Las Vegas Strip Clubs – The Unwritten Rules

Touching—How Far Can You Go?

The Nevada Supreme Court’s Lap Dance Touching Rule

Deja Vu Showgirls Las Vegas Dancer Jade

Jade Dances at Deja Vu Vegas

Las Vegas strip clubs don’t have a no-touching law.  We had one, but it was gutted by the Nevada Supreme Court over ten years ago when the justices ruled that touching during dance is communication and protected by the First Amendment.

The Unwritten Rules in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Most dancers in the best Las Vegas strip clubs allow customers to touch side-boob.  Some allow contact with their nipples, some don’t.  I’ve had dancers demand I suck their nipples.  I was happy to comply.

Most Vegas strip club dancers also allow touching of underboob.  In fact, I recommend this as a good way to find out if a dancer will allow you to actually touch her nipples. Just go slowly. She’s apt to allow you more freedom with your hands if you never grab, squeeze, or pinch.

In most cases, you can freely caress a dancer’s legs, back, waist, hips—even her ass if you steer clear of the crack.  

Don’t even try to put your hand between a dancer’s legs and don’t ask her for a hand job. Genital contact is disallowed by state and local laws against prostitution.  Prostitution is only lawful in Nevada’s legal brothels.

You can usually go further with dancers in a high-mileage Vegas strip club.  You can also usually go further in private dances, especially private-booth or bedroom dances where you’re truly alone with a dancer.  Some of the best Vegas strip clubs offer private dances at the same prices other clubs charge for the group VIP.

And it’s generally helpful if you establish some intimacy with a dancer before your private show.  Buy her a drink and flirt a while.  Show interest in her as a person.  They’re just girls.

Always remember that every dancer can set her own limits and the club’s bouncer will help her enforce them if needed.

Vegas Strip Club Dress Codes

Official Club Rules

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer

Scarlett Dances at Palomino Club

All Vegas strip clubs require you wear a shirt and shoes.

The major clubs prohibit sleeveless t-shirts, beach wear, and flip-flops.  Gang attire will likely keep you from getting in the door.

The Unwritten Dress Code

Nice jeans are permitted anywhere, though the best dancers tend to make a beeline for guys wearing better clothes (business casual, with a sport coat a plus).

I can tell you there are strip clubs in Vegas that will waive their cover charge if you show up in a sport coat and hit you with a cover if you show up in jeans.

You’ll also tend to get better seating if you’re dressed better.  Guys in sport coats are the guys the clubs hope will show up.  You’re the reason the club is open.

Dancers frown on guys wearing jogging shorts, sweat pants and track suits.  I know you want to be comfortable during a lap dance.  I know that sweat pants and track suits may be the standard strip club uniform in Detroit or Atlanta.  But I’ve heard dancers in Vegas talk about guys in these outfits with each other, and refer to the guys as “creeps.”

How to Sit for a Lap Dance

Official Club Rules

Stay in your seat.  You’re not allowed to pick up a dancer and carry her around the room.

Unwritten Lap Dance Rules

Allow the dancer to position you.  Every dancer has special moves that she knows turn guys on.  Let her show you those moves.

The more you let a dancer control at the beginning, the more she’ll allow.

Get sharp objects out of your pockets.  You won’t get much lap action if your keys are poking a dancer in the butt.

4 Responses to “Las Vegas Strip Clubs – The Unwritten Rules”

  1. JS

    Hi Arnold,

    What do you recommend women wear to higher end Vegas strip clubs like Treasures? Is a sexy cocktail dress appropriate? Can you wear a short dress and still get a lap dance? Thanks!


    • Arnold Snyder

      JS, a sexy cocktail dress would be perfect. You’ll probably get extra-VIP service just for being with a woman who looks good.

      No problem at all with a short dress.

  2. Jared

    Do you know the exact law that prevents you from putting your hands between a woman’s legs?

    I’ve seen plenty of dancers on stage who interact with the men at the rail such as shaking their boobs in their face. What prevents a girl from shaking her vulva in a guy’s face or having him touch her between her legs since there’s no money involved (other than a tip)?



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