took away from the experience… but I’ve been probably 10 times and the rest of them have been excellent. I will tell and tip the server when I go. And for everyone else, make sure someone in your group remembers the servers name haha…seems obvious but with alcohol and tits everywhere it’s slightly more difficult. Thanks for the advice!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jordan, good advice to everyone to remember your server’s name and tip the server when you tell her you’ll be returning to your table after the VIP.

  3. Jordan

    If you are going alone to sapphire and you buy a VIP65 or 99 package, what’s the best way to save your table while you go to the VIP so that it hasn’t been given away when you get back… a bathroom run is one thing but I keep having that nagging thought that I’m gonna have started a tab(given my ID and card to the server) and then my table be given away while I’m gone, with me left To try and find the server after, if I can remember who she is, to sort things out (likely slightly drunk hahaha). I’m only talking like the 15 minute VIP also, nothing longer really… any thoughts or tips? Does this concern others or am I just anxious for no reason? Thanks in advance.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jordan, don’t worry about this. I usually just tell the cocktail waitress I’m going to the VIP, but if you prefer, you can tell the host you’re going to the VIP and want to make sure your table and drink tab will still be there when you get back.

      Then the host will tell the cocktail waitress.

      Ask your dancer to help you find the host or cocktail waitress.

      Remember, the VIP is full of guys with reserved tables and half-used drink tabs all night long every night. The clubs learned to deal with this long ago.

      The only way you will have a problem is if you forget to tell your cocktail waitress or host you’re returning. Also, don’t leave valuables on the table. I’ve heard of things getting stolen when guys left valuables on the table to indicate they would be returning instead of telling the cocktail waitress.

  4. Raz


    You previously mentioned that treasures dancers set their own price but what would be a good price breakdown for the 15 min group vip at treasures? The comparison chart only lists the 10 min dances.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Raz, I always use Sapphire as my guide to a fair standard price. It’s a top club with top dancers who give high mileage so I don’t see why I should pay more anywhere else.

      I know I can get a 60-minute Sapphire Skybox dance for $800 and the dancer gets $400 of that.

      At Sapphire, a 30-minute group VIP dance is $375 and the dancer gets $300. So I consider $250 to $300 for the dancer fair for 30 minutes.

      At Sapphire, 10 minutes in the VIP is $150 with $100 for the dancer, so a 15-minute VIP dance should be $150ish for the dancer.

      That should be the rough price in your mind and you take it from there. Maybe you’ll pay more if the dancer has just spent an hour flirting with you in your lap, and you’ve only paid her for a single lap dance. Maybe you’ll pay more if the girl is just really fantastically hot and you can’t resist her.

      But know the Sapphire price so you don’t assume an outlandish price quote is the norm.

      Be sure to check with the dancer in advance what the bar tab will be. She doesn’t control that, but she should know it.

  5. Raz

    Hi Arnold,

    I’m headed to Vegas mid March during the first week of March madness. Trying to decide between treasures or sapphire on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Going solo, looking for high mileage and to get several $20 dances plus a couple group vip dances. Which club has better variety and which night would be best / have more ladies? For those group vips, what should be the price range? Based on some another review it sounds like price has changed?? Sounds like it’s around $150 for 10 minutes (alcohol included) and about $350 for 30 minutes (alcohol included). Would tipping $20 to door guy and $20 to dancer be enough?Just want to make sure I don’t get hustled and get the most bang for my buck. Also, how do the $20 dances on the main floor work? Find it kinda odd getting a dance in an open space while everyone around me is watching. Is it still high mileage?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Raz, March Madness always brings people to town so both clubs should be busy both nights, though Wednesday tends to be the most common day off for top dancers in the clubs. So if you’re going only one night, I’d go Thursday.

      Sapphire always has the most dancers of all of the Vegas strip clubs, with peak hours starting at about 10 pm, but Treasures will have a good selection of dancers at their peak hours too (the closer to midnight the better at Treasures). If you stay at Sapphire four hours, you’ll probably see 200 dancers. More like 100 at Treasures.

      Sapphire’s VIP dance prices will be exactly as listed in our VIP dance price charts. Treasures VIP dance prices are much more variable. Different dancers may quote VIP prices a couple of hundred dollars different from each other even for a 30-minute dance. But don’t hesitate to negotiate over those prices. If you go to Treasures, take a look at the dance prices at Sapphire and think in terms of negotiating down to that.

      Also Treasures will charge a higher bar tab in the VIP and I can’t be sure what that charge will be. (Note: the dancer can’t negotiate over the bar tab. Make sure you know what that will be at Treasures before you agree to a VIP dance.)

      Both have an outstanding high-mileage lap dance scene on the main floor. Just watch out at Treasures for a few dancers who have been doing the short lap dance hustle (they may have moved on by now). In general, never let a dancer in any Vegas strip club start a lap dance in the middle of a song. Always wait for the start of the next song. Nice dancers will do that automatically, usually waiting for the next song in your lap.

      Tipping $20 to the VIP door guy (so the dancer doesn’t have to) is not required but a very nice thing to do. That in itself is a tip for the dancer, but if a dance has been outstanding, another $20 to her is very nice.

      Both clubs are very dark, with Treasures the darkest club in town, so even lap dances on the main floor have a good feeling of privacy. Believe me, everyone around you will have a girl in his lap with her titties in his face and no one will be watching you.

      The mileage is insanely high at both clubs, including for lap dances on the main floor, though Treasures may have a slight edge on this. See this trip report on the Treasures review page. I can confirm every word. But I don’t think there’s any way you could emerge from Sapphire complaining about the mileage. I’ve had friends get actually shocked the first time they walked into the club.

      Plan to pay for all dances with cash. If you pay for dances with a credit card, Vegas strip clubs add a 20% surcharge.

      And watch out for the club vulture no matter where you go! That’s the most aggressive dancer in the club, usually one of the less attractive, who tends to latch onto a new guy the moment he arrives and is hard to get rid of. The club vulture will often suggest you buy her a drink. Just say no and get rid of her so all the nice beautiful girls can approach.

      I think you’ll have a great time.

  6. J

    Thanks for the excellent summary. My wife and I recently went to Palominos. It was our first time going to a strip club. We did 2 VIP booth dances, with 2 different girls. In both cases, we purchased additional songs. Both women were incredible (with each of them having providing a different experience to my wife).

    We then asked girl #2 for the VIP (champagne?) room. This was the private room (not the booth). It had a very large couch in it. We did 60 minutes. She charged us $1,000. There was also a required $300 bottle fee. Of course, there was a additional tip to the house/bouncers, as well as to the girl after our 60 minutes were completed.

    Based on your summary, we were charged above the market rate. At least, I felt like we were being overcharged a bit. They knew that we were/are newbies. I’m not too concerned about it. It was an absolutely incredible couples experience and we wouldn’t change a thing about that night. We enjoyed paying for the experience that we received. However, i won’t be overcharged the next time that we do this.

    Any feedback, on our experience, would be appreciated. Did we overpay? How should we address this the next time? Any guidelines on the pricing to hire 2 girls for a 60 minute VIP room (with a couch/bed) at Palominos? Thank you.

    • Arnold Snyder

      J, there are a number of dancers at Palomino who charge $2000 for a 60-minute private bedroom dance. You picked one who charged $1000, which is significantly higher than the average but far below what some girls are charging. It sounds like she was great.

      So I wouldn’t say you overpaid, because many of the dancers I know who charge these rates are just spectacular. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. However, if you’d like to pay less next time, it’s usually easy to find many gorgeous and wonderful dancers who will spoil you for much less. For example, Couple from Phoenix got a 30-minute private bedroom dance for $250 plus a $100 bottle fee last summer (read here) from a dancer they considered the most beautiful woman in the club.

      They got the same price the next night from another dancer who was their absolute favorite of all the dancers they saw in three nights at the club.

      Any dancer’s rates may go up a bit during a big convention or on Friday or Saturday night at peak hours. Still, I’d start your negotiations down at around $400 for an hour for the dancer’s fee (not counting the bar tab) or a bit higher rate for a 30-minute dance.

      Here are some bargaining tips. Next time you go, look at the rates we list for the different dances at each club and calculate the amount the dancer gets (the amount after you subtract the bar tab). Then, when you find a girl you want to do a private bedroom dance with, say “We’d love a 60-minute private bedroom dance. Is the price still X?” and mention the price from our chart. (Note: If you got charged a $300 bottle fee, I have to update the chart.) Or say, “I know the dancers at Sapphire get $400 for a one-hour Skybox dance, plus there’s a bar tab. Is it about the same here?”

      Even if the girl won’t do it for that price, when you’re first to name a price you’re anchoring the negotiations somewhere in the realm of sanity. If she comes back at you with a price of $1000, you can say, “Would you consider splitting it in the middle at Y?” She may just say yes or she may counter slightly higher and you can decide whether she’s worth it. But don’t hesitate to give a friendly no and move on to another dancer. I guarantee at a club like Palomino you’ll find someone you like a lot for a lower price.

      If you’d like to hire two girls for a 60-minute private bedroom dance, I’d start by talking to one girl you like and ask her if there’s another special dancer she’d like to do it with. Or if you have your heart set on a particular second dancer, ask the first dancer if she thinks the second dancer you like would be up for it. If she tries to talk you out of that dancer, I’d take it seriously. You want two dancers who like each other for an experience like this.

      She’ll usually be able to suggest a number of girls who will be up for it within your price range. You can kind of look them over and call a favorite over for a lap dance or something to check your chemistry, and if it works, you’re on.

  7. Buzz

    Hello Arnold,
    I will be in Vegas in a couple of weeks and would ask for your recommendation for a Wednesday evening visit (around 6 or 7 PM) to either Palomino or Treasures VIP for one hour without the liquor. Thank you, and thank for all the great advice on the website.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Buzz, at that hour Palomino will have a better selection of dancers and doesn’t require a bar tab for the nude private booth dances.

      Treasures has a great deal on premium liquor at that time, but as liquor is not of interest to you, I’d go with Palomino.

  8. Rob

    Hi Arnold,
    I’m planning to go to Saphire, probably around 7 on a Wednesday. I’m guessing it won’t be too crowded at the time, and won’t pick up until around 9 or 10. Do you think I could get the same quality lap dance in the group VIP, just because it won’t be crowded. Or is the VIP room the way to go, no matter what time you go to the club? Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rob, the group VIP will be fine for super-high mileage at those hours. I can’t promise you’ll be absolutely alone with the dancer, but you’ll likely feel alone with her.

      • Rob

        Thanks for the tip! I’m just looking to stretch my lap dance $. Besides, it just me. I would rather have a bar tab than a bottle. And, an hour with one girl. I think I would rather spread the joy and enjoy many different women. One more thing, do you think they would let me pay cash for the VIP package?

        • Arnold Snyder

          Rob, yes, when you reserve the package just tell them you want to pay cash for it when you arrive. Your limo driver will then escort you to the will call window when you arrive.

          You may have to reserve by phone to do that, or there may be a place to put a note in the online reservation form.

          Also, the lap dance mileage on the main floor is super high at Sapphire. You can have a great time and save money by just getting dances there.

  9. Davina

    Hi Arnold. Thanks from all us girls for your site. It isn’t just a guy thing. I want my man to take me vip at either Sapphire or Treasures. Does Treasures not have one on one vip? The bar cost at Sapphire the hour seems high.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Davina, glad to help you get a great VIP dance with a gorgeous girl.

      Treasures has one-on-one private VIP rooms, but they have clear glass doors, while the VIP is divided into so many rooms and booths that you actually get better privacy and comfort in the regular VIP. Treasures VIP dances are famous among locals for their high mileage. Very sexy dances. They take it as far as they can take it without getting the club raided.

      The bar tab at Sapphire for a 60 minute private dance is actually right in the middle for the Vegas strip clubs and the clubs that charge more aren’t as good as Sapphire. In both the 60-minute private booth dances and Sapphire Skybox dances the bar tab is $300 (a bottle of champagne or premium booze). But the Sapphire Skyboxes are the most private of the strip club private rooms and also the most luxurious. They are large, beautiful real rooms, with real walls and real doors you can close behind you. They are an awfully nice way to treat yourself to a spectacular dance.

      So sorry for the delay getting back to you. We had a technical issue with comments.

  10. Jacob

    Arnold – will strip clubs or brothels provide transportation to/from the downtown hotels? We’ve done the Fremont experience a couple times and thinking of staying there on our next trip to try something different. Thanks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jacob, yes, all of the major strip clubs and all of the legal brothels near Vegas offer free transport from downtown. You’ll have a pick-up point off Fremont St itself.

      Downtown is a good deal and a lot of fun. I think you’ll have a great time!

  11. Marty

    What is the best option for afternoon day shift VIP? I know that nights are the busiest and have the best girls. But if I wanted to go at say 2 or 3 pm what’s a good option?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Marty, Sapphire has the biggest afternoon crowd right now and the best crowd of dancers. Drinks are less than half the evening price and they’re the only club in Vegas that provides free limo transport in the afternoon.

  12. Mavrik

    Hi, Arnold
    I want to know whether in VIP rooms of strip clubs sex happens? and Can we ask for GFE in strip club?

  13. Mike

    Hi Arnold,

    Just want to confirm the VIP private rates for 10, 30 and minutes are for room and the dancer right? You dont have to negotiate a different rate for the dancers time right?

    Another question is for bottle is there a selection or they give you the one for the day? And bottle always means alcohol right? I mean it’s not a common term for beer/water/etc.

    Sorry for being naive, it’s my first time going to Vegas next week and just would like to enjoy it.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mike, yes, the price includes the dancer.

      And yes, you get a selection of bottles. And the bottles are alcohol.

      Have a great first time in Vegas! You’re coming at the perfect time!

      • Von

        How do you handle tipping at a place like Sapphire private VIP for an hour. It’s 700 (includes 300 alcohol). When the host brings the bill what should I tip? And then if we extend to a second hour… Do I really have to pay 300 again for a second bottle? I can’t drink that much even if my girl is with me. By time we buy a table package and 2 hrs vip… That’s 700 plus in alcohol credits. These clubs make their money!

        • Arnold Snyder

          Von, you pay the $700 on your way into the room, so no need to tip at that time unless you’re asking for something special, like a specific booth. You instead tip the VIP host $20 on your way out (if you got a good dance) so the girl doesn’t have to do it.

          If you’ve gotten something special, like an extra 15 minutes in the VIP for your $700, tip the VIP host more (like $40).

          Yes, you usually have to get another bottle to stay another hour. At slower times, you may be able to negotiate over that with the club manager, but at busy times, that’s how the club makes its money and they could get another guy in there.

          I’ll point out that in the nude private booth dances at Palomino Club, there is no extra bar tab. (There is one in the private bedroom dances there but not the private booth dances there.) That makes those private booth dances the best deal in town.

          What guys do is use all that VIP room booze to pour drinks for dancers back at your table. You get free mixers with those bottles, and those are even a bigger magnet for dancers than the booze. You end up hosting a party at your table with the most beautiful dancers in the club.

  14. RK

    You’re awesome Arnold. Good looking out and if we cant have it waived I’m hoping at least a discount. Thanks man.

  15. RK


    What’s the cost breakdown for 30M and 60M private VIP at Hustlers? As in how much is going towards alcohol/bottle and how much is the girl getting? Wife and i our getting BS tomorrow and I’d like to (attempt) negotiating our bottle service going towards the liquor cost of our first VIP dance.

    Thanks in advance

    • Arnold Snyder

      RK, assume roughly $400 for the room and dancer for 60 minutes (that goes to the dancer), roughly $340 for booze. For 30 minutes, assume roughly $250-$300 for the room/dancer and $160-$210 for booze.

  16. Allen

    I went to Sapphires and utilized the $700 60min VIP. And I kept getting hit up for tipping everyone, bouncer, host etc. wanting very large tips $50 plus? Your thoughts.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Allen, everyone in Vegas is an expert at asking for tips but that doesn’t mean you have to give the tip and especially it doesn’t mean you have to give the suggested amount. So you would have run into this at any strip club in Vegas where you got an expensive dance.

      The way it works is that if you don’t tip the bouncer and host, the dancer has to do it. So you should think of it as a tip to the dancer for an excellent dance.

      I recommend giving a bit less than half the suggested tip. For example, I generally give a $20 each to the bouncer and host, maybe an extra $50 to the dancer for an exceptional 60-minute dance. If the bouncer or host does something special for you, you could tip a bit more.

      • Allen

        Great advice! They was really pushy about the tip and amount saying I had to tip the amount. And I was a little caught up in the moment of the Vegas Strip club, but thought it to be steep for the particular service. The dancer was the best provider to date and I always tip accordingly. Heading back this week and will be more prepared using the advice you provided. Thank you for all the great info! By the way I ended up at Sapphire because of your advice and to all that read this it is exactly as advertised!

  17. Different Scott

    Do you have any tips on handling cash at the club? Having cash for private dances, floor dances, tipping, etc. is a lot of bills to be shuffling through and flashing while not entirely sober.

  18. Different Scott


    I love reading your website, tons of great information. I’m going to be in Vegas from Jan 23rd to the 26th during the time of the AVN show. I’m going to make the jump this year and spend some time and money in a strip club. I’m going to budget myself about $1000. Looking between Palomino and Sapphire, do you know when Sapphire will be announcing who will be feature dancing at this time?

  19. Scott

    Arnold. Man, you have been providing content on this thread for FOUR years. You are the man! I am going to Sapphires on 12/15 just as we did 2 years ago when I learned some of these lessons the hard way. I know we’re getting bottles going in, but my question is about the VIP dance quotes. On your prices above that include alcohol, do they just bring the bottle when they start the dance and do you just take it with you when the dance is over?

    Also. I’ve heard something about “stacking” VIP dances. Like instead of getting VIP dances from 3 different dancers, you wait till you find “The one” and book all 3 back to back with the one girl? Probably be in a position for a “discount” that wont effect the quality of her effort. Any thoughts?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Scott: Yes, they bring the bottle at the start of the VIP dance, and yes you can take the bottle with you when the dance is over. If you “stack” dances with a single dancer, you will likely be able to negotiate a discount. This is up to the dancer, of course, but most would likely give you a price break.

  20. Juan Flores

    Andrew, I know this is not Las Vegas, but I thought I’d ask anyway. Any recommendations for Houston clubs? High end.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Can anyone help out Juan Flores with a high end strip club recommendation in Houston? It’s been a number of years since I’ve been there.

  21. Bachelor Party - group of 4

    Hey Arnold,
    Thanks for providing thorough advice on how to handle strip clubs across Vegas. Don’t know where we’d end up without it!

    Heading off tomorrow for a couple nights and I’d like to know if there are any clubs that offer private group shows? Rent a room, get booze and have a private strip show or something along those lines. We’re a group of 4 on a relatively tight budget but want to have a good time. Let me know your thoughts or what you might recommend. Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bachelor Party, Deja Vu offers perfect smaller private rooms/Skyboxes like you’re describing for your bachelor party of four. The rooms come furnished with a comfy sofa and chairs and a big plate glass window overlooking the main stage. They’ll give you the room for your group for free if you purchase a bottle. Most bottles run from $180 to $360 at Deja Vu.

      You have to pay dancers separately, but that’s true of any club.

      There are also nice party rooms at other clubs, but the problem is the price. Sapphire offers Skyboxes for small groups. Palomino offers private small group seating with access to the stage. But you’d be looking at a couple thousand, at least, just for the room at Sapphire, or for a package with booze at Palomino.

      I’d recommend Deja Vu for your group. They’ll take great care of you.

  22. Jay shaota

    Hi I am traveling to Vegas with a friend and we want to find some nice girls to have fun with. We are form the uk so seeing escorts is a lot more accessible online. I’ve only ever heard stories about Vegas and was curious if girls at clubs would offer any sexual services? If so what prices would I be looking at?

    I know it’s a bit strange I’m just very curious, I’ve heard from friends that girls walk around passing cards out – what are he average raes for escorts?

    Really appreciate any help


    • Arnold Snyder

      Jay, there are definitely some girls in the strip clubs who offer sexual services, but you have to wait until they offer those services to you. If you start asking everyone for sex, they’ll probably think you’re a cop, the club may throw you out, you’ll offend too many people, etc.

      The easiest way to hook up is to go to one of the brothels (see the info under the brothels button in the main menu).

      You can also run into escorts in the streets, hotel pools, night clubs and especially the casino hotel bars. They’re definitely not cheaper than the brothel girls and they’re considerably higher risk.

      A buddy who hooked up with one of these girls in a hotel bar ended up drugged and robbed by her. Sometimes the Metro police will have girls out there soliciting, and if you make an offer you get arrested. And it’s very tricky working out what you’re going to get for what price, because nobody can talk openly about it until all parties are sure the others aren’t cops, which typically involves getting her up to your room and you in some state of undress before you know anything.

      See our Vegas brothels and escorts page for more on negotiations and prices and other tips. You’ll also get more info on prices in our reviews of individual brothels under the brothels button, and in our review of a Vegas escort.

      This particular escort was found through Eros, but most of the Eros escorts also work through the various escort services in town so you’ll get a good idea of prices from the escort services in Vegas.

  23. bobby

    Thanks for all the info!
    So my wife and I are headed to a Vegas in a few months. She wants to play out a fantasy where she gives me a BJ while I get a lap dance (I know right?!) Anyway, I don’t even know if this will be possible. If we are not asking for sex from the dancer, do you think this would be allowed? If so, is that something a dancer would agree to? Or not cool?

    • Arnold Snyder

      bobby, I’m not gonna say it’s impossible, but officially I checked with two club managers and they both said it would be illegal. They can’t allow any sex in the VIP rooms, not even with your wife. Your dick has to stay in your pants.

      You could get away with making out passionately with your wife.

      You could also carry out this fantasy at a brothel and it would be 100% legal. You might even get away with the minimum charge, because all the girl has to do is dance for you and watch.

  24. Scott

    This is an awesome website and resource. I have visited many times and always learn something new. Looking for your advice…. will be visiting Vegas later this month and my only time to visit a club is a Sunday night. It’s a March madness weekend so I am hoping clubs will have a good selection of dancers. I am lucky that budget is not an issue for me. So if you had a Sunday night, a budget to accommodate most anything, and was looking for the best potential high mileage in a private room, which club would you go to?! Thanks so much for a great website and insights.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Scott, on a Sunday night, with your budget, looking for a good selection of dancers and the best possible mileage, I’d do a Sapphire Skybox dance.

      Be sure to take some time and get some lap dances out on the floor, maybe have a drink with some dancers, to be sure you’ve found the right girl. The hustlers tend to be the first girl(s) who hit on you right after you’ve first arrived. Take your time.

  25. Jane

    I’ll be visiting Vegas next month. What place would you recommend for a female in her 40’s to get her first dance. Totally new. What’s the $20 dance? Is that when they go over to where you are sitting? How much do people tip when sitting at rail? Do you see many female customers getting lap dances when they are by themselves?


    • Arnold Snyder

      Jane, I recommend Little Darlings if you can live without booze, or Palomino Club if you’re planning to sip a cocktail. Both clubs get female couples and groups and women alone who get lap dances.

      At Little Darlings, all lap dances are nude and take place in small private rooms off the main floor. At Palomino, lap dances are topless. Early in the evening they take place in a lap dance area off the main floor but once the club fills up they take place right where you’re sitting. At both clubs lap dances are $20. You can get a nude private booth dance at Palomino starting at 3 songs (roughly 10 minutes) for $100–great if you want a lot of physical contact. At Little Darlings, private bedroom dances start at $125 for 15 minutes.

      As a woman going to the club alone, I’d advise sitting on the stage. Be the one to start the tipping (put out a dollar or two per song). The tipping lets the dancers know you’re interested. It clarifies your status, lets dancers know to approach you–you’re not just a woman waiting for her husband to get back from the bathroom who may feel uncomfortable with the scene. When you tip, the dancers will come over to give you special attention and offer you a private dance. If one that you’re interested in doesn’t offer, you go ahead and ask.

      If you spot a dancer across the room that interests you, just ask a host or cocktail waitress to introduce you.

      I think you’ll have a great time.

  26. Harry Ruiz

    Quotes for Babe’s need to be updated. I paid 120 for 3 songs, and they mentioned 250 for 30 minutes and 450 for the hour. Extra fee if it’s paid with credit card.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jacob: VIP room prices are the same on weekends and weekdays, but you may sometimes be able to negotiate for a lower VIP bar tab when the club isn’t crowded (usually early in the evening and/or on a weekday).

  27. Charles

    The girl I’m dating use to work at a couple of the clubs, Babes, Talk of Town and said their $400 hour rate actually included sex with the dancers. Have you found this to be the case or is negotiated with the dancer? THANKS

    • Arnold Snyder

      Charles: None of the VIP room rates at any of the Vegas strip clubs includes sex with the dancers. There may be some dancers who provide sex, but don’t expect it. I’ve been in the VIP rooms at both Babes and Talk of the Town and the dancers I’ve been with have always been pretty clear about what’s allowed and what’s not. I haven’t yet been offered sex at either place. On rare occasions I have been offered sex by some dancers at other clubs, but always for an extra price. Most dancers do not provide sex and many dislike customers who assume they’re going to get sex, even for an extra fee.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jenn, easily. You could get a bottle of some expensive booze. You could get a typical package, then spend an hour with a dancer in a Skybox. You could get a package for a few guys and buy some dance dollars for lap dances on the main floor. You could take a client to the club and reserve a table in the Rockstar Lounge area.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jenn, for shorter dances, the VIP is an open room, very dark. Starting at 60-minute dances, there is a special VIP divided into private cubicles, or you can opt for a Skybox. The cubicles are $700, and that includes $300 in booze. A Skybox is $800, and that includes $300 in booze.

      The Skyboxes are elegant, comfortable rooms in a balcony area overlooking the main room, with doors you can close for full privacy. They are the most luxurious gentlemen’s club private rooms in Vegas.

      Obviously, these prices include the dancer’s time.

  28. Aaron Wynn

    Hi Arnold
    Thanks for all the fantastic info.
    I’m travelling with a group of 4 guys and 6 girls (dancers from sydney) to Vegas and would love to get a couple of bottles and chill at a strip club. Not sure about getting too many lap dances but. Jus wanted to know your thoughts on the best club for this between rhino, sapphire. If you could guide me in the right direction and host info, that would be appreciated.
    Again, thanks for all ur help.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Aaron, Sapphire and Palomino are the two best strip clubs in Vegas. With a big group that’s less interested in lap dances than the stage show, I’d go for Palomino.

      The stage show at Palomino is the best and most erotic in Vegas, with the best poll dancing, girl on girl shows, and just generally terrific performers. There are 100+ dancers at peak hours, all gorgeous. The stage show and VIP dances are fully nude and the club has a full bar with good deals on packages, which all include round-trip limo service to your hotel, line passes, and VIP tables. If you do get some lap dances, contact levels will vary more than at Sapphire, but a majority of dancers give great mileage. Call 702-327-7258 to arrange a special package for your group. You’ll probably be dealing with Andrew.

      If you decide you all want to get more into the lap dance scene, Sapphire is the top choice–an elegant club with 400+ gorgeous dancers at peak hours and the wildest lap dance orgy in town. Sapphire is a topless club. They have three stages, but the stage shows are usually more about eye candy than great dancing. The lap dance scene is high mileage. Call 702-869-0003 to arrange a package, which will include limo service to the club, line passes, VIP table, and the club’s royalty treatment. The club will assign you to a host.

      Both clubs offer a special experience you are unlikely to find outside of Vegas. (I once traveled the U.S. and Canada, visiting every strip club in both countries, so I have some perspective on this.) Both are well-run, honest, and offer excellent customer service. The hustle level at both is low for Vegas. Both have exceptionally high standards for dancers. They are where I take my own friends from out of town, and they always want to go back.

  29. PissedWife

    My husband recently went to Vegas with his buddy. One of the strippers offered to go back to their hotel with them for 1500$ and I am sure that was just to dance for them. Prostitutes hide out everywhere so watch your man in Vegas, it’s not called sin city for nothing!

    • Arnold Snyder

      B2B, the price for a 60-minute private show in a private booth (open-doored) is $700. That includes $300 in drinks.

      The price for a 60-minute private show in a Skybox, which is an elegant room with a door you can close, is $800. That too includes $300 in drinks/bottle.

      The Skybox private show is the top high-end experience in a Vegas gentlemen’s club.

  30. Vistor, turning 21 birthday .

    Anything similar to smoke weed / marijuana use in Main / VIP Room are allowed like no one will ever get caught? let me know.

  31. Cecily Moore

    hello I’m a swimming suit model for The Palms casino with no cash payments but celebrity exposure. Im interested in how to become a dancer to make extra cash to buy a house,pay for college tuition,and become more financially stable.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Cecily, if you’re a swim suit model for the Palms you can probably work at any club in town. You’d probably make the most money at Palomino Club or Sapphire.

      You become a dancer by auditioning. Just call up the club and ask when you should show up. They may ask for photos first–if so, send copies of your modeling photos. Those ought to get you into the club for an interview.

      An audition will usually involve some conversation with a manager and time on stage during regular club hours. At Palomino, this would mean getting naked on stage. At Sapphire, it would mean getting topless. Both clubs would also probably want to observe you interacting with customers on the floor. Palomino Club likes dancers that mingle and socialize with the guests. Sapphire wants to see the same social skills and a dancer who is comfortable with the high-contact lap dance scene.

      Sometimes you’ll run into drunks in strip clubs. Neither club will allow disrespect or abuse of their dancers, but they also want you to have the skills to handle someone who may not act perfectly at all times without really crossing the line. If you’re going to run crying from the room if some guy says your breasts are too small, this is probably not the line of work for you. Most guys are decent, but some can be beasts.

      A good dancer is a combination of artist/performer and hostess. She is into teasing and turning guys/couples on. She likes meeting new people and drawing them out. She is into entertaining people and helping them forget their worries for a while and feel good.

      To make a good living, a dancer has to do all of the above, and also be a decent salesperson. You have to be able to actually close the deal to get a guy to pay for a lap dance or the VIP.

      Best wishes on your new career. In my opinion, dancers are doing a very important job.

  32. Arnold Snyder

    Tracy: Prices are current as far as I know, but clubs do change so if you find something different, let me know. You should find Palomino very couples friendly.

    • Todd

      Great article. The gf and I are headed there at end of June. I’m definitely leaning toward Palomino club 30 or 60 min VIP room. And yes she is excited about that too.

  33. Tracy

    Arnold, heading to Vegas mid Feb, are your prices listed still pretty current? Looking to hit up palomino with the husband. Any clubs more “couple friendly” than others?

  34. Arnold Snyder

    Texas: I don’t recommend asking dancers to come back to your room. It’s best if you try not to get personally involved with the dancers.

    Always remember when you’re in a Vegas strip club that the dancers are being protected by the bouncers–those generally big, sometimes mean-looking VIP hosts. A guy going around the club asking dancers to come home with him might raise the ire of a bouncer. Never a good idea.

    I recommend you spend a lot of money on a dancer inside the club, and only if she suggests that you get together when she gets off work should you have that discussion. The most important thing is your generosity, then your charm and wit and good looks. You wait for her to broach the subject of meeting off site.

    • Amy Shae

      We’re not going to risk our cards (licenses) for this! It’s not worth what we would lose. You can find girls that will do this in regular clubs or call an escort service or here is a novel idea: Pahrump is not that far away!

  35. Texas

    I am going to Vegas next week with a friend of mine. Which place would you recommend where the girls lets you get a little extra when behind closed doors, so to speak?
    Also, is there any approach or etiquette for asking a dancer to come back to your room (if she wants)?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Soliciting for an act of prostitution is illegal in Clark County, so if you’re asking for sex in exchange for money, that would be illegal. It’s unlikely, however, that you would be busted for this, as you’re unlikely to find an undercover cop working as a dancer in a strip club. (It’s never happened to my knowledge.) If you badger a dancer for sex excessively, however, you may find yourself thrown out of the club if she reports you to a bouncer.

  36. Curious

    If I were to get a 3 song $100 private dance at the Palomino, will they charge me any kind of bar tab fee? Hope you answer soon. I’m going tonight!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Correct–no bar tab fee for any VIP dances at Palomino except in the Palomino Penthouse rooms.

      The 3 for $100 private dance is in the curtained smaller rooms, so no bar tab.

      Have fun tonight.

  37. Steve

    That’s a post we will all look forward to. The information you provide on pricing really helps. If you go in there with no idea you can be taken for a ride so to speak. As you’ve stated elsewhere competition among dancers helps as long as there isn’t collusion and with so many of them that would be hard to pull off. If a dancer is quoting you a price above and beyond what you list here I’ll just politely say no thanks and look for another one.

  38. Anonymous

    Your numbers for palomino are way off. The private is $1000 for an hour and $400 for half hour as per multiple girls who work there

    • Arnold Snyder

      Anonymous, when I saw your comment, I called the assistant to the Palomino Club owner. He says the club’s price for private room shows is exactly as posted on TVO.

      Dancers in strip clubs in Vegas and everywhere else are independent contractors. That means a club can’t stop an individual dancer from negotiating her own price for a private show at any club in Vegas, but that is not the club price. Maybe the dancer didn’t want to dance for you. Or maybe she was a hustler who saw you as a rich tourist who didn’t know any better.

      Also, it makes no sense that an hour would cost more than 2x the half hour.

      I don’t know exactly what you were asking for, so I don’t know whether the price you’re being given is fair or not.

      But in general, unless you’re asking for sex or multiple dancers, $1000 an hour would be absurd in Vegas, even for a nude private room show. Sapphire is $500 plus a $300 bar tab. At Little Darlings you can get an hour in a club bedroom for $400. At Deja Vu you can get an hour in a private bedroom for $500, and that includes a $100 bottle.

      I’ve had private room dances at Palomino and all of these clubs, and these were the prices I paid.

      I would quote the dancer the prices listed on TVO, and I wouldn’t pay more than the club price except in the specific situation that I would pay $30 for a lap dance with touching at Little Darlings. The dancer can negotiate, but you can negotiate right back, like an informed consumer.

      The Palomino Club prices have been posted on TVO since TVO opened in May last year. I know that TVO readers have gotten private room dances at the club. But this is the only report I’ve had of any dancers asking for anything other than the club’s official price.

      • Arnold Snyder

        I just looked at my notes. I was at Palomino Club two weeks ago, Saturday, March 14. The club was full, but I had no trouble getting into the private bedroom a little after midnight at the prices stated on TVO.

        Guys, you have to toughen up. This weekend I will write up a post on negotiating with Vegas strippers.

      • Amy Shae

        You’re right about $1,000 for an hour. That would be obscene unless you’re at CH# Treasures or Sapphire and you’re getting bottle service.

        I’ve danced in Texas, Florida, Colorado and elsewhere as well as Vegas maybe in NYC but not Vegas.

  39. StripRez

    That might be without a doubt, the most thorough information I have ever seen in regards to Vegas Strip Club. You must have spent a lot of time in the clubs to get all this info and compile it. lol

  40. Steve

    Thanks so much for the quick info Arnold. We (my GF and I) will definitely partake in the private VIP room when we are in town in a few weeks.

  41. Arnold Snyder

    No, they have lap dance rooms with a comfy sofa and a little table and lamp and an open doorway (curtains coming, but weren’t installed yet as of last weekend when I was there). Sometimes there’s an extra upholstered chair.

    The 15/30 minute private shows are in the bedrooms with a door that closes. The bed is sort of an extra wide chaise lounge for two. You can see photos of this type of room in the Vallerina Estrella dancer of the month pics.

    Update: Steve, there are photos of both types of room in the Private VIP Rooms article: Private Rooms

  42. Jamie

    If I get a VIP room deal that includes a bottle can I take the bottle back to my table after the time is up?

  43. Arnold Snyder

    It’s never necessary to tip a dancer extra for a VIP room show (or a lap dance). You’re only required to pay the house price or whatever price you’ve agreed to with the dancer before the dance. Usually if a dancer requests an extra tip after the dance, it’s because she feels she treated you exceptionally well and she hopes you agree. If you agree, tip her. If you’re short on funds, tell her that but compliment her on her performance. If I don’t feel a dance was worth an extra tip, I don’t tip extra. It’s generally more important to tip dancers extra in clubs that don’t serve alcohol, because the club will often take a bigger piece of the price you pay the dancer. It’s also more important to tip extra if you’re getting a special price, like a 2-for-1 or a half-price special.

  44. Shane

    I completely agree with not trying to negotiate a lower price for a dancer. However, I am curious as to etiquette when it comes to tipping post-VIP. On the couple of occasions which I have gone to VIP, dancer has asked me to tip. Thoughts?

  45. Tijereta

    I see Palomino is 35 minutes for their shorter-time closed-door option. The listing above does not indicate their longer-time offering is 75 minutes. Is it? Or is it just 60? Also, what are the chances of getting the bar tab requirement that goes with it removed or reduced? I don’t drink. That’s $100 put into a shredder for me.

    Great site Arnold, truly. Thanks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      I’d say ask a manager but my guess is that you’ll probably have to pay the $100. The VIP bar fee is how the house makes it money. It’s not based on the actual cost of the liquor. But ask. Vegas strip clubs generally try to make their customers happy. And yes, it’s 75 minutes.

  46. Cheo D.

    New development: the Rhino now apparently extends the $40 VIP drinks tab to the 3×100 dances too.

    • Harlan

      Arnold. So on a 300buck bottle charge for vip, what do I tip the waitress in there and the door guy?

      • Arnold Snyder

        Harlan, tip $10 to $20 when the cocktail waitress brings the bottle. No cocktail waitress is going to be unhappy with that.

        Don’t tip the door guy until the end of the dance. At that time, the dancer will ask you to tip him $100 (I assume you’re getting a 60-minute dance either in a private booth or Skybox at Sapphire, but it’s similar elsewhere). Here’s what to consider:

        1. You don’t have to tip him anything. Lots of guys don’t tip the door guy.

        2. The dancer will have to tip the door guy if you don’t. I believe at Sapphire for a 60-minute Skybox dance she’ll be expected to tip him $100.

        3. If you’ve gotten a fantastic dance, it would be nice to help the dancer out by tipping the door guy $20 to $100.

        4. If you’re not at Sapphire but elsewhere, say Treasures, and you’re heading into a group VIP, you might want to go ahead and tip the door guy as you arrive. Let him start leading you to your seat, but before you get very far slip him $20, perhaps while asking, “Is there a more private spot?” That should get you more privacy.

        If you get a great dance and the dancer asks you for more tip money for the door guy, see the advice above.

        One last thing: If you ask the dancer or anyone else at a club how much to tip, they are going to tell you an outrageous amount and say it’s the normal tip. It will NOT be the normal tip. Don’t feel you have to go broke following crazy tip suggestions.

        All Vegas locals know better, but out-of-towners are often fooled.


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