Las Vegas Swingers/Lifestyle Clubs

New and Well-Established Lifestyle Clubs in Las Vegas

There are three major swingers/lifestyle clubs in Las Vegas — Red Rooster, Green Door and the luxurious Sea Mountain One Love Temple, a 5-acre oasis a mile east of the Strip.

Green Door is located in a strip mall on Sahara a few blocks east of the Strip. This customers’ review of Green Door is the most accurate, with good advice, that I’ve seen.  The review is by a customer who goes to Green Door regularly with his wife. It includes his tips for getting the best experience from the club.

Red Rooster is located in a large private residence on the southeast side of town. Red Rooster is a family-run club that has gotten good reviews from friends who have gone to these venues in recent months to party. For more information, see below.

The new club on the block is Sea Mountain’s new One Love Temple, a high-end nudist resort, lifestyle experience and zen temple all in one.  It features multiple pools, waterfalls, spas, and ponds, zen rock gardens, flowering shrubs and tall trees, a zen massage room, party rooms and casitas, and a 24-hour nightclub where the dress code is “lingerie or less.”

Sea Mountain admits only women and couples.  No single guys, period.  The staff is all female.

See our Sea Mountain Vegas tour or One Love Temple Undercover Review for details.

Lifestyle Club Reviews

Red Rooster 

6405 Greyhound Ln
Las Vegas, NV 89136
1 (702) 451-6661
Hours: 9pm – 2am Mon – Thur; 8pm- 3am Fri – Sat
Age: 25+

Cover charge:
Couples: Mon – Sat $30 suggested donation (Locals $30 for full week Mon – Sat)
Single Women: Mon – Sat $5 suggested donation
Single Men: Mon – Thur $40; Fri/Sat $50 suggested donation
Reduced suggested donation for weekly/ monthly membership

Red Rooster is Not Closed!

Red Rooster’s original website is closed, but the club itself is alive and well with a new website at

This family-run club takes place in an attractive 12,000 square foot private home in a residential neighborhood on the southeast side of town. It’s been in continual operation for more than 30 years, and has a friendly reputation. The club features a dance floor, private rooms, group rooms, an upstairs area for couples only, an indoor pool and jacuzzi, a tournament-sized pool table, and two bars.

The club appears to have lots of special events–a Christmas party, New Year’s Eve party, a weekly Latin Spice night with a DJ (on Thursdays), and karaoke nights on Wednesdays. Check the club’s website for the latest.

You have to be 25+ to get into Red Rooster.  Bring your own alcohol.  Red Rooster has been swinging since 1982.  That’s a real testimonial for Las Vegas, where swingers clubs come and die off regularly.

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The Green Door

953 E Sahara Ave (same bldg. as Fantasy Swingers Club)
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 732-4656  or (800) 718-3794

Hours:  7 pm – 5 am Sun – Thur
7 pm – 7 am Fri – Sat
Age: 18+

Cover charge:
Couples: Sun – Thur $60; Fri – Sat $70 (Locals $50 and $65)
Single Women: $20
Single Men: Sun – Thur $80; Fri – Sat $105 (Locals $75 and $99)
Discount pricing for 2-night/weekly/monthly membership

This club has been here since 1998. I tried to get my wife to go with me just so I could write a review but she wasn’t interested, and although single men are allowed in, I didn’t want to go alone.

But my buddy went with his girlfriend to check it out.  He reported to me that the night he went the crowd was a few couples and a lot of single men who walked around in a herd, looking through the windows of rooms they were not allowed to enter without a female partner.

My buddy did the same thing for a while with his girlfriend, then ended up going into one of the rooms and putting on a show.

He said it was fun but he doubted he’d ever go back. However, other couples love the Door.  See this TVO commenter’s review for detailed info and advice on the swingers’ scene at Las Vegas’ Green Door.

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Fantasy Swingers Club

953 E Sahara Ave, Ste B-17
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
(702) 893-3977
10pm – 4am daily

Cover charge:
Couples: $30
Single Women: $10
Single Men: $60
Discount pricing for weekly/monthly membership

Note: Fantasy Swingers Club closed in early 2016.

76 Responses to “Las Vegas Swingers/Lifestyle Clubs”

  1. cancon

    Wife and I went to Whispers for the first time on Fiday the 13th. Red Rooster has too many single men lurking around and Whispers has no single men. The temperature inside was set at only 74 degrees with cold air coming in through the porch area, not conducive to people wanting to strip down in the playrooms. Arrived at 9:30, 5 couples and 3 single women there. Danced off and on for 2 hours. Another 10 couples by 11:30. A young hot girl showed off her thong while spinning on the stripper pole. A few hot women in short dresses. Went by the playrooms – one couple doing a BJ fully clothed and one couple naked and going at it. We would have gone in for a BJ but too cold for my willy. My hands never warmed up so my wife’s boobs stayed covered, another lady kept her coat on, my wife kept her stockings on. Will go back when the weather warms up and also try the afternoon pool party, clothing optional. Whispers is getting hassled by the zoning police for running a business. Red Rooster has successfully fought off the City for years.

  2. Bob and Velda

    Are lockers provided for your clothing at the green door? How about robes? Or do you just walk around naked? Planning a trip Jan 2-4, 2020

  3. Skitty

    My wife and I love the Green Door. We are not swingers, but when we’re in Vegas we want to do adventurous sexy things.

    The thing about the Door is it pretty dark, almost a seedy feel – although it is very clean. There’s usually too many single men, and the couples that go seem to be new and hoping just to see something rather than participate. The best part is that you don’t know what’s around every corner, and there’s a kind of excitement there.

    We’ve been at least 30 times I’d say, and there have been plenty of times when nobody but single men and maybe two couples are wandering around hoping to watch action. We find after 1am things are busier.

    One time we went to the couples only area where a guy was sitting while his girlfriend was blowing him. We sat next to them and my wife did the same. This led to my wife getting on top of me and the other on him, while we all touched them and the girls kissed us and each other.

    Another time we saw a couple fucking and it was so dark it was hard to really see much but we started doing it next to them and there was a definite eroticness about that. That was the first time I got adventurous there, and I felt the girl’s foot touch my leg and out of courtesy I moved my leg. Now I realize it was possibly intentional, and if I didn’t move she could move her foot away. Ah well.

    The best time was we saw what we felt was an attractive couple. We ended up going in a private room. They were also new to this and respectful, asking “Is this okay” before doing anything. We spent at least an hour just touching – it was really erotic, we didn’t even know their names. It led to some of my fantasies coming true. Kissing my wife while getting blown by her. Then fucking my wife and she touched me while I was in my wife and the guy touched my wife and then she immediately blew me when I pulled out of my wife.

    The best tip I can give for the door is go late, expecting a lot of darkness, and not much action, but enjoy the experience of not knowing what you’ll see. But also be willing to start something on your own. At the least, you can get naked and just start fucking and there’s a chance another couple will also start next to you. At the least you may find it’s erotic to be doing it and just having guys watching.

    One time when no other couple’s were around, we let other guys touch my wife while I went down on her and she really liked so many hands on her.

    The single guys can be a real turnoff for sure, but we have always found them to be very respectful and not forceful, and my wife said she feels a sense of power with that – plus we like that we can duck into a couples-only area. Also, be willing to start a conversation with another couple, but I recommend keeping it impersonal. We personally hate when the couples come up to us, “Where you from?” We don’t like talking about if we have kids and things like that. We like when other couples ask, or we ask, questions like, “Have you been here before?” “Are you new to this?” One time we did that and the guy then said, “Do you want to suck her tits?”

  4. Cancon

    Another fun time at Red Rooster, Friday of the long weekend Sept 1. Arrived at 10pm and already 75 people there but nobody dancing and nobody in the main floor group room. At 11:30 there must have been 150 people and a line up to get into the upstairs group room. My wife gave me a blow job on one of the couches in the upstairs landing area. There were 3 other couples that weren’t doing as much. Still not much dancing and an empty main floor group room at midnight. I think we’ll go back to Thursday nights – smaller crowd (50 – 100), lots of dancing, and many willing couples looking to put on a show for the single voyeuristic men who aren’t going to get much else for their $50.

  5. sea mountain

    sea mountain August 14th, 2017
    there is a new killler club in town
    las vegas swingers club
    the ultimate lifestyles club and nude resort
    Spa Nudes
    with 4 pools and 24 hour dance club its the best in the world

  6. TD Brydai

    Hi Arnold,
    We already posted our question in your clubs review section but have since found this area (sorry, reading your site from our phones ????). We are wondering about Playground, Las Vegas and any reviews and information you or your readers have on it… not much online at all about it, and the website is in Chinese…:we are here in Vegas for the week and hope to check it out if reviews are positive!

  7. Winter

    I’ll be in Vegas Thurs-Sun. What r the best spots for single ladies on Thurs, Fri. & Sat nights?

  8. Cancon

    Went to Red Rooster on Thursday December 29 in order to avoid the weekend crowd. Arrived around 10pm and there were about 5 couples, 5 single men (stay home guys) and a few big single women who knew someone would want them eventually. My wife and I, not swingers, just like to go out with my wife in a short skirt and revealing top and dance to classic rock. By 11:30 there were 15 couples including 5 going at it in the orgy room. Fairly young crowd, mostly under 40. My wife gave me a blow job with her tits out in one of the bedrooms with the door open while some creepy guy watched from the doorway. I didn’t see him but my wife knew he was there. Oh well. If you want a sexy night out and can put up with the single men walking around, it’s worth it.

    • bill

      Headed to Vegas the weekend of May 5TH. Looking for a great swingers club with couples.
      Can’t decide between the Studios, Vegas Playroom, or PurrfectLV. Any suggestions to make it a great Time?

      • Arnold Snyder

        bill, I’ve not yet been to these swinger’s clubs. The only thing I know for sure is that you should probably avoid the Green Door.

        Can anyone else help out with bill’s question?

  9. Chris

    Been to the Red Rooster had a fun time with wife. Planning a return trip in beginning of January. How is the crowd on weekends during that month?

  10. Jon

    My review on shitty Risque Estate in las vegas
    Bottom line : shitty place , owner is an *ss , stay away from Risque Vegas
    Long story : I phoned before i came and ask for about the crowd , i have told that it is around 25 couples so i came at 23:00 on friday.
    After paying 60$ , i saw that there one couple and that is it – i told the owner nicely that it is not what i was told and i would ask to get refund and go (it was 2min after i came) – he rudely refuse and threat me that he will kick my ass.
    He just ignored that i was lied and there is no people , just keep saying no-refund and that i will shut up or get fucked.
    I stayed until 1:00am , just to see if something will happen – nothing!! , until the end of the evening only one old couple join.
    It was the lamest night ever.
    DONT GO to Risque !

  11. Bri

    Looking for a swingers club with a young crowd and possibly with a few ebony couples.. Any suggestions?

    • Blackjack Wizard

      Risque Vegas might be what you’re looking for. Age wise, it’s pretty much like all the rest that skew toward an older crowd, although there were a few younger couples the night my partner and I went. However, if it’s ebony you’re looking for, I’d estimate the crowd was a good 35-40% black.

  12. JB

    Heading to vegas this summer, but unfortunately only Sunday-Thursday. Were’s the best weeknight crowd for fun and mischief?

    • Arnold Snyder

      JB, this is the best time of year for Vegas strip club week nights, because tourists are now here for the rest of the summer.

      Thursday would be the strongest night, Sunday next, but again, during the summer it’s not like week nights during November or early February.

      The best crowds will be at Palomino Club or Sapphire. The optimal time starts at about 11 p.m. on week nights, and the crowds and dancer selection pick up even more after midnight.

      • JB

        Thanks. We’re pretty adventurous. Do you think any of the swing clubs would be worth while on say a Tues or Wed night? Might decide just to trek out to sheris

        • Arnold Snyder

          Not sure about the swing clubs midweek, JB–I’ll ask a friend who goes and get back to you. Sheri’s will have their full excellent line-up midweek–in order to work on the weekend, the girls have to work midweek as well.

          I’d personally opt for Sheri’s for a special adventure.

  13. Bill

    Hey There!
    We are headed to Vegas for the weekend of May 13th, and are looking for a great swingers club to go to. Any thoughts or comments on Red Rooster or Risque Estate? Which is best for a new adventurous couple?
    Any input would be great

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, TVO contributor Nedd Ludd, who has tried out all the swingers clubs, tells me Red Rooster is the best–best mix of people, held in an attractive and huge private home, and well-run. There are areas of the club that allow single men and women, and areas that are couples-only. Check out their website through the link in the post.

    • Trey

      If you’re looking for a couples-only club, Couples Oasis is by far the best option. All the others allow single men. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just depends what you’re looking for.)

  14. Trey

    Any suggestions on the best way to get to/from the Red Rooster? We’ve driven ourselves before, but that sucks because we both like to drink, so we usually take a cab. We weren’t aware of the taxi spiff for strip clubs until we read your site, so thanks for opening our eyes to that, but do you know whether the Red Rooster also has to pay that spiff?

  15. Zorah

    Do you happen to know where I can go for me and my husband to enjoy a 3some with another female

    • Arnold Snyder

      Zorah, you can always get this at one of the Vegas area brothels, like Sheri’s Ranch. If you’re going to try to find a woman at a lifestyle club to join you, Red Rooster is probably your best bet.

  16. Anonymous

    Fantasy and Green Door are off Sahara—not Charleston as you stated. Risqué has same owner as Fantasy.

    • devin

      That place was a failure from the beginning. the owners had no idea how to market it and basically just opened a place for his swinger friends. we went a couple of times and it was a dont have karaoke at a lifestyle and a buffet of cookies and donuts.most of the regulars there were over 50 and the women over 200#s.

  17. Sting

    Hi there,

    Me and partner want to visit RR. So, do we need an invitation (be a member) to get in, or can we just attend at anytime during the open hours?

  18. Cancon

    There is a group of people in their 60’s who mainly hang around in the pool area and go to the bar area wrapped in towels (thankfully). The rest of the people in the lounge, the dance area, the pool table, range in age from 30 -55. Several single men desparately hoping for a date or to at least watch the action but will leave you alone. A great place to dress as sexy as you want and dance cheek to cheek while groping a little. If you want to perform with a small audience watching, this is the place, or to go at it in a room with a few other people doing it too…fun!!!

  19. Arnold Snyder

    MH31: I’ve never been to Red Rooster (or any of the swinger/lifestyle clubs). Maybe someone who’s into that scene can comment here with more info…

  20. orlando

    I think red rooster is the best in the country cause I went many clubs in California in Colorado Chicago and here. I HOPE RE OPEN SUNDAY. I LOVE RED ROOSTER

    • MH31

      What is the average age at Red Rooster? I am 28 and my wife is 26, we are looking for a club with similar age group members. Most of the parties we been to have way older members.

      • A&L

        You’ll find that most singers are usually in their 40’s and up. People your age are usually in a minority in any club.
        We go to clubs without expectations, to flirt, dance and have a good time. When we wanna meet for sex we use a bulletin board on one or more of the singers sites we’re members of like AFF, swingtowns, SLS and believe it or not Craigslist has worked for us.
        In our experience, most seasoned singers WILL NOT play at the clubs as ghings can easily get out of control. Except for FF play of course.
        But if we like a couple at the club we’ll ask them to our home or to our room if we’really traveling.
        Stay safe, stay sexy!

        • penny

          You seem very knowledgeable and I was wondering if I could ask a question?
          We are a local couple here in Vegas and looking for a female to have a great time with possible reoccurring thing. I see you said Craigslist anywhere else? We registered for the estate but I don’t want it to be overwhelming for him as a first timer.
          Penny XOXO

      • A&L

        There’s also a weekly Vegas hotel party, the venue (usually a hotel suite) changes and is by invitation only.
        I forgot their name and how to get in touch with them, however we were contacted after posting ads in “travelling to the area” , “parties” and “events” on AFF, SLS and ST.
        We didn’t went to the party as it was on a Saturday and we left Vegas Saturday morning.
        I’d imagine it will have a younger crowd if that’s what you’really after.
        We go for personality, we had awesome time with couples that were 15-20 years older and the absolute worst sex with Barbie and Ken 😉

  21. Craig L

    My wife and I like to visit Couples Oasis when we are in Vegas. It is couples and single females only.

  22. Steve

    It looks like Arnold covers the swingers clubs pretty well on this page. And he has pages for strip clubs for couples. Really good info I plan to use in a few weeks 🙂

    • Arnold Snyder

      Here are the best strip clubs for couples, based on my own experience.

      I haven’t been to any of the swingers clubs myself, but I know that in the past Red Rooster has been good for couples. A friend who visited Green Door felt there were too many single guys and not enough couples at the club on his visit.

    • A&L

      RR was fun for us even tho it was a slow Wednesday night.
      Didn’t cared for the Green Door.
      Met an awesome couple on SLS that showed us around Vegas and took us to the best local dives, loved it!

    • stuart katz

      The Red Rooster is alive, open and doing great !!!! Come on out and check us out. Doing some remodeling at the club and it is going to look great.

    • mark

      hi channell iam emailing you because iam coming to town jan26to30 and wondering if youd be interested in going to the redrooster with me or would you have a friend that you could set me up with email me and tell me if interested and we can talk more

  23. Channell

    I’m sorry I did find out from some other members that it is still open I just had a Christmas party and yes the owner didn’t die but it is still being run by the wife and his children the website did get close down but that’s all

    • Channell

      sorry I need to edit that I was using talk to text and did not read it before I sent it. yes it was very sad that the owner did pass away, but I did talk to some friends of mine who are members and they just went to the Christmas party I plan on going New Years Eve it is still being run by his wife and family the website is the only thing that has closed

      • Arnold Snyder

        Okay, I restored the data on Red Rooster. Early today, The RR website had a big CLOSED notice on it and referred people to a couple swingers message boards. I went to one of them which was where I found the link to the article about Mike Borchers’ death. Now, when I go to the RR website, I get a 404 error code. In any case, I’ll take you’re word for it, Chantelle, that the Red Rooster is still crowing. If any of my other info is wrong, please let me know. Thanks for staying on top of this.

  24. Channell

    will the Red Rooster be open for new years eve, the website is closed is the house still open? I haven’t been in a few months because I had surgery did they close?



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