Las Vegas Area Brothels and Escorts – A Guide

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Las Vegas Area Legal Brothels vs. Massage Parlors, Escort Services, and Freelance Prostitutes

Sheri's Ranch Brothel Line-Up

Brothel Line-Up

Prostitution is legal in Nevada at licensed brothels, and the best 100% legal brothels in Nevada are located right next door to Las Vegas (more on legal brothels below).

Las Vegas Prostitution?

But prostitution is illegal in Clark County where Las Vegas is located. That doesn’t mean it’s not available. There are massage parlors, escort services, and pros you can meet online or in bars or occasionally in strip clubs or even on the street—it’s just that paying these establishments or professionals for sex is illegal outside of a brothel.

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Legal Brothel in Vegas?


That means if you decide to hire an escort outside of a legal brothel, there are some risks and hurdles you’ll have to get through.

This article covers Las Vegas legal brothels, freelance prostitutes, escort services and massage parlors, and private show alternatives at the strip clubs.  Click a link to skip straight to that section.  You may also be interested in our post on Las Vegas’ first sex doll brothel.

I also cover brothel prices and how to negotiate for the services you want (click here).

I’ll give you an idea of standard prices and practices for each alternative, a description of what each experience is like, and the pros and cons of a legal brothel vs. hiring an escort.  I’m going to speak plainly so you can make an informed decision.

Freelance Vegas Escorts

Brenna Sparks at Legends Room Las Vegas

Brenna Sparks is a Las Vegas Escort at

Freelance escorts are women who sell sexual services.  They handle their own bookings and marketing rather than obtaining clients through a brothel or escort service.

You can meet these women in a casino bar. (Just sit alone in most any bar on the Strip late at night and you’ll be approached.)  You can meet these women on Fremont Street late at night or in other areas frequented by streetwalkers (e.g. west of I15 on Trop).  Occasionally you will meet one of these women in a strip club.

TVO Recommends

Or you can find these women online at one of the sites that take their ads. is one of the better-known sites, though probably only half of the women are true freelancers (the other half are being advertised by a service).  Friends who hire escorts regularly recommend the Vegas escorts page at as the place to find the best Vegas independents. Another reason I recommend the site is I have escort friends who advertise there and recommend it, including Brenna Sparks.

If you’re making arrangements with a freelancer you’ve found in a bar, obviously you can see what you’re getting.  Just don’t try to talk about services or prices in the bar.  Instead, invite the woman up to your room for a drink, and let her guide you through negotiations there in the way she must to avoid potential harassment from cops.

How to Find Independent Las Vegas Escorts Online

If you’re making arrangements with a girl you found online, you will actually get that girl unless the ad has really been placed by a service, in which case the girl you’re trying to hire may be a model rather than a real escort. What you won’t know in advance is whether the woman has put on 30 pounds, or been hospitalized with a wasting disease, since her photos were taken. Also, it can be hard to tell whether you’re dealing with an independent or a service just by looking at the ad.

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At Eros, look for “authenticated” escorts. These are women who have provided ID or other proof that they are indeed the advertiser and the person who appears in the ad pictures. Also, if finding an independent is important to you, look for the ads of women who openly talk in their ad about being independent. Note that the word “independent” in the vital statistics doesn’t mean she’s really independent–even women who work for services are technically “independent.”

Also, if you email Candy, and a girl calls the number you’ve provided in your email and says, “I’m Candy,” it’s probably Candy. Tell her that you specifically want Candy, so that she understands you won’t pay if someone else shows up. If the girl who calls tells you that she answers the phone for the girls, you’re probably dealing with a service. Be sure to ask, because it will make a significant difference in the price.

Escort Reviews in Las Vegas

If you’re interested in reading other men’s reviews of the escort you’re considering, you might want to consider a membership in one of the review sites, like TER ( or The reviews can be quite enlightening. These sites also provide discreet identity verification services for both you and the escort.

Prices for Independent Escorts

The price for bare minimum services may run you $100 to $200 with a prostitute you find on the street in Vegas. This might be for something like a hand job in your hotel room. Intercourse plus oral sex will generally cost you $500 to $1000 in Vegas with a woman who is truly independent, but may cost more depending on exactly what you want and how much time you want to spend with her. Some top freelancers have prices starting at $1500 or higher.

For example, a friend found a pro in a high-end strip club who charged $1000 to meet later that night. There was no agency fee or cabbie kickback to cover because he met her directly instead of through a service. They spent about two hours together. I myself have run into a few dancers who offered full sexual services for prices ranging from $500 to $1000 for an hour or two. If you want a full girlfriend experience with an escort or other pro you find in Las Vegas, there will be an additional hourly charge for the extra time, but it won’t be at the rate you pay for actual sex.

There are special hurdles you have to get through when paying for illegal sex, as well as special risks, whether you’re engaging the services of a freelancer or a woman you find through an escort service. These are covered in the escort section below.

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How to Hire an Escort Through an Escort Service in Vegas

There are brochures and flyers for escort services all over town, and you can find more escort services online.

If you attempt to engage sexual services through an escort service, be aware in advance that the women on those flyers you see on the Strip or downtown are probably not the women who will show up at your hotel room for your date. The women in those flyers are mostly models. The women who show up from all but the highest-priced services are attractive but more ordinary-looking women.


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If you call up the number in the brochure and ask for a specific girl you found there, the service may tell you she’s not available, but that they can send you someone similar. And they will try to send you someone close to that type. Sometimes they’ll just send someone similar without telling you in advance. But whether they tell you or not, you should be as clear as possible on the phone about what type of woman you’re looking for. If it’s important to you that she wear stockings and a garter belt, be sure to say that too.

Whether you call up a service or an independent, the woman who answers the phone will usually ask where you’re staying, including the room number, and the name you’re registered under at the hotel. Then they will call you back at your room to verify that you’re really you and not a prank caller. This also provides a degree of safety to the woman.

Prices for Escorts You Meet Through a Service in Las Vegas

Prostitutes you meet through an escort service will cost an extra $150 to $300 for bare minimum services because of the fee the agency charges for sending the girl. If you get referred to the service by a cabbie or limo driver or hotel concierge or casino host, the agency fee will be at the high end of that range or even higher, because they have to pay a kickback to the person who referred you. (This kickback has run $150 to $250 in recent years.)

Then, on top of the agency fee, you pay a “tip” to the pro for her services. Pros you meet through an agency may charge $500 to $600–not counting the agency fee–for standard services for an hour.

When you call an escort service, the fee that they’ll quote you will be strictly the agency’s fee for sending you a girl for a striptease. Don’t think that you’ll be getting actual sex for the $300 agency fee.

Handling Your First Meeting with a Las Vegas Escort from a Service

Once the girl from the agency arrives at your room, you will pay her the nonrefundable agency fee if you like the way she looks, and only then will she begin to negotiate with you for actual services beyond disrobing. (Take another look at the prices mentioned above and be realistic in your negotiations.)

This is where things may get difficult with an escort from an agency. You may have just paid a $200 or $300 agency fee with no guarantee that you’ll be able to reach a deal for the services you wanted in the first place. Unlike at a brothel, you are starting off negotiations at a disadvantage from the money you’ve already had to advance.

When you start negotiations, remember that the money you are paying must cover not only the woman’s services, but also her business overhead. Also, a woman you engage through an agency must tip out about 20% of her earnings from you to the agency phone girl who sent her. An agency phone girl is a kind of call girl dispatcher.

If you really can’t work out a deal, the girl will leave with the agency fee and usually (but not always) the agency will be willing to send a different girl for no additional fee. They will even send a third girl, if you can’t reach a deal with the second one who shows up. The reason is that the phone girl makes her money from the call girl’s tip out, so she has an incentive to help you reach a deal with someone. By the time the agency sends a second or third girl, if necessary, everyone has a better idea of what you’re looking for and can afford.

Another hurdle you will have to get through is that, unlike negotiations in a legal brothel, all discussion about prices and services will have to be very vague until the woman can determine that you’re not a cop. This means that instead of asking “How much for a blowjob?”, you have to talk vaguely about how much you have to spend that night, or ask about the woman’s “usual tip.”

The pretense is that she’s coming to your room to give you a legal, private striptease in exchange for the agency fee. You give her a nice tip for her striptease performance because you’re a generous man. So far, that’s all legal. What happens beyond that is just free consensual sex between two adults, which is legal as well. Get it?


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Determining that you’re not a cop will usually involve getting you into some state of undress, or engaging in some degree of intimate contact, if she hasn’t already prescreened you and confirmed your identity. If you resist, she’ll be suspicious. She will remove clothes too.

Pros vs. Cons of a Brothel vs an Escort or Independent

At a Nevada Brothel You Can See What You’re Getting

One important advantage of a brothel is that you get to actually meet the women in the house and flirt with them before making a decision. That means you’ll actually be getting someone who turns you on, someone with whom you have chemistry.

Escort services pass out cards and flyers with photos of gorgeous women on them, but again, all of these women are models, not the actual women who will show up at your room. If you’ve picked a photo of a blond, they’ll send you a blond. Now, there you are with this woman at your door who is nothing like what you expected. You don’t really want her. What do you do?

Sex at a Nevada Brothel is 100% Legal

Another advantage of dealing with a brothel is that the service is 100% legal. You’re not going to have to worry about getting arrested for saying the wrong thing to an undercover cop.

The vice cops in Vegas arrest roughly 300 to 600 men a year for solicitation for prostitution.  If you get arrested, you’ll have to pay attorney’s fees and a large fine, plus return to Vegas yet another time for “john school,” which will cost you still more.  And if the cops arrest you in your car, you’ll have to pay a large towing fee.

Prices are Roughly Comparable

The main pro of dealing with an independent you choose online or a hooker on the street is that you may be able to save some money. A woman you meet through an escort service will usually end up costing about the same as a woman in a brothel by the time you include the agency fee and the extra money she must charge to tip the phone girl and cover her overhead.

Nevada Brothels are Less Risky–No Disease, No Pimps, No Scams

Even when you can save a little money, there’s a lot more risk in dealing with a freelancer or a woman from an escort service. There are no guaranteed regular health checks as there are in the legal brothels, where there has never been a single case of a courtesan having HIV. Condoms are not mandatory on the street as they are in the brothels. You may personally dislike condoms, but if you’re having sex with a woman who has sex for a living, you will likely feel some comfort in knowing you’re treating your own body respectfully by not risking the misery of an STD.

And if you engage the services of a freelance prostitute–especially one you meet on the street or in a hotel bar–you might run into a pimp, or a boyfriend, or a husband. That type of danger is nonexistent in a legal brothel.


Freelance Prostitutes in Las Vegas – Don’t Get “Roofied”

Also, freelance prostitutes in Vegas and elsewhere have been known to do things like slip their clients knock-out drugs and take their watches and all their money. It doesn’t happen every time, but it happens. This scam has also been used by women posing as tourists who are looking for a vacation fling. But it never happens in a legal brothel. To work in a brothel, a woman must obtain a state license which she cannot get without a thorough background check. There is no law requiring women you meet in a bar to have state licenses obtained with background checks.

And you can’t trust cabbies to tell you where you can get sex. Cabbies have gotten bribes of as much as $180 dollars a head to deliver customers to Vegas massage parlor clip joints (places where they charge a customer $500 by implying he’ll get sex with his massage, but don’t deliver; when the customer complains, security boots him).

Some escort services run a similar scam.  A beautiful girl arrives at your door and you eagerly pay a $200-$300 agency fee before you find out she’s unwilling to work for less than $2000.  Some illegal escorts in Vegas make a living off collecting agency fees and then delivering nothing.

If you gamble at a level where you have a casino host in Las Vegas, you can ask your host for a recommendation, but be aware that his kickback will be added to your fee, which means that you will be paying about the same you’d pay at a brothel. If you’re not a gambler, you might ask your hotel concierge (again, his kickback will raise your fee).

Either source will have to face you again, so you are more likely to get a decent referral than you are with a cabbie, but it’s not guaranteed. A friend who plays high-stakes blackjack was offered one of the casino cocktail waitresses by his host. The girl looked great, so he accepted, but he said later that the girl was not enthusiastic and he felt guilty about the experience.

By contrast, the women you meet in a brothel have freely chosen this profession and seem to really enjoy it.

Las Vegas Brothels – Prices, Services, and What to Expect

Risk-Free Sex with a Hot Stranger

Love Ranch Vegas Features All Large, Well-Appointed Rooms with Hardwood Floors

Love Ranch Vegas Features All Large, Well-Appointed Rooms with Hardwood Floors

The Nye County brothels range from the luxurious Love Ranch Vegas, playground of Hollywood and sports stars, to homey Alien Cathouse, to Sheri’s Ranch, where the rooms are small, clean and functional.

At each of these brothels, you can check out the women available that week or in coming weeks online and make an appointment with a specific woman by email before you arrive.

You can also just show up whenever you want. The Las Vegas area brothels are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The minimum age to enjoy the services of a legal Nevada brothel is 21.

As soon as you get buzzed into the establishment, you’ll usually find a “line-up” of available ladies waiting to greet you. They’ll be dressed nicely, often in outfits that show their shapes, but never naked or even topless. You’ll be invited right off the bat to choose the girl you like, and if you do, she’ll take your hand and immediately escort you to a room to negotiate the services desired and her price. She’ll be good at drawing you out about what would make you happy, and you shouldn’t be shy about telling her.

But if you’d rather sit down and have a drink to unwind before choosing a girl, just tell the house mother you’d prefer to have a drink first, in which case you’ll be waved into the bar. This is not unusual. A lot of guys take their time.


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At the bar, you’ll be able to see most if not all of the women who were in the line-up, sitting around chatting with each other or with other customers who are also in there having a drink. As you relax with your drink, the girls will approach you one at a time and sit down next to you just to make small talk and flirt to see if they might be your type. They don’t try to hustle you or hurry you up. If there’s a girl in there you’re interested in, she’ll usually notice you eyeing her and will approach you.

How to Negotiate in a Vegas Area Brothel

Alana Lee is Available at Love Ranch Vegas

Alana Lee is Available at Love Ranch Vegas

The ladies will not discuss prices or services in the barroom. Again, if you want to talk business, the woman of your choice will lead you into a room where you can talk in private. Be blunt. If there’s something specific you want, tell her. If you’re short on cash for what you want, she’ll tell you there’s an ATM machine right there in the facility. The Vegas area legal brothels also accept traveler’s checks and major credit cards (they use “discreet billing”).

Every Nevada brothel has a house minimum price. In the legal brothels near Las Vegas, it’s now around $150-200. This price might cover sexual non-sex (maybe you’d like a simple striptease or erotic massage, or you want to give a naked girl a foot massage).  Or it might cover a massage with a happy ending.  Or a blowjob.

A half hour to 40 minutes of intercourse and oral sex will usually run at least $500 in the Vegas-area brothels. An hour will typically run $700 to as much as $2500 with a top girl.  If you’re Lamar Odom at the Love Ranch Vegas, staying in the Dennis Hof suite with four girls, the charge may run $25k a night. The Review Journal reported about a year ago that the average transaction at Sheri’s Ranch was roughly $900. The woman you have sex with splits your payment with the house.

Once you’ve told a woman the services you’d like and she tells you her price, there is some room to negotiate. For example, you may be quoted a price of $1000 for a half-and-half (intercourse and oral sex). If you counter-offer $500 to $700 in some non-offensive way, perhaps for less time, you will probably be able to reach a deal. Tell the woman you’ve chosen that she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen, and she definitely is worth $1000, but you need to keep enough money to pay the parking garage at the airport at home when you pick up your car.

One negotiating trick you might want to try is to be the first to name a price. Experienced negotiators call this “anchoring.” If the courtesan names a price of $4500 to start off negotiations, you may find yourself agreeing to $2200 because by comparison it seems cheap. But if you start the negotiations by saying, “I know escorts online charge around $500 an hour, would that be appropriate?” the ultimate price you settle on will likely be closer to the house norm.

So use anchoring to get a little extra bargaining power. Another way to save money is to go at a slower time–midweek in the afternoon rather than at peak hours on a big fight weekend, for example. Or go for a shorter time–you can have a lot of fun in a brothel in half an hour.

But definitely don’t use an insult to get a lower price. You want an enthusiastic co-participant in this adventure.


And be aware that different women will have different prices. That girl who looks like she just stepped off a Hollywood film set may in fact have just stepped off a Hollywood film set. She may have a higher price than the norm.

I can tell you that I have friends who headed over to Vegas-area brothels recently determined to spend no more than $500, who ended up spending $700 (for an hour on a midweek afternoon) to $2200 (for an hour on a big sports weekend in Vegas) and reported the experience was worth every penny.  If you’d like to see what a brothel negotiation looks like, read our reporter’s account of his negotiations at Sheri’s Ranch.

I’ve enjoyed the services of brothels myself. The memories still bring a smile.

Brothel Specialties

In most of the larger Nevada brothels, there are women who can cater to most fetishes. If you’re into kinky stuff—bdsm, spanking, anal sex, unusual role-play, whatever—they’ll often have specialists to accommodate you. The weirder your desires, the more you should expect to pay.

The Vegas area brothels also welcome couples as customers. Courtesans always set their own prices, but as a general rule you should expect to pay at least 50% more for a couple, and a courtesan may require a longer minimum time that takes the price closer to twice the norm for a solo guy.

A Las Vegas Girlfriend Experience

If you’d like to arrange for an entire evening with the woman of your choice–taking her to dinner and maybe a show or some gambling and generally flirting before getting to bed, often with kissing included, that can be arranged with the women at the Vegas-area brothels too.  Again, just expect to pay an extra charge for the extra time.

What Happens After You Agree on a Price

Once you agree on services and price—and before the courtesan takes your money—she’ll examine your dick, looking for any sores, lesions, growths, dripping fluids, horrible smells, rashes, pimples, or oozing blisters. (If you’ve got any kind of condition like this, don’t go to a brothel because you won’t be served.)

Assuming your dick passes inspection, she’ll inform you that condoms are required for every sex act that would involve your dick. You’d be wasting your time trying to negotiate a price for sex without a condom. The state of Nevada has undercover health inspectors who visit brothels regularly to try to negotiate for unprotected sex, and any girl who agrees to accommodate such wishes will be fired on the spot and never work again in a legal Nevada brothel.

Again, this is one of the reasons why sex in a legal brothel is so safe in Nevada. All ladies are tested for STDs regularly and STDs are virtually unheard of in brothels in this state. This is the safest sex you can ever have with a stranger.

After concluding your negotiations, the lady will take your money and leave the room to inform the establishment how long you’ll be using the room and her services. She will instruct you to undress, shower and get ready for her while she’s out of the room.

Generally she will return within a couple of minutes and then she will carry out the services you have paid her for.

Las Vegas Brothel/Escort/Private Show Etiquette

Shower before, and brush your teeth.

Be courteous and generous with compliments. Don’t let the fact that she’s a sex worker make you forget that she’s a woman.  Don’t be coarse.  Talk to her as if she were any other woman that you might like to see again.

Never be rough unless this is something you specifically negotiated, and don’t go beyond the bounds of what she has agreed to. Always respect her boundaries.

Don’t negotiate over small price differences as if you were haggling over a used car.  If she says $1200, and all you can afford is $600, that’s something to discuss.  If she says $600, don’t try to dicker the price to $550, or you’ll offend her.

Tips are not required over and above the negotiated price, but tipping is always a nice touch.

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Best Brothels Within an Hour of the Las Vegas Strip – Reviews

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Love Ranch Vegas Luxury Suite

Love Ranch Vegas Suite

Love Ranch Vegas

Appaloosa Ln
Crystal, NV 89060
(775) 372-5251

Love Ranch Vegas is the most luxurious brothel in the Vegas area, a favorite of Hollywood and sports stars located about an hour west of the Las Vegas Strip by NV-160 W or US-95 N.

Love Ranch Vegas features all large and well-appointed rooms with beautiful hardwood floors, as well as multi-bedroom suites with private entrances and bathrooms you could get lost in.  There’s a fully-equipped BDSM room and a Japanese water table/wet room.

The girls look like a Hollywood casting call and a number do modeling and film work on the side.  You can also arrange for a romp with a porn star like Sunny Lane at Love Ranch Vegas, or even shoot your own adult film there, with yourself in the role of male lead.  Girls here can accommodate pretty much any fetish or combo of sexual partners and positions you can dream up, so no need to hold back.

Love Ranch Vegas is owned by Dennis Hof of HBO “Cathouse” fame.  Hof’s personal suite is available to guests when he’s not in town.  You can order in food from a restaurant near by.

Love Ranch Vegas is open 24/7/365, and no reservations are required.  Call (775) 372 5251 to reserve a special suite or girl or arrange for free brothel car service.  Mastercard and Visa are accepted (they use “discreet billing”).  The brothel is fully ADA approved.

For more information, see our review:  Love Ranch Vegas Brothel, Playground of Millionaires.

Sheri's Ranch is a High-End Brothel in Nearby Pahrump

Sheri’s Ranch

Sheri’s Ranch

10551 Homestead Rd
Pahrump, NV 89061

Sheri’s is located about 90 minutes’ drive west of Las Vegas on NV-160 W. Turn left on Homestead Rd. at the big building that looks like a castle and drive about seven miles to the end of the road.

The accommodations at Sheri’s Ranch range from clean and functional (like a basic motel room) to suites comparable to those in a fine Strip hotel. There’s also a fully-furnished BDSM chamber and a nuru massage room. (Expect to pay more for a suite or specialty room.)

The women at Sheri’s Ranch are good looking, with sexy bodies of a variety of types (big boobs, slender and natural, glamorous, cheerleader-type, Asian, black, etc.) You can make an appointment with the woman you prefer in advance. You can party with three or more women, and both single women and couples are welcome.

Sheri’s offers free round-trip transport to the brothel 24/7. Call (866) 820-9100 to reserve your ride at least one hour in advance.

Sheri’s also offers a hotel and restaurant apart from the brothel, so you can spend the night. Both the hotel and brothel are handicap-accessible.

For more information, see My Experience with a Courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch–an undercover review of the brothel.

The Girls at Alien Cathouse Add Their Personal Touches to the Decor

The Girls at Alien Cathouse Add Their Personal Touches to the Decor

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Alien Cathouse

2711 E Highway 95
Amargosa, NV 89020
(775) 372-5678

Alien Cathouse is a laid-back, less-expensive brothel about 90 minutes drive north of Vegas on US-95 N, in Nevada’s flying saucer territory.

The easygoing courtesans range from neighborhood girl types to attractive older women.

The rooms are smaller than at Love Ranch South but clean, often decorated with the girls’ personal touches.  When I visited, a fire was crackling in the fireplace of the lounge where the girls line up, and the girls had decorated an upside-down Christmas tree in the corner.

Alien Cathouse is located behind the bright alien-green Area 51 Alien Center.  You can’t miss it from US-95.  There’s a 1950’s-style diner located next door to the brothel.

Alien Cathouse is open 24/7/365, and no reservations are required.

For more information, see our full Alien Cathouse Review.

Chicken Ranch

10511 Homestead Rd
Pahrump, NV 89061
(877) 585-2397

Located next door to Sheri’s, Chicken Ranch is a smaller brothel.  Sheri’s tends to get the higher rating by locals who visit regularly because of its amenities and the beauty of the women.

Strip Club Alternatives

If you’re looking for an intensely erotic experience, but are wary of the expense involved in engaging an escort, consider a strip club private room show as an alternative. A completely private room starts at 10 minutes for $100 at one of Vegas’ best clubs, and that includes the dancer.

In Vegas, laws limiting contact between strip club dancers and customers were ruled unconstitutional some years ago, so you can get very close and personal with a dancer. The limits are set by her.


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    • Arnold Snyder

      Ian, it’s not a common practice if you’re playing at a very high level, but also not unheard of, though you’re more likely to be offered a pro, not a cocktail server. At the time I was playing up to 3 hands of $10k or 6 hands of $10k per round of blackjack, depending on the place. The other guys invited all played at whatever the house max was at their regular MGM casino on whatever game they played. They typically negotiated even higher max bets than the normal house limit and they typically had loss rebate deals.

      I was first offered this at Beau Rivage some months after a trip to MGM Grand. I’d had a situation at MGM where we were tracking the shuffle and also had a good loss rebate deal. There were a bunch of shoes in a row where we were either in the loss rebate zone or in a particularly rich tracked slug of high cards. On one shoe, we were playing with a big advantage from the start of the shoe until the end and just flat bet $60k per round.

      You get all kinds of offers when you’re seen as a player who will flat bet $60k a round for shoe after shoe after shoe after shoe.

      The way it happened with me the first time is the host took me aside and extended me an invitation to a Playmate Weekend. The weekend would start with a party filled with Penthouse models. The guys invited would each choose a girl and she would spend the entire weekend with us. My host said, “She’ll eat with you, she’ll sleep with you, she’ll be your girlfriend for the weekend.”

      I was a newlywed at the time and my bride was standing a few feet away smiling as my host whispered in my ear. Alas, I was a newlywed and very much in love with my wife.

      • Tred

        Arnold, I truly love every single word you write, but you forget guys are here for women (and politics). Not me, I’m an AP’s, eager to learn everything.

        Loss Rebate? Is that like the management giving you money when the dancer lifts your wallet (No…)

        Tracking a Slug? Is that like following a large dancer around the club? (No….)

        Front loading? Is that like a cowgirl position? (Don’t try it at the blackjack table.)

        • Arnold Snyder

          Tred, I may turn this website into half advantage play, half strip clubs and brothels. I miss writing about gambling.

          A loss rebate is when the casinos gives you back a percentage of whatever you lose. At a lower-end place like the Stratosphere, it might be 5%. At higher-end places, it may be 10%, or 15%.

          So let’s say you go in and lose $100,000 on two hands of blackjack, and now you’ve lost all the money you put in the casino cage to play on. They give you back $10,000 or whatever the loss rebate amount is.

          The next time you come in, you make $100,000 on those two hands of blackjack. Then you come down with the flu and have to stop playing. Now, over the two plays, you’ve broken even but the casino has given you $20k. So you’re up $20k. Say you played basic strategy on the four hands of blackjack and the house edge was a quarter of a percent, as it tends to be in the high roller pits. You gave the house $500 in house edge and they gave you $20k, for a $19,500 profit. Your edge on the two plays was 9.75%.

          Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that in reality. No way you’re getting away with playing two hands of blackjack at $50k each, with perfect basic strategy, every trip. You have to look like a real gambler who is giving them a lot of house edge for a significant amount of playing time.

          Also, many loss rebates don’t kick in until you lose a certain amount of money. At the Aladdin, you had to lose $50k. At the Crown casino in Melbourne, the rebate started at $1 of loss. At Paris casino, if I remember correctly, it was 10% at $200k lost, then 15% at $500k lost. At MGM Grand, you had to be down $250k to get 10% rebated.

          Larry Flynt was getting even higher loss rebates for losing over $1 million.

          When the rebate doesn’t kick in until a certain amount of loss, it creates a “rebate zone” where if you bet, say, $10k, you can win $10k on the hand at no risk, because the rebate kicks in if you lose. So say a 10% loss rebate kicks in when you lose $100k. And you’re down $90k. If you bet $10k on a hand and win, you’re only down $80k. If you bet $10k and you lose, you’re still only down $90k because you got $10k back as a loss rebate for hitting minus $100k. So the $10k bet is a freeroll.

          And it turns out there is a very large “rebate zone” where you have a huge edge betting it up for the rebate, even though technically the rebate may not kick in on your very next hand. I’ve written a kind of blackjack memoir, Radical Blackjack, that I’m going to be publishing soon with Huntington Press, and I go into this in a lot more detail in the book: how to calculate the zone, how to calculate your edge on any given hand, etc. But it turns out there is a very big rebate zone where you can bet like an absolute maniac because you have a huge rebate edge. And if a higher rebate kicks in at a greater loss amount, you can play like a maniac through a truly enormous rebate zone and make tremendous amounts of money.

          Now combine the two plays. When you have advance knowledge of an advantage from shuffle tracking or hole card play, you can bet like a maniac. And when you’re in the rebate zone, you can bet like a maniac. To the casino, you appear to just be a maniac who starts betting big for no reason. This is professional gambler heaven.

          • Tred

            I remember hearing Radical Blackjack was “delayed” on Dancer and Munchkin’s podcast. I was very bummed.

          • Arnold Snyder

            Tred, it was worth the delay. Norm Wattenberg developed new simulation software for me that let me get firmer numbers on some of these plays.

  7. George

    How come no agencies or brothels seem to have super-busty girls? Also, tried calling one to ask if they had any super-busty workers and they were like “Drive 60 miles to find out!” Anyplace a guy could post an add to find an ideal girl?

    • Arnold Snyder

      George, you can see photographs of the girls working at the brothels that week at the brothel websites. Pick out the super bustiest and make an appointment with her.

      • Bob

        What are the chances of having to share a ride with other people when you call sheris limo?

  8. lawrence

    Hey Arnold I saw some girls on Adult Search site for $200 is that the all inclusive price or just starting price

      • Mike

        Hey Arnold,
        Visiting Vegas November 1st week and planing visit a brothel after reading your reviews as they are safer.
        Are the prices same at Sheri’s and Chicken Ranch?
        Also do you know if it will be busy during Friday, Saturday or Sunday mornings ( we are expecting to avoid the peak time)

        • Arnold Snyder

          Mike: Prices will be comparable and mornings are generally not busy in brothels. Because it’s a weekend, there should be plenty of girls available.

          • Mike

            Thanks Arnold.. will we able to negotiate a good price in the morning..? Even during the weekend..?

  9. Sabrina vigneault

    Hi , I will like to know how to get there and work with you guys . Thanks . I am French Canadian and 26 years old

      • Scott

        I think you about covered all my questions. Thank you for all the helpful info. Here is one i haven’t seen yet — do negotiations go better if you have some party favors to share with the girls? Any kind of discount?

  10. Scott

    How much would it cost if I didn’t want sex but wanted to take photographs of the woman?….either at one of the Brothels you’ve described or from an independent?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Scott, much cheaper — typically the house minimum at a brothel. That used to be $150 at Sheri’s, less elsewhere. One girl at Sheri’s recently told a customer that the house minimum is now $200 for 7 minutes, but that doesn’t mean $200 for every 7 minutes. It essentially means the house minimum is now $200.

      With independents in your room, it’s basically the striptease price, or the price the girl or escort service quotes for companionship. For example, Brenna Sparks at charges $1000 an hour for her company — she’d probably be willing to pose for photographs for that. Other girls quote less — you’ll see as low as $300 to $500 an hour for companionship, and that would usually include getting naked, and they would usually allow photographs.

      I’m assuming the photos would be for your own use only, that you don’t intend to publish them. If you need a model release from a girl, the price could be much higher.

      Just be sure to tell any girl or escort service that you’re specifically looking for nude modeling. You can say that straight out up front because nude modeling is not illegal, and then you can negotiate openly over her price. You don’t have to dance around the subject like you do for sex.

      This also allows you to weed out immediately any girl who won’t allow photos for whatever reason.

      So again, a girl’s basic price for companionship usually includes getting naked, and usually she would allow photographs for your own private use within that price. It’s okay to ask up front, even with an escort service, when you’re looking for this service.

  11. Darren

    Hi Arnold
    Very informative sight. I plane to see a girl or an independent escort soon, I’m still doing my homework. This will be my first experience. I have a couple of questions. I’m only interested in a little oral and then regular intercourse but some of the girls advertise oral without condom and cum in mouth, do they really put there health at risk like this? Secondly, some of them say yes to “receiving hardsports” I looked it up on line to see what it meant and It’s letting someone defecate on you, SICK! Do these girls actually let some freak do such a thing? Just curious. I will probably have some more questions on my decision and I’m learning so much here on your sight, I am leaning toward a brothel. Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Darren, there are probably girls who will do anything for the right money, but I wouldn’t want to hire a girl like that. You don’t want to have sex with a girl who would have it unprotected, and I’d be suspicious of girls who say they’ll do degrading, violent, or unsanitary things because I’d suspect they really plan to make their money by drugging and robbing you.

      • Darren

        Boy I didn’t think of that. I absolutely agree, when I read those things it made me lean all the more to the brothals, I know I may have to pay a little more but that’s not an issue with me, the appeal with a good legitiment escort is the convenience of staying in my motel room and them come to me and I can relax and unwind and have a few drinks and not be driving. From your advice l think I’ll make the sacrifice and Uber too a nice clean girl at the brothels, leaning toward Sherrie’s, a lot of pretty girls there, of course a lot of pretty girls at all of them but the bottom line is that the average looking girl with the “girl next door look” is also very appealing. I’m a corporate pilot and I fly to Vegas quite often and have been thinking about this for some time.Thanks for the advice bro!

        • Arnold Snyder

          Darren, brothel prices are comparable to independent escort prices these days. I think you’ll like a brothel. It’s nice to see the girls and flirt with them before you make a decision. The safety is nice–you know you’ll never have to deal with a pimp showing up. And it’s nice to know that if a girl won’t budge from an unreasonable price that there are plenty of other girls to choose from just down the hall.

  12. Valerie

    I am a fairly attractive female with a nice figure and I want to experience full on sex with a woman. Do any of the girls at the brothels cater to woman? If so could I expect to receive and give oral sex and will they require some sort of a barrier?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Valerie, most of the brothel girls will cater to a woman. Saliva and other female fluids aren’t a risk for STDs, so you won’t have to use a barrier.

      The brothel girl will inspect your genitals for open sores and she will have inspected herself. She will also have been tested recently for STDs.

  13. BigMick

    Couple of questions on Brothels and being safe in Vegas, like Sheri’s Ranch….

    1. What is the likelihood of getting an STD from one of the brothels?
    2. I see some girls at Sheri’s advertise DATY, how is this performed safely?

    Thanks for the great information…

    • Arnold Snyder

      BigMick, your likelihood of getting an STD at a Las Vegas area brothel is as close to zero percent as you can get.

      First, at Sheri’s (would have to recheck the others), the girls are tested for STDs every week and whenever they leave the brothel for 24 hours or more, even when the state requires only less-frequent testing. They literally can’t get to the point where they’re contagious without knowing it and being stopped from working by the brothel.

      Second, if any unsafe fluids are involved in your encounter, you have to wear a condom/barrier.

      You can kiss without a barrier and perform oral sex on her without a barrier because saliva isn’t a risk for catching STDs and neither are her fluids. She will have inspected herself for any sores prior to your arrival and she will inspect you for any open sores before you get into anything.

  14. Arnold Snyder

    Luis, Eros Verified simply means the woman has submitted a government ID that proves she’s the person in the ad. It doesn’t guarantee that this is the woman who will show up. It doesn’t guarantee that pictures or other info are accurate or current.

    The “Independent” is also meaningless. Technically, all of these women are independent, even if you’ll be contacting them through an agency and an agency is advertising them. But if the woman adds extra info or claims about being independent, she usually really is independent.

  15. Luis

    Was checking out, have 2 questions: 1) what does Eros Verified really mean 2) Some of the Girls profile mention Affiliation = Independent ……does that mean they are truly “Independent” ?

  16. Billy

    In a brothel, a man always has to go thru a “dick check”. Is it unreasonable for a man to ask for a “vagina check”? After all, both parties want to know each other is safe, right?

  17. Copilot88

    Hey Arnold thanks for all your great info and time you put into this site! My wife has the fantasy of seeing me with other women we’ve done a few strip clubs and it’s been great but we’re looking for something more of a natural experience with a girl. Her drinking with us and having a good time and seeing where the night takes us. My wife is 420 friendly and wants to have fun with another good looking 420 friendly girl but then they focus the attention to me We usually book rooms with a balcony at the few strip resorts that have them. So that she can smoke at the room. Is it hard to find 420 escorts or strippers that just want to have a good time… 200-400 an hour is kind of a waste on just a hot friend for the night. Might as well get full service but we don’t want to just jump into it like that. Thank you.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Copilot88, it’s hard to find any escort that’s going to be friendly like you want. I get lots of email from people who’ve been through hard selling pressure, then paid more than they wanted to pay and got the absolute bare minimum for their money.

      You’d have a better shot at a brothel or a strip club looking for a girlfriend experience like you want, though full service would tend to be harder to find at a strip club.

  18. Mysterion

    Yesterday i visited one of the biggest stripclubs in vegas and after 15 minutes i got offered “special” service in the VIP. I paid 400for the hour + 200 tips(i paid the tips after she delivered here service) and one of the most beautifull girls on this planet let me do what i want. At the and she said that i am not allowed to come in her mouth so i gave her a warning that she totally ignored. So finally i came in her throat. I expected some trouble but she smiled and everything was perfect. Yes i know it´s pretty expensive if you compare it to prices in bangkok or anywhere else but damn that worths it.
    I forget i have to pay another 185 for a bottle of champagne.

  19. Daddy-o

    Hey Arnold, looking for a 4 hand massage in my suite on Monday. What sites offer the most reliable outcalls?

  20. Jsy

    How much would it cost for just a blow job at wild cat brothel in mina nevada just trying to figure out price

  21. Amber

    Arnold, thank you for the wealth of information you provide on some topics which are otherwise very difficult to find clear and concise answers on anywhere else on the internet. My boyfriend and I will be in town next month and were looking to get an erotic couples massage. We originally were looking at the brothels as we felt that was the only safe option however after doing more research it appears there are a lot of “erotic/sensual massage outcall services” that offer for a girl of your choosing to show up to your private hotel room within 20 minutes. When we called these places to get more information and check on the legality of that they plainly said they have 2 kinds of massage therapist that will come to your room to satisfy you – 1. Which is an adult entertainer that gets fully nude and you can negotiate what they will do once they are there. 2. A licensed massage therapist that does not get fully nude but will give an actual therapeutic massage. We were going more for the erotic fully nude with happy ending type but not looking for actual full blown intercourse for either of us, what are your thoughts on these “outcall” in room services and do you or anyone on here have any experience with what the price actually ends up working out to after the obligatory “tip” above and beyond the $250 service fee. The sites I am referencing are,,, and several others similar. We called the first 2 and confirmed they were a legitimate service over the phone but beyond that and a few vague google reviews there is next to no info out there on them. Thanks for your insight and experience.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Amber, this kind of service is so dependent on the girl who shows up. You might get someone great for a reasonable price, or you might get someone who puts in the bare minimum for an outrageous price, and you won’t know the price until you’ve already paid the $250 service fee, which makes you feel trapped.

      Personally, I’d head for one of the brothels. There’s no up front service fee. You look at a line-up and/or talk with the girls in the bar and find someone who appeals to you, who seems to have the right chemistry. Then you go to her room and negotiate, and if you can’t come to an agreement, you’ve still got every other girl in the establishment. That tends to give you more negotiating power than a girl you’ve already paid $250 to just to get negotiations started.

      A massage with a happy ending tends to be one of the lower-priced items on a Vegas brothel menu, though there would usually be a bit higher for a couple. You may find that the massage price in a brothel isn’t much more than the $250 service fee for the outcall service.

  22. Dave

    Hello Arnold, thanks for all the great information. I will be in Vegas in mid-July from Monday – Wednesay, and if I have around $1,000 cash, which would be better? Sheri’s Ranch or perhaps Little Darlings for the VIP?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Dave, just depends on what you’re looking for. An hour with a girl in a private bedroom at Little Darlings is $400. She’ll be completely naked and but you won’t.

      At Sheri’s or Love Ranch, it may cost $1000 for an hour of full service if you go in the afternoon one of those days when you’re in town.

  23. Don

    My wife and I are in Vegas next week, and we intend to go to Sheri’s. I know each ladies is an independent contractor. Obviously couples would cost more depending on the type of party. Is there a “reasonable amount” we should plan to spend? We are intending to go on a mid week afternoon adventure. Ideally if we can party with her for $1000-1500 that would fit into our budget. Are we way off the typical range for a couple?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Don, that sounds in the ballpark. I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding a girl you like on a mid-week afternoon, even for a couple.

  24. Darren


    Generally speaking, at the ranches, would you recommend when using the limo service to tip say $50 each way? Considering alternative methods are $75 or more. Is $50 each way an insult?

    As well, gifts for the courtesan. Are those presented after, or before the negotiated deal?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Darren, if you’re alone, I’d tip $20 each way. If you’re going with a party of guys, you might do $20 each or some round number around that for the group.

      But don’t be surprised if the limo driver mentions a specific amount. If he does, depending on your budget, maybe give him something between $20 each way and the outlandish number he comes up with.

      Whenever anyone in Vegas suggests a tip amount, it’s always outrageous because so many tourists will just pay whatever the guy says. Why not ask for the moon? That doesn’t mean you’re actually expected to pay that.

      Any gifts for the courtesan should be presented after your party is over. A gift is not required and not even expected, but if you had an exceptional time, an extra $100 is always nice for an hour-long full-service party.

  25. Juan Flores

    Arnold, you mentioned about the limo for transportation. I have heard stories of prices being jacked up not $100 (the credit you get for the ride), but several hundred. I understand both Uber and Lyft go there for around $75 each way. What are your thoughts on using them over the limo? And is it easy to get a pickup at the brothel?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Juan, I’ve never heard of a brothel limo price over $100. In any case, you’re always informed in advance of your ride what the charge will be because they won’t pick you up without your deposit in that amount.

      It’s Uber and Lyft that are several hundred dollars round-trip. What happens is the brothel has a lounge for Uber and Lyft drivers to wait in while you party. Then the same driver brings you back. Otherwise, if you plan to stay at the brothel overnight or something, your Uber/Lyft fee would have to cover the driver’s return trip.

  26. Steve

    I was wondering about the incall nuru massage services.
    I was also is Sherries the only place that offers Nuru ?
    Do you have an estimate 30 min nuru massage with bj might run.
    Sat.night late ir early Sun am in Oct.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Steve, you’re probably not going to find someone to do an incall nuru massage for you in your hotel room because they’re very messy. Sheri’s has a special room where you can both shower after, plus a special bed that can be properly cleaned.

      Sheri’s is the only Vegas-area brothel I know of with an official nuru massage offering. You can definitely get regular massages with a happy ending at Love Ranch and Alien Cathouse.

      A 30-minute nuru massage with bj is pretty much in the ballpark of full-service sex because the girl is getting covered with the nuru gel. She may even charge a bit extra because of the clean-up time. Think $500ish to $1000ish for 30 minutes depending on the girl, especially on a weekend night in October. That’s a busy time in Vegas.

  27. Alex

    I’ll be in Vegas next week and figure if I go to a brothel it’ll be for sex. But Sheri’s menu included a lot of other fun ideas.
    I imagine anything with two girls costs much more, but for things like massages, showers and lingerie shows are they more or less expensive? I’m sure it depends on the girl to some extent, but don’t want my expectations to be unrealistic. Also are the details of those encounters something to discuss at the bar, or wait until in the room? Thanks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Alex, a girl will often throw in something like a lingerie show (my favorite) for free if you book her for an hour of half and half (blowjob plus intercourse). With a massage or shower, she might add it into an hour’s services at no extra charge or a modest charge, like $100 to $150 extra. If you’re booking her for an hour of sex and another full hour of massage, the massage hour will still be less expensive than the sex. Think $150 to $300 for the massage hour, $700+ for the sex hour, depending on the girl and when you go.

      At the bar, you just flirt. All discussions about services and prices take place in the room. Don’t worry, they’ll make it very easy for you.

      • Alex

        Thanks. Would the same prices apply if you only want the massage or shower, or would they charge more since you’re not also paying for sex or BJ?
        I seriously doubt I’m going to go there and not have sex, but those other things can be just as erotic.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Alex, I have friends who have gotten a massage for $150. A shower would be a bit more because the girl may get her hair wet.

          As always, it depends on the particular girl and when you go. On a big fight weekend, a girl may not want to tie herself up for an hour for $150 because she can likely make $1000+ with someone else. On a Wednesday afternoon, she’d likely be happy to do it.

          I think the girls like doing these alternate things. You could always start with a massage or shower and then negotiate over sex if you decide you want it after.

  28. Monty

    I am visiting Vegas for first time. I can not drive in US. What are the options to reach the brothels mentioned in your article along with expected prices?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Monty, a cab would be hundreds of dollars. The best option is to call for the brothel limo. The way it works is they charge you a $100 deposit when you reserve. The $100 deposit goes toward your party at the brothel.

      If you end up returning to Vegas without having a party with one of the girls, they keep the deposit to pay for your round-trip transportation.

  29. Phil

    With the new SESTA/FOSTA laws signed, does this impact the future of the legal brothels in Nevada? There seems to be a lot of confusion right now.

    We are headed to Vegas this summer, and hoping to stop at Sheri’s or Chicken Ranch. Is there a difference between the two?

    How much more do they charge for a couple?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Phil, no, the brothels in Nevada are legal and none of the women in them are underage or being trafficked. I don’t expect a change in the brothels. Sheri’s is nicer, in my opinion, with a better selection of girls.

      It depends on what you want to do as a couple, but in general, the rates will go up by 50% to 100%.

  30. Will

    Heading to Vegas in Sept for wifes birthday , where’s the best place to go where another women or two can get naked and play with her

    • Arnold Snyder

      Will, check out our reviews of Sheri’s Ranch, Love Ranch Vegas and Alien Cathouse. All three will be good for what you’re looking for, with a good selection of girls.

      Alien Cathouse has a more relaxed, casual atmosphere, likely less expensive. Love Ranch South has the most high-end furnishings. Sheri’s has very basic rooms but, like the others, an excellent selection of girls.

  31. Jordan


    I Recently went back to vegas and hit the strip club, sapphire as usual and it was excellent, even did a VIP session which is rare for me, 2nd one ever. On my drunken cab ride home the driver of course went into his usual about how I could stop at a massage parlor and gotten a much better deal for what I had spent at the strip club. I of course passed this off as a scam but it got me thinking the next day that I did spend quite a bit more than usual and a brothel may be a fun next step for my next trip. It is however wicked intimidating to me to even seriously consider driving out there let alone going in haha, I imagine myself sitting in the parking lot and then just leaving. Had some questions however becasue I am determined to try and overcome this and step out of my comfort zone.

    1. Is it rude to talk to a few girls have a beer or two and if I decide I’m not into them just leave?
    2. On the other side of that coin, if I set up a party with one, love it and want to sit in the bar for an hour and have a second party with a different lady is that ok? The negotiation could be interesting if I’m trying to keep enough (and I would plan to take an ample amount of cash) for a second party later in the visit.
    3. I have seen the pictures of the girls online, are there some that are there that aren’t on the website? and how would they compare to say the dancers at sapphire, Im really into athletic blondes, the more stacked the better but smaller upstairs is ok too and i worry that I could be disappointed after making it that whole way.
    4. I know its alot so last but not least, I was looking at Sheri’s Ranch or Love Ranch Vegas, which of these do you think would fit my newbie needs the best.

    Thanks again for all of your advice and the info on the site, I’ve had a blast at the clubs in vegas thus far.


    • Arnold Snyder

      Jordan, good to see you. 1. No, it’s not rude at all to have a drink or two and then leave. I’ve done it. You’re allowed to window shop.

      2. Absolutely okay. Many guys do it.

      3. Yes, many of the girls opt not to put their pictures on the brothel website. You’re just seeing a small percentage of the girls. The Vegas area brothels tend to have a variety of types, but you’ll generally find at least a few girls of the Sapphire type.

      4. Sheri’s Ranch and Love Ranch Vegas have comparable quality girls and generally comparable numbers of girls. The big difference is in the standard rooms. They tend to have nicer furnishings and bigger rooms at Love Ranch. At Sheri’s the rooms are more basic unless you pay for a suite, which ups the cost quite a bit.

      I can’t imagine you having a bad time at either place.

  32. Juan

    My Eros experience – I look through authenticated girls and purposely don’t choose any VIP ones. I figured those will be too expensive. I find a petite, fit 22-year-old who has both a telephone number and an email address. Pictures look nice and her description of the “girl-friend experience” sounds like exactly what I want. I email her and she is enthusiastic about meeting me and giving me the GFE I am looking for. She mentions she charges $500 for one hour of her time for companionship only and anything else we can discuss in person. She also says I should make provisions for extra time over the hour. All seems fine to me. I told her I might call her two nights in a row. I figured if I enjoyed it one night, I might enjoy an encore. Plus, I am setting the tone for future business and not just a one-timer.
    So now I’m in my room and I call her to come over. While waiting, I order champagne and some finger foods. I was going to enjoy GFE and make it last. She calls me back to verify I’m in the room and to see if she needs me to show a key to get her upstairs (she doesn’t). She shows up and could care less that I had food and drink. She is also 10-15 years older than her pictures and profile on Eros, but it is her. She doesn’t really want my face anywhere near her face (so much for GFE). She asked me if I know how “this works.” I tell her yes and hand her $500. She then asks me for $1000 more. At this point I should have said “no, until we’re done and I’d be happy to tip you ….”, but I didn’t want to negotiate, I wanted her to relax and entertain me.
    So I said okay and handed her another $1000. Immediately she asked me for another $1000. I was too agreeable apparently, but now I say no. I told her I would be happy to tip her more if I am happy with the service. She asks me if another $1000 is possible. I tell her no. She asks about $500. I tell her yes. Okay, now I’m ready. She clearly doesn’t want any touching or foreplay. She immediately takes off all my clothes. She grabs a warm towel and cleans me off and tells me to lie down. She clearly states, “no fingers and no mouth. You haven’t paid me enough.” Really?! She jacks my dick to get it hard, throws on a condom, and sits on me and rides me up and down while talking dirty. I lasted all of about 4 minutes. She got off me, went to the bathroom to clean off. I tried for a little caressing and touching, but she was indifferent. Wanted the last $500 and got out of there fast.
    So this was my first time and I have learned. Sheri’s is a better option if I didn’t have to worry about location services on my cell phone. I should have negotiated better. I can also see the value of a membership in TER and will consider that next time. Hope this helps others.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Juan, thank you for your comment. I think it will be helpful to others.

      I’ve never heard of anyone getting treated so badly at Sheri’s Ranch, Alien Cathouse, or Love Ranch Vegas (the Vegas area brothels).

  33. Casanova

    Check out our provider and hobbyist community. You can leave reviews right on the girl’s profile and she can review you too so that other girls know you’re safe.

    100% free to sign up and 100% to post ads.

    Casanova Corner

  34. Toni lynn

    Dont forget about brothels a bit further outside of reno… The town of Elko half way between Reno and Salt Lake.. Used to be know for its low price semi satisfactory asain brothels, however the last time I was traveling through I stopped at the Desert Rose, its under new management as of a cpl yrs or so and is NOTHING like it was years ago the girls there are now from all over the country and some from around the world….

    The staff is awesome!!! The girls are from many ethnicities not asain only as it were.. They are top notch with reasonable prices…they have incoporated a nicely stocked bar and the ladies are more than friendly.. never pushy… not only with sessions in their own rooms but will give Vegas style strip shows just on a smaller scale. Live dj on various night’s and definitely a well needed change to what used to be “low income” or the “truck stop” borthels of the past… I was more than impressed!!!

    Also if i may add a personal note they have a new Dominatrix that just arrived and WOW …more than impressed with her quality and experience..cant miss her flaming red hair all the way past her waist. Just like all the rest of the ladies at the desert rose very versital and worth the trip at least once..

  35. bobby

    we are a couple coming back to vegas in September 2017 were is best place for swingers we tried green door last time too many single guys

  36. Kent

    Thanks for the great blog. Lot of great information. I have a question: Do you have any reviews for the online escort services?

  37. Juan F

    Love the links to legitimate girls like Chloe Boulez. Please share anymore you may have, especially thin ladies. I do have a question. For instance, on Chloe Boulez website, it does show $600 for an hour. I understand tipping is always an option, but is tipping expected above and beyond the fixed price advertised for escorts such as Chloe? Key word being expected. What percentage of her clients tip above the amount? Perhaps you don’t know the answer, but I wonder if you have a ballpark? 20%? 40%? 80%?

  38. Sucker in a 3 piece suit

    Arnold, Just got back from Vegas last week. My wife and I tried to use an escort for some extra fun. We were extremely disappointed in the process from the agency, and mislead after several messages exchanged. We had a planned budget to work with, and were shocked that after paying the $250 agency fee, the girl wouldn’t do anything for less than $2000. I think next time, we’d use a brothel. No surprises this way.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Sucker, thanks for the account. Feel free to post the name of the agency if you’d like so others can avoid it.

      We’re going to be adding reviews of the Love Ranch South and Alien Cathouse brothels in the next week. Love Ranch South is the brothel where Lamar Odom partied for days with girls — luxurious place where Hollywood types go, and you can have a great-looking girl for far less than your escort wanted to charge.

      • Sucker in a 3 piece suit

        The agency was Bunnies of Las Vegas. Very polite, and beautiful girl came to the door. We both just felt set-up for the entire meet. Being new at this, we didn’t know of any other alternatives or recourse.

        With regards to couples, is there a substantial upcharge for a couple at a brothel? What would be a ball-park amount for a couple? I know each girl negotiates her amount, but I for sure don’t want to feel scammed.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Sucker, thank you for the name of the escort agency. It sounds like a set up to me too.

          Brothel prices realistically start at $500 for a half hour for a solo guy, intercourse & oral. You might be able to get a second half hour for less. For example, we sent a reporter to Sheri’s undercover and he got the second half hour for $200 (for a total of $700 for the hour).

          But that would be the price at off hours–a mid-week afternoon when no big convention is in town. If it’s a big fight weekend evening, when every girl knows she can pretty much work as much as she wants, prices will be higher. For example, a girl may insist on at least a full hour at $1000, or even $1200-$1500 (and I’ve heard $2000) on a big fight weekend at peak hours.

          And there are porn stars working at Love Ranch South who won’t consider working outside the high-end room, which costs $2500. That’s just the cost for the room, not the girl. But that’s not typical. Most girls don’t insist on a particular room.

          The minute you request anything unusual, like adding your wife or girlfriend to the mix, the price will go up.

          For example, Chloe Boulez, an independent escort (see here) charges $600/hour for a solo guy, normal services, $900 for 1.5 hours. But for a couple, the minimum time goes to 1.5 hours and the charge is $1350. The price increase will be similar in a Vegas-area brothel–think in terms of a starting price set at a one to 1.5 hour minimum and at least 50% more than the rate for a solo guy.

          • Furant

            Fantastic link, I saw you mention Eros. Any other recommended sites you’d suggest? Or independent links like Chloe’s ? Thanks!

          • Arnold Snyder

            Furant, TER and Eccie offer similar services, with verification of escorts and in some cases clients.

            One verification service that most escorts use and accept is P411.

            Always liked Leilani.

  39. Sammy

    Arnold – on Eros, there are authenticated and independent listings. Which one is better? Do I expect to negotiate before I arrive in Vegas or not until we’re in the room? Will they give me the same starting point as the escort services where I pay a certain amount upfront and then that money’s gone and they dance a little and then the real negotiation starts? Is it all based on how quickly you cum or on time? If I don’t like her, can I reject her right away? Will I then be out of luck in finding someone else because she’s not with a service? How appropriate is it to ask to video chat ahead of time to verify what you will get (and that the pics are not old ones)?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Sammy, authenticated means someone at Eros checked the ad and its photos against either government ID or against the real person at an industry function.

      They don’t guarantee that “Alisha” will actually show up (but she will if you go with a true independent). They guarantee “Alisha” is a genuine person and that her photos actually look like her.

      Obviously, if you arrange to meet Alisha and Alisha doesn’t show up, you don’t owe anything.

      A lot of the escorts have a website where they list their prices. If they do, that’s the price. Otherwise, she’ll probably work out the price with you in advance, after she’s checked your references to be sure you’re not a cop.

      There’s no agency fee with an escort you find through Eros or TER or Eccie. The girl paid for the ad and she will keep the full amount you pay her. So you don’t pay anything until you agree on the price, and then you pay that up front.

      If Alisha shows up, and she’s just not attractive to you (whatever attracted you in her photos just isn’t there) you haven’t paid anything so you can just walk away with no obligation. Because of that, escorts have an incentive to be pretty accurate in their ads.

      If the escort has not been misleading in her ad, but you change your mind for any reason by the time she shows up, the right thing to do would be to pay her at least something for her time. $100 would be gentlemanly.

      A lot of independents are also connected to a Vegas agency. So if you don’t like her and would like someone else, ask. She may be able to hook you up with her agency and make herself a finder’s fee from the agency by doing that.

      The price is generally based on time, but you only get one orgasm. The sex stops then. No multiples without paying more.

      I don’t think many girls will do video chats. But again, if you go with authenticated, or you pay for the reviews and they are good, you’re unlikely to be disappointed. The girls don’t want to post misleading pics and then get rejected at the door.

      You can also go with a brothel like Sheri’s. There you see the girls in advance, flirt for a while, and talking about exactly what you want is perfectly legal. If you go this route, be sure to see our tips on negotiating the price.

  40. anonymous

    Strippers or hookers? Sapphire or Sheri’s Ranch? How does a man decide for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas? Having been to Sapphire- I would like to try Sheri’s at lease once. But safety, discretion, and getting what I want are the top concerns, and it seems as though Sheri’s is the absolute best choice regarding those? I assume the ladies on the website actually look like their pictures? Also, I want to be around nice girls who don’t treat like badly or make fun of me; unlike what happens in the real world.

  41. Slim

    Great site. My wife and I plan to visit a brothel soon – first time. I can hardly wait. Likely Sheri’s but a couple of ladies at Chicken Ranch look interesting on the website. A couple of questions:
    >Can you help me understand how “safe” works for female customers? Is the escorts oral sex on female customers protected?
    >My wife has rules. I can recieve a blowjob but no intercourse. I assume couples friendly escorts will work with us to keep me out of trouble. Will an oral only party be cheaper than 50/50 or full service?


  42. Viking

    Great site you run here ?
    I will be visiting Vegas again in November, bringing the wife this time.
    She has been begging for at ffm experience for at while now, and i want to arrange it for her birthday.
    I can see you dont know expected price range for this services, so i wont ask that question.
    Do you have any experience on possibilities for filming sutch an act? And if so, will this cost extra?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Viking, I can give you a price range. The minimum in a legal brothel would likely be $600ish to $700ish for a half hour if you go at a slow time like a midweek afternoon.

      On a weekend night the minimum would likely be $900ish to $1000ish for a half hour.

      There are girls who will start the negotiations as high as $2500 for an hour, or even more.

      This is all about bargaining. I urge you to read our undercover review of Sheri’s Ranch, which has a section on how our guy bargained over the price.

      I don’t have any experience on asking to film, but I’m positive that would cost extra and many girls won’t do it for obvious reasons.

      Some porn stars in Vegas have a fuck-a-fan service, in which they always film the sex in order to make it legal. You might look into that if you have any particular adult stars you like.

  43. LookingForFun

    I’ve read a lot of good things about Couple questions though. How can I be rest assured that some of the woman aren’t law enforcement? Are there some specific questions to ask or a way to ask what you’re looking for without breaking the law so to speak? And some of the woman are asking for references. How does one provide references if I’ve never done this before? Thank you in advance.

    • Arnold Snyder

      LookingForFun and Curious, you’re safe making contact with a girl through Eros, TER or Eccie because the ads are too expensive for law enforcement budgets. Also, once a girl starts getting reviews from other clients, she’s definitely not a cop.

      You have to be careful with sites where the ads are free and there are no reviews.

      Also, sites like Eros, TER and Eccie offer verification of escorts and in some cases clients.

      One verification service that most escorts use and accept is P411. You can read more about the verification process at P411 (and without P411) here.

      You don’t need P411 or the equivalent for all escorts. Some will accept an email from your work email address. Sometimes they’ll accept a driver’s license or passport and a pay stub. Sometimes they’ll accept phoning you at work.

      Some escorts require you to sign up at some other particular verification service that will require some combo of the above.

      P411 is generally a good way to start. The escort will report back on you to P411 so other escorts know you’re a normal clean polite guy.

      If you find a reviewed escort at one of the above sites and get verified yourself, you can speak plainly about what you’re looking for. She already knows you’re not a cop.

      Many of the escorts have websites where they post clear prices for their services. This is always helpful.

      Discussions are only tricky if you’re with an escort you found at a bar or through one of the Vegas escort services where the only verification is a call from the service to your hotel room. In that case, you have to be very vague and say something like, “What is your usual tip for a full show?” You can’t say much more than that until you have both removed clothes.

  44. ED

    hi ^~^ I just wondering what is the legal age … and whats the estimate price..

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ed, the legal age at Sheri’s Ranch and all Nevada legal brothels is 21.

      The price depends on exactly what you want, the girl you pick and the time you choose to go. If you go to Sheri’s on a Wednesday afternoon when no convention is in town, you’ll get a much better price for whatever you want than you will on a big fight weekend Saturday night.

      In general, for 30 minutes of what most guys are looking for, you need about $500 at slower times. If you’re just looking for a massage with a happy ending, that will be less.

      See our section on prices in the article above for more details, and also see our undercover review of Sheri’s Ranch for a detailed account of what bargaining is like.

  45. Emma Cove

    Eros is a decent website for reviews. Your best bet is to chat with the girl online if you can or in person before you book. It will make the experience more enjoyable! You can meet me at

  46. Luis

    I’m thinking of trying Sheri’s with my wife, is a threesome regularly more than when it’s only you?. Love your site BTW

    • Arnold Snyder

      Luis: I don’t know if threesomes cost extra when only one courtesan is in the mix. The pricing would likely depend on what all you wanted to do and how long you wanted to do it..

  47. Annymous

    How legit is the site you refer to, the erotic review”? Seems recent activity in Vegas. We are married couple (first time) interested in someone???

  48. John Helms

    Met pros in casino. Came to room for $200. Began with back rub, then claimed to go and get condom from pocketbook and ran out of room leaving me balls ass naked on bed. Total scam. Girl had Asian look with hint of Spanish and wore reading type glasses.

  49. PunterSThompson

    Hey, Itry2hide. I’ve been going to Sheri’s once a year for the past four years. I pre-booked with a girl my first year because I thought that it was standard practice to have an appointment at these places. When I arrived and saw a bunch of ladies in the bar I kind of wished I didn’t lock myself into a decision before talking to all of my options face to face. I kept my appointment and it was hot, but every other time I visited Sheri’s I decided to choose my companion after I got there.

    A lot of the fun for me is meeting all the different ladies and figuring out which one I’ve got something in common with – and which one gives me a partial just by talking to her. I’ve had four parties at Sheri’s with three different girls and the girl I saw twice I met in the bar. I’ll probably see her (Charina) again this year because she’ll be there when I’m there.

    So, yeah, I don’t think a reservation with a girl is necessary. I do use their car service every time I go, but that’s because I don’t need a car in Vegas and I don’t want to rent a car just to go into the desert for a long afternoon. (Plus I like to drink and I never drink and drive)

  50. Itry2hide

    You mention Eros. I have decent luck with outside of Vegas. What about Slixa?

  51. Itry2hide

    I’ll be in Parhump in April. Lots of lookers in Sherri’s web site. What advantage is there in making a reservation ahead of time? Can I search TER by brothel name?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Itry2hide, you can find customer reviews of the girls at Sheri’s Ranch at the brothel website. Just click on a girl’s picture on the line-up page and at the bottom of her page you’ll see a link to her reviews.

      For example, here are some reviews for Brittney Ryder: Reviews of Brittney at Sheri’s Ranch. (A friend has mentioned Brittney as someone special.)

      If you read the comments above, Sucker has mentioned that he had a great time with Adi.

      Some of the girls may be reviewed at TER, but probably under different names and not since they started working at the brothel. It may be hard to look them up.

      The advantage of booking in advance is that you’ll know the girl will be there and available, not out getting a haircut or pre-booked by someone else.

      On the other hand, pre-booking may reduce your bargaining power somewhat.

  52. Jon

    Hey Arnold, great informative site. I have a few questions. I’ll be in Vegas with my wife and we are looking to have some fun with another girl. Is there any particular casino bar that is very active with working girls? We are staying at the mirage, do we have a chance finding a girl in our hotel? Also would it be best to hire an escort for a private strip tease or should we just hire a private stripper. Finally when hiring a private stripper, should I use an agency or can I get lucky with a independent stripper from backpage? Sorry I know it’s a lot of questions.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jon, the only way I would hire an escort outside of a brothel is if I had checked her out through eccie or theeroticreview. I would only make arrangements with someone who had a lot of good recent reviews.

      One of my closest friends was drugged and ripped off for his watch and a great deal of cash by a girl he found in a high-end Vegas hotel bar. That was enough of a warning for me.

      If you hire a private stripper through a service, there is a good chance that all she will do is a striptease.

      I know an honest escort who has put ads on sites like backpage, but I also know that Metro vice cops put ads on sites like backpage. It’s one of the common ways they bust Johns. The undercover cop has you come to a motel and then they arrest you and tow your car. Now you’ve got to pay the towing fee, hire a lawyer to plea bargain down your charge and fine, plus come back to Vegas for John school, which you also have to pay for.

      Why don’t you check out TER, eccie, or Sheri’s Ranch brothel?

      • Lezly

        Hi Arnold, Thanks for your feedback. I think I will take your advice when it comes to hiring an escort. Last thing I would want is for our trip to end on a sour note. I think I’ll take the drive to Sheri’s ranch with the Mrs. and stay within the legal limits. Thanks Arnold! Really Appreciate the help!

  53. Mike

    So are the cards they hand out on the strip not likely to give me what I want? If the prices would be similiar, I’d rather go to the brothel. I’m always tempted to call one of those cards but never end up doing it.

    What about the people who say they got girls for you? Was approached by a guy on the strip and he had pics and info on ladies and said he can have them sent to my room anytime. Gave his number and said to call him when we wanted some and he had any type available.

    As for the clubs, what are the completely nude ones in the area and which is the best? Topless don’t really do it for me and the nude one back home went to shit. Are strip clubs in Vegas crazy expensive to get in?


    • Arnold Snyder

      Mike, the escort services that pass out the cards are real services that will send a girl to your room. But the girls on the cards are models, not the girls they’ll be sending.

      And the price the escort service quotes you (typically $150-$300) is just the price for them to send the girl–you have to add in another $500 to actually pay the girl herself.

      So the price you’ll pay for a girl from an escort service will be in between a brothel and a girl on the street. But again, you don’t really know who they’ll be sending. For a couple hundred more at a brothel, you will actually see and meet the woman first. You can not only select someone whose looks are your type, you can select someone you seem to have chemistry with.

      I would never call a guy on the strip and have him send a girl. This guy is a pimp and you have no idea what you’re getting into.

      Also, independent girls on the street or in the hotel bar are risky. A buddy of mine was ripped off for his watch and over $10k in cash by a girl he met in a fancy casino hotel bar in Vegas. She slipped a date rape drug into his drink. A massage parlor in Vegas has been quoting guys $500 for “full service below the belt,” and then giving guys a foot massage and throwing them out when they complain. That won’t happen at a brothel.

      If it were me, I’d go to Sheri’s Ranch. If you’re on a tight budget, avoid going at peak evening hours on a big fight weekend or holiday weekend. Instead, go earlier, and mid-week. If money’s an issue, go for a half hour rather than an hour–I can tell you from experience that you can have a lot of fun in a half hour.

      And even if you’re not much of a negotiator, be the first to mention a price. Get the discussion started at a low price rather than a high price and you’re halfway there to a reasonable price.

      Vegas has a fantastic all-nude strip club. It’s Palomino Club. 80+ dancers, and they’re gorgeous. Best stage show in town.

  54. Benge Noelt

    I am planning a trip to Las Vegas within the coming weeks and need to know how this whole situation works. Please contact me via phone as that is my preferred method of contact at 312-841-8041. Thank you in advance.

  55. Sucker

    She got that much out of me because I was willing to pay it,the amount wasn’t an issue until the party sucked lol. No dout though,follow the advice here and you’ll have a great time without over paying from standard prices. Also do not let them know you are coming,I think this strategy would be good for any of the brothels.

  56. Michael

    To each it’s own I personally prefer TER/Eros you can read reviews and know exactly what to expect from her also the donation for the required time.

    Guess you would go to the Ranch if you had the whole day to yourself you can relax, drink, eat, and be surrounded by escorts and pick whenever however.

    If your press for time during your vegas trip I say stick with Eros/TER

    If you have time to drive to the Ranch, spend hours there and enjoy yourself

  57. Sucker

    Naw bro I’m not here to put her on blast or take food out her mouth. She was a sweet girl,could have been new or just had an off night at work. I didn’t say anything to the staff,maybe I should have but they are pretty in your face about no refunds,truth be told I think I was treated like a second class customer for using their car service and staying at their hotel,they just figured they had me so fuck it. And in this case they did because I let them.If you take the info here with you,don’t get hung up on 1 particular lady if negotiations don’t go well,you won’t over pay n you’ll have a great time.

    PR John- personally it’s the convenience/ safety,to go into a place and know I can have sex with any woman I see if I just pay them is almost to hard to believe lol,no bs,no worrying about disease(even though complete safe sex is kind of strange) we pay for the legality,safety and convenience,500-800 to not get hiv or even have to worry about it,is worth it in my book. If only life were so grand we could all safely fuck dimes until our dicks bleed for 300 bucks lol. Hopefully someday!

    • Brian

      That’s the problem….
      If nothing is said and the issue is not raised to management the practice will continue with some other person getting taken advantage of.
      Sweet girl or not she took advantage of the situation and screwed you financially.
      While I’d like to try this at some point I don’t have $3700 to to burn.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Brian, this woman is probably a hero to management. Remember, they get half. They’re probably asking her to teach negotiating skills to every other woman at the joint.

        The way Sucker’s escort got so much money from him was by using a classic negotiating tactic called anchoring. By starting out negotiations with a high number like $4500, she made 2200 seem relatively cheap.

        But if you take control of the anchoring by being the first to name a number–$500–you make $1000 seem reasonable and $2200 seem ridiculous.

        This is business. You’re dealing with a businesswoman.

        Take control by being the first to name a number, and make it $500 or even less. Say something like, “I know escorts from Eros are available for as low as $300, but I understand you have to split with the house. How about $500 for an hour of 50/50?”

        Then she will start with how $500 would only get you 15 minutes of massage, etc. etc. and you come up to $600 for 45 minutes of 50-50, but you’d want a massage with that, and so on.

        Even if you suspect your negotiating skills are weak, at least be the first to name the number to anchor the negotiations from a low starting point.

  58. PR JOHN

    to me these brothels are a rip off. you have to travel for ever and you can find better women in Vegas. Ther is a huge opportunity coming in two weeks. all these women coming for AVN show. Alot of these women will do private sessions anywhere from 300-1000. You may get to be with women you have only seen on your computer screen. There are also a good number of porn women who live or travel to Vegas all year long. Not hard to find someone. I have never understood the brothel scene

  59. Brian


    Can you post the name of the first lady you had the issue with?
    Did you complain to Sheris after the first issue?

  60. Sucker

    Haha I’m nowhere near the guy with the Rolex. Kind of why I wanted to post here,I’m sure like me most the guys seeing this are just the average joe type looking to treat themselves. I will for sure be playing better hardball next time! Maybe staying at their facility did the opposite I thought it would. Customer service is pretty much dead these days,it’s more,rip everyone you can,they will still want more lol.
    You’ve done great with this site btw! Appreciate the advice and I’ll keep everyone posted when I go back.

  61. Sucker

    Nope,she(they) got over on me hard,I think the whole “private contractor” is a misleading term,the house has much more influence than they let on. But again,this type of business is the safest sex you could ever have with a stranger,there is comfort in that and nobody held a gun to my head for the 2200,that was my choice to pay but the experience was not even close to what I would have expected. Considering an hour or so later I got a real experience for 800 less!!?? We live we learn lol,I think this customer will be going to Reno next time.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Sucker, first time I ever went to a brothel, early 80s, I paid $60 for an hour (50/50) with a beautiful young girl who also did a striptease for me. She was so terrific I wanted to marry her.

      Here’s a tip for next time. You be the first to name a price, and make it $500 no matter what you ask for. Say you want a 50/50 for an hour in the bungalow for $500, you can’t afford more than $500. Point out that you can call an escort at the Eros site for under $500. Leave your Rolex in your hotel safe.

      Friends who’ve made recent visits have started at $500 and ended up paying $1000 for an hour and had a great time. Regular room, not the bungalow. If you can pull it off, pretend you’re a local or someone who’s in town regularly. This town is hard on tourists.

  62. sucker

    My recent experience-
    I went to Sheri’s (1st time) I used their car service and had a reservation at their hotel. The car driver was great, had a beverage for me and we got along well. Upon arrival I went to the bar, was approached by a very nice young woman who gave me the run down of how things worked, I had dinner(very decent) and then took a tour with a woman I found extremely attractive. I headed to her room for negotiations and she very quickly suggested we get a bungalow for 4500$. I was more looking to see a couple ladies than spend a lot of time with 1, so I told her I was looking for an hour of half/half and anal,after some back n forth we dropped the anal and came to 2200!! for the hour. Apparently I was to buzzed and way to showing of my hand on my attraction for this woman and got taken,the money however was not the issue, once we got started she changed the deal from a time limit, (with my dick in her mouth/hand) she informs me that if I orgasm, the transaction would be over! 2200 blow job!!? Obviously we switched to the other “half” at that point. This part of the party wasn’t much better, other than how extremely attractive she was,not much effort was made by her and well, it was disappointing especially for the price. I showered at my room, and headed back to the bar, had some more drinks and chatted with another woman(being down but not out) this time it went much better in negotiations, she was straight forward,negotiations for the half/half for 45 min was 1500. I once again went for it and had a great time. If you go to Sheri’s ask for Adi, she was great! If you go to Sheri’s here’s what you DON’T DO.
    DO NOT-
    TAKE THEIR CAR SERVICE(somehow there is a hidden deal with the house and the girls that customers coming in from the car service,get charged more!)
    DO NOT LET THEM CALL THE FRONT AND START THE TIME WHEN YOU START TO SHOWER(after you pay and get back to the room it’s mandatory to take a shower and wash junk and trunk). This also will be left out. So make sure to note that you expect to not be charged for the shower time.

    Hope this was more helpful than annoyingly long, good luck fella’s,remember they are their to make money, deserve respect but aren’t the only options.

    • Arnold Snyder

      sucker, great review, great advice. They charge a lot more for the bungalow than a regular room (basic motel style) for the same service–did you at least get the bungalow for the $2200?

    • Brian

      If those are even close to the going prices I guess I will never have an escort experience.
      Sorry but that’s crazy…

      I can swallow the $1K price mentioned, but that’s about the max no matter how hot they look.
      Sort of disappointing….

  63. Brian

    Thanks so much for all the information….sure helps those like me that had no idea what to expect, to be more informed so we aren’t shocked by the prices.
    All makes for a much more pleasant experience.


  64. Brian

    Never experienced an escort but would like to….but do it in the safest manner possible.
    By your excellent article above I assume this would be by visiting a brothel like Sheris Ranch.
    You always hear the bad, but is a brothel truly safe to have sex?

    Not sure when the above pricing information was posted, in your article, but thanks for the pricing guidelines……I had no idea what a brothel would charge for say 50/50 service. Any further negotiation help for a “virgin”?

    Appreciate the excellent information….thanks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Brian, yes, a brothel is truly safe to have sex.

      The pricing info above is still accurate.

      Part of the pricing will involve time–an hour of 50/50 will be more expensive than a half hour.

      The average price customers paid for an hour, with 50/50 being probably the most common request, was running $900 recently (as documented in the Review Journal). The brothel escort will probably ask for $1200. The house gets half, the girl gets half, and she has to pay rent to the house out of that, so keep that in mind.

      Also keep in mind that an escort at Sheri’s would usually be pretty dedicated to doing a good job. The women work out to keep in shape, spend money on cosmetic surgery/enhancements, spend money on lingerie, have to pay for blood tests and medical exams required by law, pay for their own health insurance, etc.

      So if you manage to get the price to somewhere between $900 to $1200 (for an hour, if you go for the hour), keep in mind that the girl comes out with much less than that–she’s really not making as much as it seems.

  65. steven

    Eros, which I wasn’t even aware was still big, is probably one of the smaller escort advertising platforms around. and are far larger. These aren’t directly advertising platforms but review sites. Even a fake free account, will get you many listings for providers available in Las Vegas. Most of these ladies are 300+ an hour. Many are 500+. You can us either site, and eros, to find someone you are interested in and make contact directly with them. Well reviewed providers while more expensive then casino girls, are almost always a sure thing. There are also a number of completely legit agencies that operate in Vegas. Easily found on the review sites.

    I’ve “hobbied” in Vegas dozens of times, and never had a problem. You just need to think with your big head first.

  66. Txsdl

    Arnold I really wanted to find out what can we do when a service scams you out of your money, with it being legal here are there regulations these services have to abide by? Other than possien up and stomping a mud hole in their ass,
    Candy Apple girls put a good screwing on us and the only protection you needed for this one was a tech 9!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Txsdl: Thanks for putting your review up here. People who read this site will likely be wary about calling Candy Apple Girls for an escort.

      Keep in mind that any time you use a Vegas escort service (or go to a Vegas massage parlor), prostitution is illegal in Clark County, so no promises of sex are ever made, and if they are made, you have no legal recourse if the sex is not provided because you can be prosecuted for soliciting a sex act in Vegas. Escorts who have sex in Vegas–and many do–always do so “voluntarily” because they like you and feel comfortable with you–not because you gave them money for it. (Or, at least, that’d their defense.)

      In the legal brothels, this problem does not exist, because prostitution is legal an hour outside of Vegas. If you pay for sex in a brothel, you will get sex and you can negotiate for the exact type of sex you want and you will get it.

      I realize you’re angry at having been “screwed” (though not in the way you were hoping) by the escort you hired, but I’m glad you didn’t take it out on the girl physically or pull out your Tech 9 and go Isis on her. Posting a review here is a much more effective way to tell people to beware of problems with some Vegas escorts.

  67. Anonymous Brit

    Must admit I’m shocked and disappointed by these prices. In England, you can go to a great massage parlour, with hot, willing girls and have sex for the equivalent of $80. If you’ve got $500+ to spare, that would pay for all day having one after another, full 2-girl services. I’ve been spoilt!

  68. Michael

    Backpage hit and miss, there are some ads that are real but you never truly know that the provider is legit with her services and will actually do what is advertised. But if you do your research you’ll find a legit escort on BP.
    TER on the other hand just read the reviews and choose according can’t go wrong with TER, more expensive tho

  69. Cindy

    What do you think about finding an escort from The Backpage? Are they legit?

  70. Travis

    I’ve been to Asian massages parlors around the world. I like them because there is a somewhat legitimate cover available and the activities and prices tend to hover around a standard no matter where you go. Is this the case in Las Vegas or are the prices on par with escort services? If so, they seem awfully high to me.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Travis, locals know where you can get the standard price, but there are Asian massage parlors in Vegas that specialize in ripping off tourists.

      If you have a recommendation on a place from a friend or a casino host, you’ll be okay. But it’s dangerous to take a recommendation from a cabby, who will take you to a rip-off joint if that’s who’s paying the highest bribe that week. (And the rip-off joints can afford higher cabby bribes.)

      If you wind up someplace that quotes a fee a lot higher than you’re used to, I’d leave immediately. The rip-off joints will quote you a high price for “full service,” and then not deliver the service. When you get angry, they have a bouncer throw you out.

  71. Arnold Snyder

    Michael: Dancers in the Vegas strip clubs don’t do outcalls. Some dancers do have biz cards that they give to customers so you can call their cell to see when they’re working. Whether or not you might arrange an outcall this way is a crapshoot. I wouldn’t advise asking a lot of dancers in the club if you can get an outcall. If a dancer reports you to management, you’ll likely get booted.

    Many of the Vegas escort services have escorts that advertise stripping and lap dancing among the services they offer. This would be your best bet for getting a private show in your hotel room.

    • BG

      Arnold, in my experience you’re mostly right… the vast majority of girls (over 90%) don’t do outcalls. However there are some girls – especially girls who work during the non-prime hours (I’d define the “prime” hours as approximately 9 pm – 3 am) who will give you their number and are willing to arrange something outside the club. (I’ve hooked up with girls at Rhino and Sapphire in this manner and am only in Vegas 2-3 times a year.)

      So yeah for the most part I’ve found dancers don’t do outcalls but if you’re hitting the club at offpeak hours (where in general you have somewhat lower quality girls who don’t make as much money) you are more likely to find a girl that’s willing…

  72. Michael

    Hey Arnold,
    Instead of escorts (not sure if this was brought up already) what about strippers coming to my room instead of going to the club?
    Usually have a suite or penthouse will be nice for once to have the club come to me.

  73. Cindy

    I don’t see anything about male escorts on your site, any recommendations on where to find one?

  74. Mark

    thank you Arnold , this page helped me in my Vegas trip last week.
    my experience , getting girls from escort is far too expensive than looking for working girls on strip . And there are plenty!! No pimp.
    If you are decent and pay respect.. There won’t be any issues!! Sometimes u have to approach. But no one forces u if u do not stop. No hard sell!! I even met a porn star! No kidding!!
    And I am an average looking guy!!! Thanks again!! Mark.

  75. Charlie

    Thanks Arnold… I will check those clubs out. I was thinking of buying one of the drink packages Palomino offers.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Charlie, that’s a good idea at Palomino not only for the booze discount but because the package includes limo transport, a line pass, free admission and especially a reserved table.

      This club gets packed at peak hours. This not only guarantees you a table, but a reserved table means you don’t lose the table if you’re all off getting private dances.

      Plus the dancers pay extra attention to the guys at reserved tables.

      Don’t hesitate to call the club to work out a custom package if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for. Andrew will work with you.

  76. Charlie

    Arnold: Heading to Vegas in a couple of weeks for a bachelor party
    which 3 clubs to you recommend?

  77. greta

    Are there any male brothels or escort services for heterosexual women in Las Vegas or nearby?

  78. Forrest

    I pay roughly 150 a year and get laid all the time at home but I only recommend sites You pay for such as…. Don’t get me wrong I still plan to try a brothel one day just so I can but there are easier ways and I’ve never caught anything from aff but just my opinion

    • Arnold Snyder

      Vance, depends on where you get it. Could be cheap with a girl off the street, maybe $150 with a girl at a casino hotel if you can find one who will do a quickie.

  79. Prjohn

    Can y please tell me the name of that sensory depravation/ flotation center that is downtown. I can’t locate the post you discussed it in on your website. Thank you

  80. Jeffrey

    Is it improper etiquette to contact a girl working at a brothel about her prices? Was thinking of taking a trip to the Bunny or Love Ranch to see a specific lady who’s pretty famous in the adult industry. I don’t want to fly out there only to find out that she is charging way more than I’m willing to spend. Their website has the option to contact the different bunnies but is it ok to ask how much they charge or is that frowned upon?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jeffrey, usually they won’t discuss prices even in the brothel bar. They make you wait until you’re alone together in a bedroom. But it’s not a violation of etiquette to ask. I’d give it a try.

    • Mia Brooks

      Any of the girls working in Dennis Hofs Ranches have business emails. I would suggest getting the girls email to discuss services and pricing when scheduling time with her during your trip.

  81. Rocco

    I do not earn that much money. But, I do plan to go to Sheri’s Ranch on September 7th. I hate that I need $300 in order to have any service with the woman of my choice. It is understandable that the courtesans charge much for their services in order to pay their bills. But, the prices are kind of too high.

    I just hope that I have enough money…

  82. Arnold Snyder

    Charlie: In almost all cases, I’d recommend you guys have your party at a strip club. Unless you know a dancer who does private parties and great shows at a fair price, it’s going to be a crap shoot. At a strip club, you’ll have a lot of dancers to choose from and they’ll just keep coming. There are party packages designed for any number of guests and you don’t have to worry about running out of booze.

    I did a survey of the party packages available in Vegas strip clubs that will give you an idea of what’s available. Check out the facts here:

  83. Charlie

    Arnold do you recommend going to a clubs or hiring a private stripper?
    6 of us are taking our buddy to Vegas in November for the first time.

  84. Javier

    I’ve searched online and can’t find a good answer because of the doublespeak everyone uses to discuss this sort of thing –

    I’m looking for a good massage, like, genuine, real, relaxing massage from someone who knows how to give a massage, that ends with a blowjob/handjob. Im not interested in a light touch massage that is only a precursor to a handjob, and at the other extreme, i dont want a quick rub and tug.

    Finding a place like that online seems impossible, because everyone talks about “massages” and is all too willing to point to places that give happy endings, but the main item on the menu there is the happy ending.

    Is it hopeless? How do I find this?

  85. Davy

    I am a single guy and i m looking for best escort services. This blog definitely will help me. Thanks for sharing.

  86. JustASmalltownGirl

    Thanks for this very professionally written blog. I was just curiously looking for info after bringing my bro-in-law to Vegas last month to celebrate him finishing Boot Camp. We bought him a prostitute (lucky girl- cuz he’s HOT), but we could’ve used this info beforehand. Great job writing this.

  87. Tred

    Airforce Amy at the bunnyranch mentions on her page that the ability to “party” at her house or away from the brothel is exclusive to the BR

  88. Arnold Snyder

    Tred, I do not believe the brothels closest to Vegas do outcalls. I know some of the northern NV brothels used to do outcalls–like thirty years ago–but I’m not sure of their current policies.

  89. Tred

    1) Arnonld: It’s HURDLE not HURTLE. If you go to a strip joint drunk with $10,000, you are HURTLING towards disaster.

    If you have to find a place to park before entering, that’s a HURDLE.

    Also: As I understand it, the Northern brothels can do outcalls. The southern ones cannot.
    (Or maybe the other way around)

  90. Cassie

    Great article. informative and accurate. Thank you for writing.

    • Lawrence

      The Site Adult Search I see prices for $200 is that all inclusive or just starting price

      • Arnold Snyder

        Lawrence, that’s the starting price. For that she’ll get in the door and do a brief striptease. If she works for an escort service, most or all of that goes to the service.

        Everything else you negotiate for after you’ve paid that $200.

  91. Spike

    How much does an average GFE cost and is the transportation to and from the brothel of course back in town with a lady for a GFE i am sure I arrange for the cab to a show and dinner and then do you go back to the brothel for the actual sex part?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Spike, there is no “average” price for any specific type of service in the Nevada brothels. Prices must always be negotiated with the specific lady you’re interested in.

      Independent “escorts” in Vegas generally charge $1600-2000 for four hours, during which time you could do dinner, dancing, etc. I suspect the rates in the brothels will be higher than the rates of independent escorts, as the brothel always takes half of whatever the girl makes.

      The brothels do allow girls to go off property with customers for dinner, etc., but I believe the sex itself must take place at the brothel. I would call the brothel and ask the receptionist about how it works as far as going off property. But you will not be able to get any information about prices over the phone.

  92. vegasboy1994

    I just need some eazy pussy how much will it cost 21yrs old

    • David

      If there is any guys out there that is looking for the best of the best 2 lady special then you should go to and click on escort galleries then scroll down to the picture of Lacey and Tiffany.
      These 2 ladies are beyond HOT and BEAUTIFUL. They will melt your heart and put you into 7th heaven. These 2 honey’s is some of the very best that Vegas has to offer. Talk about eye candy HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!! They are both 21 years old. if you have any questions just email me at

  93. Arnold Snyder

    Vegas has hundreds of massage parlors. I don’t go to massage parlors so I can’t review them with any expertise. My main advice would be: Don’t ask a cabbie. Better to ask your casino host or concierge for a recommendation. Also,–a site that primarily lists escort services–also lists masseuses that do both incall and outcall. A few massage parlors advertise in the Vegas Yellow Pages (under “non-therapeutic” massage). Some are Asian, some are not.

  94. Todd

    What about the massage parlors? You link to a 2010 article about the clip joints, but what about the legit ones? Are they all Asian or can you find other ethnicities?

  95. Tom

    Great info. My GF and I will be in town in May. We are looking to go to a strip club and get some private time for my lady to play with a dancer while I observe. The more “hands on” the better 🙂

  96. Robrt

    If I use the services of one of the independent women from Eros and her rate is say 500 per hour is that generally it besides whatever I decide to tip. Or is there a separate charge for the actual fun that we have to negotiate.

    • Arnold Snyder

      If you engage the services of a truly independent woman from Eros and her rate is 500 per hour, there won’t be any further negotiations unless you want something unusual.

      The only time there is a separate charge for the actual fun is if you call a service or ad, including at Eros, and the person who answers the phone quotes you a fee (typically $100 if you’re answering an ad, up to $300 if you were referred by a casino host, concierge or cabby) and tells you that is the rate for a private striptease.

      In that case, the fee is the agency fee, and you would have to negotiate separately for the actual fun.

      But no agency is charging 500. An Eros ad that says 500 would probably be an independent, and that is the full charge unless you feel inclined to give an extra tip after.

  97. Jae

    This is a great blog. Thank you for being so open and straight forward. My man and I are going to Vegas soon and looking to have a good time. Totally going to take your advice. If anyone asks how I was referred, I’ll say your site in hopes you get a spiff 🙂

  98. Arnold Snyder

    I don’t believe your attractiveness will affect the price. Besides, my wife says you’re probably more attractive than you think.

  99. Steve

    The wife and I will be visiting in the coming days and I’m looking to treat her to another guy. Where can I find males for couples?

  100. Arnold Snyder

    StonerCouple, if you’re already here in town, and you’re staying on the Strip, try sitting in the hotel bar after midnight. Unless there’s been a recent crackdown there, you should be approached.

    If you’re still planning your trip, I’d check out and see if you can work out arrangements.

  101. FunCouple

    Husband and I are going to Vegas in March. Have never gone to adult clubs but would like a recommendation on a strip club that will give me a lapdance and allow the husband to watch. Here in our home state they allow it all the time with no extra charge and being I am female I can touch the dancer but I understand this is probably different in Vegas. Open on prices but something reasonable to entry fee/dance fees and close to the strip

    • Arnold Snyder

      Palomino Club (nude club, full bar) would be an excellent choice. It’s female- and couples-friendly. Women at Palomino Club routinely get lap dances, and you’ll see other women in the audience.

      High-mileage topless lap dances on the floor are $20. High-contact nude dances in the club’s VIP start at $100. This is in a private booth, with a doorway that is completely covered by an opaque curtain.

      I don’t think you’ll have any problem getting what you want at Palomino Club.

      Sapphire is another good choice. It’s couples-friendly, and you won’t have any trouble getting a high mileage lap dance on the main floor. It’s Vegas’ most elegant club, and has a selection of 300-400 beautiful dancers.

      There won’t be any extra charge at any of these clubs to perform for a couple or a woman.

      If you’re staying at a Strip casino/hotel and want find an escort that will work with couples, your husband may have to hang out alone a while in the hotel bar. Think midnight or later.

      Unless there’s been a recent crackdown at that hotel, he would usually be approached.

      Or you could arrange something through or one of the online escort services.

  102. StonerCouple

    The Mrs. Wants to play, any suggestions for a couple? With so many options its tough to see the best option…

  103. Arnold Snyder

    Hang out in the hotel bars after midnight and if you’re feeling brave, go out onto the Strip in that area of town. You’ll likely have better luck at being approached if you’re not with your wife. You might want to check out the online escort services to arrange something in advance.

    • Anonymous

      My advice to anybody looking to use the services of ladies in Vegas,
      either in Massage Parlours, off the street or in Cathouses is Forget it.
      $300-500 Do us a favour, I wouldn’t pay Brittney Spears that much for
      Save your money guys, buy a ticket to Bangkok and pay for the services of a sexy thai lady for around $60 for the whole night

      • Arnold Snyder

        There’s a reason why sex is so cheap in Bangkok. Thailand is one of the major hubs of sex trafficking in the world. Many of Bangkok’s prostitutes are not working women, but actual slaves. It’s estimated that 400,000 children under the age of 16 are working as prostitutes in Thailand. Even if you are consorting with a woman you know is an adult and is independent of the bar/nightclub/brothel/massage parlor scene where many of the girls are “owned” by the pimps who operate these places, the reason her price is so cheap is because she must compete with all the enslaved girls on the Thai market.

        • Anonymous?

          Have you been to Thailand? Trafficking there is only a bit more than in America. In the States violence and criminality follow the scene.

          • Jimmybigballs

            Thailand is the place to be, especially Pattaya. Most girls work for there own income and support there families. You can have a threesome with some Thai stunners for €100 but I’ve never been to USA so I need to travel to Vegas mainly for the avn expo January

      • Mike

        Very well said!!! Most guys would rather pay hundreds to go to a strip club and then end up going home and tossing off. They simply don’t realize what Thailand is like at all. I lived there for 3 years and would never again bother to waste my time at ANY stateside strip club.

  104. chance

    Going to Vegas the first week of April for spring break and me and my wife are wanting to have a very good time, we are staying at the Stratosphere. Any good areas around there to find a nice women or should we just stay in that bar/casino inside the hotel?

  105. Bill

    Any particular place you would recommend near the Golden Nugget? Best VIP Private Room, Massage parlor or Casino bar in the area to get my fix? Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      From what I hear, you’re in a great location to find what you’re looking for. Just hang out.

  106. Arnold Snyder

    Sit in any hotel bar on the strip later at night, after the restaurants close and shows let out, and you will be approached. The finer the bar, the finer the girl, the higher the expected gift.

    Or go to a site like eros and work out your arrangements in advance.

  107. Johnny

    Going to the strip. where on the strip can I find a girl that I can take back to my hotel for an 1hr. or two. ? Or even get a massage 😉 near by walking distance to any big hotels?

    • Alex

      On the strip there are no places to go. The strippers in the strip clubs will not go to your hotel unless you pay around $1,000 and many will not do it for any price. Your best bet is with a reliable Escort.

      At Vegas Fantasies we are the ONLY agency to have girls with real profiles and 100% real photos. Our girls also have a basic service that is included in the pricing listed so you don’t need to spend more to have a great time.
      1 HR service is $450 except for the two Porn stars listed on our site.



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