Lesbian Gladiators in the Gold Lube Wrestling Pit — This Friday!

Bloodbath Wrestling at Little Darlings

Memories of Bloodbath Wrestling at Little Darlings

Little Darlings nude club in Las Vegas is at it again, coming up with another unique concept for a stage show that sounds so crazy you just have to go and see it.

Just recently we’ve seen the world’s oldest porn star (a 74-year-old stripper), midget wrestling, a BBW contest, and a naked mechanical bull-riding challenge. In the past, the club has featured stripper sundaes (where you cover two nude girls in chocolate syrup and whipped cream), topless boxing, nude blood bath wrestling on Halloween, and who can ever forget the wet panties auction?  

So, this Friday Little Darlings is advertising “Lesbian Gladiators” who will be fighting for cash prizes in a “gold lube wrestling pit.” As this is a brand new show for the club, I’m not sure how to describe it.

But wait! I’ve got some blood bath wrestling pics from a few years back. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the lesbo gladiators wrestling in gold lube will be similar to the blood bath wrestling, except the lube will be gold instead of red.

Think naked cheerleaders getting the Goldfinger treatment and you’ll probably be pretty close.

All lap dances at Little Darlings, starting at $20, are performed nude and in private booths off the main floor. The club’s private bedroom dances, on full-sized beds, start at 15 minutes for $125.  Check out our post on private bedroom dances in the Vegas strip clubs to see what a great deal this is.

Because no alcohol is served, guests only have to be 18+. That makes for a party crowd where there are always women and couples enjoying the show.

The cover charge is $15 tonight for locals and $35 for out-of-towners, but out-of-towners can get in for $15 if you arrive by the free club limo. Call 702-366-1141 or text LDLV to 702-767-8118 to reserve your ride. Check out upcoming Little Darlings events at the club’s website.

Haunted Car Wash Tomorrow

Oh yes, one other thing: Tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 17) from noon to 3 pm, Little Darlings will be having a Haunted Car Wash as a benefit for the victims of the Route 91 shooting in Las Vegas on Oct 1. Only $20 for full detail.


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