Little Darlings’ “Hometown Hotties” Amateur Contest

The third Tuesday of each month (that’s tonight) is Little Darlings’ “Hometown Hotties” amateur contest. I haven’t seen this contest yet, so I’m not sure exactly what a “hometown hottie” is.

Does it mean all contestants call Vegas their hometown? Does it mean they all come from a hometown somewhere? Whatever, it’ll be a bunch of girls taking their clothes off and dancing around naked and some of them might even be amateurs.

These contests usually start after midnight. If you get there early, you’ll just have to watch a bunch of professionals taking their clothes off and dancing around naked before the amateurs give it their best shot.

Little Darlings is located at 1514 Western Ave, Las Vegas. Call 702-371-2181 for free round-trip limo transport. No alcohol. Must be 18+. $33 (locals $13) but the coupon directly below the top post on this page will get you free admission, provided you arrive in your own vehicle (no cabs) or by Little Darlings’ free limo. Print the coupon or show it at the door on your iphone.

For upcoming free events, see the club’s web site.