Las Vegas Strip Clubs – 2023 Quick Guide

Las Vegas Stripper at Sapphire

Sapphire Dancer Bella

2023 Guide to Las Vegas Strip Clubs

This down and dirty quick guide to the Las Vegas strip clubs lists every club in town in alphabetical order with a quick summary of its special features and prices and a link to our full club review, which has photos of the club’s dancers.

Prices are based on our most recent visit–let us know if you run into something different.

Las Vegas Strip Clubs List – 2023

Centerfolds:  Predominantly tourist clientele, however, they are offering half off on drinks and discounted admission to locals.   The club’s main showroom and VIP are very dark and elegant. 30+ dancers.  Age: 21+.  Full bar.  Beer price:  $18.  Cover:  $45.  Lap dance mileage varies, priced at $20. (Club review)  Erotic factor:  65%

Chicas Bonitas:  Chicas Bonitas is a topless club located in North Las Vegas featuring soccer on video screens and thick and lovely Latina dancers on stage.  The club offers a rocking party atmosphere. 12+ dancers. Age 21+. Full bar.  Beer: $6. Cover:  $5 Thurs-Sat after 7 pm.  High-mileage lap dances. Lap dance price $10. (Club review) Erotic factor:  40%

Club Platinum:  Very small locals’ titty bar about the size of a Der Wienerschnitzel, with friendly staff and dancers.  8+ dancers.  Age: 21+.  Full bar.  Beer:  $8.  Lap dance mileage varies by dancer, priced at $20. (Club review)  Erotic factor:  30%

Crazy Horse III:  Big, high-tech topless gentlemen’s club with 80+ dancers of a wide variety of body types, plus an all-night sushi restaurant.  Crazy Horse III takes better care of locals than out-of-towners with drink discounts and the like.  Hustle factor has been high recently.  Age: 21+.  Full bar.  Beer:  $15 (discounts for locals).  Cover:  $44.  Lap dance mileage varies by dancer, priced at $20. (Club review)  Erotic factor:  70%

Deja Vu Showgirls:  Las Vegas topless club with girl-next-door type dancers. $2 Tuesdays and great specials on bottle service.   15-40+ dancers. Age 21+. Full bar.  Beer: $12.  Cover: $45, or free (plus free drink) if you arrive by the free club limo.  Lap dance price: $20.  (Club review)  Erotic factor:  50%

Diamond Cabaret: Minimal stage show; this nude club’s business model is steering private dances to tourists.  New management as of August 2019. Age 18+ No bar.  (Club review)  Erotic factor:  25%

Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club: A brand new urban club on the south end of the Strip. Age 21+ Full Bar (Club Profile)  CLOSED AS OF DEC 2022

Girl Collection: Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection is an ultra-lounge topless gentlemen’s club featuring dancers hand-picked by the champ himself.  This club is swank, and it’s populated by a variety of black and brown dancers. Lots of booty here.  Age 21+. Full bar. Beer: $14. Cover: $50 (can go to $100 at peak hours)  $40 valet, some street parking available.  Mileage varies by dancer. Lap dance price: $40.  Phone: 702-410-9999  (Club review) Erotic factor: 50%


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El Infierno Cabaret is an 8,000 square foot, multi-tiered entertainment facility located on the corner of Arville St. and Tropicana Ave. The venue features an expansive dance floor surrounded by plush booths reserved for VIP bottle service alongside pop-up go-go dancers and adult entertainers. The club features an impressive lineup of local DJ’s spinning a variety of music nightly including salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, hip-hop and bachata. (Club profile) Age 21+. Full bar. Erotic Factor: 55%



Honey’s sleek interior does what some clubs fail to do … the management has made it easy to find a comfortable place to sit, whether you like the bar, stage seats, small nooks with privacy and plush booths. The club is run by veterans from Sapphire, Rhino and the Peppermint Hippo organizations. When you combine a hundred years of experience in Las Vegas, Tampa and Houston you get the best of what the topless industry can offer.

Some special features includes a unique VIP suite with views of the club and a state-of-the-art smoke removal system to enjoy tobacco without spreading it from your suite to the rest of the club. Additionally, the VIP bar in the back of the club is a space large enough to accommodate private parties, special events, sports viewing like Monday Night Football, UFC, boxing and playoff sports. The designers created a retractable wall that divides the sophisticated DJ booth into two music centers for occasions and parties.


Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club:  Large attractive topless club with a party atmosphere, a good stage show for a topless club, and a good variety of dancer types.  Good discounts for locals. 100+ dancers.  Age:  21+.  Full bar.  Beer:  $10.  Cover:  $50.  Mileage varies by dancer, but you can find high mileage.  Lap dance price:  $20. (Club review)  Erotic factor:  65%

The Library Club:  Topless, Full Bar 21+  Cover:  $20.  High mileage lap dances, price: $20. (Club review)  Erotic factor:  55%

Little Darlings:  Nude club.  15 to 45+ dancers at peak hours. Age 18+. No alcohol. Cover is $35, or $15 if you arrive by the free club limo. All lap dances are fully nude and take place in private booths, but with no touching. Lap dance price: $20. (Club review)  Erotic factor: 60%

Minks:  A step above a neighborhood topless club out in Henderson, dancers are pretty girl-next-door types.  6+ dancers.  Age:  21+.  Full bar.  Beer: $6.  No cover.  Mileage varies by dancer; lap dances $20. (Club review)  Erotic factor:  50%

Palomino Club Vegas stripper

Rene Dances at Palomino Club

Palomino Club:  The only fully-nude strip club in Las Vegas that serves alcohol, featuring beautiful young dancers and the hottest stage show in town.  100-130+ dancers.  Age: 21+.  Full bar.  Beer: $7.  Cover for Taxi/Ride Shares:  $36 plus a two drink minimum. Get in free before 8 pm if you drive yourself or take the free club limo.  $30 “asked for” lap dances are topless; high-mileage fully-nude private dances start at 3 songs/$100. Get a private booth upstairs with an opaque curtain.  Nude private dances are available in the club’s private bedrooms. The Palomino Club is very Couples friendly.  See this couple’s compelling and erotic story (link directly).  Call 702-642-2984 for the free club limo. (Club review / Club website) Erotic factor: 95%




Peppermint Hippo: In the building that was the former OG; it’s the only major topless club located right on the Strip. Open 24/7 … great daytime deals. Good-looking dancers show up to work the weekend crowds here. This is the newest club in town … on Friday and Saturday nights, this place gets busy. Major effort to make bottle service more reasonable price-wise.  Don’t expect an old club … the interior is modern and beautiful. The service team is professional and friendly. (Club profile) Age:  21+.  Full bar.  Beer:  $14. Erotic factor 70%

Play It Again Sam:  Locals video poker titty bar with cute neighborhood girls. 6+ dancers.  Age:  21+.  Full bar.  Beer:  $6.  Cover:  $10 for non-NV residents after 8 pm.  Lap dance mileage varies by dancer, priced at $20. (Club review)  Erotic factor:  30%


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Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club:  World’s largest topless gentlemen’s club and one of the two swankest clubs in Vegas, featuring gorgeous stacked 9s and 10s. 400+ dancers make for a babe bacchanal at peak hours. Couples-friendly.  Age 21+. Full Bar. Beer: $15. Cover: $45, but get in free if you arrive by the club limo.  Highest-mileage lap dances in town, even on the main floor. Lap dance price: Start at $40, but are negotiable!  Call 702-869-0003 for the club limo — $15 reservation fee waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon or bottle.  (Club review / Club website) Erotic factor: 90%

Scores: Small, glitzy topless club.  Private booths for VIP dances.  40-60 dancers at peak hours.  Age:  21+.  Full bar.  Beer:  $15 (drinks half-price for locals). Great outdoor patio for cigars and a view of The Strip! Cover: $50 (free for locals).  (Club review)  Erotic factor:  60%.

Sophia’s:  Former OG management moved to this club when OG was sold.  Topless club in a beautiful property. Short cab ride from the Strip over the new Harmon Aveneue bridge.  12+ dancers.  Age:  21+.  Full bar.  Beer:  $16.  Lap dance mileage varies by dancer.  Cover:  $45.  (Club review) Erotic factor:  60%.

Spearmint Rhino:  Topless club featuring mostly 7’s and 8’s. 80+ dancers at peak hours. Age 21+. Full bar.  Beer: $14. Cover: $54, small admission discount for locals.  Decent mileage lap dances. Lap dance price: $40.  (Club review)  Erotic factor: 80%

Talk of the Town:  Hole-in-the-wall working class locals’ nude club featuring sweet, pretty neighborhood girls.  6+ dancers.  Age 18+.  No alcohol.  Cover:  $7 before 8 pm, $25 after 8 pm.  $20 nude lap dances, mileage varies by dancer but tends to be lower than at most topless clubs.  Some dancers sell topless lap dances for $10. (Club review)  Erotic factor:  35%

Treasures Las Vegas stripper

Treasures is Las Vegas’ Most Luxurious Gentlemen’s Club


Treasures:  Most luxiurious  gentlemen’s club in town!  Features one of the best steakhouses in Las Vegas. The Steakhouse is where you can take a buddy, a client, or even a dancer for a dinner date.  Dancers are stacked 9s and 10s and are famous in this high-mileage town for their “Treasures high-mileage” dances.  Free round-trip limo.  120+ dancers.  Age:  21+.  Full bar.  Beer: $18 (I recommend a package here to get a break on the drink prices).  Cover:  $50, waived if you arrive by the free club limo.  Lap dance price:  $40. (Club review / Club website)  Erotic factor:  90%





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63 Responses to “Las Vegas Strip Clubs – 2023 Quick Guide”

  1. Ronnie

    Heading to Vegas next week. I like going VIP but not getting ripped of and nickeled and dimed. What are things like at the top clubs right now like Sapphire, Palomino, Treasures, Hippo? I like going for the full hour. I used to get that for 500-600hr plus the room/bottle rate.

    • Zach Peterson

      Hey Ronnie! Things will always be good at Sapphire, Palomino & Treasures! All three possess a beautiful atmosphere, are fairly priced, and have beautiful women who would like nothing more than an hour VIP with you. Hippo’s a fun place to! That $500-$600 for an hour plus drinks is ballpark (on the lower end) still what you may be able to pay.

  2. vegasstrong

    i visit little darling and play it again sams in the last month,here what happen

    1)little darling i have premium card (100$) and i go in anytime and no pay plus every event night,i find it worth for me.
    stage is good as usually and private you have to pick the right girl,i like ginger and London,but many are great, i usually do 250$ for 30 min and sometime 400 for 1h,very private and with the right girl you Going to have the fun you looking for.about 35 girl last time i was there all very young(not really my favorite age to be honest i like over 25…but ok)bouncer and wait staff nice and never issue or problem of any kind

    Sams….well we know is a hole in the wall and is not special,the girl are friendly and none are top model,but if you looking for normal decent girl with usually busty body and next door appearance is the club for you,never disappointed with mileage but i not looking for plastic anyway,you can if you want snap a date or 2 here very easy…
    drink are cheap,very cheap sofa are nice and clean and as well the server,i counted about 12 girl last trip there and quite busy,i get a private dance that was ok,very nice ,but next time i will get 2/3 simple dance first to try the girl and understand her will better and than go private

  3. Doug

    I’ve noticed that a lot of clubs mentioned on this site have the cost of floor dances listed example Sapphires $20, Treasures $40 . However after reading a lot of reviews dancers are wanting $40 on floor. From my own experience if you tell the dancer you will only do a dance for $20 usually they will. Before the pandemic the clubs set the floor dance price & it was $20 in every club & some were $10 per dance in the afternoon. I was never asked for more than $20 before the pandemic, but now seems to be $40 is being asked every time . The dancers are saying they are independent contractors & they can set their own price. I have a funny feeling that if guys going to gentlemen’s clubs are paying these higher prices for dances it may soon become the norm for $40 a dance if not already. I was thinking of going to Sapphires on my next trip as it’s mentioned in you’re club review $20 floor dances yet a guy who went to Sapphires was charged $40. So my question is will the dancers at sapphires do $20 dances or are they staying firm on $40. I’ve found at Peppermint Hippo I can still get $20 floor dances from 99% of the dancers & the dance is still high mileage. I’m hesitant now to try other clubs. It might be a good idea to start a new thread with clubs that are confirmed where dancers will do $20 dances. Just a thought.

    • Nunya

      I’ve been to Sapphire 4 times in the last year or so. Almost every dancer there starts at $40. I start at $20 but I usually offer 5 for $100. One pair tried to get me and my buddy to do $50. They wanted $100 for one dance with each for the two of us. I very nicely told them to pound sand as they were lower level talent to begin with. They walked off. Outside of those two, I don’t think any have turned me down at 4 for $100. I’ve even found a few really hot dancers that have barely counted the dances and I ended up giving them $300 or so for 1.5 – 2 hours, many dances and great company. I spent 3 hours or so with a super hot dancer in September doing 5 for $100. She even did about 25-30 minutes in the VIP for $100 plus the drinks, just to get out of going on stage. Bottom line – shop around, be nice, and find someone you click with.

      • Doug

        Nunya, Thanks for the info as I do like Sapphire’s ,used to go there a lot before the pandemic. Ya it seems you have to negotiate prices now for floor dances, When I was at Hippo one dancer wanted $40, I said no $20, she said how about $30 I said no $20, she then said ok $25 I said no $20 she then said she would do $20 if I do more than 1 dance. I said if your dances are good hands on then no problem doing more. Her dances were great & I did 3 for $60. I just don’t like the negotiating factor but guess this is what it’s going to be like at clubs going forward. Maybe I’ll check Sapphire’s out on my next trip.

  4. Jessica Rempfer

    My husband just retired from the military and I want to show him a great night at a club. What do you recommend for couples maybe a nice dinner, too?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jessica: The best dinner in a Vegas gentlemen’s club is at Treasures. They have an attached steak house that’s both intimate and elegant. The club itself has dancers that are often beautiful, but the stage show on the whole is not exceptional. If you are looking for dancers that will entertain the two of you privately, and you’re not so concerned with the stage show, Treasures would be a good choice.
      Sapphire also has an attached restaurant – El Dorado Cantina – one of the top Mexican restaurants in Las Vegas. This club has gorgeous dancers and would also be a good choice if you’re looking for private entertainment. The dancers are top of the line in beauty, but the stage show is not exceptional overall – just good-looking topless girls shaking it.
      If you’re looking for more of a stage show, then you should probably eat at one of the high-end restaurants in whatever casino your staying at, and call the club to arrange for limo transport after dinner. Hustler has a great burlesque show on Thurs-Sat nights at 9 pm. Centerfolds has a burlesque show on Wed-Sun nights at 11 pm, if that’s a better time for you. These shows are topless, with professional Vegas showgirls, so the dancing and acrobatics will be far above normal Vegas strip club stage shows.
      Palomino Club has very talented dancers on their main stage every night, but be warned this is a show with full nudity. The g-strings come off. Little Darlings also has a better stage show than you’ll find in most of the Vegas strip clubs, again with full nudity. Palomino has a full bar. Little Darlings serves no alcohol. Read my full reviews of these clubs for more info, but keep in mind my reviews were written before the pandemic shutdown and none of these clubs are really back to “normal” yet. Good luck and have fun!

    • OneManBang

      I plan a trip in a couple weeks. I have an intense fetish for shiny nylon puffer jackets ( not the huge ones but the thinner shiny ones) and I was wanting to wear one there, no shirt but I keep it zipped up. I’m willing to pay really good money there because I hear you have the best dancers. Can I expect to have attention from the dancers focused on my nylon jacket? If they are really editable with my coat, I will compensate very well! Thank you guys

  5. Billy

    I am partial to Asian dancers. Would you have any recommendations as to which club would be my best bet?

    Thanks for the great work you put into this site.

  6. Ryan

    First I would like to thank you for the advice on this website. Making my first trip to a club on my last Vegas trip where I had a good time at Sapphire. I will be making my first trip in two or three years back to Vegas next month and have been doing homework I guess you can call it. I have been looking at some reviews along with reading another blog then coming back here.

    Reading and such I have come across some really bad reviews and comments about Sapphire, Palomino, Hustler and Legends have gotten really bad comments especially in the last three months. The hustle factor has gone dramatically up, clubs not keeping regular hours, treating customers badly along with other issues. I was just wondering if you have seen any changes at these clubs if you have gone recently.

    I was thinking of going back to Sapphire but maybe trying some place else and was thinking of trying Palomino but did get my interest picked by Legends. Reading some stuff I am a little unsure now and just wanted to get maybe your two cents on it as following some of your advice before worked out well for me. Thank you.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ryan, Legends Room is barely functional right now. (It’s very hard to break in as a new strip club in Vegas.)

      Sapphire and Palomino are absolutely fantastic clubs and are better now than they have ever been, with the top dancers in Vegas and the best customer service. I love going to those clubs. Hustler is like a 2nd tier version of Sapphire.

      Legends Room’s hours may be irregular. The other three are consistent.

      The main problem with Legends Room is not the hustle, but no dancers.

      And if you had fun at Sapphire the last time you were in town, you’d probably have even more fun now. The hustle level is the same, which is comparable to Palomino. The girls are definitely trying to sell dances, but they’ll take time to sit and flirt with you, and they take a “no” gracefully. The hustle level is much worse at the 2nd-tier topless clubs, likely because at Sapphire and Palomino the clubs are packed and there are plenty of customers with money, so the dancers don’t have to hustle as hard.

      The customer service at Sapphire and Palomino is first rate. They are the best-managed clubs in town and both clubs feature free host service. Both clubs get to standing room only on weekends at peak hours and they’re busy every night of the week. That’s because of return customers.

      I believe there’s a lot of bad review writing coming from Vegas strip club employees trying to steal customers from their rivals. They would probably tend to target Sapphire and Palomino because those are the best and busiest strip clubs in town.

      Also, I believe some bad reviews come from customers who don’t know how to do a club right. For example, at Sapphire you really want to get a package. A package gets you a drink discount and a reserved table–without one, the booze is expensive and you probably won’t be able to find a place to sit down.

      At Palomino, if you’re going on a Friday or Saturday night, either get there a little early (by around 9-9:30 pm) or get a package. Otherwise, you may have to wait in a long line to get in and, once in, you may not be able to find a place to sit down.

      Also, make sure you are picking the right club for you. Sapphire is a terrific place if you’re into beautiful stacked girls and a high-mileage lap dance scene. But the stage show isn’t spectacular and you can’t get a private booth dance for under $700. At Palomino, the lap dance scene is nothing special, but the stage show is the best in town and high-mileage private-booth dances start at 3 songs for $100. See my reviews for more tips about the best way to do each club.

      And pay attention to things like drink prices in the reviews, if that makes a difference to you. At Sapphire, a beer is $15. At Palomino, a draft is $6 and a bottle is $8. You see some reviews expressing outrage about the drink prices at Sapphire–these people should have gone to Palomino. Ironically, Sapphire is in the middle of Vegas topless club drink prices. There are a number of clubs charging $16 to $18 for a beer right now and they don’t have anywhere near the quality and quantity of dancers that Sapphire offers.

      And be sure to take the clubs up on things like their free club limos. When people have a bad time at a Vegas strip club, it tends to be because they hopped in a cab and asked the cabby to recommend a strip club. The cabby recommends the strip club that is paying the biggest cabby bribes that night and it may be a truly crappy club. The customer gets to the club and is now hit with a $45-$55 entry fee because of the bribe the club must pay the cabby. There’s either no place to sit down, or there are plenty of places to sit down but very few dancers or dancers that are not very attractive. The customer goes to the bar for a drink that turns out to be $28 and then has to stand there drinking it. The customer leaves in outrage, having spent $75-$100 for nothing. Don’t let this happen to you. Read my reviews, do the club right, and let the club and the dancers take great care of you.

      • Ryan

        Thank you for the insight. Reading some of the stuff I was just thinking, things really can’t be right about those and that would explain about Legends. When I went to Sapphire I did get their single deal, which I think was pretty good. Everyone treated me great there, did make one mistake on a dancer but that was my fault. Then when I went back a few nights later one of the dancers remembered me so made some impression somehow on that one.

        Thank you again for the information and will be doing more homework and reviews especially yours.

  7. Ron

    Is purchase of a vcard useful?
    You have provided so much information. It is very helpful. I like to meet you when I am in Vegas. Hope I can learn more while chatting over drinks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ron, I don’t know whether it might be useful for nightclubs, but you get the best deal at the Vegas strip clubs by going directly to the club yourself either for a package (at Sapphire, for example) or a free limo & admission. If you want to hit more than one strip club in the night, each one will pick you up in their free limo from another strip club and that’s how you get the best deal.

  8. Jeb

    Which is betters hotel location to stay: west/east/north/south of the strip or on the strip; also downtown hotels are an option. The deals are everywhere, not sure on how choose the location. Can you pl. help here.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jeb, mid-Strip is always nice (around Flamingo). But Downtown is a great party with a lot of great room deals.

      You can always catch the Strip bus Downtown to get to anywhere on the Strip.

      If you stay east or west of the Strip, make sure they’ve got a regular shuttle back and forth to the Strip.

  9. Jack

    Are there any days to avoid and the days that are best in December to visit Vegas?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jack, December 3rd through the 12th are National Finals Rodeo. That’s a great time for the strip clubs, when they will be busy every night.

      After National Finals Rodeo ends is the most quiet time of the year for Las Vegas until Christmas. That’s a great time to get good room deals, etc. If you’re in town during that slow time, the Vegas strip clubs will be slowest midweek, busiest on Friday and Saturday nights. Deja Vu’s $2 Tuesday gets a lot of locals, so Tuesday night will still be busy there.

      Then from the day after Christmas through New Year’s, Vegas will be packed and so will the strip clubs.

      So it depends on whether you’re looking for the best deals or the busiest days of the month.

  10. Aaron Miner

    So me and a few friend’s just got to Vegas. We are looking at going to either Sapphire or Palomino. We have people who keep soliciting us on the street about getting us into Sapphire for $35 or $40. Is it better to go through the Strip Club or through people who solicit us on the street?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Aaron, the people on the street will probably get you free admission and a free limo for $35 or $40. For a little more ($65) you also get a reserved VIP table plus $50 in booze coupons plus a free shot.

      Sapphire gets to standing room only at peak hours every night, which means without a reserved table you won’t be sitting down.

      The best deal is to go through the club website. You can also call them, but then you don’t get the free shot.

      If all you want is the free admission & free limo that the promoter is offering, you can get that for less money by calling Sapphire & asking them to send the club limo. If you arrive by the club limo, you get free admission. They’ll charge you a $15 reservation fee for the limo, which is waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon.

  11. Rob50

    My comments and questions seem to have disappeared. Can you fill me in on the limos to the clubs. It seems like if you take the limo you have to get a drink special. True or false. It cant be limo and no other costs.

  12. Rob50

    I am coming thru the week in June. Want to bring my wife to a club. Need very pretty dancers. Last time I tried during week in was dead. Any nights better than others in Vegas?? Which Clubs?? Wife and I like big breasts. Silicone is fine. If during week is bad at all clubs just say.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rob50, Palomino Club will be busy with lots of dancers midweek and so will Sapphire.

      You’ll find big breasts at both, though more at Sapphire. Sapphire is a high-mileage topless club with the hottest lap dance scene in Vegas, while Palomino is a nude club with the best stage show in town and private dances in private-curtained booths starting at 10 minutes for $100.

      If you go to Sapphire and you want the club in full swing, you need to get a package so that you’ll have a reserved VIP table. Packages start at $65 each here. If you click on VIP Party Packages, you’ll also find couples’ packages starting at $165.

      The VIP65 package gives you $50 in drinks plus a free shot that would normally cost about $30, plus free limo transport to the club, a reserved VIP table, a line pass, and the royalty treatment at the club.

      Without a package at Sapphire, you’d have to show up before 9 pm to get a seat on the rail. If you’re looking for the club to be in full swing, you wouldn’t want to show up then. Plus, in the rail seats you can’t actually see the stage very well. From the VIP tables, you can see all three stages.

      At Palomino, you could get a couple’s package for $170, which gives you free round-trip limo transport, free admission, a line pass, the royalty treatment, and a bottle. It’s a nice way to go if you want to be approached by a lot of dancers.

      Otherwise, you can get free admission by calling for the free club limo. There will be a drink cover of $30 each for two drinks each, or they’ll offer you a VIP table package at the door for $65 to $90ish. I’d get the VIP table.

      Whichever club you choose, you should plan on getting there after 10 pm to find the club in full swing, and the club will just keep getting busier, with more dancers arriving, the later it gets.

      At any club in Vegas, you’ll likely find dancers avoid approaching your table unless you get the word out that you want to be approached. That’s because dancers won’t be sure if your wife is open to being approached.

      So what you do is tip good-looking dancers on stage and tell them you’d like a dance after their stage sets. Or you talk to your cocktail waitress or host and ask them to let dancers know that you’re looking for a private dance.

      Hosts and cocktail waitresses can also introduce you to a specific girl, if you spot your type across the room.

      Vegas is in full swing right now with lots of tourists, so you should find what you’re looking for and have a great time if you follow the tips above. The slowest day of the week is always Wednesday, though even Wednesdays will be busy at these two clubs.

      Little Darlings is also an option midweek if you don’t drink (they don’t serve alcohol). It’s a nude club with an excellent stage show and every lap dance, starting at $20, takes place in a private room and is fully nude. On Wednesday nights they have a wet t-shirt contest that is the audition for new dancers who want to work at the club. June is the time of year where lots of high school grads are coming in to audition, so that show tends to be good now.

      There’s a wide range of breast sizes at Little Darlings, but there are always girls with big breasts.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Rob50, Sapphire and Floyds are better clubs than Crazy Horse III. Crazy Horse III is at its best with discounts and parties for locals.

        Both Sapphire and Floyd’s Girl Collection have seating on the stages without a package. You have to get there early (think 9 pm) to get two of those seats. Sapphire has free admission if you take the free club limo–the $15 reservation fee is waived if you buy a 2-for-1 drink coupon. So you get free transport to the club and free admission if you buy a 2-for-1 drink coupon for $19. That’s a great deal.

        Floyd’s limo service isn’t in action yet (will start up any time now, but I’m not sure whether it will be in service by your trip). Admission is only $20 on Thursday, and the seats on the stage give you a much better view of the stage show, which is excellent, than the seats on the stage at Sapphire. That’s because the stages at Sapphire are a lot higher up. A beer is $14 at Floyd’s.

        So if you don’t want a package, it depends on how important the stage show is to you. Both clubs will have a good number of first-rate dancers in the club by 9 pm Thursday. You’ll be able to see the excellent stage show at Floyd’s Girl Collection much better from the rail seats.

        If you want mainly high-mileage lap dances, Sapphire’s are only $20, while Floyd’s are $40. But Floyd has a private room option starting at 10 minutes for $150, while you can’t get into a Sapphire private Skybox for less than $800.

  13. NYguy

    Thanks Arnold! Would you mind privately emailing me the details on that $60 dancer? I wouldn’t mind paying for something if it’s worth it! Just want to be sure it’s definitely her if I somehow come across her….thanks again!

  14. NYguy

    Hi Arnold…

    Back in Vegas again soon and was wondering what you think of going to LD on a Monday night? Last time, I hit up Palomino which was awesome, per your advice. I’m not a big drinker, so I don’t mind the non-alcohol policy at LD. Do you think I should give it a go? The fully nude, private lap dances sound tempting; however, I don’t really like the moving price target that seems to dictate the cost of each dance…..thoughts? Advice?

    • Arnold Snyder

      NYguy, absolutely. I recommend Little Darlings. Here’s the way I handle it. I just assume the lap dances will be $40, so when a girl tells me $40 I’m fine with it and if she tells me $20 or $30 or $35 I’m so happy I tip.

      I haven’t experienced the dancers asking for more than $20 to get naked. The extra is always for touching.

      I think the dances are worth more than $20 because they’re fully nude and in a private room.

      • Anonymous

        Good advice….$30-$40 for a high mileage fully nude lap dance is essentially thesame price as a 3/$100 deal at Palomino…..always the voice of reason, Arnold. Thanks!

          • NYguy

            Glad to hear Arnold….what’s the max price I should push back on when getting quoted? It sounds like (based on what I’ve read here) that no more than $30-$40 for a high mileage dance at LD is what I should pay….thoughts? Don’t wanna be the guy who gets hosed, but I am willing to pay for a good high mileage dance. Also, do you tip much on top of the $30-$40?

          • Arnold Snyder

            NYguy, I won’t go more than $40 myself. There is one dancer who asks $60 and gives a spectacular dance–use your own judgment. In my view, she’d have to be your dream girl.

            I’ll tip if a dance is $30 or less and exceptional.

  15. Bruce

    Hi Arnold, first wanted to say that I love your website! It’s the only site that IMHO is accurate and tells it like it really is!

    Previously, I’ve been to Palomino, Sapphire and Rhino and rank them in that order. I am back in Vegas soon and want to try some different clubs. I’ve probably only got time to visit two new clubs, so in your opinion what should I try next? I have no preference over nude/non-nude or alcohol vs. no alcohol – am just looking for a good experience and would be interested in your thoughts.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bruce: Since you’re fine with no alcohol, Little Darlings is a nude club with cute young dancers. There’s no cover charge from 11 am till 8 pm and they do have dancers on day shift (5 -15, depending on how many show up). There’s more of a selection in the evening. The $20 lap dances are nude, but many dancers ask for 30 or 40.If you like a girl, give her what she asks if you want her to treat you right. In fact the 15 minutes for 125 is the best private room deal in town.

      Deja Vu has an open bar every night from 6-10 pm. If you take their limo your cover is free too. Don’t take a cab or you’ll have to pay a 45 cover. They have great private rooms also, with real doors you can close behind you. Private dances here start at $150 for 15 minutes, or only $10 more than you’d pay for the group VIP in other clubs in town. Dancer selection is best on weekends, but you’ll find good-looking girls in there any night. They don’t open till 6 pm.

  16. alex

    for the celebrity entertainers fri sat or sun they give you the time they’ll be at the pool but for the vip pkgs etc with them at night they dont list any hours and can you pick the 2 hours you want with the open bar pkg

    • Arnold Snyder

      Alex, yes, you pick the time, just understand that to spend time with the performer you have to arrive within the time she will be at the club. If you arrive at 4 a.m., she will probably be getting ready to leave. I’ll check the arrival time for you, but I doubt it’s before 11 p.m.

  17. Rax

    Thanks. I’m just contemplating that because of my foot tickling fetish, if I should seek out a more private place, in order not to attract so much attention.

    Based on your reviews, I’ll try 3 places, TOTT, Sapphires and Palomino…. my preference is petite asian girls. Can’t wait!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rax, you’ll find petite Asian girls and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some foot fun. Let us know how it goes. You might also slip a twenty to a host and ask him to send over dancers who would be willing to have their feet massaged.

  18. Rax

    One more question, which club would you say gives you the most privacy during lapdances? I don’t mean during VIP, I mean just the lapdances.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rax, lap dances are usually out in the main showroom, with little privacy. At Sapphire, this is part of the fun, because it’s like a lap dance orgy going on all around you.

      At Palomino, basic lap dances are not in the main showroom but in a separate area that can be seen from within the main showroom. At Little Darlings, every lap dance takes place in a private open-doored booth, but they’re more expensive–$30 to $40 depending on the dancer if you want touching.

      Treasures is the darkest club in town, which affords a little extra privacy even though you’re out on the main floor.

  19. Rax

    Thank you so much. Love this website. Another question – Which club would you say is best to see Asian strippers?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rax, you’ll see lots of Asian strippers at every club in Vegas, including Sapphire. There’s no single club that specializes in them.

  20. Rax

    Arnold – are there any strip clubs within walking distance (1 mile, safe neighborhood) of Bally’s?

    Also, any clubs are fetish (foot tickling) friendly?

    Thank you

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rax, you can safely walk 1.1 miles from Bally’s to Sapphire. Walk north up the Strip to Fashion Show Mall. Turn left on Fashion Show Drive and walk behind the mall to Industrial (which may have signs calling it Sammy Davis Jr. Drive by now). When you get to Industrial/Samy Davis Jr. turn right and walk 0.3 miles to Sapphire.

      There are smaller strip clubs and other businesses open on Industrial between Fashion Show Dr & the club, but it’s worth walking the extra block to Sapphire. Don’t go into Can-Can Room, a tourist trap, whatever you do.

      You could also call Sapphire for the free limo to the club. That gets you free admission plus a 2-for-1 drink coupon. Then you could walk back to Bally’s to save cab fare.

      I’m confident you can find many dancers there or at most Vegas strip clubs who will do a private show with foot tickling.

  21. Bob

    Hi Arnold, agreed, but not the most helpful reply Im afraid. perhaps I should rephrase, where should i go to find the dancer that looks the most like her ( even if the most still isn’t too close)?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Okay, here’s my best answer. Riley at Palomino Club has a face something like Faye Reagan’s and a great body, with a great bosom, though not full-out like Faye’s. You could call the club and ask if she’s going to be working that night.

      And Sapphire has girls of that type–very curvy bodies, lots of beautiful blondes and redheads. With 400 dancers, your odds of getting close go way up.

      Good luck in your search.

  22. bob

    looking for a dancer that looks like these adult star faye reagan, where to go?

  23. Arnold Snyder

    On Sunday and Monday nights, looking for “stacked girls who belong in Playboy,” you’ll probably be more than satisfied at Sapphire. And with 300-400 dancers, your friend will probably be happy with the selection of exotic-looking girls as well.

  24. Phil

    Arnold, this is an amazing site. Thanks for all the info!

    I’ll be heading to Vegas next month for a “guys weekend” with a friend of mine, definitely planning to hit up one of the strip clubs. However, our “weekend” is going to be over a Sunday and Monday because of our schedules.

    I’m interested in Deja Vu because of all the drink deals and low-cost/high-mileage dances you describe, but I’m worried about what the dancers would be like on a Sunday or Monday night? I’m looking for “very fine” stacked girls who belong in Playboy, and my friend likes exotic girls. Would we find what we’re looking for, or should we suck it up and pay more to go to Sapphire instead? Or, is there some other club you would recommend.

    Thanks for your input!

  25. Jackie Treehorn

    Just want to let you know what a great job you’re doing with this site. I’m from Tampa planning a bachelor party trip to Vegas and really happy I stumbled upon this site. The layout, content, commentary…everything is top notch. Keep up the great work!



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