Little Darlings and Deja Vu Showgirls Get Serious About Lower Dance Prices

How to Handle Strip Club Dancers and Employees Who Try to Overcharge You

LD-lap-dance-signSome customers have posted comments on TVO that the prices quoted here are not being honored at the clubs.  For example, “lvchulo” wrote that dancers at Little Darlings (club review / club website) were quoting him a price of $40 for 2-for-1 dances instead of the club’s official price of $20.  He said that even for single dances, dancers were quoting prices of $30 and $40, with one dancer quoting him a price of $60 for a dance “with touching.”

He also said that a few dancers told him that the $125 for 15 minutes was the “club price,” and that they have to charge on top of that for themselves. One dancer wanted $50 more, another wanted $75 more, and another wanted $25 more.

I checked with management at Little Darlings, who told me dancers are not allowed to set their own rates at Little Darlings.

A sign that hangs right outside the entrance to Little Darlings’ VIP rooms posts the club’s lap dance price prominently, and asks customers to see a manager if they are asked to pay a different amount.  If you see a manager and report you have paid a different amount, he will refund the difference and get it back from the dancer.

Commenter David had a different kind of problem at Deja Vu Showgirls (club review/ club website). He asked the “doorman/bouncer for the private section” about the $250 deal for a 30-minute private room dance.   He was quoted $250 for the dancer and $120 for the room/bottle. That too is incorrect.

The private-bedroom drink requirement is two drinks for 15 minutes, a $50 mini-bottle for 30 minutes, or $100 bottle for one hour.

Anyone quoting you a higher rate is either misinformed or perhaps getting a commission on bottles he sells, so he’s trying to make a few extra bucks. Customers are allowed to order more expensive bottles in the private bedrooms. But never required.

If a dancer or club employee won’t honor the correct private-room price, ask to speak to the manager.

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We work hard to keep TVO up to date on club info, including prices. Be an informed consumer.

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  1. Jimmy

    Thanks Arnold, we all appreciate the info. I know at many/most clubs the dancers can charge what they want but I’m glad to know at LD’s they can’t. Do you know if there are others with the same policy?



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