Little Darlings Brings Back the Wet T-shirt Contest

Little Darlings Vegas Dancer

Little Darlings Dancer Vallerina

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, April 5, Little Darlings (club review / club website) is having a wet t-shirt contest, open to females 18+. The last Las Vegas wet t-shirt contests disappeared a year or so ago when Mr. D’s Sports Bar quit having their weekly wet t’s.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like wet t-shirt contests, especially in strip clubs, because there’s usually audience participation (you get to wet ’em down) and in strip clubs, the t’s come off. Little Darlings is a nude club, so the rest may come off too.  I plan to be there tomorrow night so I can post a firsthand report on the festivities.

Little Darlings has been having amateur contests on Wednesday nights for some time, but decided to make it a bit more interesting, starting this week, by getting the girls wet. In the past, the amateur contests have been scheduled at 11 pm, but generally started after midnight. And there’s usually prize money for the winner.

Little Darlings is a nude club, so dancers and customers only have to be 18+.  There’s no alcohol served, but the club has a good variety of smoothies and health drinks (fresh coconut milk served in the shell) in addition to the usual soft drinks.

Locals $15. Out-of-state $35. Out-of-state only $15 if you call for the club’s free limo at 702-366-1141.

6 Responses to “Little Darlings Brings Back the Wet T-shirt Contest”

  1. Tomas

    This is a lie I went 5 times over 8 different weeks trying to enter the amateur contest. It was canceled every single time even though they had enough girls and decent to hot girls ready to go. I spoke with a few of the dancers the clearly said that the only reason they cancel it is because they didn’t want to have to pay out the price.

  2. Jimmy

    Thanks Arnold, if this is sill going on next month we’re going to stop in on 5/10.

  3. Jimmy

    So how many “amateurs” are really up there on amateur nights? I’m assuming very few. Maybe some girls trying out for jobs. But are there any true amateurs?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jimmy: This is a club where you will see some real amateurs, since dancers only have to be 18+. This is a break-in club for many dancers who go on to work in the topless joints when they turn 21. You will also see some obvious pros – you can tell from their outfits, pole work, etc. They’re here to audition or just trying to win the prize money. But don’t be surprised if you see some girls who really don’t know what they’re doing. I’ve seen amateurs here who never even took their tops or bottoms off – chickened out! To me, that’s the fun of an amateur night, watching girls try out dancing for the first time.



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